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Ranked as India's no 1 IVF center 3 years in a row, milann kumarapark is the flagship facility offering infertility care for the last 28 years under the leadership of Dr. Kamini Rao. Cust......more
Ranked as India's no 1 IVF center 3 years in a row, milann kumarapark is the flagship facility offering infertility care for the last 28 years under the leadership of Dr. Kamini Rao. Customer service is provided by experianced, professional staff who look after your comfort and care and are considerate of your time. Their focus is you.


07:30 AM - 08:00 PM
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No-7, East Park Road, Kumara Park East, Seshadripuram
Seshadripuram Bangalore, Karnataka - 560001
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Doctors in Milann : The Fertility Centre - Kumara Park

Dr. Vandana Krishnaprasad M

MBBS, DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology), Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine, Diploma In Ultrasound
IVF Specialist
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20 Years experience
800 at clinic
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08:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Dr. Chaitra Nayak

MBBS, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, FNB Reproductive Medicine
IVF Specialist
89%  (56 ratings)
16 Years experience
₹300 online
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07:30 AM - 08:30 AM

Dr. Deepika K

MBBS, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine
IVF Specialist
84%  (10 ratings)
20 Years experience
850 at clinic
₹300 online
Available today
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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IVF Speciality

IVF Speciality

Largely aims to help couples conceive through the method of in-vitro fertilization
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Know How Quality Of Eggs Affects The Success Rate Of IVF!

Know How Quality Of Eggs Affects The Success Rate Of IVF!

The concept of egg quality of a woman is derived from the belief that the embryo implantation probability is powerfully related to the age and ovarian reserve of the woman. Thus, it is regarded that the quality of the egg is almost synonymous with the chances of embryo implantation. Its quality cannot be assessed merely by looking at the egg or measuring its ability to receive the fertilization by sperm or simply observing the initial embryo division.

There are a few important factors that contribute to the success or failure of the embryo implantation and some of them are:

  1. Diminished ovarian reserve: A woman with an increased FSH level on the third day of the menses is regarded as having diminished reserve of the ovary. This implies that her ovary is not competent in sending feedback signals to the pituitary gland and the body responds by producing an increased amount of FSH for stimulating the ovary. For more than 10 years, it has been found that in over thousands of fertility treatment cycles, women with an increased FSH level have a lower egg quality.
  2. The advanced age of maternity: Even though the FSH level is normal, the age of the mother who provides the eggs plays an important role to determine the quality of the egg. Quite like women with increased FSH levels, eggs obtained from women aged more than 40 years can have some problems at a later stage of fertilization. Normal FSH levels are not considered a reassuring factor, owing to the lower implantation rate in females aged over 45 years.
  3. Diminished quality of egg: With an increase in age, the capacity of the mitochondria in producing energy slowly decreases. The egg is linked to the circulation before ovulation, and it is linked again after the embryo implantation. But during the one week time ranging from ovulation to implantation, the egg and the resulting embryo are contained in the zona pellucida and function on the basis of mitochondrial energy supply. The older age of the woman doesn’t cause any problem at the initial stage of ovulation. Its fertilization and embryonic development are also normal. But soon, it runs out of energy and stops dividing before reaching the stage of implantation.

Therefore, it is important to have the eggs tested to find out any sort of chromosomal abnormality. In case the mother is deficient of producing high-quality eggs, the best option is to have donor eggs.

Mitochondrial Concept:

Mitochondrial replacement (MRT, sometimes called mitochondrial donation) is a special form of in vitro fertilization in which the future baby's mitochondrial DNA comes from a third party. This technique is used in cases when mothers carry genes for mitochondrial diseases. The two most common techniques in the mitochondrial donation are pronuclear transfer and maternal spindle transfer.

Cells are the tiniest part of an organism including the human body but has various parts within, which have specific functions. The mitochondria, for instance, are the batteries of the cells and produce energy for all functions, including cellular movement and adequate cellular function.

The egg, being a single cell, also is highly dependent on the mitochondria for its optimal function. For an egg to be healthy, it should have optimal energy, and that comes only when the mitochondria is functioning at its best. This determines the overall quality of the egg too. Poor eggs, it is well established, is one of the major cause of infertility, as it cannot implant itself and sustain the entire term of pregnancy.
Studies have confirmed that eggs have more mitochondria than normal cells, as their energy requirements are higher.

The ovaries have cells called precursor cells, which eventually can become eggs and get fertilized. Studies have shown that when mitochondria from these precursor cells are infused into the fertilized egg, the overall quality of the egg improves and therefore improves chances of fertilization.

The mitochondrial transfer is the new technique which is being developed and has resulted in a baby but involves third-party IVF and hence is in an ethical debate.

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What are specific foods (veg) and fruits to be taken for increase the hcg level after et in ivf process. After 15th - 158 after 17th - 215 susten 200 mg, susten sr, aquagest 100 mg injection instead of susten 100 mg (due to more pain ),evatone 2 mg, kq100, ferticell, zilargyn powder. Pls suggest foods and any others ways to final confirmation of pregnancy. On may 25th suggested for scan. Pls do the needful.

If it's a healthy pregnancy back increases by itself. Not heard of photo progestagens. Progestagens like duphaston, susten help to improve literally support for pregnancy. Hcg stimulates literally cells to produce progesterone which supports pregnancy.
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Risks Involved In Getting Pregnant Through IVF!

Risks Involved In Getting Pregnant Through IVF!

Giving birth to a baby is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful experiences in a woman's life. It makes them feel complete as an individual and also strengthens their relationship with their spouse. But unfortunately, all couples cannot conceive in a natural way. But there is nothing to feel sad about as with the advancement in medical technology, one can avail the high-tech fertility treatments to fulfill their dream of holding their baby in their lap. In vitro fertilization often shortened as IVF is one of the most popular artificial reproductive techniques that help to conceive. Basically, in this process eggs and ovary are combined in the laboratory.

How is IVF helpful?
IVF has emerged as a hope for all those couples who have been trying to have a baby for years. It helps the woman to get pregnant if she is suffering from a problem associated with egg quality, ovulation, endometriosis or blockage of the fallopian tube. It is also helpful in case your partner has a problem with sperm mortality or sperm count.

Side effects and risks associated with IVF Treatment: According to the current evidence, there are no serious side effects associated with in vitro fertility treatment. The medicines which are used for inducing the process of superovulation involved in IVF and other fertility treatments are also used in various other forms of fertility treatments. IVF was discovered some 30 years back. It has proven itself as one of the safest processes that come up with no long-term risk to the mother or the baby. Ovulation Hyperstimulation Syndrome happens to one percent of women out of all who opt for this treatment for conceiving a baby.

The specialists who are experienced are better at predicting which woman is at risk of OHSS. The expert medical professionals are trained for recognizing and managing symptoms.

This treatment might also cause potential complications to the baby like premature delivery or low birth weight, which increases the risk of birth defects or even death of the neonate. It is always recommended to consult an expert physician to get a better idea about the treatment and its associated pros and cons.

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IVF - Know Merits Of It!

IVF - Know Merits Of It!

Are you one of those couples who has been diagnosed with infertility? Then you would know that it is impossible for people on the outside to understand the level of suffering and struggle you go through. You make desperate efforts to overcome the problem, but with technology advancements, there are procedures that can help deal with the condition effectually. IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is a medical fertilization process where an egg is combined or fertilized by a sperm outside of the living organism or the body or ‘in vitro’ environment.

In IVF, which is a kind of ART or Assisted Reproductive Technology, once the embryo or embryos are formed, they are transferred into the uterus. Since its invention, IVF has helped over millions of couples conceive and enjoy complete happiness.

To know more about how IVF can help people, continue reading.

  1. Couples can have a baby despite having Infertility issues: Whether a couple suffers from low sperm counts, any damage or issues with the fallopian tubes or the uterus, endometriosis, irregular ovulation or any other infertility problems, IVF still makes healthy and successful pregnancy possible. With having a reliable success record, the advanced technology of IVF is also safer.
  2. IVF boosts the chance of healthy pregnancy as well as a healthy baby: PGD or Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis being possible in IVF, it not only makes pregnancy possible but also ensures the health of the child. This diagnosis helps in identifying whether the embryo has any chromosomal deficiencies or not before it is implanted inside the uterus.
  3. IVF lets couples have more control over WHEN they want a baby: While to get pregnant naturally, couples have to try for years, IVF lets couples have more control over the time when they want a baby. Be it the gap between the two or more children or planning the birth of a child at a certain time or getting pregnant at the right time, IVF offers everything and makes it rather easy.
  4. IVF lets couples enjoy more options of having babies: When it comes down to having babies, IVF simply gives aspiring parents more options. From allowing women the chance to have children even after menopause, to storing the sperm and eggs for future use, IVF helps people in materializing their dream of having children in every possible way.
  5. IVF also lets same-sex couples and single women to have babies: IVF has made it possible for single women and same-sex couples to have children of their own. Yes, it is IVF, which gives such people the opportunity to become parents with the help of donor sperms or donor eggs. Especially, for those who fail to acquire satisfactory results through IUI, IVF turns out to be the next best option for potential patients to fulfil their dream of becoming parents.

One must also remember that opting for IVF doesn’t always mean success as the ultimate accomplishment of this assisted reproductive technology depends on various factors, such as health and quality of the eggs, the fertility of the sperm and a healthy uterus that can carry the embryo successfully. Consult with an IVF specialist in case you lack any of the necessary variants, as IVF still may have a solution for you.

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I am 23 years old female I am married 1 year ago no child my husband to travel to belgium refugees also me a live mogadishu my problem is fertility because I have a hyperthyroidism I'm coming to doctor than I treating next checked all hormones all stable normal also pelvic ultrasound is normal but no fertility doctor I asked you clomifene citrate tablet can I take.

I am 23 years old female I am married 1 year ago no child my husband to travel to belgium refugees also me a live mog...
clomiphene is taken for inducing ovulation. being young, and hopefully have normal cycles and no PCO problem then there is no need to take this tablet. since you will be ovulating naturally. try technique of fertile period. After taking tab like ovulation inducing drugs one needs to go for follicular monitoring. becoz one needs to know when you are going to ovulate. Also does it cause any bad effect on uterus lining which may have negative effect. this will be known by gynaecology doc. take it under medical supervision it will help you more
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