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Sneha Jayagopal's

Psychologist Clinic

#174, 1St Cross, Between 4Th & 5Th Main, Defency Colony. Near Cafe Coffee Day Bangalore
1 Doctor
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Sneha Jayagopal's Psychologist Clinic #174, 1St Cross, Between 4Th & 5Th Main, Defency Colony. Near Cafe Coffee Day Bangalore
1 Doctor
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Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Counselling Psychologist . It is important to us that you feel comfortable while visiting our office. To ......more
Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Counselling Psychologist . It is important to us that you feel comfortable while visiting our office. To achieve this goal, we have staffed our office with caring people who will answer your questions and help you understand your treatments.
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Sneha Jayagopal's is known for housing experienced Psychologists. Ms. Sneha Jayagopal, a well-reputed Psychologist, practices in Bangalore. Visit this medical health centre for Psychologists recommended by 46 patients.


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#174, 1St Cross, Between 4Th & 5Th Main, Defency Colony. Near Cafe Coffee Day
Bangalore, Karnataka - 560024
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Doctor in Sneha Jayagopal's

Ms. Sneha Jayagopal

Graduation in Psychotherapy , Masters in Psychotherapy
13 Years experience
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How I remove stiffness in back and chest tightness, my upper part is tighten. Its all due to anxiety some doctor diagnoses anxiety some somatic depression and some chemical imbalance, how I come out of it?

BAMS, MD-General Medicine, Phd - Kayachikitsa
Ayurveda, Bangalore
How I remove stiffness in back and chest tightness, my upper part is tighten. Its all due to anxiety some doctor diag...
Do some walking. Yoga and meditation which will make you strong. Along with there are some better Ayurveda drugs which can help you Do take consultation appointment.
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Recently I take opinion from psychiatrist and he told me that I was suffering from social anxiety and told me for cognitive behaviour therapy as I don't want to retake medicine on daily basis as these medicines are very addictive. And he prescribed me betacap 40 for occasional use to reduce physical symptoms of anxiety (heart palpitations, sweating,ghabrahat, nervousness)but 40 mg not works great so can I take double dose if required?

M.B.B.S., D.N.B. (Psychiatry)
Psychiatrist, Panchkula
Recently I take opinion from psychiatrist and he told me that I was suffering from social anxiety and told me for cog...
Hello, Some degree of social anxiety is common in the general population. Such anxiety only becomes social anxiety disorder when the anxiety either prevents you from participating in desired activities or causes marked distress during such activities. No most of the medication prescribed for social anxiety are not addictive. Only benzodiazepines class of drug are addictive if taken on regular basis. Betacap reduces blood pressure as well. Taking more tablet may cause dizziness and fall. Do not increase the dose abruptly. They are used in performance anxiety and usually taken an hour before performance. Consult your psychiatrist for other treatment options. You can consult me for any further help required.
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Hi Sir, Is there any kitchen spice which can treat a mental depression problem? Could you kindly advice me in this regard.

Counselling Psychologist
Psychologist, Thane
Hi Sir, Is there any kitchen spice which can treat a mental depression problem? Could you kindly advice me in this re...
Hello lybrate user, there is no such kitchen spice which can cure depression, however having healthy lifestyle can reduce the stress n depression. Depression is a chronic term. One needs to take counselling sessions for the same as well as timely medicine if depression is chronic.
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I am 21, Male,student PCM, 12th class. I am not able to concentrate on study for more than 10 -15 minutes max. I am always low at maths and problem solving. I always felt irritated. I am becoming very very lazy. The internet and social networks are disturbing me and I even want to quit, I can't quit or reduce social network time. I surf the internet a lot. I what he's movies online a lot. Please help.

Diploma In Gastroenterology, Diploma In Dermatology, BHMS
Homeopath, Hyderabad
Here are few tips you can follow Have a diet rich in protein and fibers Eat almonds or nuts daily Have a badam milk at night Learn to meditate While meditating count your breath Avoid use of social media as it will only distract you Engage yourself in some outdoor games Whenever you feel like surfing internet ,listen to your fav music Be calm.
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Delayed Speech Or Language Development

D.H.L.S, B.A.S.L.P, M.A, B.Ed .SE . ( H.I )
Speech Therapist, Delhi
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The age at which kids learn language and start talking can vary.Knowing what's "normal" and what's not in speech and language development can help parents figure out if there's cause for concern or if their child is right on schedule.

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Hi Sir, What know about crux of bipolar disorder 2. should I get married with bipolar person her age is 30 and suffering from. Last 8 years presently on medicine namely Arip 15 mg. I m very confused what to do already engagement done now. Please Advise best solution as it's matter of life.

M.Sc - Applied Psychology, Guidance &Counselling, B.A., Psychology, Pharmacy, 6-month Internship
Psychologist, Madurai
Hi Sir, What know about crux of bipolar disorder 2. should I get married with bipolar person her age is 30 and suffer...
Dear Lybrate user, I appreciate you for seeking professional help before making any decisions. Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder which can better be managed with periodical visit to a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and also living with people who can understand the affected. If you provide a loving and caring relationship and if she understands that you are sacrificing your life to someone extent for her, you may have an excellent marital life like others. It is upto you.
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Bladder Cancer: How Smoking Can Cause It

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - General Surgery, DNB - Urology/Genito - Urinary Surgery
Urologist, Ghaziabad
Bladder Cancer: How Smoking Can Cause It

According to recent studies, the percentage of people suffering from Bladder Cancer in India has increased by 32.9% since 1990. Smoking is a leading cause of bladder cancer and this has been attributed to the high number of carcinogenic compounds present.

Men are more prone to developing Bladder Cancer than women. It is a condition where abnormal cell growth takes place in the urothelial cells that are positioned at the core of one’s bladder. The disease if left untreated eventually spreads to the other parts of the urinary tract system.

Tobacco abuse or smoking exposes us to harmful chemicals that get absorbed in the urine. While some of the chemicals get excreted through the urine a part of it is retained by the body. It is these retained chemicals that start lining the inner walls of the bladder and results in the development of Bladder Cancer. There is no point of sustaining an addiction that hinders one’s chances of leading a healthy life. Hence, it is better to quit smoking from today itself. For your benefit, we have come up with a few tips that you can use to embrace a tobacco-free life.

  1. Make a promise to yourself and make sure you commit to it. You can start this regime by throwing away all your cigarettes, and all those accompanying accessories like lighters, ashtrays and cigarette cases. Try to avoid the company of people who smoke.
  2. Turn around the triggers: The urge to smoke is triggered by certain situations, for example, you might have a habit of smoking after every meal or after working at a stretch. You can utilize these short breaks by going for a walk instead or talking to a friend. In short, you can do anything that lightens you up.
  3. Keep yourself occupied: Make sure that you keep yourself busy with work so that you hardly find time to smoke. Eventually, your urge to smoke will dwindle and you will find how well you can function without it.
  4. Reward yourself: Think about all the money you can save if you don’t waste them in buying cigarettes. Keep aside the money that you save as a result of your commitment. After a month, buy yourself an object of value or start making short investments if you wish to.
  5. Consult a Physician: If your body is addicted to nicotine, quitting smoking can be hard. In that case, you can talk to a physician and opt for nicotine replacements like sugar-free gums, inhalers or nasal sprays as prescribed by the doctor.

You are bound to feel a positive change once you forego this hazardous habit. Resist yourself from a debilitating disease like Bladder Cancer by saying goodbye to tobacco.

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5 Effective Tips To Cope With Anxiety!

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MD - Psychiatry, DPM
Psychiatrist, Jamshedpur
5 Effective Tips To Cope With Anxiety!

Anxiety has become a common phenomenon in the recent years. The constant pressure of being the best has taken a toll on people of all ages. It is a widespread misconception that anxiety only affects the mind, but the truth is that the body is equally affected. People often ignore this condition which worsens the condition and also leads to several other severe problems.

There is no medication required to treat anxiety in the initial stages. Simple changes in diet and lifestyle help treat anxiety if the condition is not severe. Following are some of the ways to treat anxiety without medication-

  1. Exercise: Exercise is considered to be one of the best ways to fight anxiety. Exercising helps release endorphins and serotonin, which are the 'feel-good chemicals' that improve emotional well-being. Research also suggests that exercise increases the body temperature that may alter the neural circuits which changes the cognitive function. One does not need to do a heavy work out or strength training; a simple brisk walk for around 30 minutes or basic yoga for some time during the day helps treat anxiety.
  2. Limit the intake of caffeine: Caffeine is a natural nervous system stimulant. It triggers the “fight or flight” response in the body. The energy produced by caffeine can lead to an anxiety attack. Hence, it is suggested to avoid or limit the intake of caffeine.
  3. Avoid overthinking: Overthinking is one of the most common causes of anxiety. If one is not able to communicate what he/she thinks, then it affects the mental health. It is not necessary to talk to a certain person; one can also express these emotions or feelings through writing, art, and another medium. It is suggested to not keep the emotions in the mind and let it flow in any form he/she wishes to, though one may not find a solution for the same.
  4. Get adequate sleep: One needs to understand that sleep is important for the body, as it helps in proper functioning of the body. Therefore, it is important that the body gets the required sleep so that it can function at its optimum the next day. The ideal rest time is 8-10 hours.
  5. Do not avoid food: Hunger increases the blood sugar level, which in turn results in the release of the stress hormone called cortisol. This can disturb the emotional state and make one prone to anxiety. It is suggested to avoid food rich in fats and sugar if one is hungry for a long period of time.

Anxiety can prove to be the worst enemy if it is not treated properly and at the right time. Although medications help treat the condition, anxiety medications have some serious side effects too. Therefore, it is advised to treat the condition in the early stages and avoid these medications. Also, following a healthy diet and making some changes in the lifestyle help fight the condition better. To know what works best for you, it is best to visit a psychiatrist at the earliest to avoid unnecessary complications.

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Sulking - Why Do People Do It?

M.S. Counselling and Psychotherapy
Psychologist, Bangalore
Sulking - Why Do People Do It?

Different people have different anger reactions. Very few of us manage anger assertively. Some of us, shout, talk loudly, use abusive language, hit others whereas a few others prefer to stay quiet and not express their anger. People who do not want to talk about their anger, are either scared of ruining the relationship or are feeling helpless. These type of people are visibly upset. They may not show their anger outwardly but their body is tensed. They want to vent out their anger but for some reason are unable to do so. They are "sulking". It is important to understand that the person who is sulking, is very angry. A `sulker’ is unusually quiet because s/he is using `sulking’ to reduce the force of anger. By reducing the anger gradually, s/he is reducing the intensity of anger so as to avoid aggressive reactions.

When people sulk, they feel very sad and surprisingly, sometimes they don't even realize that they are angry. "Sulking" is a defense mechanism, may be chosen unconsciously. The "Sulker" chooses this mechanism to  maintain calm/peace. This defense mechanism has two definite negative consequences. Which are :

  1. Sulking invites ridicule and
  2. Sulking reveals the loser.

It is so true! When a person sulks, others imagine that this person is "weak", "timid", "helpless" and "someone who is at fault". Sulking does not help, because even if, after sulking a person goes back to make peace with the other, s/he appears like a fool, loser, needy and may be clingy. So instead of sulking, If people learn to express their anger without being aggressive, it can help them a lot. They will feel powerful, wiser, and certainly, they will not feel like a fool or a loser.

Hi Sir, My child is unable to concentrate on study or play for more than a few minutes. Also doesn't listen to anyone.

MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Pune
How much attention a child gives a task also depends on whether he is enjoying himself. Many children struggle when asked to do something they don't want to do. The first time you introduce an activity that is more important to you than to your child, you are testing your creativity and flexibility as a parent and teacher. This is where the struggle lies for many parents, because kids entering school have to do more structured, repetitive, and academic tasks, such as writing their names or sounding out letters. So a little creativity can go a long way in turning something dull into something fun. Instead of insisting that my son write the letter "A" with a pencil in his workbook, I can ask him to write it with chalk, shape it with Play-Doh, or even trace it with paint. To get a child's attention, parents must also give attention. Being in close physical proximity while giving clear and concise instructions helps children focus better on what is being said. The best way to get them to pay attention is to be physically close to the child. Don't shout requests from the kitchen to the living room. Go into the living room, stand in front of your child, make eye contact, be at eye level or touch their shoulder, and say 'I need you to do this now. Parents should also be aware if something is getting in the way of a child paying attention. Is she hungry or tired? To combat hunger or fatigue, give your child a snack before she starts homework or any structured task. A good night's sleep is important as well, so make sure your child is getting enough rest. And many kids need a little break when they come home from school. Children can tune out and stop paying attention when they think a task is too hard for them. They may need instructions broken into small steps. Keep in mind that that giving short reminders is more positive and works better than long-winded explanations, yelling, or guilt tripping. And remember to praise the children's efforts. Research has also shown that exercise can help kids pay attention. FOR MEDICATION CONSULT ONLINE IN PRIVATE.
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