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Sri Homeopathy Clinic

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Opposite Navjeevan Vidhyamandir, Ganesh Nagar, Bhandup West, Mumbai
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Sri Homeopathy Clinic Homeopath Clinic Opposite Navjeevan Vidhyamandir, Ganesh Nagar, Bhandup West, Mumbai
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Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Homeopath . We will always attempt to answer your questions thoroughly, so that you never have to worry n......more
Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Homeopath . We will always attempt to answer your questions thoroughly, so that you never have to worry needlessly, and we will explain complicated things clearly and simply.
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Sri Homeopathy Clinic is known for housing experienced Homeopaths. Dr. Amol Rane, a well-reputed Homeopath, practices in Mumbai. Visit this medical health centre for Homeopaths recommended by 66 patients.


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Opposite Navjeevan Vidhyamandir, Ganesh Nagar, Bhandup West,
Bhandup West Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400078
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Dr. Amol Rane

MD - Homeopathy
17 Years experience
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What Men Need to Know About Peyronie's Disease?

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
What Men Need to Know About Peyronie's Disease?

Bent Penis Ruining Your Sex Life? What Men Need to Know About Peyronie's Disease

Fibrosis is a term many people are familiar with but don't really know much about or understand. Most people know that it's often associated with the liver and too much alcohol (on a long-term basis), but few men would think it could have any connection with penis health at all. Surprisingly, however, fibrosis can be an issue in the penis.

What is fibrosis?

This makes sense if one has a better understanding of just what fibrosis is. According to Wikipedia, fibrosis is "the formation of excess fibrous connective tissue in an organ or tissue in a reparative or reactive process." Connective tissue is one of the four basic types of tissue found in animals. As the name implies, it's there to connect different tissues together. Fibrous connective tissue is therefore a good thing - but excess fibrous connective tissue is not.

Most people are already familiar with fibrous tissue without knowing it. When a person gets a scar, that's due to fibrous tissue. A scar that helps a wound to heal is good - but too much fibrous tissue in an organ may not be good. To use the liver example, when fibrosis sets in, all that scarring keeps the liver from doing its job properly, and that can lead to all sorts of problems.

Penile fibrosis

Some men may already be familiar with fibrosis in the penis without realizing it. Peyronie's disease, a condition is which the penis is severely bent, is most often caused by a build-up of scar tissue - by fibrosis, in other words.

But fibrosis may be present in other parts of the genitals than just the shaft of the penis. And some doctors believe that fibrosis may in some cases play a role in erectile dysfunction.

In the erectile process, the smooth muscles have to be in good working order. When they are damaged, the penis' ability to obtain or maintain an erection can be significantly curtailed. (There can be other factors which contribute to erectile dysfunction as well.) Damage to the smooth muscles often comes about as a result of insufficient oxygen flow, which tends to naturally occur in most men as a consequence of aging. That's one reason an older man may have a more difficult time with erections than a younger one. This decrease in the amount of oxygen over time causes fibrosis to appear on the smooth muscles, inhibiting their ability to function properly and thereby inhibiting the erection.


When fibrosis results in Peyronie's disease, there are numerous treatment modalities a man can try, including oral medications and surgery. There is a varying degree of success with any of these methods.

Penile fibrosis related to the smooth muscles or fibrotic damage to other nearby areas of the penis is less advanced, with many treatments in early stages. Use of penile prostheses or surgery to remove fibrosis and reconstruct the damaged area is sometimes used. Studies are looking at the use of specific products in animal models which may one day provide a less invasive alternative for humans.

Preventing penile fibrosis by maintaining overall good health is urged. It also pays to pay specific attention to penis health, and daily use of a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) helps maintain that organ's health. Seek out a good crème that contains both L-arginine and L-carnitine. L-arginine is an amino acid that helps produce nitric oxide, an ingredient needed for helping penile blood vessels stay open and receptive to oxygen-rich blood. L-carnitine is a neuroprotective ingredient with an affinity for helping restore diminished sensation in overworked penises.

How To Diagnose Sex Addiction?

D.E.H.M, B.E.M.S, M.D.(E.H)
Sexologist, Faridabad
How To Diagnose Sex Addiction?

Understand different types of sex addiction. There are lots of different behaviors that comprise the symptoms of a sex addiction. While some of these things may have a level of a social or societal norm, you may practice them outside of that norm or to such an extreme that interferes with your life. Some examples include:

  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Having multiple affairs
  • Compulsively use pornography
  • Having unsafe or risky sex
  • Sadistic or masochistic practices
  • Practicing voyeurism or exhibitionism

Observe common addiction behaviors. Addictions have traits in common, regardless of what the addiction actually is. For example, some common addiction behaviors include engaging in the behavior even though you know it causes harm, finding it difficult to stop even when you want to, experiencing some sort of withdrawal symptoms when you don’t engage (irritability, restlessness, cravings, depression), and hiding your behaviors from family and friends or minimizing them.

  • Do you engage in any of these behaviors regarding your sexual activity? How do they affect you? How does it interfere with your daily life?
  • To get more information and educate yourself, you may also want to look into resources on sex addiction, such as online or at your local library.

Diagnose a medical condition. Some medical conditions can cause changes to sexuality and arousal. You may want to have a medical check-up to rule out possible factors that can affect sexuality. Some considerations include having a brain lesion, endocrine abnormalities, or side-effects from certain medications.

  • Check with your physician whether you are at risk for any of these problems.

Best Vitamin For Hairfall Control

M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management , Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application, P.G.Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics , B.Sc.Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Best Vitamin For Hairfall Control

Best Vitamin For Hairfall Control

How To Deal With An Overly Suspicious Partner?

Masters In Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Lucknow
How To Deal With An Overly Suspicious Partner?

"Who are you talking to late at night?"..."Why didn't you pick my call?"..."Why did the lady next door smile at you? Are you doing something behind my back?" 

If these questions are bombarded at you quite often, you have come to the right place to seek advice. Trust and deception are probably the two deciding factors of a relationship. While the former can make it, the latter can ruin it. Nobody remains happy in a relationship where one has to deal with a hell of a lot of suspicions quite frequently.

Well, if you are tired of being on the radar every time and can't stand the relationship anymore, it is time you call it quits. But, if you really love your partner and want to take the extra effort of saving the relationship, here are some tips to deal with a suspicious partner.

1. Listen to what they have to say: Listen to your partner's concerns and feelings about you. What are their fears and why? A lot many times, we tend to overlook the minute shortcomings of ours. It happens so unconsciously that we never realize what the other person might feel.

2. Talk to them: As much as listening is important, so is speaking. Explain your feelings and actions to your partner. Let them know how important they are to you, and help them see things differently. Take them into confidence and help in strengthening the bond of trust. Honestly, communication can help in mending a lot of relationship defects.

3. Don't be defensive: Your reason to be defensive can become offensive to your partner and can further severe the relationship. It will act like fanning the flame. Instead, let them vent out and seek for some apt time to respond.

4. Reflect on your actions: If you know, that your partner is protective of you and doesn't like you being close to the opposite sex (maybe some specific people), try to consider their feelings. This way their insecurities would lower a bit and bring you some peace.

5. Make yourself more available: Try to bring yourself at their disposal quite often. Spend some time with your partner and try to be what you were during the dating days. Love and emotionally support them. Be sympathetic towards them. 

6. Don't let yourself get affected: Amid all the suspicion and misunderstandings, never let yourself get down with it. Try to be the anchor of the relationship you want to keep sailing all your life. Your sanity and prudence will remain highly critical in re-establishing the foundations of love and trust in your relationship.

Last and not the least seeking counseling:

One has to understand that this suspicious attitude is not always some vicious trait of your partner that has cropped up recently. They might be suffering from deeply ingrained insecurities acquired during childhood possibly due to acute feelings of insecurity and fears acquired from over-controlling, unloving or unpredictable relationship with parents or caregivers. For some, it is congenital. In such cases, it is advisable to consult an expert.

Benefits Of Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda, Jodhpur
Benefits Of Ayurvedic Treatment

आयुर्वेद में सबसे प्राचीन और सबसे कारगर तकनीक.क्षारसूत्र विधि द्वारा गुदागत रोग-पाइल्स,फिशर,फिस्टूला,पिलोनिडल साइनस का कारगर ईलाज संभव हैं 
जी हॉं दोस्तो. सिर्फ और सिर्फ ये ही एक ऐसी विधि हैं जिसके द्वारा जटिल से जटिल, पहले से कई बार ऑपरेटेड भगन्दर रोग और पिलोनिडल साइनस जैसे गुदागत रोगो को बिलकुल ठीक किया जा सकता हैं 
सिर्फ ये ही एक ऐसी तकनिक हैं जो भगन्दर, पिलोनिडल साइनस की समस्या से परेशान रोगी के लिए कारगर सिद्ध हो रही हैं 
उनको पूरी तरह से उस रोग से मुक्त करके एक नया जीवन देने में सफल साबित हो रही हैं 
क्यूंकि दोस्तो भगन्दर और पिलोनिडल साइनस ऐसे रोग हैं जिसका ईलाज और किसी भी पैथी में संभव नहीं हैं 
अब तक ऐसी कोई दवा किसी भी पैथी में नहीं बनी हैं जो इन रोगो से रोगी को पूर्ण रूप से मुक्त कर सके चाहे वो एलोपेथी हो या चाहे होमियोपैथी हो या चाहे औषधिय रूप में आयुर्वेद ही क्यूं ना हो 
हमारे पास अब तक जितने भी इन रोगो से ग्रसित रोगी आये हैं वो देश, राज्य, जिले के अच्छे से अच्छे अस्पतालो से कई बार दवाई ले चुके थे, कई तो एक बार, दो बार और तो और कई तो बहुत बार ऑपरेशन करवा चुके थे लेकिन फिर भी वो उस रोग से मुक्त ना होकर रोग की जटिल अवस्था में ही पहुंचे थे 

Ejaculation Problems: When Orgasms Are Dry

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Ejaculation Problems: When Orgasms Are Dry

Ejaculation Problems: When Orgasms Are Dry

Men tend to have many different feelings about ejaculation, most of them positive. True, sometimes the timing of a guy's ejaculation may be a little off, but in general men look forward to the experience with anticipation and glee. And, of course, aspects of ejaculation are tied into matters of penis health as well. All of which explains why a man who experiences ejaculation problems such as anejaculation may feel worried and anxious.

What is an ejaculation?

When a man has an ejaculation, he is unable to ejaculate, even when the penis is directly stimulated during either partner-based sex of masturbation. There are two different kinds of an ejaculation, one of which has two further categories:

- Situational anejaculation. In this kind of anejaculation, a man is capable of ejaculating when he masturbates or having an ejaculation through nocturnal emission, but not through forms of partner-based sexual activity. This may mean no form of partner-based sex produces an ejaculation, or it may mean only specific forms are ineffective. For example, a man might not be able to ejaculate during vaginal sex but may through oral sex or through the partner's physical manipulation of his penis.

- Total or complete anejaculation. As the name implies, with total or complete anejaculation, there is no ejaculation at all. There are two categories of importance here. One is orgasmic anejaculation, in which a man still experiences an orgasm even without ejaculation. The other is inorgasmic anejaculation, in which neither ejaculation nor orgasm is experienced, even when masturbating.

Exactly how common anejaculation may be is difficult to determine. However, one study that looked at various ejaculatory issues in men found that 37% of the men with ejaculatory problems included anejaculation among their issues.

It should also be noted that sometimes what is diagnosed as orgasmic anejaculation may in fact be retrograde ejaculation, a situation in which semen is rerouted into the bladder rather eliminated via urethral ejaculation. Measuring urine for semen content can verify the proper diagnosis.

What causes it?

Why might a man experience anejaculation? There can be numerous causes. It may be due to a psychological factor which causes discomfort that interferes with the penis' ability to react. Sometimes it may be due to a partner not being able to provide stimulation in such a way as to bring about the desired effect; for example, they may be stimulating a less sensitive part of the penis, maybe be unable to enfold the penis in a snug enough manner, or the penis may have been de-sensitized due to rough handling.

There can be some specific physical causes, such as an obstruction in the ejaculatory duct that prevents the semen from flowing through. A spinal cord injury can also make ejaculation difficult and in some cases impossible, depending upon the severity of the injury. Or if there is damage to the autonomic nervous system, which regulates "unconscious" nervous system responses, this can impede ejaculation as well.

Some neurological diseases, such as Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis, also can bring this about, as can diabetes. And in some cases, antidepressant or antipsychotic medications may be the culprit.

When the cause is physical or medicine-related, doctors can sometimes take management steps that can reduce or eliminate the problem. If the anejaculation is due to psychological factors, a man will need to undergo psychological counseling and/or sex therapy. Often cognitive-behavioral therapy is useful in identifying the psychological cause and determining how to overcome the problem.

Working out the reasons for and treatment of anejaculation is crucial. Things are made easier if steps are taken to keep the penis in good general health, such as regularly using a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Men should definitely seek out a crème that include L-carnitine, an amino acid shown to protect against peripheral nerve damage caused by friction, compression, and other common injuries, which can lead to reduced sensation or numbness. The crème should also include vitamin B5. Also called pantothenic acid, this vitamin is required for cell metabolism and maintenance of healthy tissue.


Acne Care

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
General Physician, Delhi
Acne Care

It can take up to 90 days for an acne lesion to form. You have to be consistent and treat your skin every day in order to get your acne under control.

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What Is Alopecia Areata?

Dermatologist, Delhi
What Is Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia Areata

Sometimes someone's immune system attacks the cells of the growing hair bulb. This reaction condition is termed Alopecia Areata.

Just as in Chemotherapy, hair follicles are forced into the catagen stage. Hairs break and fall out, typically in patches dispersed through the scalp.

 isn't correlated to Alopecia Areata very serious condition referred to as Cicatricial Alopecia, within which the system attacks the Stem Cells within the knot of the follicle. This ends up in permanent hair loss.

I've been diagnosed with piles leading to blood loss. It causes me anemia. Due to lack of anemia I'm taking hb 14 tonic to cover for the blood loss. I want to ask if I can take homeopathic medicines along with HB 14 tonic?

MS - General Surgery, FACS, Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery(FMAS), FIAGES-Advanced Laparoscopy, FALS(Fellow Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery), FAIS
General Surgeon, Kolkata
I've been diagnosed with piles leading to blood loss. It causes me anemia. Due to lack of anemia I'm taking hb 14 ton...
Any bleeding per rectum with or without the presence of piles, which is causing anemia should be investigated by colonoscopy first. If colonoscopy rules out presence of any other cause of blood loss in the colon then you can opt for treatment of piles.
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Can single testis produce enough sperm if we completely block one of testis. Because I have operated varicocele of left one. But again it is showing it.Please advise.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine & Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Lucknow
Can single testis produce enough sperm if we completely block one of testis. Because I have operated varicocele of le...
You don't need to bother. Yes, it can produce .when one testicles is removed, generally there is no effect on male sexual reproduction, Most of the time, remaining testicle provide and produce enough sperm to compensate for the testicle that has been removed. .Good luck.
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