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Psychiatrist Clinic

E-229, Greater Kailash Part Ii New Delhi
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CCAW2 Psychiatrist Clinic E-229, Greater Kailash Part Ii New Delhi
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Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Psychiatrist . Our goal is to provide a compassionate professional environment to make your experience co......more
Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Psychiatrist . Our goal is to provide a compassionate professional environment to make your experience comfortable. Our staff is friendly, knowledgable and very helpful in addressing your health and financial concerns.
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CCAW2 is known for housing experienced Psychiatrists. Dr. Indu Chaswal, a well-reputed Psychiatrist, practices in New Delhi. Visit this medical health centre for Psychiatrists recommended by 109 patients.


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E-229, Greater Kailash Part Ii
Greater Kailash New Delhi, Delhi - 110048
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Doctor in CCAW2

Dr. Indu Chaswal

MS - Psychology, K. Teacch
15 Years experience
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Internet Addiction

M.D Psychiatry , MBBS
Psychiatrist, Faridabad
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Internet addiction disorder or IAD, more commonly called Problematic Internet use or PIU, refers to excessive internet use that interferes with your daily life. Too much internet use to chat with friends, watch porn, use social media or surf the net for information- all fall under the purview of internet addiction.


M.D Psychiatry , MBBS
Psychiatrist, Faridabad
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Diagnosing dementia can be more difficult than you can imagine. Medically, the patient needs to have at least two areas of mental functionality impaired to an extent where it interferes with their everyday life. However, diagnosis is just the beginning as treating dementia can be even more challenging.

My brain is getting poor day by day. I am not doing basic things. I am too weak mentally. I have short temper and depression.

Diploma In Psychology Counselling Skills, Diploma in ayurveda, B.S IT
Psychologist, Bangalore
Hello Friend, Good that you are seeking a help here. Behaviors change with more anger, Mood swing, frustration, irritation, short tempered etc are symptoms of stress in your mind and lifestyle. Obviously with such stressful mind, there will be lack of interest in pleasure activities, poor memory or concentration, sleeplessness, sudden weight loss or gain, headaches, body pain and many more disturbance into your day-to-day normal life. Be positive. You can overcome such problems if able to analyze and isolate the root cause behind such changes in your thoughts and feelings. May be talk to a psychology counselor like us to assess your current suitation or symptoms in details to guide you overcome this problem. Be positive. You will be alright soon. Feel free to reach me online or call for further evaluation and recommendation.
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Dementia - 5 Effective Ways Physiotherapy Can Help You Out!

M.P.T, Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Physiotherapist, Bangalore
Dementia - 5 Effective Ways Physiotherapy Can Help You Out!

Dementia is a general classification of a brain disease that causes a long haul and frequently steady abatement in the capacity to think and recall that is sufficiently incredible to influence a man's everyday  functioning. Other normal manifestations incorporate passionate issues, issues with dialect, and a lessening in motivation. An individual's awareness is not influenced. The most common example of dementia is the Alzheimer's disease.

Physiotherapy for Dementia:
A patient with dementia can benefit from physiotherapy regardless of the possibility that the patient can't perceive their own family. Physiotherapy, notwithstanding, can be of good advantage to the individual who has dementia and also their family and parental figures at different stages. The principle explanation behind this is that recovery administrations can help the dementia patient to be as utilitarian as would be prudent for whatever length of time that is conceivable. Here are 5 ways physiotherapy benefits an Alzheimer's patient:

  1. Physiotherapy can keep up the Alzheimer's patient's freedom and mobility as much as one could expect reasonably. A physiotherapist can outline a home activity program and work intimately with relatives to administer to the Alzheimer's patient.
  2. Physiotherapists, as independent experts, embrace much detailed, separately custom-made appraisals of the disorders, action confinements and restrictions imposed upon individuals with dementia.
  3. The caretakers of individuals with dementia regularly show weakness when contrasted with their same aged companions. Physiotherapy helps with diminishing the weight of consideration by instructing caregivers to provide encouragement and upliftment to individuals with dementia.
  4. Patients with dementia are always at a risk of falling down and hurting themselves. Poor balance accounts for the danger of falls. This can be worked upon and improved by physiotherapy driven exercises. Exercise can have a huge and positive effect on behavioral and mental indications of dementia, enhancing psychological capacity and mindset, which can decrease the doses of strong medicines. Special exercise routines are assigned to the patients which help improve their body balance while walking.    
  5. Physiotherapy has crucial influence in advancing and keeping up portability of individuals with dementia. It assumes a basic part in the end of life consideration by overseeing situations, seating and complicated muscle contracture. Individuals with dementia regularly experience issues in communicating pain. Pain influences cognizance, inspiration and reaction to any intervention. Physiotherapists are specialists in recognizing and treating pain in dementia patients and give training to care home staff and caregivers of the patients.

Physiotherapy is very important for dementia patients. Regular physiotherapy sessions are beneficial for patients for improvement in condition.

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How Pre-Marital Counselling Helps?

Ph. D - Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi
How Pre-Marital Counselling Helps?

Couple seeks professional Pre-marital Counsellor’s help to prevent or to understand and resolve difficulties that arise in their relationship. They have doubts so seek assurance to create a long lasting intimate relationship. Pre-marital Counselling helps the couple:

  • To identify the strengths and weaknesses in their relationship so they can build resilience for a healthy marriage.
  • To increases the empathy and self-disclosure skills so that the person can put oneself in the other person’s shoes and communicate more honestly and openly.
  • To discuss each partner’s family-of-origin and clear the emotional baggage if anyone has.
  • To motivate to invest quality time and energy needed to improve their marriage.
  • To learn how to be assertive and best coping strategies to resolve the conflicts.
  • How to build a long-lastingsatisfyinghealthy and successful relationship.
  • To enter into marriage with more awareness, clarity and understanding.
  • To offer rich resources to enhance their emotional bond between them and their respective families.
  • How to be positive when the relationship is going through difficult times.
  • To differentiate between realistic and unrealistic expectations from each other.
  • To openly discuss financial management.
  • To make a relationship or partner part of life, not the whole life.
  • To learn how their daily positive interactions or routine impact their relations.
  • To overtly talk and explore sexual issues without any hesitations.
  • To check the compatibility between them.
  • To acknowledge and accept dysfunctional behaviour like dominance, control and do necessary corrections for long-lasting relationships.
  • To give adequate individual space to each other.
  • To show appreciation and affection towards each other.
  • To accept each other for whom you are and make you realize the importance of self-love.
  • To set the boundaries in your relationship.
  • To understand a partner’s personality from a professional perspective.
  • To make a healthy and working relationship with in-laws.
  • To comprehend the role of spiritual believes which are important for your partner.
  • To clearly talk about personal habits and lifestyle.
  • To discuss past issues and insecurities impacting current relationships.
  • To aware potential future problems and how to deal with them.
  • To realize the importance of patience and forgiveness.
  • Couple to develop healthy attitudes and skills, to interact with their prospective partners respectfully so that they can sustain their strong foundation for loving, healthy marriage and family relationships.

Every relationship has its own ups and downs. Taking care of that relationship is one of the best things. you can do for your partner. If you are going through a rough patch in your relationship or indecisive about your marriage plans with your partner then you should visit us or a Pre-Marital Counsellor. There is a lot of certified professional Pre-Marital Counsellor like us who works as a couple facilitator and do online compatibility testingPre-Marital Counselling aids the couple to discover new things about themselves and the partner. Pre-Marital Counselling helps you to prepare for marriage and plan your future in such a way that can guarantee a divorce-free marriage.

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Hello doctor. Ok before this I was not comfortable. But I have to do it. Let me speak in hindi. Its my Mother tongue. Before this I have asked you about it but now I want to reveal everything. I am going through ocd .plz help me. I am 17 years old girl .2 saal hogaye mein relagious ocd se jari. Ye sab start hua 2 saal pehle. Ganpati ke waqt humare yaha mahalakshmi bethti hain aur sabka manna hai ki wo bht strict hain. Tabhi us din mere man mein ek thought aya ki mein unke chehre ko laat maru .aur tabhi maine maafi mangi. Aur uske turant baad maine maafi mangi. Lekin 2 din baad mere chehre pe bht sare white patches aagye. To my mom said tune koi galat kiya hoga. Tabhi maine maafi mangi. Uske 1 month baad phir se ye thought aye aur wo kaha ke kaha pohoch gaye. Matlab sab bhagwan ki gandi sexual images. And unke uppar thukna nd all ye thoughts ane lage aur mein unko uske baad maafi mangne lagi. "mahalkshmi mata, ganpati bappa, he deva, he sai baba, he tuljabhavani mata, krishna deva, he hanuman deva, he mahadeva, he shani deva, gajanan deva datta guru please mala maaf kraa" aisa mera routine bangaya .aur unhone mere andar ghar bana diya. Aur last 6 months mein har bhagwan ke samnejake 100 bar seatups lagati thi roja ka. Khud ko marti thi. Bahut guilty lagta hai. Aur 3 months se mujhe lagra ke mere dad mar jayenge agar maine pray nhi kiya to. Unko bimari ho jayegi. Unki mare hue thoughts mujhe har waqt sata rahe hai mein roj raatko roti hoon. Mein roj bhagwan ko mafi mangne ko tayar hoon but m not ready to lose my loved ones. And every second I think bad about god nd I asked him for forgiveness .i do not know what to do .now I have become so much obsessed with this thought. And I pray every second to got atleast for 5 years save my dad. Whenever I got image that I have lost him I cry like hell. Because of this type of thoughts will god punish me? Will my parents die because of such thoughts? Please explain me in brief. Please Help me.

MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy, MPHIL
Psychologist, Mumbai
Dear lybrate-user, What you are going through is OCD and it's normal to have such thoughts or any kind of thoughts. Since your recognise that these are thoughts, please also recognise that thoughts are just thoughts. If you do not allow them to overwhelm you or over power you, they have no power. Aisi soch aati hai toh aane do, woh jis tarah aaye waise chale jaayegi, is par itna dhyan mat do. Bhagwan toh bacchon ko maaf karte hain, kabhi badla nahin lete, gussa nahin karte. Tum jis takleef se guzar rahi ho, yeh devi ma ko pata hai, woh kabhi tumse gussa nahin hogi. Par tumhen khud ko maaf karna aana hoga. Tumne is soch ke peeche khud ko kitana kuchh keha diya, thappad bhi mar li. Aage se aisa mat karna. Jab aisi koi thoughts aaye, toh khud ko kehna, Yeh sirf thoughts hain, main is thought se upar hun, main is pe dhyan nahin dungi" Agar bhagwan ko manti ho, toh apne vichar unko samarpit kar do aur bolo, "mere yeh vichar tumhe samarpit hain, ab tum mujhe rasta dikhao aur shakti do" Tumhare dad ko kuch nahin hoga. Hamesha yaad rakhna yeh sirf thoughts hain. Agar tumne is par dhyan nahin diya toh yeh chale jayenge.
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Sometimes my friend behave as he was mental. He choose cigarette. His mind is totally stressed. He speaks he is useless. He has no love and sincerity to anyone etc. What to do sir? Is there any problem? On usual days he was fine and friendly. But sometimes he behaves strangely like this.

MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy, MPHIL
Psychologist, Mumbai
Sometimes my friend behave as he was mental. He choose cigarette. His mind is totally stressed. He speaks he is usele...
Perhaps your friend has low self esteem issues. If he is willing to help himself then ask him to seek counseling.
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I have a friend who is very stressed in his life lately. He couldn't calm himself and because of this stress, he can't even sleep. His decisions are changing very frequently and don't want to listen anyone s advice. He is 28 years old and facing stress mostly regarding his job. How to help him calm his mind?

PhD - Clinical Psychology, Diploma in Clinical and Community Psychology, MA - Clinical Psychology, BA - Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi
I have a friend who is very stressed in his life lately. He couldn't calm himself and because of this stress, he can'...
Hello Lybrate user Stress affects our mood, sleep, appetite etc and can bring negative effects on the body. However the stress can be managed and taken care off. Because of low stress tolerance, you might be experiencing these symptoms. Try to share your worries and stress with someone close and seek their advice. Try to analyse the situations in a more practical manner and avoid thinking emotionally. Try deep breathing exercises and physical exercises to release stress and calm your mind and body. For better management of the symptoms you can also consult a clinical psychologist for counselling sessions. You can also reach out to me through the Lybrate app.
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Me roj 4-5 cigarette pita hu 8 salo se. Muje kabhi kabhi sans lene me bahot taklif hoti hai or sans jaldi chad jati hai .or puri body disturb ho gayi hai. Mera routine baht kharab hai no work out n no eat helthy food I have no time for all this dooing what I do?

Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S)
Unani Specialist, Dhule
As per your message, I would like to say you stop smoking. Avoid junk food. Stick to healthy lifestyle. Reduce weight. How often do you use pantosec dsr.
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