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Dr. Sridhar

Pulmonologist, Chennai

300 - 500 at clinic
Dr. Sridhar Pulmonologist, Chennai
300 - 500 at clinic
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I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family....more
I'm dedicated to providing optimal health care in a relaxed environment where I treat every patients as if they were my own family.
More about Dr. Sridhar
Dr. Sridhar is one of the best Pulmonologists in Nanganallur, Chennai. He is currently associated with Hindu Mission Health services in Nanganallur, Chennai. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. Sridhar on has an excellent community of Pulmonologists in India. You will find Pulmonologists with more than 34 years of experience on You can find Pulmonologists online in Chennai and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


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300 at clinic

No.44, Shakthi Nagar, Adambakkam. Landmark: Near DAV School, ChennaiChennai Get Directions
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No.72, 1st Main Road, Nanganallur. Landmark: Near Citi Bank, ChennaiChennai Get Directions
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Nothing posted by this doctor yet. Here are some posts by similar doctors.

Hi sir I have cough and cold with in 2 weeks yesterday fever also but today fever is cleared but cough and cold to be problem pls resolve and cold condition my left eye also feeling pain.

DNB Ophtalmology, MS - Ophthalmology, MBBS
Ophthalmologist, Delhi
Hi sir I have cough and cold with in 2 weeks yesterday fever also but today fever is cleared but cough and cold to be...
The cold and cough has also involved your sinuses...which is causing pain and heaviness in your left eye. Once it resolves the ache in and around eye will also go. Steam inhalation helps significantly to reduce pain.
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My sister having itch inside her throat continuously for 10 days with cough also! what should I do?

General Physician, Faridabad
if she is adult, take tab sinarest 1/2 tab bd and saline garrgles, steam inhalation, it will help you
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I have suffering from cold from last 1 month and I also consult with doctor but I don't have good result with their medicine, actually I have a sinusitis problem since 1 year and now a day during my cold I have eyes pain problem what can I do? Is it cause by sinusitis or anything else?

Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist, Faridabad
And regarding sinusits main symptoms for maxillary sinusitis are thick nasal discharge, headache, watering eyes, forehead pain, recurrent infection of nose and mouth, post nasal drip, sinusitis, is nothing but a physiological disorder of nose which led by malfunctioning of aerodynamics of nose (temporary sinusitis, secondly it is because of repeated infections of the sinus (permanent sinusitis) sinuses regulations and air conditioning of the air which we breathe and to get the benefit of above we must have normal, well sized opened sinusitis and hence nose breathing is required, those who breathe from mouth, they have tendency to get more throat and lungs infections. Recurrent sinus infection, pollution, poor diet, spicy food, long term steam inhalation from nose, and allergies leads to thick discharge from nose. This thick mucus if stays in the sinuses, it leads to irritation of the sinus skin which is mucosa and this go on growing hence leads to permanent sinusitis this extra growth is called nasal polyps this is where patient needs surgical correction. If patient comes to nose surgeon at right time, doctor can revert his/her symptoms and surgery can be abandoned. Sinusitis if patient does not take serious steps to correct might lead to cardiac symptoms, lung diseases, etc. Once there are nasal polyps you have to go for surgery immediately.
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I am having blocked breathing Unable to breath easily sometimes. No smoking no drinking at all.

General Physician, Cuttack
1.It could be due to anxiety,stress,blocked nose, DNS, Nasal polyp,sinusitis, asthma,allergy.heart problem 2.Get yourself medically examined by doctor and follow the advice and treatment accordingly
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He is suffering from chronic lung disease which was diagnosed in September 2015. Now I want to know what is his condition and where he can get best treatment. What he should eat or what he not?

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Pune
Chronic lung disease can b treated by Ayurved. Till then try to keep body warm, drink warm water only and avoid all cold foods as far as possible.
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I am suffering from dry cough for the last two weeks and I have chest pain when ever I cough hard. Can you suggest I what I should be done.

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hello. Take homoeopathic medicine - schwabe's alpha-coff and glyzyrrhiza glabra 1x - both thrice a day daily for 4 days. Management: - avoid cold drinks and fried food, take healthy food. -avoid exposure to air-conditioner or cold air (wrap a warm stole or muffler around neck). -avoid excessive or rough use of your voice/ shouting. -gargle with warm water and salt 3 times a day and take steam-inhalation once before going to bed. Home remedies for cough: -stir some into some hot tea for comforting cough relief. You can also eat a spoonful of honey before bed to help calm coughs. -warm saltwater gargles help moisturize your throat, which can quiet coughs. -drink peppermint tea to help relieve coughs. -brew a eucalyptus tea by steeping a few fresh or dried eucalyptus leaves in hot water for 15 minutes. Drink this tea up to 3 times a day to help soothe a sore throat and calm coughs. -make a hot ginger tea to help soothe a chronic cough. -turmeric is a traditional cough remedy that many people have found effective for coughs. Try mixing half a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of warm milk. You can also try turmeric powder and a teaspoon of honey for dry cough.
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I am 28 years old man. L have been suffering from tonsils for the 3 days. Please give me the prescription.

Homeopath, Delhi
Tonsillitis occurs as a result of a viral infection or, at times, due to a bacterial infection that causes enlargement of the tonsils. The condition can be of varying degrees – mild, moderate and severe. You need anti bacterial and anti viral treatment for that. You can try home remedy for that like Salt Water The best and the most common home remedy for tonsillitis is to gargle with warm salt water. The warm water will have a soothing effect and the salt will help kill the virus or bacteria. Plus, salt helps reduce inflammation, giving you instant relief. Mix one teaspoon of table salt in a cup of warm water. Gargle with the solution. Do not swallow it. Spit the water out after gargling. Repeat this as often as possible for speedy recovery. 2. Lemon Lemon’s antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties take care of the infection as well as the inflammation. Plus, its high vitamin C content improves the body’s resistance to infections. In a glass of lukewarm water, add the juice from one lemon, a pinch of salt and one teaspoon of honey. Drink it slowly, twice daily for a few days. Alternatively, you can sprinkle a little salt and pepper on a slice of lemon, and then suck on the lemon slice. It will help force the phlegm out of your throat. Do this two or three times a day for several days.
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Dear doctor, since 4 years I have suffer from cough and cold. I have used lot of allopathi, ayurveda medication. But no use. And also in winter season little bit asthma problem. Please give suggestion for medication.

FCCP (USA), MD - Pulmonary Medicine
Pulmonologist, Indore
Hi it seems you have allergic rhinitis with asthma. You need both be treated to have the control of symptoms. You may require nasal steroid along with inhaled medication for asthma. Better meet chest specialist of your area.
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I'm the sinus patient I'm suffering from running nose since last 2 month. Dr.has recommend me the medicine (sinus I, septilin, khamira Abresham sada) but their is no positive change in my health. Now I'm also suffering from mouth ulcer.

Bachelor of homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS)
Homeopath, Amravati
I'm the sinus patient I'm suffering from running nose since last 2 month. Dr.has recommend me the medicine (sinus I, ...
Hi, sinus problem have permanent solution in homoeopathic treatment. For temporary solution take kali bich 30, 3 time a day. For a week.
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I am suffering from dry cough for the last 2 weeks and I have chest pain whenever l cough hard. Can you suggest what should be done?

MD - General Medicine, MBBS
General Physician, Karimnagar
Hello, you can use syp. Ascoril dx for dry cougy 2 tsp two times a day. If not improving then get a chest x ray and hemogram a blood test. Upload the reports, seeing reports we can decide further treatment that is required.
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How to overcome the problem of allergic cough, as I get it frequently with mucus. Please suggest me as soon as possible.

Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases (DTCD), MBBS
Pulmonologist, Delhi
Controlled use of antiallergics and inhalational steroids and exercises can reduce it. Besides this naturopathy has helped even CM Kejriwal.
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What should I do if I got cold and cough.

CCEDM(DIABETES), MD - Internal Medicine, MBBS
General Physician,
There are several things you can do to prevent a cold—they are all easy and inexpensive and worth the effort. Wash your hands often-with soap and warm water.The germs stick to the soap and get washed down the drain. Always wash your hands after coughing or sneezing into your hands, blowing your nose, after touching someone who is sick, or when using public restrooms or telephones. Cover Your Mouth and Nose When You Sneeze or Cough- Clean your hands every time you cough or sneeze. Avoid Touching Your Eyes, Nose, or Mouth-Germs are often spread when a person touches a contaminated surface and then touches their eyes, nose, or mouth. Stay Home When You’re Sick-Get plenty of sleep, be physically active, don’t smoke, manage stress, drink plenty of fluids, and eat nutritious food so you can fend off viruses. Take healthy balanced boiled eggs.daily in breakfast .. Avoid people who have a cold or cold symptoms. Routinely clean and disinfect common areas of your home. Treatment:There is a gradual 1-3 day onset of symptoms. It often starts out as a sore throat, then a fever and coughing. As the cold progresses, the nasal mucus may thicken which is the last stage before the cold dries up. A cold usually lasts for a week or two. But, taking good care of yourself at home can relieve symptoms and help prevent complications if you are otherwise healthy. Unless you develop complications, you shouldn’t need medical treatment. Complications include bacterial infections of the ears, throat, sinuses or lungs which must be treated with antibiotics. In general you should: • get plenty of rest so your body can use its energy to fight the cold • staying at home will keep you from spreading germs • drink plenty of liquids like herbal tea or hot broth/vegetable/tomato soups. Avoid foods or drinks with caffeine which can keep you from getting enough sleep Runny Nose and Sneezing- if you have post nasal drip, gargle to keep from getting a sore throat. Drink extra fluids. (avoid sugary and high calorie drinks) Use saline nasal sprays or nasal irrigation • Tablet Nasorest-P once/twice daily may reduce the amount of mucous. • Humidify the rooms you are in most or your whole house if possible. • Do steam inhalation once or twice daily Cough-Coughing is how your body gets rid of debris and mucus from the airways during a viral infection. Unless your cough is severe or is keeping you from resting at night, it is better not to treat it. A severe cough can be treated with a cough syp, but don’t try to completely stop the cough. There are two types of coughs. Productive and non-productive or dry cough. Non-productive, dry cough. A dry, hacking cough may develop near the end of a cold. Dry coughs that follow viral colds are often worse at night and can last up to several weeks. Take syrup Alex-D for a dry cough. Cough drops can sooth an irritated throat, but most don’t affect the cough. Productive cough. A productive cough is one that brings up mucus from the back of the throat or the lungs. Productive coughs should not be suppressed to the point they no longer bring up mucus. Use syrup Alex. Drink lots of water if you have a productive cough. Head and Body Aches- Take tablet dolo-650 mg for fever once or twice daily
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I have dry cough for last one year and I met doctor and having montek /monticope for last 10 months. But if I stop consumption for 2 days again cough stats.

MBBS, DNB, pg certificate in diabetes management
General Physician, Kolkata
Stay away from allergen if you can identify it. Try some cough suppressant syrup with bronchodilator also. Rule out asthma.
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I have tonsil problem, it occur when whether is change, I am frustrated from this problem, what should I do for fix this disease.

Ayurveda, Bangalore
Hi, take cap. Tonsari 1-1-1 with hot water after food and tab. Lakshmivilasa ras 1-1-1 after food. These medicines should be taken for 6-8 weeks continuously. Take tab. Tribhuvanakirti ras 1-1-1 till the fever subsides. Avoid cold and refrigerated food, sweets and oil fried food. Do salt water gorgling 2-3 times a day.
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Hello doctor, I am always suffering from cough. Whenever weather changes, I will get the problem of cough. Can you please suggest me.

General Physician, Delhi
Anti allergics might be helpful to u. If dry cough,take antitussive syrp. Avoid allergens eg pollution, dust, smoke.
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What are the symptoms for tuberculosis tb diseases.

Symtoms varies with with the part affected by tb. The common symptoms fever and weight loss. Loss of appetite. If it affects lungs then cough will be there.
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Sir, I am suffering from cough and cold very badly. Generally in the evening. I also feel fever. It is in all weather. Please advise.

Homeopath, Delhi
Sir, I am suffering from cough and cold very badly. Generally in the evening. I also feel fever. It is in all weather...
Hello,you can take homoeopathic medicines 1.Ars Alb.30 (4 drops in little water) thrice a day for 2 days. 2.Ferrum Phos 6X (3 tabs) thrice a day for 2 days and revert.
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Pulmonologist, Faridabad
.Today is world TB day
Off all TB paient in world every fourth patient is Indian.
There are 2.5 lack deaths due to TB in India.
TB is comletly preventable and cureble if traeted properly.
Symtoms of TB are cough.Evening rise of fever,wt loss,decresed appetide,weakness. Chest pain and sometimes blood in sputum.

There are about 80,000 TB patient who are of multiple drug resistance as per WHO projection but only about 1700 are reported in India.
Treatment of TB is usualy for 6 months,but MDR treatment is for 18- 24 months.

Treatment cost of TB is around Rs 500/in fresh case but may exceed a lack rupees for MDR.
It is contagious.
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Pulmonologist, Nagpur

What is sinusitis? — Sinusitis is a condition that can cause a stuffy nose, pain in the face, and yellow or green discharge (mucus) from the nose. The sinuses are hollow areas in the bones of the face. They have a thin lining that normally makes a small amount of mucus. When this lining gets infected, it swells and makes extra mucus. This causes symptoms.

Sinusitis can occur when a person gets sick with a cold. The germs causing the cold can also infect the sinuses. Many times, a person feels like his or her cold is getting better. But then he or she gets sinusitis and begins to feel sick again.

What are the symptoms of sinusitis? — Common symptoms of sinusitis include:

Stuffy or blocked noseThick yellow or green discharge from the nosePain in the teethPain or pressure in the face – This often feels worse when a person bends forward.

People with sinusitis can also have other symptoms that include:

FeverCoughTrouble smellingEar pressure or fullnessHeadacheBad breathFeeling tired

Most of the time, symptoms start to improve in 7 to 10 days.

Should I see a doctor or nurse? — See your doctor or nurse if your symptoms last more than 7 days, or if your symptoms get better at first but then get worse.

Sometimes, sinusitis can lead to serious problems. See your doctor or nurse right away (do not wait 7 days) if you have:

Fever higher than 102.5°F (39.2°C)Sudden and severe pain in the face and headTrouble seeing or seeing doubleTrouble thinking clearlySwelling or redness around 1 or both eyesTrouble breathing or a stiff neck

Is there anything I can do on my own to feel better? — Yes. To reduce your symptoms, you can:

Take an over-the-counter pain reliever to reduce the painRinse your nose and sinuses with salt water a few times a day – Ask your doctor or nurse about the best way to do this.Use a decongestant nose spray – These sprays are sold in a pharmacy. But do not use decongestant nose sprays for more than 2 to 3 days in a row. Using them more than 3 days in a row can make symptoms worse.

You should NOT take an antihistamine for sinusitis. Common antihistamines include diphenhydramine(sample brand name: Benadryl), chlorpheniramine(sample brand name: Chlor-Trimeton), loratadine(sample brand name: Claritin), and cetirizine (sample brand name: Zyrtec). They can treat allergies, but not sinus infections, and could increase your discomfort by drying the lining of your nose and sinuses, or making you tired.

Your doctor might also prescribe a steroid nose spray to reduce the swelling in your nose. (Steroid nose sprays do not contain the same steroids that athletes take to build muscle.)

How is sinusitis treated? — Most of the time, sinusitis does not need to be treated with antibiotic medicines. This is because most sinusitis is caused by viruses — not bacteria — and antibiotics do not kill viruses. Many people get over sinus infections without antibiotics.

Some people with sinusitis do need treatment with antibiotics. If your symptoms have not improved after 7 to 10 days, ask your doctor if you should take antibiotics. Your doctor might recommend that you wait 1 more week to see if your symptoms improve. But if you have symptoms such as a fever or a lot of pain, he or she might prescribe antibiotics. It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions about taking your antibiotics.

What if my symptoms do not get better? — If your symptoms do not get better, talk with your doctor or nurse. He or she might order tests to figure out why you still have symptoms. These can include:

CT scan or other imaging tests – Imaging tests create pictures of the inside of the body.A test to look inside the sinuses – For this test, a doctor puts a thin tube with a camera on the end into the nose and up into the sinuses.

Some people get a lot of sinus infections or have symptoms that last at least 3 months. These people can have a different type of sinusitis called “chronic sinusitis.” Chronic sinusitis can be caused by different things. For example, some people have growths in their nose or sinuses that are called “polyps.” Other people have allergies that cause their symptoms.

Chronic sinusitis can be treated in different ways. If you have chronic sinusitis, talk with your doctor about which treatments are right for you.

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How do I get rid of cough? I've been suffering from this since 1 week. Is there any possibility of pneumonia.

MBBS, MBA (Healthcare)
General Physician, Delhi
take sinarest one tab at night for 3 days. take honitus 2 tsf 2 times a day for 3 days. do gargle, take steam. inform if not ok. do cbc, esr, x ray chest pa. consult physician.
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