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Akbarsha Clinic

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216, Purasawalkam High Road, Vepery, Chennai Chennai
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Akbarsha Clinic Homeopath Clinic 216, Purasawalkam High Road, Vepery, Chennai Chennai
1 Doctor
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Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. All our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well....more
Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. All our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well.
More about Akbarsha Clinic
Akbarsha Clinic is known for housing experienced Homeopaths. Dr. Akbarsha K M H, a well-reputed Homeopath, practices in Chennai. Visit this medical health centre for Homeopaths recommended by 86 patients.


11:00 AM - 01:30 PM


216, Purasawalkam High Road, Vepery, Chennai
Vepery Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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Continuous Glucose Monitoring - How It is Helpful?

MD - Bio-Chemistry, MBBS
General Physician, Ahmedabad
Continuous Glucose Monitoring - How It is Helpful?

For people who need to keep an eye on their blood sugar level, a glucose meter is a handy thing to keep around. There are many different types of glucose meters available with continuous glucose monitor being one of them. Unlike other glucose monitoring devices that merely detect the amount of glucose present in your system, a continuous glucose monitoring device also detects trends and patterns thus, gives your doctor a more comprehensive picture of your condition.

A continuous glucose monitor is not available over the counter and will need to be prescribed by your doctor. It uses a tiny sensor that is placed under the skin of your abdomen to measure the glucose level in the fluid within your body. This insertion is quick and quite painless. The sensor has a transmitter that sends the information about your glucose levels to a small pager like device. The data collected can be seen in the form of readings every 1,5 or 10 minutes. If your sugar levels drop to an extremely low level to go up to a very high level, the monitor will sound and alarm to notify you.

The data collected by a continuous glucose monitor can also be downloaded to your smartphone, laptop or tablet. By looking at the readings over a period of time, you will be able to notice trends and patterns in your sugar levels. This data helps diabetic patients and their doctors to decide on a number of things such as:

  1. How much insulin is needed?
  2. What is the optimum dosage of medication required for you?
  3. What is the optimum number of meals needed per day?
  4. How much should you eat in every meal?
  5. What is the right exercise plan for you?

Diabetics who use an insulin pump can also link this to the continuous glucose monitor so that they do not need to manually program the pump. This is known as a sensor augmented pump. This device can also help record blood sugar levels as you sleep thus, detecting spikes and lows that would otherwise go undetected. It also helps understand the relationship between your diet as well as exercise and your blood sugar levels.

A continuous glucose monitor needs to be changed every 3 to 7 days. Also, it cannot be used to replace finger sticks or traditional home monitors. You may also need a little training on how to use the device correctly.

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How to create my penis harder my age is just 25 years and I take viagra before sex my penis perfect harder and I am not to take viagra regularly pls any medicine or any sapiments pls tell me sir I am un married so I fear to do marriage.

Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S)
Ayurveda, Kanpur
How to create my penis harder my age is just 25 years and I take viagra before sex my penis perfect harder and I am n...
vrihad vangeshwar ras swarn yukta 125 mg BD vrihad kamchoonamani ras swarn yukta 125 mg BD kamdev modak awleh bd
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Dr. My ear is paining from 5 months, when I checked from Dr. He is saying ear is ok. Due to this my jaw also paining. Give me some suggestions plz.

Homeopath, Raebareli
Dr. My ear is paining from 5 months, when I checked from Dr. He is saying ear is ok. Due to this my jaw also paining....
It could be due to infection of gums or bones of mastication. Hence please look if you are having a healthy gums/teeth or not - Stay warm - do not expose yourself to AC/direct fan and see if this is helping you Drink warm water for few days - this will help you Completely avoid cold foods/drinks
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Hair problem Hi sir My head hair very very week and white colour My age only 30 years So.

Ph.D - Ayurveda, MD - Ayurveda, Diploma in Diet and Nutrition, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Diploma Yoga
Ayurveda, Jaipur
Hair problem
Hi sir My head hair very very week and white colour My age only 30 years
HAIR Start taking black til (Seasam) with a glass of lukewarm milk early morning. avoid pickles, spices, oily, greesy food items, too much of Salt in food shud be avoided. Start avle ka murabba daily. Also have a high protien rich diet e.g. Pulses, Dry fruits, Black gram, Ground nut etc, white of egg (if u eat egg). also oil ur hair with good herbal oil and wash with herbal shamppoo - avoid shampoos with high acid contents. As far as Ayurveda's therapy is concerned - start with Shirodhara with herbal oil and Nasyam therapy for atleast 15 days. This will greatly help. Do gentle massage with herbal hair oil daily night for 15 minutes. Although some herbal medicines might also help you but after proper history taking. For that u may consult me privately over Lyberate. Please update with ur valuable feedback.
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Stay Healthy

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Bangalore
Stay Healthy

Let's all break the taboo against psychiatry and accept it as any other field of Medicine. Let's all join and raise awareness and spread the message "Dignity in mental health" and treat people suffering from such illness with respect.

Join hands, help break the taboo. 

Let me clear some common misconceptions we have about psychiatry today:

  • People suffering from mental illness are not "mentally disturbed" there are different kinds of problems and we should stop labelling them. 
  • Psychiatric medications are NOT addictive!
  • You are "NOT WEAK" if you seek help of psychiatrist. In fact you are mentally strong and mature enough to understand you have a problem and will do what is right to solve it rather than running away from and issue
  • Illness is not under patients control it is not all  In their head!
  • Hypertension and diabetes are all long term illnesses we take medications for that them, then why not for depression and other psychiatric illnesses?
  • This is just an imbalance of neurochemicals, just treat it and lead a peaceful life.
  • Psychiatric illnesses are treatable.

Hope this helps and clears some doubts lingering in our minds.

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Eating Healthy

Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
Eating Healthy

Healthy eating is not about strict dietary limitations, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love. Rather, its about feeling great, having more energy, improving your health, stabilising your mood. If you feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting nutrition and diet advice out there, you're not alone. It seems that for every expert who tells you a certain food is good for you, you'll find another saying exactly the opposite.

What you can do:
1. learn how your diet affects your mental as well as your physical health
2. set yourself up for success by making changes gradually
3. don't think of food as" off limits"
4. reduce your portion sizes -and fill up with more fruit and veg
5. learn to spot hidden sugar in your food and avoid it 
6. differentiate between healthy and unhealthy fats
7. find out how fiber intake can fill you and help lose weight
8. drinking plenty of water and keeping well hydrated

We all know that eating right can help you maintain a healthy weight and avoid certain health problems. Studies have linked eating a typical western diet filled with processed meats, packaged meals, takeout food and sugary snacks with higher rates of depression, stress, bipolar disorders and anxiety. Eating an unhealthy diet may even play role in development if mental health disorders such as alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia or an increased risk of suicide in young people.
Instead if emphasising one nutrient, we need to move to food based recommendations. What we eat should be whole, minimally processed, nutritious food as close to its natural form as possible.

  • Eat breakfast and eat smaller meals throughout the day
  • Avoid eating late at night
  • Cut back on sugar
  • Moderation and not feeling stuffed is the key to a healthy diet
  • We need a balance of proteins, fat, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to sustain a healthy body.
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Food Myths

Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
Food Myths

If you've sworn off some of your favourite foods for fear that they are harming your health, take heart research shows that some of that foods we thought were unhealthy can actually be good for you

1 eggs make your cholesterol go up
Studies indicate that fat in eggs is mostly polyunsaturated and monounsaturated and the yolk is an excellent source of the antioxidant lutein, which can lower certain inflammatory responses in the body. Eggs easily fit into a healthy lifestyle, so enjoy an omelet for breakfast and see how satisfied you are the rest if the day.

2 drinking juice is healthy
Research shows juice is pretty much the same as sugar water, minus the fiber that helps stabilise your blood sugar when eating a fruit. Skip the juice and eat a few pieces of fruit per day ti improve your health

3 green tea does it help to lose fat
Green tea is more than just hot, flavoured water. A cup of green tea may contain much less caffeine (24-40mgs) than a cup of coffee. Caffeine is a well known stimulant, has been known to aid fat burning and improve exercise performance. It contains massive range of antioxidants called catechins, that can boost metabolism and may help in burning fat.

4 dies drinking red wine protect your heart
Red wine contains high level of a phytochemical called resreratrol, which acts as an antioxidant and reduces inflammation, may slow ageing process.
Alcohol in wine raises hdl ('good') cholesterol and seems to make blood less likely to clot. No more than a drink for women or two drinks for men may offer some benefits and probably can't hurt

5 is it scientifically true that you should not drink milk after eating fish, as it may cause a skin disorder
Fish with milk has no scientifically or medically established connection to leucoderma or vitiligo. This notion has been explored and the question was scientifically laid to rest years ago

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Dermatologist, Mumbai

Liposuction removes fat from your body using suction. During liposuction, small, thin, blunt-tipped tubes (cannula) are inserted through tiny cuts in the skin. Fat is suctioned out through these tubes as the doctor moves the tubes around under the skin to target specific fat deposits.

In recent years, improved techniques have made liposuction safer, easier, and less painful. These newer techniques include:

Tumescent liposuction. A local anesthetic is used to numb the area of your body where the tube will be inserted.

Ultrasound assisted liposuction. This technique uses ultrasound to liquefy the fat, which makes it easier to remove. This technique may be particularly helpful in removing fat from the neck, upper abdomen, sides, and back.

Laser-assisted liposuction. This technique uses low-energy waves to liquefy the fat, which is removed through a small cannula.

Liposuction is usually done as an outpatient  procedure in a properly equipped doctor's office, ambulatory surgery center, or hospital. In general, it does not require an overnight hospital stay unless a large volume of fat is being removed. Local anesthesia is used in some cases. And you may or may not be given a sedative to help you relax. If a large area or volume of fat is being treated, general anesthesia or deep sedation with a local anesthetic may be used.

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Tips to Cure a Yeast Infection

PGDM In Cosmetology, Trichology & Weight Managmen, MD, BHMS
Homeopath, Mumbai
Tips to Cure a Yeast Infection

Vaginal yeast infection is a common fungal infection of the genitals. It causes inflammation, irritation, itching, and vaginal discharge. It most commonly affects women, but men can get it too.

Tips to Cure a Yeast Infection:

1) Drink plenty of water.

2) Eat yogurts daily.

3) Choose cotton and loose underwear.

4) Sleep well.

5) Change clothes after workouts.

6) Include garlic preparing meals.

7) Eat food rich in Vitamin C e.g. kiwi, oranges, etc.

8) Avoid tight-fitting jeans and pants.

9) Avoid wearing synthetic, tight fitting cloths and underwear.

10) Don’t eat sugary products e.g. candies, sweets etc.

11) Avoid taking stress. 

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Avoid Heat Stroke

MD - Medicine
Endocrinologist, Ahmedabad
Avoid Heat Stroke

Heat is going to increase in coming days. Just follow simple rules and avoid heat stroke:

  • Drink more water and other fluids
  • Restrict going out during 12:00 noon to 4:00pm. 
  • Wear loose clothes and cotton garments. Avoid artificial fabrics. 
  • Prevention on is better than cure. Keep glucose powder handy during journey. 
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Hello Doctor! I am ashwini Reddy. I am going through pigmentation specially my forehead. There is any permanent solution for this? Its my wedding in the month of June. I am really worried. Pls advise what ll be the best treatment for pigmentation.

BHMS, VLIR Belgium, Canadian Academy Of Homeopathy
Homeopath, Navi Mumbai
Hello Doctor! I am ashwini Reddy.
I am going through pigmentation specially my forehead. There is any permanent solut...
Yes lybrate-user, there is a great solution with homeopathy which may solve it permanently. Many times due to a lot of exposure to sun or hormonal disturbances may produce pigmentation which can be solved with homeopathy rapidly. You still have two months which are enough to relieve your complaints.
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I am suffering from obesity I have to much weight now I want to loose it in less time please tell me how I become in 75 kg weight now I have 99 kgs.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Pune
I am suffering from obesity I have to much weight now I want to loose it in less time please tell me how I become in ...
1/2 strength exercise in morning is best way for loosing extra fat without any harm avoid cold water cold drinks freeze stored food basi food and also avoid day time sleeping and late night eating etc consult privetly for more details and medications
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My sister is suffering from fever again and again. She is so weak and she also not taking any type of medicine. What to do it this condition?

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Pune
My sister is suffering from fever again and again. She is so weak and she also not taking any type of medicine. What ...
recurrent fever occurs due to non following of aahar vihar take punaravartak jwar kadha 4-4 tsp twice in a day avoid heavy food curd non veg etc consult privetly for more details and medications
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Pls give advice to increase my stamina? Is masturbation should reduce one's stamina?

MBBS, PG Diploma In Emergency Trauma Care, fellowship in diabetology
General Physician, Bangalore
Pls give advice to increase my stamina? Is masturbation should reduce one's stamina?
Hello. thanks for your Query. Stamina does come from balance diet and extra nutrition. Also doing excess of it needs more nutrition and strength, where extra nutrition lacks. kindly take dry fruits and milk every day.
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I am 17 years old. I am getting much hair fall .my fallen hair will be regrown. Plzz answer my question.

M. Ch. (Plastic Surgery), MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Delhi
I am 17 years old. I am getting much hair fall .my fallen hair will be regrown. Plzz answer my question.
Mr. Pawan Hair Fall can be controlled with diet and medicines.Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.Increase your intake of protein like cheese,soya,egg white,skimmed milk,whole grains.Fallen hair will be regrown.
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Auricular Therapy Can Help You Lose Weight

MD - Acupuncture, Ph.D Advance Course in Acupunctre
Acupuncturist, Chennai
Auricular Therapy Can Help You Lose Weight

Auricular Therapy is an ear based acupuncture therapy that can help in weight loss with the help of appetite suppression. Acupuncture helps in improving the serotonin level which works towards improving the smooth muscle of the stomach. This in turn helps in curbing one's hunger and appetite. The therapy is aimed at the vagal nerve in the ears.

History: While acupuncture has been practiced for several years as a part of Chinese Medicine, it has been imbibed as a part of alternative therapy and healing in the recent decades. The method of Auricular therapy for weight loss was first put forth by a research report presented in an Australian health journal, in the year 1998.

Requirement: The number of sessions and the intensity will depend on the goal weight of the person. Usually, each person requires a session of thirty to thirty five minutes at a time. This therapy works best for a weight loss goal of five to ten pounds at a time with sessions at least three times in a week.

Types: There are various types of auricular therapy that can help in stimulation of specific points on the ear with the help of five needles. These needles and inserted and left for a short duration. This duration is no more than a week at a time. Through this process, the practitioner ensures that the metabolism and fat burning process becomes faster. This is also done with the help of herbal supplements that must be had at the same time.

Auricular Point Stimulation: The objective of this therapy is to stimulate those points in the ear which are known to have a deep connection with parts of the abdomen and digestive tract. This is especially helpful for those people who have an uncontrolled appetite and especially those who indulge in emotional eating. Some people may be put through a process of electrical stimulation in which the ears can be stimulated for prolonged periods of time. This is done by passing a high frequency electrical current in the needle that has been inserted in the point.

Safety and Warnings: While acupressure is considered as a safe discipline and practice, there are warning signs that one must look out for. Any undue pain, fatigue and stress should be warning signals that point at the fact that the treatment is not working as it should. In such a case, the therapy must be stopped on an immediate basis with the mutual consent of the practitioner and the patient.

Obesity and excessive weight gain can be fixed with a variety of natural methods including Auricular therapy, which gets to the root of the problem, namely uncontrolled appetite.

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Vitiligo or White Patches - Homeopathic Remedies for it!

M.D (HOMEOPATHY), MBA (Healthcare)
Homeopath, Gulbarga
Vitiligo or White Patches - Homeopathic Remedies for it!

Vitiligo or White patches is medically referred as Leucoderma. It is a disease that causes loss of skin colour resulting in white patches. It can affect the skin on any part of the human body. It occurs when the melanin-forming cells called melanocytes which produce melanin die or stop functioning. The condition is not life threatening or contagious, but it is stressful and makes one feel bad about oneself.

The main sign of vitiligo is loss of skin pigment which produces light or white patches on skin. The discoloration is first visible on sun exposed areas like the hands, feet, arms, face and lips. It can also be coupled with premature greying of hair below the age of mid-thirties, colour loss of retina and inner lining of the mouth.

Vitiligo has no cure, but homeopathic treatment help to stop or slow the process of colour loss and brings back some colour to skin. The failure of melanocytes can be attributed to disorder in which immune system attacks and destroys them. It can also be triggered by sunburn, stress or exposure to industrial chemicals. People with vitiligo are at risk of Social or psychological distress, loss of hearing, sunburn and skin cancer, inflammation of the iris and dry skin.

Homoeopathic treatment enhances the natural production of pigments and Vitiligo is considered as a manifestation of an inner disturbed state of the body. The patient is analysed on mental, physical and familial attributes. The medication is then based the results. Arsenic Sulph Falvus, Arsenic Album, Baryta Mur and Baryta Carb are known to give good results in Vitiligo. Vitiligo is a chronic disorder and it takes a long time even with the best of the homoeopathic treatment.

  1. Calcarea Carb is prescribed to patients of Vitiligo with milky white spots on skin. It is prescribed to free perspiration over the head, neck and chest and persons with intolerance to cold weather.
  2. Arsenic Album is useful remedy for vitiligo in persons prone to dry, rough skin. The skin complaint coupled with asthma is a strong contender for using homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album.
  3. Sepia is prescribed for vitiligo in persons showing unresponsive attitude towards family and life
  4. Silicea is prescribed for vitiligo in patients with pale and waxy skin, tendency to excessive perspiration. If the main mind symptom are timidity and an under-confident nature, then Silicea is a good choice. It is known to work on patients who seem under-confident, fear public speaking.
  5. Sulphur is considered the best for vitiligo treatment as it goes deep inside the basic root cause to exterminate the disease. The persons requiring homeopathic medicine Sulphur show a mind constantly occupied with various theories and plans due to which they suffer from mental fatigue and absent mindedness.
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Foods That Are Anti-Cancer In Nature

Msc - Home Science
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Jaipur
Foods That Are Anti-Cancer In Nature

Food is one of the greatest nourishments that is routinely required by our body. This is an element that can also make or break our immunity and promote good health. Therefore, it is imperative to eat healthy food so that one can not only take care of one’s body but also prevent the onset of various kinds of diseases. Carcinogens are present all around us, and we would do well to counter this with plenty of healthy food that are anti-cancer in nature. One will need to have at least 5 servings of this kind of foods in a day so that cancer can be kept at bay. Join us as we discuss these anti-cancer foods and how you can ingest them to prevent cancer.

  1. Garlic: This is known as a wonder food that can not only prevent cancer but also keep cardiovascular diseases away. Garlic is known to keep the oesophagus and colon clean so that toxins are not born in the digestive tract. These can create problems starting from the manifestation of stones to other issues like tumours as well. Garlic can keep cancer cells from multiplying, which can prevent the onset of the disease.
  2. Berries: There are various kinds of berries like strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, which can help in preventing cancer. This is due to the fact that these berries are filled with healthy antioxidants, which stop cancer cells from multiplying in one’s body. The antioxidants do this by stopping the process of free radical creation in one’s body. This process will help in preventing cancer.
  3. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are a fruit that can help in preventing diseases like prostate cancer. This is especially helpful if you have a genetic factor when it comes to cancer and a family history of the same that can bring about prostate cancer. The ingestion of tomatoes can help in stopping the DNA in your cells from causing such kind of damage which can lead to the start of cancer in the body. One can also use tomato sauce and puree in order to make curries and sauces on a regular basis so that one gets a good and healthy dose of tomatoes in a single day.
  4. Cruciferous Foods: These leafy greens like lettuce, cabbage and cauliflower as well as different types of salad leaves are called cruciferous foods. There are many free radicals that are known to escape from one’s DNA and cause damage like the growth of cancerous cells in one’s body. Regular consumption of such cruciferous foods like these leafy greens can actually put a stop to this process of free radicals and their production, which can also prevent cancer in the long run.
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De-addiction - How It Happens?

MBBS, Diploma in Psychological Medicine
Psychiatrist, Kolkata
De-addiction - How It Happens?

Addiction is the absolute dependency on a particular substance or situation. Substance addiction includes a variety of substances apart from alcohol and drugs. Examples include porn, food, chocolate, nicotine, etc. Situation addiction includes gambling, shopping and sex among others. The problem in our society with addiction is it is treated like a choice than as a major problem faced by an individual. De-addiction is the process of ridding the individual of his dependence on certain substances or activities.


  1. Rehabilitation psychology studies the process of de-addiction and helps addicts blend with the normal lifestyle. Rehab centers offer several forms of therapy to reduce substance usage.
  2. Group therapy is always the go to form of therapeutic technique to deal with cases of addiction owing to the common feeling among users that people who aren’t addicted and do not know what they’re going through. In those cases, it is rather important to have support from a group of people who are exactly where they are.
  3. Family therapy is also essential to make the individual know how their loved ones feel and also remind them of the unconditional support. Some rehab centers also use the horse therapy (focuses on interaction with horses which facilitates emotional and occupational development in patients) which is rather interesting to witness.
  4. In addition to therapy, rehab centers teach life skills and cooperation. Apart from all this, drugs are also prescribed to deal with addiction along with the weekly scheduled personal therapy sessions.

Although an unfamiliar concept in India, halfway homes are the next step after the rehab. The individuals learn different skills and ways to manage themselves outside the house while still continuing their therapy. This is done to make sure one doesn’t relapse right after the rehabilitation has been completed. Most rehabs also suggest support group meetings. Even otherwise support groups are extremely effective in the de-addiction process. ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ and ‘Narcotics Anonymous’ are two of the most widely managed support groups around the world.

Addiction is an immense issue which has spiraled out of control in today’s times. However, it is necessary to understand it isn’t the question of the individual’s morality. The removal of labels and stigma is essential in the entire process. Support from loved ones is an extremely important step towards de-addiction, right after the acceptance that one is addicted.

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Everyday when I wake up in morning a massive pain in my left leg so what I do to stop that pain.

Homeopath, Raebareli
Everyday when I wake up in morning a massive pain in my left leg so what I do to stop that pain.
lybrate-user periodical pain is not a good sign kindly go for RA factor, CRP and Uric acid test done at the earliest and for now avoid non-veg foods along with it keep your self physically active do not stay in same posture for long. For consultation consult back.
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