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Dr. J N Kulkarni


Pediatrician, Mumbai

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Dr. J N Kulkarni MBBS Pediatrician, Mumbai
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I pride myself in attending local and statewide seminars to stay current with the latest techniques, and treatment planning....more
I pride myself in attending local and statewide seminars to stay current with the latest techniques, and treatment planning.
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Dr. J N Kulkarni is one of the best Pediatricians in Andheri West, Mumbai. He has done MBBS . You can visit him at Dr. J N Kulkarni@Belle Vue Nursing Home in Andheri West, Mumbai. Book an appointment online with Dr. J N Kulkarni and consult privately on

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Belle Vue Nursing Home

Sejal Building, First Floor, Off Veera Desai Road, Andheri West. Landmark: Opposite Chitragupt.Mumbai Get Directions
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Baby is 8 mnths, I've started working past couple of weeks. Baby was exclusively on breast feeding for 6 months, now started with formula milk n rice with vegs smashed. Passes morning stools normal but sometimes in the day when I'm away at work passes loose stools is greenish in color, is it normal? Kindly help because I've been pressurised at home to stop breast feeding him. I want to continue feeding till he is 2 yrs.

M.D.( Pediatrics), DCH
I congratulate you for determination to feed your child on breast for 2 years. Yes you are cent percent right. So long as child is active, playful, passing frequent water like urine(not dark), and putting on weight, there is no reason to worry. Colour and consistency of stools can vary during early weaning period.
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Hi doctors, My little baby has completed 7 months and now 8 month is running. I've started to give him little bit solid food along with the cow milk. But some of my Superiors are not allowing me to give him solid food. The are telling that it's not the proper time. After 1 year I should start the solid food. Explain me why should I start solid food after 6 months so that I can convince them by showing your explanation. Moreover tell me too much cow milk is beneficial for my baby? Thanks.

BSc - Dietitics / Nutrition, PG Diploma In Dietitics & Hospital Food Service
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Hi doctors, My little baby has completed 7 months and now 8 month is running. I've started to give him little bit sol...
Weaning towards solid foods is individualistic. Semisolids are gradually introduced from 6 month onward or once the baby starts showing swallowing actions. One needs to check how comfortable is baby in swallowing. Food in semisolid form like chapati dipped and soften in dal or soup is recommended, soft small cut fruit is ok. Try foods that baby can eat comfortable. Avoid crispy and hard foods as they having risk of choking the baby.
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My 13 month baby have fever, cold, vomiting and loose motion ,Please suggest what I do?

MBBS, Diploma in Child Health (DCH)
Pediatrician, Pune
My 13 month baby have fever, cold, vomiting and loose motion ,Please suggest what I do?
Give your baby an antipyretic crocin, ors, ondem and anti allergic. If fever persists you should take your baby to a child specialist.
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How to use medicine like refzil-o drops for children? In this medical no liquid come in box so what I add in it water like cool or boil? How many drops gives to child 9th month old? This medicine is for what problem?

MD - Paediatrics, MBBS
Pediatrician, Jaipur
How to use medicine like refzil-o drops for children?
In this medical no liquid come in box so what I add in it water...
This is a broad spectrum antibiotic to be given orally. You can use boiled & cooled water as diluent. Usual dose is 1 ml of liquid medicine.
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I have twins baby boy and girl .both sleep on one side boy on back and girl on left side so their head on particular side have become flat. They are in their 5th month. What can be done.

M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Chandigarh
I have twins baby boy and girl .both sleep on one side boy on back and girl on left side so their head on particular ...
You may try to change the postures regularly. This may seem difficult initially but you will have to be strict.
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Hello doctors, My son is 4 years old. Whenever he travels in car and especially when ac is on he vomits. Kindly suggest remedy.

Pediatrician, Kaithal
He is having motion sickness. He will need medicine before every journey. You can prevent such episodes with the help of such medicine. But you have to consult your doctor for proper dose and any other precautions needed.
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My son is 5 years old, he has lost two teeth from lower side. Is the age is suitable for losing teeth and teeth of upper side is also loose. Can you please tell me how I can save his teeth from early loosing.

C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician,
Of course, these temporary teeth have to be replaced by permanent teeth. You can ask me privately to regularly advise you as family doctor. What is the hb level and tft? send me the reports. Also give logical syrup.
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My baby is 7 mnths old.He weighted 8kg when he was 4mnths old.But nw his weight is 6.5kg. Why is it so. What is the best diet for 7 months old baby ?

M.D.( Pediatrics), DCH
Check the weighing scales, second one seems to be correct. 6.5 kg at 7 months fits in normal range. Give all home diet mashed and made thin, like khichadi,dal rice curd, roti, sabji Start slowly gradually,have patience it takes time to learn
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Eczema - 5 Homeopathic Remedies For Treating It

B.H.M.S., Post graduate certificate in Nutrition, Obesity and Health
Homeopath, Indore
Eczema - 5 Homeopathic Remedies For Treating It

Eczema is an autoimmune disorder wherein the skin overreacts to certain triggers in or outside the body resulting in inflammation and lesions. Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis. The skin becomes dry, patchy and rough, and it tends to form itchy and red blisters. Eczema is usually caused due to inflammation; in most cases, allergy triggers eczema. It has been observed that quite often, patients who suffer from eczema have a family history of allergy. In some cases, patients having other allergies, may also develop eczema. Apart from this, low immunity triggers this disease.


  • Red patches over skin
  • Dry rough skin with blisters
  • Intense itching on skin, with occasional bleeding
  • Formation of a thick leather-like layer over the affected areas of the skin
  • Discharge of an oozing watery and sticky liquid from the affected area, in case of wet eczema (In case of dry eczema, there is no watery discharge; the skin stays rough and dry.)

Treating eczema with homeopathy
Treating eczema might be possible by taking several medications. But treating doesn't mean curing. People who suffer from eczema know how irritating the disorder is. So they want a cure for eczema, which is possible with homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy is known for curing eczema, from the root. Basically, homeopathy helps to improve the immune system, as low immunity is responsible for causing allergies. When immunity is built, and low immunity quits from overreacting to several reactions, eczema is cured.

Here are five homeopathic medicines suitable for treating eczema:

  1. Graphites: Graphites is one of the finest homeopathic medicines for treating wet eczema, when there is thick, oozing watery and sticky discharge. In most cases, the patient with this type of eczema suffers from constipation and obesity. He or she might be sensitive towards cold. Their usual skin becomes hard and cold, but the affected area remains dry and rough. The remedy is prescribed mostly to women with menstrual disorders.
  2. Mezereum: This is the suitable for patients with eczema, which tends to form a leathery crust on the head. The patient might feel intense itching especially at night.
  3. Hepar sulphur: This is suitable for eczema with formation of pus. The patient is usually too sensitive to cold. Intense itching, sneezing and sensitivity towards cold are the symptoms, which indicate the need for this medicine.
  4. Dulcamara: This is one of the finest homeopathic medicines for eczema, which aggravates in damp or cold weather. Thick formation of yellowish crust and intense itching are the symptoms, which clearly indicate the need for this remedy.
  5. Sulphur: This one is suitable for eczema with burning sensation along with intense itching. Symptoms usually worsen in summer and the skin feels rough and dry. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a homeopath.
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ADHD - 3 Common Signs!

Masters of Philosphy, Master of Science, Bachelor of Sciences
Psychologist, Kolkata
ADHD - 3 Common Signs!

ADHD refers to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, which is a brain-related condition found among preschoolers, children, teenagers and in many cases extends well into adulthood. These individuals have significant impairment in academics as well as social situations and interpersonal relations. The child has difficulty sustaining attention, phases of hyper activeness and cannot control his/her impulses which make their day to day life at school and home difficult.

ADHD Symptoms

The symptoms of this disorder among children can be categorized under three headings.

  1. Hyperactivity which includes
    1. Fidgeting
    2. Restlessness
    3. Inability to stay at one place runs around and tries to climb things
    4. Trouble playing quietly
    5. Excessive talking
  2. Inattention, which can be divided into symptoms like
    1. Getting easily distracted
    2. Tendency to loose things
    3. Daydreaming
    4. Facing problems related to organizing things
    5. Not listening carefully
    6. Forgetting about daily activities, carelessness
  3. Impulsiveness
    1. Interrupts others as they speak and talks out of turn
    2. Answers questions without listening to what has been asked
    3. Not being able to wait for their turn to come

Prevalence :
10-12% of school children before puberty are affected by one or more types of ADHD. ADHD especially hyperactivity is more prevalent in boys than in girls, with the ratio up to 9:1. Inattention and poor concentration are more commonly seen amongst girls. The rate of ADHD in parents and sibling of children with ADHD is 5-10 times higher than in the general population.

ADHD Causes
The probable causes of ADHD among children are,

  1. Neurodevelopmental changes - Poorly developed activity of the brain particularly in the areas that control attention and concentration cause ADHD. This causes an imbalance in the neurotransmitters or the chemicals important for brain functioning and development.
  2. Genetic Factors - genetic studies show that ADHD is largely hereditary in nature with a heritability of 75% approximately. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Psychologist.
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