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Vistara Child Development Center

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#108, KP Koil Street, Saidapet, Landmark: Near Maari Hotel, Chennai Chennai
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Vistara Child Development Center Psychologist Clinic #108, KP Koil Street, Saidapet, Landmark: Near Maari Hotel, Chennai Chennai
1 Doctor · ₹500
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We are dedicated to providing you with the personalized, quality health care that you deserve....more
We are dedicated to providing you with the personalized, quality health care that you deserve.
More about Vistara Child Development Center
Vistara Child Development Center is known for housing experienced Psychologists. Dr. Gopinath, a well-reputed Psychologist, practices in Chennai. Visit this medical health centre for Psychologists recommended by 109 patients.


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#108, KP Koil Street, Saidapet, Landmark: Near Maari Hotel, Chennai
Saidapet Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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Doctor in Vistara Child Development Center

Dr. Gopinath

M.Sc - Psychology, M.Phil - Psychology
13 Years experience
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Stress, Emotion And Meditation.

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Internal Medicine Specialist, Bangalore
Stress, Emotion And Meditation.

Stress, emotions and meditation:

Many of us got free advice from others to meditate regularly for destress and good mental health. Very few people say how exactly meditation helps.
Here is scientific answer, why we have to meditate? how it helps in reducing stress and increase in emotional intelligence.

Meditation is a science:
Scientifically meditation helps in reducing stress in 3 important ways 

1) Interpretation and perception of stress due to any situation is basically projected from his past memory.

Past memory differs from person to person. This is the reason there is different response from different individuals for same stressful event.

Meditation goes directly to the root of the stress response by releasing the remembered stresses that trigger new stress.

2) With each stressful event, there is release of adrenaline and corticosteroid.

In long term meditators levels of cortisol and adrenaline are found to be lower and their coping mechanisms are stronger.

3) The amygdala, the fight or flight part of the brain which is important for anxiety, fear and stress.

That area got smaller in the group that went through the mindfulness-based meditation.

The change in the amygdala was also correlated to a reduction in stress.

It seems that scientific reasearch from west from 1970 onwards confirmed, what yogis in india and east have been teaching for ages. 

How meditation helps in controlling emotions?
Researchers found an increase grey matter in the prefrontal cortex of brain, as well as the posterior cingulate, left hippocampus, temporo parietal junction and part of the brain stem called the pons. 
These areas all regulate learning, cognition, memory, empathy and emotional regulation as well as self relevance.

Studies have found that a daily meditation practice can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, decrease anxiety and depression, and reverse the biological markers of aging.

Conclusion: All stress originates from the perceptions we attach to either events from the past or thoughts of the future.
The immediate moment, this very second by its very nature has no power to generate stress.

The act of meditation is simply just a process whereby one focuses the mind in the here and now the immediate present. It is for this reason that meditation is one of the most powerful things we can do to reduce stress and its negative effects in life.


Drinking bad for sexual health

Sexologist Clinic
Sexologist, Faridabad

Alcohol is a major source of erection problems. A number of people who are hooked on alcohol suffer from brewer`s droop which is a state of male flaccidity that unable people to get erection.

Apart from impairing your erection countless studies have shown that alcohol consumption is the major cause of unwise sex which leads to catching infections and STDs. It is true that alcohol can impair judgement and this means that a lot of young people mistake it as something that boost horniness but as is common knowledge you are less likely to enjoy alcohol induced sex as compared to sex while fully sober.

Researchers have found that too much alcohol affects both your brain and your penis. In a study conducted by University of Washington it was found that men who didn’t consume alcohol were able to achieve an erection more quickly than men who did. While some men were unable to have an erection altogether after consuming alcohol.

That`s because boozing before sex can lead to decreased flow to the penis and also reduces the intensity of your orgasm. It means that even if you are able to have sex after having alcohol you are unlikely to enjoy it as much.

It is important that alcohol consumption should be kept to a minimum as it impairs your ability to enjoy sex and also can cause health issues on sexual health in the short and long term.





I am suffering from anxiety & depression due to Love failure. I am not able to sleep in night. I have many anxiety symptoms. I am not able to focus on my CA-Final exam. I am so much worried, sad, confuse, tired and almost lost. So please give me a suggestion and medical advice. Please mention the medicine for my problem. Please do me a favor by providing medical treatment.

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Hyderabad
I am suffering from anxiety & depression due to Love failure. I am not able to sleep in night. I have many anxiety sy...
Anxiety is a normally felt emotion in all. Some people experience it more and during stress people experience more which may culminate in lack of sleep poor concentration etc. It all depends on how we handle our stress and strengthen the coping mechanism. Please consult a psychiatrist. The level of Anxiety has to be assessed before prescribing medication. Sometimes counselling may be enough. Prescribing medication just like that may put you and me in difficulties because of the existing laws.
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I am taking zolfresh 5 mg daily at night for depression is this cause any bad to health.

MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Chennai
I am taking zolfresh 5 mg daily at night for depression is this cause any bad to health.
I am not sure who got you hooked onto sleeping pills. On a longer run they will shrink your brain, resulting in early onset dementia, personality changes, memory changes, even withdrawal seizures. Kindly consult a psychiatrist, get your sleep evaluated, and he will gradually wane you off the sleeping pills and give pills which promote sleep by acting on the cause of sleep disturbance, he may also educate you on sleep hygiene.
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I I used take Nexito 20 for Depression disorder for 2 years. Then the doctor prescribed Nexito 10 and I used to take that for 1 year. I felt completely fine and stopped taking the drug suddenly. After 5 months of stopping the drug I was feeling Depressed and anxious. I started taking Nexito 10 again. For last 2 weeks I have been taking the medicine. But it causes a lot of Drowsiness on me. Thinking and memory problem is there. I am an IT professional. I can not work properly now and am sitting idle. What should I do?

Psychiatrist, Mumbai
I I used take Nexito 20 for Depression disorder for 2 years. Then the doctor prescribed Nexito 10 and I used to take ...
Hi I am sorry that you are suffering so much. Suddenly stopping the medication can result in recurrence of depression ab nd hence it is recommended that it should be gradually reduced and stopped only under professional supervision. The side effects of nexito usually decreases over a period. I would recommend that you take in at night if it is causing drowsiness. Difficulties in concentration and memory can also be a symptom of depression instead odd side-effect. If you continue to have sieges with nexito consult your psychiatrist who can change your medication thanks.
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Schizophrenia - Know Its Treatment!

MBBS, MD Psychiatry, DNB (Psychiatry)
Psychiatrist, Kolkata
Schizophrenia - Know Its Treatment!

Schizophrenia is a debilitating mental and emotional condition that is characterized by a heavily distorted thought process as well as hallucinations and even extreme fear that borders on paranoia. Let us find out more about this debilitating disease:


  1. Genetics: Genetic factors play an important role in the development of schizophrena.
  2. Environment: Possible environmental factors include obstetric complications, the mother's exposure to influenza during pregnancy or starvation. It has also been suggested that stress, trauma even migration can lead to the emergence of schizophrenia. 
  3. Neurodevelopmental Factors: Schizophrenia appears to be a neurodevelopmental disorder. That is the changes that cause the illness have been occurring from the earliest stages of development even in utero, and may continue to influence the development of the brain over the first 25 years of life. 


This disease has a variety of symptoms include cognitive and emotional ones that can vary in the degree and severity. One of the most common symptoms includes hallucinations and delusions where the patient may end up imagining things that do not really exist. The patient may also be gripped by sudden and crippling fear like paranoia, which can be debilitating as far as everyday functioning of the person goes. The symptoms can also interfere with the way a person deals with situations and life skills on a cognitive basis. Withdrawal and hopelessness are also a part of this disease.


Schizophrenic disorder spectrum recognizes a group of symptoms which can turn into full-fledged ailments. The various kinds of schizophrenia under this wide umbrella include catatonic, disorganized, paranoid, residual and undifferentiated. Paranoid schizophrenia is when a person has unreasonable fears and doubts regarding people and situations around him or her. Usually, doctors refer to this state as schizophrenia with paranoia.

Patients of disorganized schizophrenia may not have delusions and hallucinations, but may display instances of incoherent speech and thinking. Further, when a patient is suffering from catatonic schizophrenia, the main symptoms include a negative emotional stance. This patient will end up withdrawing as far as socialising and family go, and they may also turn mute. Residual schizophrenia refers to a state where the patient has lost all interest and motivation in life, yet does not suffer from delusions and hallucinations. Finally, schizophrenic disorder is characterized by all the major symptoms of this disorder along with a severe mood disorder.


The earliest signs and symptoms must be referred to a psychiatrist. The treatment involves the management of the case of an individual basis along with psychological rehabilitation programs and inclusion of the patient in self-help groups. Housing and employment programs must also be availed so as to keep the patient busy. Also, behavior therapy will be required in such cases. The mode of counselling should usually be on a one on one basis, although many doctors also suggest that group therapy can help in showing examples of progress so as to encourage the patient to change and get a new lease of life.

Modern day medicines have made it easy, to make individuals suffering from schizophrenia highly functional and carry normal lives out. Antipsychotics have evolved over the years to bring back the desirable quality of life for individuals suffering from this disease. Antipsychotic medicines are the mainstay of the treatment.

Notable personalities who have suffered from schizophrenia are: 

  1. John Nash - Mathematician/Nobel Prize Winner
  2. Mary Todd Lincoln - Wife of Abraham Lincoln (past-President of the United States)
  3. Tom Harrell - Jazz Musician
  4. Meera Popkin - Broadway Star

Also, family therapy is considered a must for the near and dear ones of such patients to cope with it. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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I am a bright student and used to do well in competition exams .but then I took an exam very seriously and while preparing for it through online practice tests I got blank in one test. That incident terrified me very much. And now I am so fearful that it will happen in real exam too. I can not concentrate and becoming self conscious .that fear is also not going away. Whenever I sit for study that incident comes in mind I gets blank again .do not know what to do .i was not like this before. And due to this tension I am loosing my health. Please help.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Delhi
Dear lybrate-user, U are Still bright student. Just need little focus nothing else. But for this focus first take your mind to peace. Start practicing yoga and meditation for 15 minutes daily at least two time. To increase your concentration level you can also practice TRATAK.
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How to concentrate to focus on study and get free from disruption while studying.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Zirakpur
Start taking light satvic food esp at night. Keep gut clean by Panchskar chooran once or twice a week at night with warm water. Take brahmi tab of Himalaya 2 b.i.d. Do pranayam (Kapal bhati n anulom vilom) for 10 minutes and try to meditate at least 3-5 minutes in a day.
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