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Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Sexologist.By combining excellent care with a state-of-the-art facility we strive to provide you with quality health care. We thank you for your interest in our services and the trust you have placed in us.

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Gautam Clinic Pvt Ltd is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Inderjeet Singh Gautam, a well-reputed Infertility Specialist, Sexologist , practices in New Delhi. Dr. Chandrabhan Singh, a well-reputed Sexologist , practices in New Delhi. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 87 patients.

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  • M.D.(E.H), B.E.M.S, D.E.H.M
    Male infertility is characterized by irregular sperm function or reduced sperm count. There are a host of causes that may lead to infertility in men such as lifestyle choices and obesity.

    The various symptoms of infertility in men are:
    1. You may experience lumps or swellings in the testicles
    2. You may have chronic respiratory problems
    3. You may experience low libido
    4. You may have ejaculation disorders
    5. Impaired sense of smell
    6. Chromosomal complications such as reduced body hair
    7. Your sperm count may be low

    The reasons of infertility may range from medical causes to lifestyle choices; some of the causes may be related to the environment. A common cause of infertility is due to problems with transportation of the sperm. These are mainly due to blockages in the tubes that carry the sperm.

    The various reasons for infertility in men are:

    1. Infection: Various infections such as inflammation of the testicles and epididymis, which causes blockage of the tubes carrying the sperm can be a cause.

    2. Varicocele: This condition is characterized by swelling of the veins that are connected to the testicle. This condition is known to change the normal temperature of the testicles, thus leading to complications in sperm production.

    3. Hormonal imbalances: Various hormonal problems such as complications of the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands may lead to low testosterone levels in the body.

    4. Problems in sexual intercourse: Problems such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation are reasons why you may have infertility.

    5. Medications: Various medications such as using anabolic steroids, antifungal medications and chemotherapy may hamper production of the sperm and thus reduce your fertility.

    6. Radiation exposure: If you have been exposed to radiation such as x-rays, your sperm production may be impaired, thus causing infertility. However, this condition can be reversed if you are no longer exposed to the radiation.

    7. Consumption of alcohol and smoking: Both alcohol and cigarettes may cause problems in sperm production, and cause erectile dysfunction. Excessive drinking may lead to complications in the liver resulting in infertility.

    8. Obesity: If you are overweight, then it's time to lose those extra kilos. Obesity leads to a number of health problems, one of them being erectile dysfunction.
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  • M.D.(E.H), B.E.M.S, D.E.H.M
    One's child birth is a joyous and emotional time. After nine long months of pregnancy, one greets the arrival of baby with great anticipation. It is absolutely normal that the time post delivery marks a drastic change in sexual desire. While both women and menexpect changes in their sex life immediately after the birth of a child, but as time passes by, it is normal for both partners to wonder when things will ever return to normal. It is a fairly common condition to have a decreased sex drive after giving birth and this feeling can last for months which can be attributed to many factors. Refer to the following tips to get your drive back.

    Consult your gynaecologist: one should take gynaecologist into confidence to discuss how one's libido has changed after child birth, who will in turn help to rule out any physical issues if any.
    Emotional & physical fatigue: nursing a new born is no joke and it drains you physically. In a post delivery scenario, ones libido has to fight with overwhelming emotional as well as physical fatigue that results from nursing of a new born. One can share the night-time feeding with one's partner and try to catch up on the sleep with day time nap. One simply cannot look forward to sex if one is deprived of sleep.
    Release the pressure and guilt: the body is still recovering and one may get a feel that one is not attractive as before, which makes a dramatic impact on body image. Communicate honestly with your partner about the lack of drive. It is likely that he will also be experiencing similar issues and conflicting emotions. Giving reassurance that one is working on increasing the libido can help ease the pressure on both the individuals.
    Prepare for sex: do anything to relax and get into the mood before hitting the bed. It can be as simple as a hot shower or a refreshing drink, but it is important to help your body transition from mother to lover.
    Use a lubricant: it is hard to look forward to something that is painful. Breastfeeding plays a significant role in the decrease in libido. Oestrogen is an important hormone that decreases with breastfeeding which affects vaginal tissues. The most common vaginal side effects of decreased oestrogen are dryness hence it's important to use lubricants to minimize the discomfort of vaginal dryness and make sex more enjoyable.

    Libido is a complicated and there will be times one has to do even if one is not in the mood. Sometimes it takes a little nudge to get the libido back into gear. Once one gets over the hurdle of not being in the mood, one may just realise that one is enjoying the act. The good news is that this decrease in libido is temporary. With time and patience, one can rebuild a satisfying sexual relationship with their partner.
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  • M.D.(E.H), B.E.M.S, D.E.H.M
    It is important for you to both take care of your body and love your body. At times due to certain factors our body does not perform the way we wants it to. There are various phases of sexual activity that include attraction, stimulation, excitement and peak. These stages usually come in close sequence and follow a normal course until the sexual peak ends in sexual orgasm. Yet, this process can be hindered by a condition known as premature ejaculation that many men suffer from. Premature ejaculation happens when a man ejaculates sooner than required or planned, in the process of sexual activity and intercourse. This usually happens within a minute or so of penetration. There are a variety of causes for this, starting from biological to psychological. Read on to know more about these causes.

    Erectile Dysfunction: This condition is one where the male patient experiences trouble during sexual encounters and experiences. As per this condition, the patient will have difficulty in mustering up and thereafter, retaining an erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse. This condition can also contribute to premature ejaculation.
    Chronic Health Issues: Many male patients who are suffering from chronic health issues are at
    serious risk of developing premature ejaculation in the long run. These health issues range from diabetes to heart disease. Due to these diseases and ailments, the patient may feel considerable stress or even may not be able to ejaculate later in the process of intercourse.
    Anxiety: Anxiety is one of the primary reasons for such physical problems that one experiences during sex. These patients may be suffering from anxiety due to their performance in bed, or they may be anxious about a new relationship or partner. This anxiety can lead to a state where the patient is not able to fully enjoy the act of intercourse and ends up ejaculating prematurely.
    Relationship problems: Another issue that many male patients suffering from this condition face includes relationship problems. These problems can create trouble in the sex life of the patient due to which sex may not be happening on a frequent or regular basis. Due to this, the ejaculation may also suffer, leading to further stress.
    Biological Issues: There are a number of biological problems due to which men may also experience premature ejaculation and other related health issues. Abnormal hormonal levels and an imbalance in the state of one's hormones can lead to this condition. Also, there are instances where the neurotransmitters of the brain enjoy an abnormal level of activity which can lead to an abnormal reflex reaction in the ejaculatory system of the patient. Nerve damage can also lead to this condition.
    Thyroid: Male patients suffering from thyroid problems have also reported instances where premature ejaculation becomes a problem.

    This condition can also be an inherited one. It is best to take a professional opinion and seek therapy for treatment.
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  • M.D.(E.H), B.E.M.S, D.E.H.M
    Over-the -counter drugs are not for all even if the problem is common, as there are certain conditions which hinder the proper functioning of the medicine in a person. Thus, before popping a pill we should always consult a trained practitioner. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are some of the health and sex related problems that can lead to the use of viagra. This drug was released at the end of the 90s, and it seeks to help people who primarily suffer from occasional impotence and other related issues. These problems can be caused due to psychological problems like stress and anxiety, as well as other reasons including heart disease, diabetes and other such chronic ailments. Yet there are many instances where this drug does not work. Let us find out more about the causes for the same.

    1. Heart conditions: to begin with, viagra cannot be ingested by anyone and everyone. If you are a patient of any kind of cardiovascular diseases and have been prescribed drugs that contain nitrate, then viagra is not for you. This drug can hinder the work of the medicine and cause some serious side effects, which may make your chronic ailment even more problematic and severe.

    2. Side effects: viagra tends to have a lot of side effects for people and does not work efficiently in such cases. One of the most prominent side effects includes prolonged and persistent headache, which can actually last days. Also, the patients may suffer from temporary colour blindness and may not be able to tell colours like yellow and orange apart.

    3. Narrow blood vessels: when a man gets an erection, the blood usually flows at a rapid rate into the penis so that the member increases in terms of size, thickness and length, with subtle changes in the colour as well. This happens through the blood vessels where the blood flows in from. These are known as in and out vessels. If these vessels happen to be too narrow for a patient, then the erection will not be able manifest. This is also one of the primary reasons why viagra does not work for some people.

    4. Arteries: one of the other reasons why viagra may not work is the arteries. If the arteries are too narrow and not strong enough, then they will not be able to support the flow of blood for the erection to happen. This can cause problems in achieving and maintaining an erection, in which case viagra cannot work properly.

    5. Drug intolerance: the primary work of viagra is to help the blood vessels in relaxing. Yet, it is possible that the patient may develop some amount of intolerance towards the drug that will end up restricting its action.

    There are many instances when a drug like viagra may not work. In such cases, you can turn to long term therapy or ask your doctor about any alternative medication for the condition.
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  • M.D.(E.H), B.E.M.S, D.E.H.M
    It is important to beat the monotony of life with the right mix of adventure and passion and in order to do that we all have to be a little creative. At times, when sexual intercourse with your partner becomes a regular habit of practice, it soon turns out to be a little dull and loses the spark it once had. In fact, many relationships have fallen apart due to a lack of communication or physical intimacy, while sexually communing. In order to avoid the monotony, you would definitely need to spice things up. Here are a few ways which you can adopt for a more satisfying and fulfilling relationship with your partner through sex.

    1. Get dressed for the occasion
    One way in which you can increase the arousal levels in your partner is by getting dressed for the occasion. Get a nice and kinky outfit appropriate enough to sexually arouse your partner. In fact, a change in appearance has been widely recognized as a stimulant for better sex. After putting all the effort into your preparation, not only will you find your partner shocked with awe, you will also discover how much kinkier sex can be with the right outfit and appearance.

    2. Be in control
    With the publication of certain books in recent times, a reservoir of kinky ideas was created and designed for people to dig in and gather all the information about kinkier sex they've been looking for. One of the most predominant ways in which you can spice things up is through the concept of domination and submission. In fact, you will find that when you assume control over the situation, your sexual encounters will be so much more promising and kinkier than ever before. Dominance is what turns on a lot of people.

    3. Blindfolding
    Another way with which you can have kinkier sex is by blindfolding your partner. The act of blindfolding is an effective method to set the wheels in motion. When blindfolded, your vision is blocked, but all your senses are heightened, thereby transforming the sexual experience altogether.

    4. Sex Toys
    There's really no harm in spending a little on fascinating sex toys available in the market. Sex toys, in fact, are a prerequisite for kinky sex. With the diverse range of products available these days, you could find just the right toy for a better and kinkier sexual experience.
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  • M.D.(E.H), B.E.M.S, D.E.H.M
    Men are always concerned about the size of their penis, and in extreme cases, this concern is also a cause of anxiety disorders. When it comes to the connection between sex and penis size, many men believe that bigger is better. But this is not the case. A large penis does not provide men with any edge, in terms of sexual pleasure. Other factors like erectile function and length of sexual intercourse play a more important role in sexual pleasure.

    The very limited proof that is available on the relationship between pleasure during sex and penis size comes from research conducted on vaginal orgasm. The two concerned studies reveal that women who opt for deeper vaginal stimulation prefer longer penises. But vaginal orgasms in women are a rarity with most women experiencing clitoral orgasm. The conclusion arrived at in these two studies was that penis size was in no way related to clitoral orgasm.

    Moreover, since the clitoral tissue is known to be present below the skin on each side of the vagina, it could be one of the factors that contribute to experiences of vaginal orgasm. In such circumstances, the role that penis size plays over here is one of eliciting pleasure. For the small number of women who are able to achieve their climax from vaginal penetration, studies reveal that penis length is never a deciding factor.

    Apart from a boost in confidence, a larger penis doesn't mean better sexual performance.

    Fact: In fact, a larger penis can lead to the difficulty between partners during anal and oral sex.
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  • M.D.(E.H), B.E.M.S, D.E.H.M
    Does the time of the day have an impact on the quality of sex?

    Should we think or plan when it comes to choosing the right time to have sex? The dark, night hours are usually considered to be the best time for having sex; and that's because most people don't know that timing can actually have an impact on the quality of sex that they have.

    Several researchers have proved that the time of the day when you choose to have sex has a lot of impact on the quality of sex you have. And the reasons along with the time, are.

    1. Morning sex

    Having sex early in the morning is probably the best kind of start that you can give to your day.

    It not only makes you happier and healthier by improving your immunity but also prepares you for the day by giving it a feel good start with the release of oxytocin that is a chemical hormone associated with sex and that makes you feel connected to your partner all day long.

    It protects you against the risk of conditions like influenza, heart attack, stroke etc too.

    What's more, the quality of your sexual experience is also elevated because the levels of testosterone and the energy levels are highest in both men and women during the morning, which is an essential requirement for making love.

    2. Afternoon sex

    Considering the role of sex in stress relief, afternoon sex is a great option for you to give yourself a break from the rut and strut of the day. Sneak out of your workplace, go engage yourself in a quickie and you will see how it changes the course of your entire day.

    Having afternoon sex improves the quality of your sexual experience as the excitement that builds up because of that secretive sneak out when ideally you should have been working is in itself a great boost to the kind of sexual experience you are about to have.

    3. Bedtime sex

    The conventional bedtime sex keeps the quality of your sexual experience usual. But the benefits are none the less worth sticking to.

    You are tired and that's natural but bedtime sex can actually help you in sleeping better. In fact, it gives you a euphoric sleep. Just as a drug, night-time sex sets off chemical reactions in your brain by releasing hormones like oxytocin and endorphins that have a sedative effect on your body. Thus, bedtime sex has its own way of impacting the quality of sexual experience that you have.

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  • M.D.(E.H), B.E.M.S, D.E.H.M
    4 ways smoking is killing your sex life

    Apart from the usual evils associated with smoking such as poor lung health and an increased risk of oral cancer, smoking can also adversely impact your sexual health in more ways than one. Several studies have revealed the adverse impacts of the 'cancer stick' on people's sex lives, and here are a few ways in which smoking is wreaking havoc in your sex life:

    1. It can make you impotent

    Studies have shown that those men who light up more than 20 cigarettes a day are 60% likelier to suffer from erectile dysfunction in comparison to those who don't smoke. Not only that, it can also affect the ability to conceive. This is because the chemicals released when you smoke may cause damage to the blood vessels in your penis, giving rise to erectile dysfunction.

    2. It can reduce your libido and sexual satisfaction

    Your desire to indulge in sexual activities i. E. Your libido is significantly reduced when you smoke. Since smoking can cause erectile dysfunction, it can negatively affect your performance in bed, thereby reducing desire and satisfaction to a considerable extent.

    3. It can damage the muscles inside your penis

    Nicotine present in a cigarette can clog your arteries, restricting blood flow to the penis. This can damage the muscles of your penis, leading to erection problems.

    4. It can affect the size of your penis

    A research by Boston university showed that those men who start smoking in their teenage years run a higher risk of having a small penis size due to the damage caused to the penile tissue and the blood vessels because of smoking. Having a small penis size can cause a number of psychological issues and can even lead to problems in the relationship.

    If you would like to consult with me privately, please click on 'consult'.
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  • M.D.(E.H), B.E.M.S, D.E.H.M
    Best Natural Viagra Foods to Enhance Sex Energy
  • M.D.(E.H), B.E.M.S, D.E.H.M
    Treat Premature Ejaculation with Onion - Onions are not only good for your testosterone levels, as they have been shown to increase nitric oxide production. They are also a very good source of vitamin C, which protects your nitric oxide molecule from free radicals.
    Onions also contain a compound called quercetin. Querceting is well known for its ability to boost nitric oxide levels.
  • M.D.(E.H), B.E.M.S, D.E.H.M
    1 banana

    2 almond

    3 milk

  • BHMS
    A number of internal and external factors, such as supply of blood, sufficient oxygen and the functioning of the other bodily systems at the time of erection, determines the health of erection. While stimulant drugs and other kinds of medicines are short term solutions to sustain an erection for a longer period of time, sometimes certain changes in your daily lifestyle can also be of great benefit. Here are 5 ways to have a stronger erection:

    A healthy diet: Regular heavy meals are not good for your erection. This is because the flow of blood slows down and the digestive system begins working very fast. High cholesterol level or blood sugar level can cause nerve damage all over the body. If the nerves associated with the sexual organs are harmed, sexual function can be impaired. Fruits and berries which are high in micro nutrients and antioxidants are beneficial and should be a part of your diet instead.
    Lesser consumption of alcohol: Alcohol is primarily a depressant and can affect the normal functioning of the nerves. More than two standard size drinks in a day can be harmful because the liver is unable to process more. In fact, the toxins of alcohol build up in the body and affect most of the organ systems. Over consumption of alcohol has been directly linked to limited sexual desire, premature ejaculation, and temporary and long term erectile dysfunction.
    Acupuncture therapy: Acupuncture therapy involves inserting thin, sharp needles in the pressure points of the entire body to realign and regulate the flow of energy in the body. Psychogenic erectile dysfunction is essentially a disorder of the interaction between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. This can be corrected by activating the pressure points along the spinal cord. Acupuncture therapy has been proven to be an effective treatment for about 60% of the patients who underwent the procedure.
    Minimized intake of drugs: Medication for disorders like social anxiety, depression and narcolepsy has negative impacts on the nervous system. Other drugs like amphetamines, methadone, nicotine, opiates and barbiturates are also responsible for certain cases of erectile dysfunction. The use of such drugs should be limited to prescriptions and medical emergencies in order to improve your ability to sustain a strong erection.
    Lowered stress levels: Psychological stress leads to the secretion of adrenaline and cortisol hormones. These result in decreased secretion of sex hormones like testosterone because the secretion of stress hormones is prioritized by the body. So, lowering the level of stress can do wonders for sexual health and functioning.
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    Best element for increasing sexual stamina
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  • BHMS
    Tip for Sexual Health
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  • BHMS
    Take this types of fruits for your sexual health.
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