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The Clinic Psychologist Clinic 26/1,Arcot Street,T Nagar Chennai
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Our goal is to provide a compassionate professional environment to make your experience comfortable. Our staff is friendly, knowledgable and very helpful in addressing your health and fin......more
Our goal is to provide a compassionate professional environment to make your experience comfortable. Our staff is friendly, knowledgable and very helpful in addressing your health and financial concerns.
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The Clinic is known for housing experienced Psychologists. Mr. Ravi Samuel, a well-reputed Psychologist, practices in Chennai. Visit this medical health centre for Psychologists recommended by 77 patients.


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26/1,Arcot Street,T Nagar
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Mr. Ravi Samuel

Short course in Dementia And Neuropsychiatry, Advanced Research Methodology Course
19 Years experience
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Does depression, felt acutely, but not manifesting itself in any form, except for occasional sleeplessness, can it have serious health impact.

Post Graduate in rehabilitation psychology
Psychologist, Delhi
Does depression, felt acutely, but not manifesting itself in any form, except for occasional sleeplessness, can it ha...
If the similar symptoms persists more than 6 months then yes it is depression, not now but later in life it also can affect health.

Impulse Control Disorders - What Causes It?

MD - Psychiatry, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Delhi
Impulse Control Disorders - What Causes It?

A certain psychiatric condition which causes a person to be functionally impaired in social and occupational settings is known as Impulse Control Disorder. Most of you are granted with the ability to think before you act but it isn't the case for people suffering with such a condition. People diagnosed with this condition are not able to withstand the urge to do something detrimental to themselves or other people.

This condition is similar to other disorders such as kleptomania, compulsive gambling and pyromania to name a few. Although people suffering from this disorder do not plan their acts, the acts they do perform generally fulfill their conscious wishes. Other disorders of such similar nature like Kleptomania and ADHD, which are associated with difficulty in controlling impulses but that is not their chief feature. Patients of impulse control disorder find it highly distressful and are hence often seen to lose control of their actions and consequently their lives.

What causes this disorder?

Some medical practitioners are of the opinion that this disorder is a subgroup of other conditions such as stress, anxiety, OCD and other such. Scientists and researchers are not particularly sure what causes this condition but have determined that it can be caused due to a combination of physiological, emotional and psychological factors pertaining to cultural and societal aspects. Also, certain brain structures linked to emotions and memory functions in and around the frontal lobe are linked to planning functions and impulses.
Some studies show that certain hormones such as testosterone which are associated with aggression and violence may also play a role in forming such disorder. Aggressive and violent behaviors are apparent in people suffering from this disorder. Certain studies have shown a connection between certain forms of seizure disorders and aggressive impulsive behaviors.

People with such disorders are also more likely to contract addiction and mood disorders. Antidepressants are usually prescribed in treating such disorders.

5 Ways To Deal With Anxiousness In Kids!

MBBS, Structure of Intellect learning Specialist, Membership
Psychiatrist, Delhi
5 Ways To Deal With Anxiousness In Kids!

Worrying is a natural tendency among children. While some worrying helps children to excel, too much worrying can lead to anxiety related disorders. From friendship woes to homework to fear of failure, there could be a lot of factors that can lead to anxiousness in a kid. This problem is mostly witnessed in school going, children. Some of the common symptoms that are portrayed include the need to be perfectionists, seeking of constant reassurance, getting sick worrying too much, scared of participating in a group event.

How to prepare your child to overcome anxiety?

  1. Help them prepare: One major cause of anxiousness in a child is ill preparation. Be it tests or essays, if a child has not prepared well, he tends to get nervous and suffer from anxiousness. The solution is to teach them various study techniques such as flashcards and quizzes. If this is done regularly and reviewed meticulously, your child will get over the fear of failing and perform better.
  2. Teach them to focus: Losing focus is a major tendency among kids who tend to suffer from anxiety related disorders. Keeping the concentration going is a major skill that needs to be taught by parents. Kids often go blank during tests thinking others are far smarter than they are. Some good method to tech focus is to teach them reverse counting, slow breathing technique and frequent consumption of water.
  3. Pass on the anxiety: Anxiousness has to be passed in form of something. Certain activities, therefore play great strokes in addressing anxiousness. Teach your kids to distress in the form of TV or teach them to write when they are anxious. This not only takes off anxiety from the equation, it helps a kid to relax without the fear of failure.
  4. Reassurance: Kids suffering from anxiousness often need repeated reassurance about the task in hand. The task here for a parent is to make their kid understand that failure will not impact their relationship with their parents. Often the failure of letting someone down makes a kid anxious. Constant reassurance will curtail the tendency. This being said, parents should ensure that this doesn’t become a habit for the kid. The idea is to make them comfortable and not letting your child dependent on you.
  5. Relaxation techniques: A study published by the Journal of School Counseling argued that kids who practice relaxation techniques are far less likely to suffer from anxiety and stress related disorders as compared to their peers. Some of the relaxation techniques that can be easily learned and practised include breathing exercises, meditation, yoga and so on. This exercise helps children to focus and concentrate more.


Depression - Can It Be Due To Lack of Nutrition?

General Physician, Pune
Depression - Can It Be Due To Lack of Nutrition?

Depression can be caused because of many reasons. However, it can get worse or be triggered due to nutritional deficiency. However nutritional deficiencies and depression act in a vicious cycle. Depressed people often receive less or improper food which leads to malnutrition which again aggravate depression. Thus, both conditions should be treated simultaneously. Read further to know how:

  1. Omega-3 fatty acids: An Omega-3 unsaturated fat deficiency can cause depression. That shows exactly how much fish, salmon, halibut or flaxseeds and walnuts we have to expend to be at an ideal level. These basic minerals lessen aggravation and take up a basic part in our mental health, particularly memory and disposition.
  2. Vitamin DVitamin D deficiency is a noteworthy problem that specialists and general physicians perceive to be dangerous. This lack has been connected to depression, dementia and mental imbalance. The majority of our Vitamin D levels drop off during the fall and winter months, since daylight is the best source of vitamin D.
  3. MagnesiumOdds are great that you are magnesium inadequate since a lot of people are. Sugar, phosphoric acid, perpetual anxiety, anti-infection agents and diuretics contain magnesium. Magnesium is infrequently alluded to as the anxiety counteracting agent.
  4. Vitamin B complex: B vitamins like vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 have some great medical advantages, including decreased heart diseases and healthy skin and nails. Again, a vitamin B deficiency may affect your emotional wellness. Every one in four depressed or stressed woman suffers from vitamin B12 deficiency.
  5. FolateIndividuals with a low folate level have just a seven percent reaction to treatment with antidepressants. Those with high folate levels have a reaction of 44 percent. That is the reason a lot of specialists are currently endorsing a folate called Deplin to treat dejection.
  6. Amino acidsAmino acids are the building blocks of protein that help your mind work efficiently. An amino acid deficiency may make you feel slow, foggy, unfocused, and discouraged. Great sources of amino acids include meat, eggs, beans, seeds, and nuts.
  7. IronIron deficiency is truly common in women. Around 20 percent of the women and 50 percent of pregnant women are iron deficient. Just 3 percent of men are iron deficient. The most widely recognized type of side effect is the decreasing number of red platelets brought on by the lack of iron. The side effects include weakness, concentration issues and a foggy mind.
  8. ZincZinc is used by more proteins (a person has more than 300) than some other minerals. It is important to most of the body’s systems. It also helps our stomach to determine what food items or nutrients to keep and what to dispose off.

Therefore, it is very important for a person to consume the right amount of nutrients that a human needs. Their deficiency not only causes depression, but also many other diseases and illnesses.

Anxiety - How To Prevent It With Homeopathy?

Homeopath, Delhi
Anxiety - How To Prevent It With Homeopathy?

It is normal to feel nervous before an interview or be anxious about something, but letting that fear take over you is not normal. If your worries and stress interfere with your day-to-day life, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Fear not, this is treatable with homeopathy.

What is Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety disorder can be understood as a group of mental disorders characterised by intense feelings of anxiety and fear. Anxiety can be best defined as a worry about future events. This condition can lead to physical symptoms, such as a fast heart rate, uneasiness and shakiness. 

Types of Anxiety Disorders:

People often have more than one anxiety disorder.

Conditions Homeopathic medicines can cure:

1. The homeopathic medicines are suitable for people who are easily stressed, oversensitive, insecure, irritable and despondent. They also help in dealing with the after effects of grief and fright. Physical ailments such as fatigue, dullness and lack of energy that are a result of anxiety can also be treated with these medicines.

2. There are homeopathic medicines for sudden, intense anxiety attacks and for post-traumatic anxiety. They also helps in dealing with after effects of anxiety such as memory weakness, restlessness, oversensitivity and spells of rage.

3. The homeopathic medicines are also helpful in cases where anxiety makes a person insecure and unsure of what to do. When you're anxious, you are likely to crave for something sweet and feel very hot. Both these are cyclic symptoms of anxiety and can worsen the situation if not dealt properly. However, homeopathic medicines help calm the digestive effects of sugar and cool the body to keep anxiety levels in check. 

4. Homeopathic medicines also work well on people who are worried about safety and security. If issues like health, money and break-ins are the cause of your anxiety, homeopathic remedies are ideal for you. They also helps deal with restlessness.

5. When it comes to anxiety, there are some homeopathi medicones which very well suit the people who are scared of change and over controlling. This anxiety is accompanied by excessive sweating due to any exertion and stubbornness. Such people are also often afraid of animals and of the dark and get easily confused.

Whom should we meet for child's (11 yrs) Anger Management psychologist or Psychiatrist?

PhD - Psychology
Psychologist, Patna
For anger management psychologist will be more better than psychiatrist for 11 years old child it is my own view.

Tips For A Happy Marriage!

Ph. D - Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi
Tips For A Happy Marriage!

There are some tips for a meaningful and happy marriage or intimate relationship:

  • The person should not be pressured to marry early. He/she should be encouraged to mature emotionally and to establish themselves in their chosen profession.
  • The couple should spend one year into a relationship before they marry. They should not marry until they established a meaningful relationship and resolved major difficulties.
  • The couple should complement each other on daily basis. If they have to criticize, do it lovingly. The couple should be encouraged to relate openly and honestly rather than to play traditional dating.
  • The couple should be creative and flexible in their roles and mutual responsibilities, not only during the initial phase of marriage but throughout the marriage.
  • The couple should make healthy physical relations. They should have a strong and viable marriage relationship before they have children and they should make jointly the decision of parenthood.
  • The most important tip to a couple is to have patience and be a good listener. They should understand each other’s point of view. The couple should spend quality time
  • The couple should not make personal life public. Speak of your spouse publically in respectable terms. When we show respect, we will receive in its kind.
  • The couple should handle financial issues with care. The couple should pool their money together, budget together, spend together and save
  • The couple should not bring up the mistakes of past. Both should not get angry at the same time. Whenever you have done something wrong, be ready to admit it and ask for forgiveness.

Don’t hesitate to seek the help of a Professional Marriage Counsellor when you get stuck.

2 people found this helpful

This is very big problem for me, whenever I get too much angry and fought with someone then I get tears very much. And others people thinks that I got scared and I'm weak but I'm more powerful then my opponent. Please tell me whats the solution for getting tears.

Ph.D, M.Phil - Psychology
Psychologist, Mathura
This is very big problem for me, whenever I get too much angry and fought with someone then I get tears very much. An...
The solution is very simple- do not get angry! you are lucky that your body knows it is not good for your health to get very angry- and if you do get very angry- your body lets you down. So, it is going to be very good, if you avoid such a situation by all means. This is not going to be counted as your weakness. If you can stay calm in a highly provocative situation- this is a strength not all of us have! but, very, very difficult to achieve. It is only with practice you can gain /learn this control. You will benefit from meditation also. Anulom-vilom pranayam, e.g. You need to visit nearest patanjali chikitsalaya for help. You practice all that is taught daily on astha channel 5.00 to 7.30 am. Very very effective- esp anulom-vilom and bramri and udgit. You will get miraculous results for free and without adverse effects of allopathic medicines and will gain good physical and mental health, increase in your stamina, good concentration, improved memory, etc. It is excellent to drive depression, negative thinking out of your system. Not necessary, you have to be present in front of your tv at 5 am. Begin by switching on your tv just whatever time you get up and start practicing as being taught. Gradually when you regulate your sleeping time, you will be able to get up next morning at 5 and will be able to do complete workout. The time you spend here will actually be an investment that will remove tension, stress, etc. Leading to increased positivity.
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Severe Anxiety - How To Cope With It?

M.Sc - Psychology
Psychologist, Hyderabad
Severe Anxiety  - How To Cope With It?

Do you have a habit of getting too anxious about minor matters? Is your severe anxiety hampering the smooth functioning of your daily life? Is anxiety giving you headaches, causing insomnia and making you paranoid? All these conditions imply that you are suffering from anxiety disorder. There are several types of anxiety disorders with various symptoms, and there are effective treatment procedures for curing them as well.

Signs and symptoms of severe anxiety/ anxiety disorder: The signs of anxiety disorder vary from person to person, but one common major symptom is severe fear, tension and worry even in petty situations.

Emotional symptoms:

The common emotional symptoms except fear and tension include the following:

  1. Feelings of great apprehension or a dread feeling
  2. Problem with concentration
  3. Feeling overly tensed
  4. Always anticipating the worst in any situation
  5. Feeling restless and irritable
  6. Watching out for danger signs in everything
  7. Feeling mentally blank

Physical symptoms:

Anxiety is much more than being just a feeling and several physical symptoms are observed as a result of the body's response to severe anxiety. The most common physical symptoms are as follows:

  1. A pounding heart
  2. Excessive sweating
  3. An upset or dizzy stomach
  4. Enhanced urge for urination and diarrhea
  5. Breathing problems
  6. Muscle tension
  7. Feeling twitches and tremors
  8. Severe headache and excess fatigue
  9. Sleeplessness or insomnia

Coping with severe anxiety:

In order to cope with anxiety disorder, you should follow these tips:

  1. You should connect with other people as being lonely or isolated may trigger your anxiety. Meet friends or join support groups. You should share your feelings with a loved one to ease the anxiety.
  2. You must start undertaking relaxation techniques such as mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation or deep breathing. These help in reducing your anxiety and make you feel relaxed.
  3. Regular exercise and work out is a natural stress buster and relieves anxiety. Practice different types of exercises strictly every day.
  4. You must get sufficient sleep as lack of sleep boosts your feelings of anxiety and tension. You should get nine hours of undisturbed sleep every night.
  5. You should reduce your intake of alcohol and caffeine products, which worsen your anxiety.
  6. You must train your mind to stay calm. The habit of needless worrying must be brought under control. You can undertake strategies such as creating a worry period, challenging the thoughts of anxiety and accepting uncertainty in life.

The self-help strategies for coping with severe anxiety can be quite effective. In some cases, fear and anxiety attacks become very severe and cause great distress in a person's life. In such cases, professional help is required. Certain behavior therapies can be undertaken for eliminating severe anxiety.

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I drink and work also. My anxiety level has gone high I feel I can't stand and talk for long my hands and leg start to shiver and I feel like sitting down or my pulse goes high I keep on thinking that if I stand or do work.

Master of Science/M.S. (Psychotherapy & Counselling), Ph.D.Neuropsychology, BA, Master of Arts (Clinical Psychology )
Psychologist, Udaipur
I drink and work also. My anxiety level has gone high I feel
I can't stand and talk for long my hands and leg start t...
To manage your anxiety please do the following exercises present in youtube - PMR - When done regularly twice a day, this exercise gradually alleviates the anxiety and is a sure shot method to relieve anxiety. But should be done religiously. Make a self rating scale of 0 to 10 where 0 = absence of anxiety, 10 = highest level of anxiety experienced. Each time you set yourself to do this exercise - note your anxiety level on 0 to 10 scale in a copy. Do the rating before exercise and after the exercise. Twice daily. Thus in a day you get 4 readings. Tai Chi - Tai chi is a form of exercise specifically to direct your hyper energies to slow down and channelize your anxious and stress energy to Love Energy. It is a tested and tried exercise to alleviate stress and anxiety. Anxiety Healing Music - Search - Marconi on youtube Mantra to Improve Focus - OM jaap is one such mantra which allows your vibrations to become positive and aligns you to cosmic rhythm itself for ease in life.
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