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Dr. Anil Vijayvergiya

Diploma in Anesthesia

Anesthesiologist, Guna

35 Years Experience
Dr. Anil Vijayvergiya Diploma in Anesthesia Anesthesiologist, Guna
35 Years Experience
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My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
My experience is coupled with genuine concern for my patients. All of my staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
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He has been a practicing Anesthesiologist for 35 years. He is a qualified Diploma in Anesthesia . Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Anil Vijayvergiya on has a nexus of the most experienced Anesthesiologists in India. You will find Anesthesiologists with more than 28 years of experience on Find the best Anesthesiologists online in Guna. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


Diploma in Anesthesia - MGM Medical College Indore - 1982
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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

My mother age of 55 is suffering with joint pains in hand, neck, legs nd back. Her body was like selling. What to do.

D.A.M.S( A. M.), D.AC/B.E.M.S
Acupressurist, Mumbai
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My mother, 42 years old, has two problems: 1: BONE DENSITY REDUCED2: EARLY DEGENERATIVE CHANGES AND osteophytes LIPPING SEENin D L Spine AP/Lat view.Please help.

Physiotherapist, Kota
Back pain or HIP PAIN k liye back isometrics exercise kijiye or hot fragmentations kijiye. For word bandings mat kijiye. Long time ek hi positins m mat rahiye. Breegings exercise bilateral or single leg rotation kijiye phle without weight kijiye fir 1-2kg weight cuff se kijiye rotations kijiye leg single -single than avoide kijiye stair clabbings sweelings ho to ice ki massage kijiye back pain ko ap darr mat smjiye ap low back belt bi use m laa sakte h vo kisi bi tarah k jurck se apko bacha ti h deep breathing exercise kijiye I hope get well soon… thnx. Shoulder pain or elbow pain or HAND PAIN k liye ap ice massage kijiye … jurck se bachiye or shoulder wheeler exercise kijiye. Clapping kijiye. Sweeling aye to ice massage kijiye ……rotation krte rahiye. Elbow m pain ho to ap ultra sound lgaiye 4-10 days pulley exercise kijiye or weight cuff bandh kr 1-2kg k weight cuff se pendullaer exercise kijiye…. I hope get well soon thnx. Wrist pain k liye stimuleter ka use kr sakte h …. Or fingers k liye mobilization bi krsakte h I hope get well soon……thnx Leg pain k liye calf stretchings or periformis stretchings or T. F. L stretching ilio psos muscles ki stretching kijiye sweelings ho to ice pack kijiye or sweeling nhi ho to hot pack ka use ap kijiye. Heel track kijiye… weight cuff 1-2kg use kijiye or leg exercise kijitye hips up nd down exercise kijiye…. Walking kijiye phle edii rakiye fir panjaa rakijiye 6-9 kaadaam chalet huye apni walking ki capacity incress kijiye daily 1000 kaadaam ap chaliye …deep breath lijiye pani jada se jada pijiye ……. Long sitting, standing, clambing avoide kijiye I hope ap jaldi ache ho jayege thnx. KNEE PAIN k liye ap knee cap use kijiye …or hot fragmentation kijiye jada stair clambbings mat kijiye…. Long sitting or standing mat kijiye……. Heel track kijiye 4-5 time, ediii panjaa kr k chaliye 1000 kaadaam………. ANKLE PAIN k liye ap ice se massage kijiye …. Quick stretch kijiye or tempoline kr sakte h ap……for jumping……ankle toe movement kijiye countinu…. Weightcuuff bandh kr 1-2 kg k ap sit to stand kr sakte ho……. I hope ap jaldi theek ho jaayege thnx……
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My friend is suffering from past 2 years for back pain He is IT Manager, he has done lot of treatment for his back pain But its not cure yet Please suggest me how to help him your reply is highly important.

Fellowship in Shoulder and Knee Surgeries, DNB (Orthopedics), Diploma In Orthopaedics (D. Ortho), MBBS
Orthopedist, Nagpur
IT people have lot of sitting job and work mostly in AC. They get muscle weakness and vitamin D deficiency. You need to check Vitamin D levels by blood test. Exercises and some medicines will give long term good results.
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I have some serious injury on my left hand. The pain will growing faster. Can you suggest me a proper treatment for this?

MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics
Orthopedist, Delhi
hand injuries can't be treated on line. --. Kindly go to a hospital. For pain you may take ; --.Paracetamol 250 mg SOS.
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I have leg pain for over 3 weeks. I also take lot of medicines but seems no improvement.

Acupressurist, Chandigarh
You must take Mag. Phos 12 x thrice a day four tablets at a time with hot water. Do massage. With sea same oil on the calf muscles from downward to upward.
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I am 43 years man and suffering from acute pain in soldier at right side in a 6 weeks. What should I do?

MPT - Orthopedic Physiotherapy, BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Coimbatore
What is your sugar level. How long do you have this problem is the pain severe in the night treatments how far can you lift the arm in the front and side ways can you scratch your back are you feeling a stiff shoulder some reply I can help you and consult privately to have a detailed discussion to solve your problem.
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Sir I have done MRI of my neck finding is right posterolateral and forminal disc bulge at c5-c6 level causing ventrolateral thecal sac and lateral recess compromise with right neural foramina narrowing impinging existing nerve root. I am not feeling pain getting neuroford medicine. Will it be cured by medicine? As I do not want surgery.

General Physician, Jalgaon
Please Avoid surgery Do neck and back exercises daily Learn it from video published by Patanjali on various platform like YouTube etc Go for morning and evening walk daily Avoid heighted pillow Can do physiotherapy Wear cervical collar for 3 weeks.
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I am suffering frim severe backpain since 1 month. Before this I did notmet any accident. Pléase suggest ñatural way or best way to cure my problem.

MPT - Orthopedic Physiotherapy, BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Noida
X-ray must. Do stretching exercises and strength exercises in gradually process. Do hot fermentation. Posture correction must. If it work then OK otherwise physiotherapy treatment for you.
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I am 40 years age old I suffering for severe back pain since 4 years my MRI report show l4 l5 problem what should I do?

MSc in Orhopedic Physiotherapy (UK), BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Bangalore
Here are some tips you can do that may help reduce your disc problem: -Place yourself on movement restrictions for at least a few months: no heavy lifting, no jumping, no prolonged sitting, no frequent bending at the waist. - Eat a healthy diet consisting of plants and animals only; i. E. Minimize processed food including grain foods. Flood your body with the necessary vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants to give it a boost as it attempts to repair your bulging disc. -Stretch your back frequently. Lie on your back, knees bent with feet on the floor. Take a deep breath in and gently and slowly arch your lower back as your stomach rises; exhale and flatten your back against the floor; repeat 10 times 4x/day. -As your pain decreases, it usually means that the bulge is decreasing in size. At this point, you can do light back extensions: stand with feet 6” apart. Place both palms behind your hips, and gently arch your back. Hold for ten seconds; repeat five times, several times a day. Remember to do these exercises slowly with good form and control; remember to breathe. Best wishes.
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My daughter is 22 years old, if she stands for more than an hour, she suffers from heel ache, what should be done?

Homeopath, Raebareli
She needs enough of milk - include milk in her diet daily. Also change the shoes-- she should not wear high heel shoes. Also hot and cold compresses needs to be done alternately if this relieves her. Also take mag phos 6x - twice daily 4 tabs for next 7 days.
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I'm experiencing pain in my right arm for a few weeks now. Have taken some accupressure sessions well, but the pain has resurfaced again. Please help!

Dip. SICOT (Belgium), MNAMS, DNB (Orthopedics), MBBS
Orthopedist, Delhi
Hi This is Dr Akshay from Fortis Hospital New Delhi. It seems that Accupressure will not give you a lot of benefit. First of all we need to understand the cause of pain as in is it from Tendon or joint or spine etc. I need to have a pvt chat with you wherein i can understand you problem and you can get relevant investigations if needed. My online consultation fees is Rs 400/- if you wish to get in pvt chat with me. Thanks & Regards Dr Akshay
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I am a 25years old male and have shoulder ach for last 1 months. What should I do?

Physiotherapist, Mumbai
Apply cold fomentation thrice a day followed by gentle stretching if still there is no improvement consult physiotherapist for further treatment.
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I am 36 years old lady and for the past two months suffering from back pain please suggest

MS - Orthopaedics, Diploma In Orthopaedics (D. Ortho), MBBS
Orthopedist, Delhi
Go for 45 minutes of brisk walk. Take adequate amount of milk and milk products. You will be alright.
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Male , 65 yrs. I am having right knee pain, while walking could not lift the leg like left. Some time getting jurk on uneven surface.

Physiotherapist, Noida
Advice. Avoid sitting cross legged. Avoid squatting- quadriceps exercises- lie straight, make a towel role and put it under the knee, press the keen against the role, hold it for 20 secs. Repeat 20 times twice a day. This will help relieve some pain. Core strengthening exercise- straight leg raised with toes turned outward, repeat 10 times, twice a day. Hams stretching- lie straight, take the leg up, pull the feet towards yourself, with a elastic tube or normal belt. Repeat 10 times, twice a day. Sports taping- stretch the tape from both ends and apply on the affected area contrast fomentation (hot and cold).
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My mother is 50 years old and has diabetes. She has been undergoing acute pain below the shoulder blade, and also near the heart region. Has to take painkillers daily. She believes it might be cervical pain, that sounds reasonable for the shoulder blade pain but what about near the heart? Also she has arthritis and is not supposed to walk much.

BPT, MPT - Orthopedic Physiotherapy
Physiotherapist, Sangrur
Hello lybrate user I would like to suggest her to consult a good doctor for proper diagnosis. As she is a diabetic patient so not try to do experiments on body or never faith in blindly treated. Firstly her problem is clear to know then treatment will be successful to cure.
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I was suffering from slip disc from 10 days. Now I am feeling better after take rest but now when I turn down in front I feel pain in my right hips mussels. What should I do.

DM - Neurology
Neurologist, Rajkot
10 days rest is not enough. Take rest for 4 weeks for improvement. If pain persists, get an MRI done.
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I take a consult for my grandfather. He is very old and his is suffering from neck pain and cough problem from many years.

General Physician, Cuttack
Your grand father.May be having problem of chronic bronchitis and cervical spondylitis.Get his Cray cervical spine and chest and consult chest physian and orthopaedic specialist
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I am 46 years man and have backache and other joints pain also. I am getting pain relief tablet and oil from last few years but no relief yet. What to do?

M. sc Psychology, BHMS
Homeopath, Hyderabad
Mr. Lybrate user, in this age jt pains& backache became common for majority of people. But by taking pain killers will give instant but temporary releif only, & more over long time intake of those rx will effect other organs. So, better you need to choose the any other alternative system of medicine. As a homeopath I could suggest you to take homeo medicines, which will show good results without any side or adverse effects though you need to use for some time.& at the same time, you can follow physiotherapy also additionally.
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