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Dr. K Vijayasaratha

MD - Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases/Medicine

Pulmonologist, chennai

1 Years Experience  ·  500 at clinic
Dr. K Vijayasaratha MD - Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases/Medicine Pulmonologist, chennai
1 Years Experience  ·  500 at clinic
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I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage....more
I want all my patients to be informed and knowledgeable about their health care, from treatment plans and services, to insurance coverage.
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Dr. K Vijayasaratha is a trusted Pulmonologist in Alwarpet, Chennai. She studied and completed MD - Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases/Medicine. You can consult Dr. K Vijayasaratha at Breathe Easy Clinic in Alwarpet, Chennai. Book an appointment online with Dr. K Vijayasaratha on

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MD - Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases/Medicine - . - 2016
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What is the symptoms of TB and what is the treatment and precautions and what amount of money need on operation.

General Physician, Cuttack
Symptoms of tb 1. Evening rise of temperature, night sweat1.2. Coughing that lasts for more than 3 weeks 3. Coughing up blood 4. Chest pain while taking breath or coughing5. Loss of weight, fatigue a patient suffering from tb has to consult chest physician with blood, sputum, x ray report and take anti tubercular drugs for 6 months. Medicines can be obtained free of cost from government run dots center.
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My father is in icu his lungs is working 25% and he got infection in both heart and lungs. He was not able to breathe properly he also sufferd frm diabetic and he suffered frm heart aatack 12 yr back. Now doctor is saying lungs heart is nt pumping properly pls tell me whether he recover or not ?

General Physician, Ahmedabad
With good iccu care, always there is chance for recovery. If his breathing is normal without ventilator support. Than definately can recover. Hope for best.
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I am suffering from severe cold since last 10 years because of the cold problem some time founddischaeged from ear, already had 2 operation of my both ears, I am 36 year female having 2 kids. I am also an asthmatic patient.

MD - Paediatrics, MBBS
Allergist/Immunologist, Kollam
I am suffering from severe cold since last 10 years because of the cold problem some time founddischaeged from ear, a...
Kindly do an allergy skin test and start on oral antihistamines and Montelukast and nasal inhaled steroids .Do a lung function test to confirm asthma and start on Inhaled combination therapy with spacer device .Practice allergy avoidance.
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Iam 27years old Iam Feeling Unhealthy. I Do not Have Any Problem But Iam Feeling Very Weak. If Iam Speaking Some Words Iam Getting breathing problem. Please Give The Solution.

M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition
Never skip breakfast: Have a balanced diet Exercise Drink more water Don’t be stressed Cut down the vices Surround yourself with cheerful people
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Sir / madam I have breathing problem, cold,cough, what to do, so much breathing problem is their, when I breathe the sound will come $$$$$$ like this, what to do.

PG Diploma in Emergency Medicine Services (PGDEMS), Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Alternate Medicine
Ayurveda, Ghaziabad
Hi take ginger tea mixed with 2-3 crushed garlic cloves. Massaging the chest with warm sesame oil mixed with salt helps to loosen the phlegm deposited in the chest, especially, when followed with steam inhalation. Take shwas kuthar ras twice a day. Pranacharya asthamin capsule 1-1 twice a day. And pranacharya shwas vikarasav 2-2 tsf twice a day. 1-1 drop of cow ghee in both nostrils at night time before sleep. Take hot water steam. Take pranacharya allergin capsule 1-1 cap twice a day with warm water.
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My wife is suffering from tubacular lymphednitis (confirmed by fnac last year) on the left side of the lymph node of neck. It is in cervical lymph node and is in swollen condition. She took t. B. Medicine and during t. B. Treatment swollen lymph node started coming to the normal shape. But after the 5th month of medicine, lymph node suddenly started increasing its size. In the seventh month we done the ultra sound of that lymph node, which showed there is a pus inside it. I have also gone for the fnac again and it again showed that t. B. Infection is still there. For further clarification and the drug sensitivity, I go for the culture test of myco bacterium of t. B. Of the pus aspirated from swollen lymph node, which further show negative results as no afb came in that. This situation has become very complicated as fnac show t. B. Infection but culture shows no signs of t. B. Infection. I again go for the fnac which again came positive with t. B. Infection and after that I have also gone for the histopathology for the specimen of the lymph node and again the culture of the specimen of the lymph node, its again came negative. Histopathology only showed inflammation and necrotising nothing else. So please suggest something helpful as the situation is very complicated as fnac test is showing t. B. Infection and other test are coming negative.

Pulmonologist, Faridabad
Some time tough to treat ln tb. Better get remove the ln and necrotic tissue by surgery. Have second opinion of respiratory physician of your area. Was she put on effective att as per weight.
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This is related to Pulmonology.My wife is a long patient of RH and consequent lung-related problems.We are currently in Jamshedpur. Can we have a online paid consultation ?

FCCP (USA), MD - Pulmonary Medicine
Pulmonologist, Indore
Will you please detail the complaint. Is it RH or PH. For online consultation please ask private question. [Automatically added by Lybrate] Click "Consult Dr. Dr. Satyadeo Choubey" below to consult privately with the doctor.
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I have asthma and because of this I can not breathe properly so please suggest me ways to prevent it.

General Physician, Cuttack
1. You have to do steam inhalation by a steam inhaler 2-3 times daily 2. Take viscodyne ls syrup 2 tsf thrice daily 3. You have to take antibiotic, use inhaler and do nebulisation along with it if required4. Consult physician for advice 5. If it is due to allergy do an allergy test after consulting allergist/immunologist to find out the cause of allergy and follow rhe advice and treatment accordingly.
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I have often cough n cold. What should I do. And it is always happening in the even 7 ng.

Ayurveda, Bangalore
HI, Take tab. Septillin 2-0-2 after food and Rhinorin Lehya 1 tsf twice daily followed by milk for 3 months continuously. Take Immunocin 1 tab. Twice a day for 3 months to gain immunity in the body. Avoid cold and refrigerated food. Avoid sweets and oil fried food. Perform Pranayama daily in the morning for 10-15 mins.
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I am suffering from breathing problem since 10 years. I consulted to every top doctors but my problem did not solved. What should I do?

General Physician, Mumbai
Few tips- Avoid any triggering factor, take folic acid regularly, eat a healthy diet , always be stress free , exercise regularly
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Hi Sir I am suffering from bronchial asthma since last 10 yrs. I am 25 years old. I am taking Montair-LC and Seroflo-250 daily. Could you suggest something which can be beneficial for me.

Homeopath, Faridabad
Hi, asthma is thought to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Medication: bronchitis/ asthma can be treated well with homoeopathic medicines completely, only need to be regular with the medication and avoid those foods/ things to which you are allergic to for sometime. Keep taking your already on going medication, reduce it gradually and slowly once homoeopathic starts acting. Take bakson's astha-aid drops/ 10-15 drops in 1/2 cup water/ thrice d day for 1 month. Report me back after a month.
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खांसी के लिए घरेलू उपचार

Master in Psychology, MD - Ayurveda, Dems, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
खांसी से बचाव के लिए घरेलू उपचार

• गाय के दूध का 15-20 ग्राम घी और काली मिर्च को एक कटोरी में लेकर हल्की आंच में गरम कीजिए। जब काली मिर्च गरम हो जाए तो उसे थोडा सा ठंडा करके लगभग 20 ग्राम पीसी मिश्री मिला दीजिए। उसके बाद काली मिर्च निकालकर खा लीजिए। इस खुराक को दो-तीन दिन तक लेने से खांसी बंद हो जाएगी।
• तुलसी के पत्ते 5 काली मिर्च, 5 नग काला मनुक्का, 5 ग्राम चोकर (गेहूं के आटे का छान), 6 ग्राम मुलहठी, 3 ग्राम बनफशा के फूल लेकर 200 ग्राम पानी में उबाल लीजिए। जब पानी आधा हो जाए तो उसे ठंडा करके छान लीजिए। फिर गर्म करें और बताशे डालकर रात को सोते समय गरम-गरम पी लीजिए। इस खुराक को 3-4 दिन तक लेने से खांसी ठीक हो जाती है।
• खांसी होने पर सेंधा नमक की डली को आग पर अच्छे से गरम कर लीजिए। जब नमक की डली गर्म होकर लाल हो जाए तो तुरंत आधा कप पानी में डालकर निकाल लीजिए। सोने से पहले इस पानी को पीने से खांसी में काफी आराम मिलता है।
• एक ग्राम सेंधा नमक और 125 ग्राम पानी को आधा होने तक उबालिये। सुबह-शाम इस पानी को पीने से खांसी में आराम मिलता है।
• खांसी आने पर सोंठ को दूध में डालकर उबाल लीजिए। शाम को सोते वक्त इस दूध को पी लीजिए। ऐसा करने से कुछ दिनों में खांसी ठीक हो जाती है।
• शहद, किशमिश और मुनक्के को मिलाकर खाने से खांसी ठीक हो जाती है।
• त्रिफला में बराबर मात्रा में शहद मिलाकर पीने से खांसी में फायदा होता है।
• तुलसी, कालीमिर्च और अदरक की चाय पीने से भी खांसी समाप्त होती है।
• हींग, त्रिफला, मुलेठी और मिश्री को नींबू के रस में मिलाकर चाटने से भी खांसी में फायदा मिलता है।

सूखी खांसी कुछ ज्यादा ही तकलीफदेह होती है। सूखी खांसी में कफ नहीं आता सिर्फ खांसी आती है जो परेशान करती है। खांसी अगर ज्यादा दिन तक आए तो उसे नजरअंदाज नहीं करना चाहिए। दो हफ्ते से ज्यांदा खांसी आने पर चिकित्सक से संपर्क अवश्य करना चाहिए।

अधिक जानकारी के लिए संपर्क करें -
डाॅ अंकुर सिंघल
एम० डी० आयुर्वेद
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Sir I have subtle in my lungs and is it curable or not? Even I am going on a medication course but I want to change my doctor. Please suggest me healthy food. Truly tell me smoke and drink how can effect me?

Pulmonologist, Faridabad
Rcinex is for TB. Are you suffering from TB, if yes how long and write regarding treatment from begining. Can consult a respiratory physician. Green vegitable and fruits. Both smoke and drinks are bad for you.
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I am 19 years old. I have asthma since 10 years I can't breath properly while suffering from asthma. I can't eat cool items like ice-creams and I can't inhale the air while travelling. So what I have to do for this.

MD - Paediatrics
Pediatrician, Mumbai
I am 19 years old. I have asthma since 10 years I can't breath properly while suffering from asthma. I can't eat cool...
Please visit with a xray chest and pft. Often there may be a wrong diagnosis. Allergy test will help us zero down specific allergen. Asthma is cotrollable disease with proper therapy. Your asthma appears miss managed if your symptoms are persistent. You may also need a CT chest.
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I am now having a sinus infection because of the use of an'acupat' for a large number of days. I am afraid is it a long term side effect or else it will go away? How can I treat? Please help me?

CCEBDM, PG Diploma In Clinical cardiology, MBBS
Cardiologist, Ghaziabad
Stop acupat drops. Sinus problem should subside with in a few days, if not contact. In the mean time get an xray of sinuses (xray pns waters view.
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My dad is parkinson patient and recently was in tube feeding and yesterday the tube was removed and he can eat from mouth while eating from mouth he should not cough else the food will go to his lungs to avoid this neurologist suggested us for a speech therapist is there any medicine or execersise to swallow his food without coughing please suggest.

DM - Neurology, MD - General Medicine, MBBS
Neurologist, Hyderabad
There are no medication which can improve swallowing. Swallowing excercises can help in improving swallow to some extent. If improvement is inadequate, its better to got for peg insertion, in which a minor surgery will be done and feeds can be given directly into stomach.
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I get blood when ever I spit I had cough and have not taken any medicine bt now the cough is over so please kindly help.

Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases (DTCD), MBBS
Pulmonologist, Delhi
If you have fever, loss of appetite and weight loss then it is serious otherwise u need not worry. There could be a local cause of it.
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My wife, 52, suffering from asthma since her younger age, but not constantly, between 3, 4 months only, and she also having allergy problems like itching, cough and cold body pain etc. Doctor Please assist me for a good health. Thanks.

Pulmonologist, Faridabad
My wife, 52, suffering from asthma since her younger age, but not constantly, between 3, 4 months only, and she also ...
use asthma controller medication by inhalation with spacer.Avoid dust, smoke, pollution and pollens.
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I am suffering from coughing on a regular basis. Once in every month I get the same cough problem and it really irritates me. Please suggest any help towards this.

DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Hyderabad
Cold, cough and throat problem can happen due to weather changes, exposure to cold air or rain, dust and pollen allergy and certain sour food. *. Mix some salt in warm water and do gargling early in the mornings. * Steam inhalation will relieve your congestion *. Keep a clove (lavang) in your mouth and slowly chew it. *. Drinking water frequently will eliminate toxins From the body and reduce congestion if any *. Avoid fried and oily foods. This can be treated by homoeopathy without adverse effects. Take Belladonna 200 –once in the morning and once in the evening.
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What if cystic fibrosis patient is not able to bring out mucus because mucus is so thick?

General Physician,
Do steam inhalation regularly do warm saline gargle. Have homemade freshly prepared lemon juice which is rich in vitamin c thereby increasing your body autoimmune system which prevents infection. You can have cough expectorants like benadryl cough syrup.
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