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Dr. Kaushik' Kaushik Bhavan, B- 103, Street No. 4, Jyoti Colony, Near Durgapuri Chowk, Shahadra , Delhi Delhi
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Dr. Kaushik Clinic General Physician Clinic Dr. Kaushik' Kaushik Bhavan, B- 103, Street No. 4, Jyoti Colony, Near Durgapuri Chowk, Shahadra , Delhi Delhi
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We are dedicated to providing you with the personalized, quality health care that you deserve....more
We are dedicated to providing you with the personalized, quality health care that you deserve.
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Dr. Kaushik Clinic is known for housing experienced General Physicians. Dr. Ravi Kaushik, a well-reputed General Physician, practices in Delhi. Visit this medical health centre for General Physicians recommended by 83 patients.


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Dr. Kaushik' Kaushik Bhavan, B- 103, Street No. 4, Jyoti Colony, Near Durgapuri Chowk, Shahadra , Delhi
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Psoriasis And Homeopathy

Homeopath, Navi Mumbai
Psoriasis And Homeopathy

The cause for this irksome skin disease that presents as thick red silvery scaled patches on the skin is still being researched. The sad part is that as yet,there is no one single treatment, and mostly all of them give only  temporary relief.


BUT HOW? WAIT.We will come to the answer of this question.Before that, first lets get to know more about this disease itself so that we can explain you how the treatments work.



Anywhere in the body, most commonly legs, arms , knees, elbows, trunk, scalp

Underarm region, below breasts, buttocks,genitals

Look: dicoloured, silvery scaly lesions that vary in size from minute papules covering a large area

Dry, do not get infected

Some studies have shown that people with psoriasis -- especially severe psoriasis -- may be more likely to develop other conditions like:


  • Diabetes. Researchers aren't sure what the connection between psoriasis and diabetes is. However, other health conditions also linked to psoriasis -- high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity -- also put someone at risk for diabetes.
  • Heart disease. Medical experts say the inflammation caused by psoriasis could be related to the artery damage that leads to atherosclerosis (clogged blood vessels) and other heart problems.
  • Cancer. Some treatments for psoriasis, including PUVA light therapy and certain medications, can raise the risk of specific cancers.
  • Someone with psoriasis also has a greater chance of having depression, obesity, and high blood pressure.


Abnormal growth of the skin that results in red, patchy appearance.Immune system cud be responsible for this because it causes a wrong trigger resulting in abnormal growth.Normal skin cells take 28-30 days to mature and fall off the surface.Psoriatic skin cells however take only 4-5 days to mature and move to the surface of the skin where they pile off instead of falling off.


  • There is a genetic element also, this disease runs in families of 30% of patients.
  • External factors/agg factors:infections, stress, climatic conditions like colds.
  • Injuries to skin involving burns, cuts , rashes.
  • Medications like beta blockers, lithium, antimalarial drugs, nsaid’s like brufen


  •  Most of the present day meds only attempt to treat the symptoms, and not the disease.
  • Psoriasis is due to hyperactive immune system. The dual function of the intestinal wall of absorption and barrier to unwanted antigens or chemicals is compromised that results in leakage of toxins into the system. The immune system then gets activated to produce antibodies and t cells leading to inflammation.
  • This process also puts added burden on liver and kidneys. The resulting hyperactive immune system leads to a build up of cells on the skin causing the itchy psoriatic symptoms.
  • The present medicines can work a bit but are harmful in the long run. The medicines should target correcting the intestinal leak that occurs and the rest will take care of itself.

Patients with psoriasis can take the following steps to try to prevent these other health problems.

  • Go for annual checkups and get regular tests as recommended. These exams can catch problems early on when they're easier to treat.

  • Know your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers. If they are high, find out what to do to lower 

  • them. Treating high blood pressure and cholesterol can help keep his heart and arteries healthy.

  • Take a healthy approach to life -- including not drinking too much alcohol, not smoking, getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising. A healthy lifestyle can help lower his risk for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

  • Ask the doctor about  cancer risks and what symptoms to watch for.

  • Ease stress. Because having psoriasis is stressful, it seems unfair that stress can trigger a flare-up. Finding ways to avoid or relieve stress part is an important part of your treatment plan.

    You need to make time every day to relax, even if it's just a half-hour of listening to soothing music. Try these healthy approaches, too:

  • Relaxation exercises, such as guided imagery or breathing exercises

  • Meditation

  • Yoga or tai chi

  • Daily exercise


Remember, the disease isn't who you are.There is much more to you than the fact that you have psoriasis.You should try to focus on your strengths and talents to help build your self-esteem.


  • While psoriasis flare-ups are often unpredictable, certain things can trigger symptoms. Managing your triggers can lead to fewer flare-ups and milder flare-ups when they do happen.
  • You should avoid using alcohol or herbal remedies to help deal with stress. Drinking alcohol may seem relaxing, but it can lead to health problems.
  • If the stress in your life feels overwhelming, talking to a therapist or trained counselor can make it easier to get through difficult times.
  • Warm up. Cold weather is hard on most people's skin, leaving it itchy, dry, and cracked. That's true for people with psoriasis, too. To keep itching and tenderness in check, you should use moisturizers more often during winter months and apply a thick coating to psoriasis patches. After bathing, pat -- don't rub -- skin dry. Apply moisturizer while skin is still damp.
  • Watch what you eat. Although many people say diet affects their psoriasis, no research has shown a connection. Some experts, however, think it's possible people may have specific food triggers. The best advice is to eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, and limited fats and sugars. If you notice that your  symptoms flare when you eat a specific food, stop eating it for a while and watch what happens to your psoriasis. At the next appointment, you should tell this to your doctor.

Diet control:

 Satvik diet  is recommended.What is meant by this?To clarify,

One is advised not to have tea, coffee, aerated drinks etc, and restrict dairy foods.Sprouted n boiled vegetables are preferred.


  • Thick n green outer leaves of cabbage as a compress
  • Drinking buttermilk in large quantities n application of curd/buttermilk to affected area
  • Certain oils such as olive oil and oil of avocado (kulu naspati) on affected parts and oil extracted from outer shells of cashewnuts
  • Use of mud packs



  • Avoid soap
  • Application of sea water externally once a day

Homeopathy treatment

  • Effective in nearly 75%of cases.
  • The approach is to strike at the root cause n create a condition such that the skin becomes healthy n the excessive exfoliation is not allowed to take place.
  • A very minute evaluation is made of the facts that includes family history,trigering factors, itching, emotional aspects,location and seriousness of the complaint.
  • One advantage of homeopathic medicines is that they are safe and not detrimental to the body on prolonged use whereas steroids used in allopathy are definitely not advisable in the long run.
  • However as the disease is difficult to tackle, people often get fed up and leave midway.Patients who have taken homeopathy  are required  caution that the journey is tedious and long, but persistence is the keyword and cure may take upto 2-3 yrs and more. Also, the disease has it own course of exarcebations and remissions so one has be aware and cautious of the above points and accordingly do the lifestyle measures and medications.


  • If we look at the treatment options available various allopathic  formulations used till date offer only symptomatic treatment.Even the latest medicines seems to offer relief for months than offer a complete cure.
  • Regular exercise, balanced diet, walk in the sun are very beneficial.While the goal of complete cure may not be achieved or possible, however , a treatment that offers buildup of a better immunity with time is really advisable and hence the popularity of homeopathy which hence eradicates the troublesome symptoms and the suffering and rewards the patient with a better life.
  •  Psoriasis can be managed with the right treatment and good self-care, and now add homeopathy to it!

For the Ladies: How to Spot Penis Problems?

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
For the Ladies: How to Spot Penis Problems?

When a man is going to bed for the first time with an eager partner, many things are going through his mind. He's probably quite confident in the fact that he chose great penis care leading up to the encounter, and thus has few worries about how his manhood will look and perform. However, a new partner is understandably not as sure, as they are in a position of wanting to enjoy the equipment (and the man attached to it!) while protecting themselves from the potential for sexually transmitted diseases.

Therefore, this guide is intended for the ladies - those partners who want to enjoy the new man in their life, whether for a single evening or for a lifetime. In today's world, no one can be too careful about taking care of their own health. These tips can help ensure that they spot any penis problems as soon as possible, and thus can help protect themselves.

1) It starts with the attitude. Ensuring good sexual health begins even before the clothes come off. It starts when a woman asks a man about his sexual history and listens carefully to his answers. If a man doesn't want to talk about it, that's a big red flag. An answer like that requires a woman to take a step back and reconsider her desire to be with this particular guy.

2) Ensure good lighting. Assuming the vibe is one that satisfies her, a woman should then make sure that any sexual activity is happening in a room with adequate lighting - in fact, natural lighting is best. This allows a woman to look over a man's equipment as she engages in foreplay, thus giving her an opportunity to inspect the penis skin for any bumps, warts or other problems that might indicate a sexual health issue.

3) Take the time to explore. As a man gets hard, a woman should pay attention to what's happening with the penis. Penis problems might present as lesions on the skin, dark bruises, bumps, rashes, warts or anything else that makes a woman feel a little wary of getting too close. If something like that is found, she should feel free to back away from the act and head for the door.

4) Don't stop with the penis skin. Though how the penis skin looks matters, that's not the only thing that does. She should look around the groin area as well; keep in mind that some problems, such as herpes, might show up in areas near the penis, such as the inner thighs or upper buttocks. She can also look for discharge by sliding her thumb up the shaft to the urethra, looking for drops that might indicate an infection (excluding semen, of course).

5) Always use a condom. No matter how clean and fit a man's penis skin looks, covering it up with a condom is an absolute must. Many sexually transmitted diseases don't show any signs at all, or might show signs only during times of active outbreaks. Therefore, condoms are always the way to go - and if a man refuses to use a condom, that's the biggest red flag of all.

If a man wants to present a handsome penis that any woman will admire, he should make a point of using a daily penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). A crème that contains Shea butter and vitamin E can't be beat for the hydration. A man can also look to crèmes that contain vitamin A, which fights against the bacteria that can cause undesirable penis odor. These ingredients, combined with others that promote good penis health, can work wonders for a man who wants to impress his partner.

Big Penis Size: Tips for the Bedroom

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Big Penis Size: Tips for the Bedroom

Men with a small penis - or even an average-sized penis - may not want to hear this, but even guys with a bigger penis size can sometimes use some pointers in the bedroom. Being blessed with a large endowment doesn't always translate to worry-free nights in the bedroom. For one thing, penis size doesn't really affect penis care, so guys with a big penis don't get a break on basic care issues. So for guys who are packing more in the penis size department (or for the women who are in bed with them), the following tips may be of use.

- Make foreplay your play. Especially early on in a relationship, a woman who is encountering an extra-large penis may have concerns about whether she can accommodate so much manliness. In fact, it would be very rare for a man's penis to be of such immensity that a vagina could not receive it - however, whether it can receive it comfortably is another question. That's why foreplay is of such enormous importance for a manhood of enormous proportions. (In fact, it's usually of tremendous importance even to men of more modest means.) Taking plenty of time with oral and manual stimulation is crucial, and so is paying attention to sensitive areas beyond the vagina.

- Time her orgasm. One thing to consider and discuss with a partner: would it be preferable for the woman to achieve an orgasm before penetration? The reasoning behind this is that most women's vaginas are at their most relaxed and receptive post-orgasm, so initial insertion may be more easily achieved. Will she have a second orgasm? Possibly, but that is by no means a sure thing. The partners should communicate; if a second orgasm is not likely, the male may wish to refrain from prolonging to avoid causing soreness in the vagina.

- Ejaculate first. Sometimes it helps for the woman to masturbate or orally please the male to ejaculation and then try for an insertion. Many men can achieve a second erection (which is generally softer than the first) - and sometimes even without a second full erection, there can be enough hardness for a pleasurable experience.

- Lube, lube, lube. Yes, men and women do create natural lubricants, but when dealing with a penis of impressive size, some assistance may be needed. Do not skimp here.

- Work up to it. Rather than attempt penetration on the first night, suggest working up to it. Spend a few nights using a dildo (or several, in a variety of sizes) to help her prepare for the real thing.

- Get positioned. Until a man is actually in bed with another person, it's difficult to know what position works best - but in general, missionary and doggy are not thought to be the best positions for big penis size sex. Many tips look at woman-on-top positions, as the woman generally has greater control. But it may take several attempts to find the position that works best.

- Listen to her. The most important tip of all: the male should pay attention to what she tells him so that he can stop if something is painful, change positions if necessary, continue with a new angle, etc.

The last of these tips is for men of any penis size: keep the organ in good health and use a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to help achieve this goal. The best crème will include alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant that fights free radicals and the oxidative stress they cause. The crème should also include L-carnitine, a neuroprotective ingredient that helps prevent loss of sensation from too much rough and aggressive handling of the penis.

Deflating an Erect Penis: Sex Mood Killers to Avoid

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Deflating an Erect Penis: Sex Mood Killers to Avoid

It's an all-too-common scenario: A guy and his date are moving steadily toward what promises to be a robust and entertaining bout of sex. Things are going beautifully and the moment of penetration is close at hand when suddenly something unexpected happens - and the mood is ruined. Sometimes the effect is only temporary; other times, a guy might as well zip up and go home, as that erect penis is done for the night. Yes, sometimes there may be a penis health issue at play here, but more likely this has been at attack of the mood killers instead.

Mood killers

Sexual mood killers come in a wide range. They can be visual, verbal, aural, olfactory (i.e., involving a scent), physical, mental - just about anything that jars the mood of what had been a very sexy situation.

And, of course, certain mood killers for one person may mean nothing to another - or could even be mood enhancers to someone else, especially where fetishes are concerned. However, there are some experiences that are often mood killers for the majority of the population; here are a few that fall in that category.

- Babying the manhood. Not a news flash: Men can be very sensitive about their penises. The vast majority of men want their members to be described in the most effusive manner possible; it's practically impossible to go too far in assigning manly, powerful attributes to a guy's favorite body part. But treating the member like a baby and describing it as "cute" or "adorable" or (God forbid) "little" can turn a massively erect penis into a softie in no time.

- Suggesting a sex toy. Sex toys can be a great addition to a couple's repertoire - but they shouldn't be suggested when an erect penis is all primed and ready for action. Discuss the idea in advance instead; otherwise, that erect penis is liable to think that a lady doesn't find him up to the job at hand and may decide to sulk about that fact.

- Laughing inexplicably. Hey, sex is fun and there's no shame in having a good time. But sometimes a partner may laugh at an inopportune moment (such as when an erect penis is first revealed) and then refuse to say why. Not conducive to a good sexual adventure.

- Going too heavy on perfume. It's wonderful when a woman wants to smell inviting - but just as men can go too far on the cologne, some women take perfume to the wrong level.

- Playing the wrong music. Musical taste varies widely, and one person's erotic playlist may be another's techno nightmare. Until musical tastes are known, silence may be a better option.

- Comparing. It's natural to compare one lover to another - but doing it to their face during the act itself is probably not a good idea. Even if a woman finds this new man to be a superior lover, it may be wise to keep that news to herself until after the event. Otherwise, a guy may start feeling self-conscious and start wondering "Am I still ahead of him? Am I still doing it right?"

Mood killers can create an erect penis fail, so avoiding them is important. Also important for men: keeping that penis healthy through the regular use of a top notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). For really prime results, be sure that the selected crème includes a wide range of vitamins, including A, B5, C, D and E. In addition, find a crème that lists L-arginine among its ingredients. This amino acid helps produce nitric oxide, which in turn helps penile blood vessels open up to receive increased blood flow.

Penis Problems

GAMS-Ayurveda, MD-TCM
Sexologist, Faridabad
Penis Problems
  • It you are suffering from Small penis problem, no need to worry! Sahar Ka ss oil Use karo Or one tea spon two times daily with milk 
  • It has No side effects 
  • Enjoy sexual life bigger and harder sex power and increase your penis size

How Brandy Helps In Cold And Flu?

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)
Internal Medicine Specialist, Bangalore
How Brandy Helps In Cold And Flu?

How brandy helps in cold and flu?

Brandy is prepared from further distillation of wine to make alcohol content stronger.
It’s usually consumed as after dinner drink.

It helps is cold and flu because of its strong anti inflammatory properties which reduces pain in sore throat and also helps in clearing mucus.
It’s strong alcohol content is antibacterial.

Other benefits of brandy are 
1) It contains antioxidants 
2) It is anti cancer (specially ovarian and bladder cancer) because of its ellagic acid content.
3) It’s anti-aging as brandy is distilled in copper barrels and due its antioxidant content.
4) Helps in reducing cholesterol and aids in cardiovascular health.

Caution: consume 30 to 60 ml post di.

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Dear Dr, I am suffering from Diabetes with sugar level 225 after breakfast I started taking ayurvedic medicine Chiraita after taking I feel better as I am active now compared to 1 week before I just want to ask is it ok to have this continuously to avoid sugar level going high or should I stop and start taking medicines.

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MD - General Medicine, DNB (General Medicine), pg program in rheumatology
Internal Medicine Specialist, Delhi
Dear Dr,
I am suffering from Diabetes with sugar level 225 after breakfast I started taking ayurvedic medicine Chirai...
If it is working you can continue it but it should be taken under a Ayurveda doctor 's supervision and check your HbA1c as well Stay healthy!
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During sex I ejaculate so early and penis is not erect hard please advice something for me.

Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery (B.U.M.S)
Ayurveda, Indore
During sex I ejaculate so early and penis is not erect hard please advice something for me.
You are suffering from Premature Ejaculation that is very harmful at this young age. Proper erection and sex timing is too important to  have a satisfactory intercourse for both you and your partner. PE can eventually lead to embarrassment in front of your partner as you won't be able to satisfy her. This condition can be solved with proper unani herbal treatment that will help you in getting and maintaining proper erection also in increasing penis size. There are other factor also that are affecting it. Conslt me privatly for more details. I will guide you further. Tc.
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I have been suffering from ED for 1 year consulted ayurvedic doctors continued treatment for 2 months after 1 month 40 percent cured but again problem continued price was too high can't afford each month please suggest some treatment.

MD, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Pune
I have been suffering from ED for 1 year consulted ayurvedic doctors continued treatment for 2 months after 1 month 4...
This is happening due to insufficiency of hormones and improper functions of serotonin. The good news is that this is easily treatable with our herbal tablets. These tablets improve blood supply to penis and nourish muscles and blood vessels of penis thereby making erection long and hard. At the same time, these tablets improve functions of serotonin thereby delaying ejaculation significantly. As a proof of our Good work, you can check our Feedbacks on Lybrate website.
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I am feeling tired and body and head pain from 2 days what the prescription should follow.

Pain Management Specialist, Jabalpur
I am feeling tired and body and head pain from 2 days what the prescription should follow.
I think need to improve your life style. Take proper high protein diet. Lots of fluids 4 to 5 litres per day indulge in some or other type of exercise like brisk walk, jogging, cycling, Yoga, sport you will never be able to complaint.
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