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Garden City Clinic General Physician Clinic Nr ChinnappaGarden, sultanapalya Bangalore
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Our goal is to offer our patients, and all our community the most affordable, trustworthy and professional service to ensure your best health....more
Our goal is to offer our patients, and all our community the most affordable, trustworthy and professional service to ensure your best health.
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Garden City Clinic is known for housing experienced General Physicians. Dr. Afroz Ahmed, a well-reputed General Physician, practices in Bangalore. Visit this medical health centre for General Physicians recommended by 75 patients.


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Hello sir last week mene apni gf k sath sex kiya tha 2 month k bd but sir 30 mnt foreplay k bd jase hi mene intercourse kiya wase hi sperm out ho gya kuch der bd second time kiya tb sir 6 ya 7 mnt tk chala sir khi mujhe PE ki prob to nhi h agar h to suggest me sir I am waiting for your helpful answer.

BAMS, M.D.Alternative Medicines
Ayurveda, Belgaum
Hello sir last week mene apni gf k sath sex kiya tha 2 month k bd but sir 30 mnt foreplay k bd jase hi mene intercour...
Hello, your Problems- 1. Premature ejaculation. 2. Performance Anxiety. Generally Average sex time varies from 5 to 15 min. Sex time is not same for every person. Different for every person. CAUSES - 1.HORMONAL-sex hormone and thyroid hormones disturbances 2. Neuromuscular weakness. 3.Infections. 4.Performance anxiety stress 5.Hurried sexual Act. 6.Lack of proper sex education 7.Ejaculatory system weakness and pelvic floor muscles weakness. SOLUTION - 1.Exercises -Kegel's and pelvic floor exercises. 2.Yogasan-Halasan vajrasan pavanmuktasa Bhujnagasan 3.Start stop method. 4.Squeeze Method. 5. Counselling -Managing stress anxiety. 6.Wearing Thick condoms. 7.Masturbation 1 hr before sex. 8. Extending Fore play. 9.Using desensitizers. 10. Changing sex positions e.g.Left lateral position increases sex time. HOME REMEDIES- 1.Jamun seeds powder 1 tsf twice a day after food. 2.Nutmeg fruit powder 1 tsf twice a day after food. HERB REMEDIES - 1.Akarakarabha churna 1 gm twice a day or Before sex 2 hrs. 2.Utangan beej churna 1 gm twice a day or 2 hrs before sex. TREATMENT DEPENDS UPON THE UNDERLINE CAUSE. You need proper education treatment and counselling for your problem. I have very good ayurvedic treatment for your problem. No side effects. I can increase your sex time safe and naturally. You can consult me for your problem. I wish you happy healthy and properous life ahead. GOD BLESS YOU
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Please suggest I Just want to know how obesity is linked with lack of proper sleep what can I do for getting proper sleep.

B.Sc. - Dietitics / Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Gwalior
Please suggest I Just want to know how obesity is linked with lack of proper sleep what can I do for getting proper s...
Dear definitely sleep is important tool for weight loss. It's affected your metabolism. So proper take sleep 7-8 hr in a day.
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Hi, Mobile use karne par meri ankhe(eyes) bahut dard karti hai. Please suggest what is reason.

Master of Physiotherapy, Bachelor in Physiotherapy
Physiotherapist, Guwahati
Hi, Mobile use karne par meri ankhe(eyes) bahut dard karti hai. Please suggest what is reason.
Hi lybrate-user The term eye strain describes a group of symptoms which occur in some people after extended use of the eyes. Extended computer use or mobile inadequate or excessive lighting may cause eye strain, but there are no permanent consequences of this. Common precipitating factors for the onset of eye strain include extended use of a computer or video monitor, straining to see in very dim light, and exposure to extreme brightness or glare. Many people will blink less than normal when performing extended visual tasks. This decreased blinking may lead to dryness of the ocular surface and symptoms of dry eyes. Regards.
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Hi, I am taking daily 38 units of Insugen 50/50 100 iu in Morning time and 30 units in Night time. Can I take same dosage 38 units and 30 units with Insugen 50/50 40iu with 100 units syringe?

MBBS, CCEBDM, Diploma in Diabetology, Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, Cetificate Course In Thyroid Disorders Management (CCMTD)
Endocrinologist, Hubli-Dharwad
Hi, I am taking daily 38 units of Insugen 50/50 100 iu in Morning time and 30 units in Night time. Can I take same do...
Mr. lybrate-user, Thanks for the query. You can take insulin mentioned with a 40 units syringe, but you will have to change the quantity proportionately. 100 iu /ml has more insulin in one ml compared to 40 iu / ml vial. So the quantity has to be increased by 2.5 times. To get amount of insulin. To avoid this confusion, it is better to stick to 100 iu/ml Insulin. Thanks.
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Does Traction Help a Bent Penis?

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Does Traction Help a Bent Penis?

The appearance of a guy's penis can be a matter of great concern to a man. Every guy wants to sport a handsome penis, and so men may spend time admiring or worrying over their manhood. A frequent concern occurs when the penis is curved; a certain amount of curvature may be considered attractive, but when a man has a severely bent penis, it may cause anguish. And beyond the physical appearance, a really bent penis can be a penis health issue. When the curvature is extreme enough to cause pain or interfere with sexual functioning, steps may need to be taken to address the issue. One strategy is using a traction device to help lessen the curvature. But is this a medically sound option?

Peyronie's disease

Often when a bent penis is severely affected, a man may be diagnosed with Peyronie's disease. Named after the doctor who first described the condition, Peyronie's disease is generally caused when the penis experiences trauma or injury. This may be a direct blow to the penis, as when a baseball traveling at great speed hits the groin, or it may come about from the penis being handled too roughly during sex. In the latter, the condition is likely to result from repeated instances of rough handling.

When the penis is injured, a small amount of scar tissue, called plaque, forms as part of the healing process. If the injury is large enough, or if repeated trauma causes more layers of scar tissue to form on top of each other, it can result in curving. This occurs because the plaque lacks the elasticity of regular penis tissue. So when the penis becomes erect, the damaged side of the penis can't stretch as far as the other side, causing the penis to bend.

In some cases, this causes pain when the penis becomes erect. It also may bring about erectile dysfunction. If the curvature is severe enough, it may preclude the possibility of intercourse.


In a small number of cases (usually of the milder variety), Peyronie's goes away without treatment. And in some cases, the degree of curvature is not severe enough to require treatment.

But in other cases, a doctor may recommend a number of treatments. These range from oral medications to injections to surgery. One option sometimes recommended is traction.


Most treatments for a severely bent penis haven't undergone rigorous clinical trials, so assessing their effectiveness is difficult. But at least one trial involving penile traction therapy showed promise. Involving 55 men with Peyronie's disease, the study found an average decrease in curvature of 20 degrees; plaque disappeared in 48% of the patients. And the rate of those unable to achieve penetration fell from 62% to 20%.

For the study, the men used a traction device, often called a penis extender. The device attaches at the base of the penis and again underneath the glans. It is then extended, pulling and stretching the penis. The men in the study were instructed to wear the device for 6-9 hours each day for 6 months.

Based on the results of this study, it seems that traction may be an option for some men with a very bent penis. However, there are drawbacks; not all men responded to the treatment, and there is some degree of pain and discomfort associated with penis stretching.

Men with Peyronie's should definitely consult with a doctor to see if they should consider any kind of treatment.

Whether or not using traction to treat a bent penis, men should be sure to use a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to keep the penis in good health. One with vitamin C is especially urged, as this vitamin helps produce collagen, which in turn supports penile elasticity. Also welcome in a crème is L-arginine, which can help restore penis sensitivity after rough handling of the organ.

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My creatinine ratio is 31.09 . I am on protein rich diet n do workout at gym do I need to worry or only drinking 5-6ltrs of water will help.

Diploma In Human Nutrition, Certified Diabetes Educator, Diploma in Holistic Nutrition, Diploma in Sport & Exercise Nutrition, Lifestyle Medicine, BSc
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Bangalore
My creatinine ratio is 31.09 . I am on protein rich diet n do workout at gym do I need to worry or only drinking 5-6l...
If you are taking protein supplements then better reduce / stop. Protein from food is ok. Drink lukewarm lemon water.
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All About Oral Sex

Sexologist, Lucknow
All About Oral Sex

Oral sex: what is it?

Oral sex refers to oral (mouth and tongue) stimulation of the genitals or other areas of the body. Fellatio refers to oral stimulation of the penis; cunnilingus refers to oral stimulation of the vulva (the external part of the vagina). Anilingus refers to oral stimulation of the anal opening also known as" rimming" or anal oral sex.

The penis is the most sensitive at the tip, or glans, including the frenulum (y-shaped area), the underside of the penis where the glans meets the shaft. The bottom ridge of the glans or the corona is also very sensitive.

The part of the vulva that is frequently stimulated during oral sex is called the clitoris. It’s a small, round lump of tissue about the size of a button, just above the vaginal opening, and is highly sensitive to touch because of the large network of nerve endings. The clitoral glans is covered by a hood when not aroused or when highly aroused. Individuals may prefer to be touched on the hood, which partly covers the clitoris, since the clitoris is highly sensitive to the touch. The clitoris extends into two branches on either side of the vaginal opening about 3.5 inches long and fills with blood when highly aroused.

What part does communication play during oral sex?

It’s been said many times before: people need to find a way to communicate with each other in order to enhance their sexual experience. It’s certainly true during oral sex. The receiving partner should communicate their sexual needs. Acknowledging at the beginning that making adjustments is normal and fun. You might find that saying what feels good works well, or you might prefer not to speak but rather to indicate your likes and dislikes in other ways. This could include making sounds or using your hands to help guide or move the person to another place on your body.

Orgasm and women

Sex surveys of women report that most achieve orgasm more easily from oral or manual stimulation rather than during penetrative intercourse. Because the tongue is soft, warm and lubricated, a woman may find that this provides such intense stimulation that it becomes the best means for achieving orgasm. Each person is unique. For some women, oral sex will become part of a sexual repertoire. For others, it will become the primary sexual behavior of choice.

Are there risks associated with oral genital contact?

Many people feel safe engaging in this behavior because they know there is no risk of pregnancy. There are, however, other considerations. Some stis (sexually transmitted infections), such as herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, hiv, hpv, trichomoniasis and syphilis can be transmitted through oral-genital contact. For example, oral herpes (cold sores) can be transmitted to the genitals and genital herpes can be transmitted to the mouth. The herpes virus can be transmitted without visible sores or an outbreak. Hiv may be transmitted through oral genital sex when hiv is in semen, vaginal secretions, or blood that enters the mucus membranes or abrasions in the mouth and throat. Hiv is not spread through saliva.

 Now a word about hygiene

For most people, cleanliness is an important consideration. Consider showering or bathing prior to sexual activity. It removes the daily dirt, sweat and other materials that accumulate over the course of the day.

Vaginal douching is not recommended. Douching is washing or “cleaning” out the inside of the vagina with water or other mixtures of fluids, which can lead to various health problems such as making a person more susceptible to infection due to changing the normal flora in the vagina. Anal douching is also not recommended. Using a mild soap and warm water is all that is needed.

For an individual with an uncircumcised penis, pull back the foreskin to wash thoroughly.

Circumcised individuals also need to maintain good hygiene as the absence of foreskin can cause the glans of the penis to come in direct contact with sweat and bacteria.

 Questions about oral sex-

What if my partner doesn’t want to perform oral sex?

Individuals have different sexual likes and dislikes. These differences should be respected. However, it’s possible that a person’s dislike of this sexual act is based on hygienic concerns. If so, see our section on hygiene. It’s also possible that a person is concerned about disease transmission. Try talking with your partner about their feelings and why they’re feeling that way. Time and increasing intimacy can help an individual be more comfortable with oral sex.

What is safer oral sex?

It’s possible that the use of a latex barrier such as an oral (dental) dam, a thin square of latex used to cover a person’s body part or a non-lubricated condom cut open placed between the mouth and genitals would make the behavior more appealing, and certainly less risky in terms of sti transmission.

For oral sex on a penis, should I spit or swallow the ejaculate?

This is a personal preference. Some don’t mind swallowing while others may find it unappealing. For others, it might be strictly based on the taste (salty or bitter) and texture (thin or viscous) of the ejaculate. It is important to spit or swallow immediately following to keep the ejaculate from entering any cuts on the inside of the mouth. If your concern about swallowing is about ingesting hormones, rest assured that even though the testicles produce most of the hormones, they are not released into the ejaculate. If the concern is about calories, the approximate teaspoonful of ejaculate is low calorie (about 5 calories). Based on information from the cdc, you can reduce your risk for stis by not allowing your partner to ejaculate in your mouth.

I’ve never done this before…will I enjoy it?

There is a range of feelings expressed about this sexual behavior. They include those who truly enjoy performing oral sex, to those who don’t find anything particularly special about it but want to do it for their partner, to those who don’t want anything to do with it. Many people would probably say that it indicates a degree of intimacy for another person, intimacy that can’t be expressed in any other way. A person’s feelings can change over time and from one partner to another. If it is something you’re intrigued about, you can find books and other resources with additional information and insight.

मेनोपॉज या (मासिकधर्म) के दौरान वजाइना में होने वाले बदलाव और उनका उपचार

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Allahabad

मेनोपॉज  या (मासिकधर्म) के दौरान वजाइना में होने वाले बदलाव और उनका उपचार

जीवन में बहुत सी अच्छी बातें घटती हैं, समय के साथ इंसान की उम्र भी कम होने लगती है और वह बूढ़ा भी होने लगता है। महिलाओं की बात करें तो उनके साथ कई घटनायें ऐसी होती हैं जो पुरुषों से अलग हैं। मेनोपॉज उम्र के एक पड़ाव के बाद होने वाली एक ऐसी ही प्राकृतिक क्रिया है। सामान्यतया मेनोपॉज का समय 40 के बाद का माना जाता है। इस दौरान महिलाओं के शरीर में बदलाव होते हैं साथ ही महिला के योनि में भी बदलाव दिखते हैं। इस लेख में जानते हैं उन बदलावों के बारे में और उनके उपायों के बारे में।

सूखेपन की समस्या

मेनोपॉज के दौरान महिलाओं को शारीरिक और मानसिक समस्याओं का सामना करना पड़ता है। इस दौरान महिलाओं की योनि में सबसे अधिक समस्या सूखेपन की होती है। इस समस्या के कारण महिला बहुत असहज हो जाती है। इस दौरान यौन संबंध बहुत ही कष्टकारी होता है। क्योंकि महिला के शरीर से नैचुरल लुब्रीकेंट निकलना बंद हो जाता है।

एस्ट्रोजन की कमी

महिलाओं में एस्ट्रोजन नामक हार्मोन होता है, मेनोपॉज के दौरान एस्ट्रोजन हार्मोन का स्राव कम होने लगता है जिसकी वजह से योनि में सूखेपन की समस्या अधिक होती है।

ढीलेपन की समस्या

एस्ट्रोजन हार्मोन की कमी के कारण महिलाओं की शारीरिक क्षमता कम होने लगती है। एस्ट्रोजन हार्मोन वजाइना को शिथिल यानी गीलापन बनाये रखने में मदद करता है, लेकिन जब यह कम हो जता है तो योनि ढीली होने लगती है। इसके कारण ही महिलाओं में यौन इच्छा समाप्त होने लगती है।

क्या तरीके आजमायें

इस दौरान महिला के अंदर चिड़चिड़ेपन की समस्या बढ़ जाती है जिसे संभालना महिला के लिए मुश्किल भी हो सकता है। योनि में सूखेपन के कारण अधिक समस्या होती है। इसे दूर करने के लिए महिला को मॉइश्चराइजर का प्रयोग करना चाहिए। नारियल का तेल योनि पर लगाना बेहतर विकल्प हो सकता है। इसमें एंटी-बैक्टीरियल और एंटी-फंगल गुण होते हैं जो संक्रमण से भी बचाता है। इस दौरान हार्मोन थेरेपी कराने के कई खतरे हो सकते हैं, ऐसे में बेहतर और सुरक्षित विकल्प के लिए एस्ट्रोजन थेरेपी का सहारा आप ले सकती हैं। इससे योनि में सूखेपन की समस्या दूर हो जाती है। अगर मूड स्विंग और अनिद्रा की समस्या अधिक हो तो आप एस्ट्रोजन की गोलियां या फिर इंजेक्शन ले सकती हैं। इसके अलावा हमेशा चिकित्सक के संपर्क में रहें और उसे हर बात बतायें।

मेनोपॉज के लक्षण

- महिलाओं में मेनोपॉज का समय 40 साल या उससे अधिक होता है, इस दौरान मासिक धर्म बंद हो जाता है।
- वजन बढ़ने लगता है, खासकर कूल्हों और नितंबों के पास की चर्बी बढ़ने लगती है।
- योनि संकीर्ण होने लगती है और उससे तरल पदार्थ निकलना बंद हो जाता है।
- मूड स्विंग, अवसाद, सिरदर्द, अनिद्रा आदि समस्या होने लगती है।
- जोड़ों में दर्द की समस्या होने लगती है।
- इससे बचने के लिए नियमित व्यायाम करें, नियमित रूप से चिकित्सक के संपर्क में रहें।

23 years old BURPING since last 3 years - Root causes & how to overcome it, with Specific Diet & Exercises. Do's & Don'ts.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Ayurveda, Doctor of Philosophy - Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Pune
23 years old BURPING since last 3 years - Root causes & how to overcome it, with Specific Diet & Exercises. Do's & Do...
Dear Lybrate user, Greetings of the day. Burping is a sign of lots of gases accumulated in the stomach due to following reasons: 1. Indigestion 2. Overeating 3. Eating too much of pulses, sprouts and raw vegetables and salads 4. Poor quantity of ghee and oil in the diet 5. Constipation etc. Treatment: 1. Avoid raw vegetables and salads and sprouts 2. Control quantity of pulses 3. Don't overeat. Eat meal lighter to digest like cooked food, rice roti. 4. Eat 1/4 the quantity less than you need to fill up the stomach. 5. Home remedy: Take 1 glass of hot water. Squeeze one forth medium sized lemon in it. Put salt and sugar to taste. And put 2 pinches of dried ginger powder. This drink help in relieving burps, if taken before food or when the trouble is there. 6. Take a walk for at least 30 min. A day. All the best and have a nice day.
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Simple Tips to Get the Most Handsome Penis Around

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Simple Tips to Get the Most Handsome Penis Around

As every man knows, a handsome penis relies a great deal on proper penis care. The right care regimen can help keep the penis skin smooth, supple and ready for action. It can alleviate bumps and irritations that lead to an unsightly look. It can even help ensure that a man sports a healthy, red penis filled with blood at the most opportune moment!

But sometimes, even men who feel like old pros at good penis care will find that something is missing. They want to have an even more handsome penis, but nothing they try is working. That's when these important tips come into play.

1) Never use the death grip. Using the 'death grip' during masturbation produces intense friction, which can lead to intense orgasms. But it can also lead to a serious decline in penis health, as the grip disrupts the flow of blood and can leave the penis sore, raw and irritated. Go easy, and use lube, to keep the handsome penis every man desires.

2) Pay attention to overall health. Just as bad habits can affect skin on the rest of the body, the same is true of the penis. For instance, smoking is notoriously bad for the skin, as is a lack of sleep, among others. Taking good care of overall health can result in a vast improvement in penis skin.

3) Brush up on penis cleaning skills. Though most men are sure they know how to clean their equipment, it never hurts to look for new tips to help keep the skin looking its best. Use a gentle cleanser, one that is specially formulated for use on very sensitive skin. Avoid soap, as this has a drying effect. Gently clean every bit of skin, including under the foreskin and in the area around the balls. Groom carefully if using a razor or other tool to shave the area. Then dry off with a soft towel by patting the skin thoroughly, never rubbing - that could lead to more irritation.

4) Avoid potential irritants. Be wary of changing what works. For example, if using a particular detergent has always worked just fine, stay with that brand - don't switch, even for a much better deal at the store. A new detergent can be the culprit when it comes to rashes or other irritations. The same is true of other products used in the home on a regular basis.

5) Catch problems as soon as they start. A daily inspection of the penis can help ensure that all is well. If something looks odd, such as a surprise irritation on the shaft or a lesion or bruise on the head, pay close attention. If it gets any worse, take the time to go to the doctor. By catching small problems well before they can become big ones, a man makes certain to keep his penis skin and overall penis health in great shape.

6) Use a superior penis health crème. Wrap up every day with the use of a powerful penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). The right crème will contain a plethora of ingredients in a formula specially designed for penis skin. These ingredients should include vitamin A for odor control, vitamin B5 for skin health, and vitamins C and D for their overall health properties. L-carnitine is a good idea, as it promotes better health of the nerve endings, and so is L-arginine, as it promotes healthy blood flow. Finally, look to Shea butter and vitamin E to keep the skin supple, smooth and ready for action.

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Foods To Avoid In Ulcerative Colitis

M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management , Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application, P.G.Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics , B.Sc.Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai
Foods To Avoid In Ulcerative Colitis

Foods To Avoid In Ulcerative Colitis

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Does Size Really Matter For Women?

Sexologist, Lucknow
Does Size Really Matter For Women?

Every single woman is an individual, and you can’t generalize to all women.

  • But you’ll be happy to know that actually, size really doesn’t matter to most females. It does matter to some females.
  • Some women can have just a little bit wider vaginas than other women do. For example, women who have given birth vaginally to children, and/or who are not very physically active, and/or who do not practice kegel exercises regularly can sometimes (but not always) be a little wider. These women may prefer men who are a little bit thicker (but not necessarily longer).
  • In fact, where size is concerned, most women think it’s girth that matters, not length. She just want to be able to feel you inside. So if there’s a mismatch between the girth/width/whatever of a woman’s vagina, and the girth/width/whatever of a man’s penis, that can be disappointing – as much for the man as it is for the woman.
  • An average-sized penis is perfectly adequate to satisfy the vast majority of women. And a particularly long penis can actually hurt.
  • The size of a man’s penis is not a reflection of his sexual adequacy any more than the size of a woman’s vagina is a reflection on hers.
  • One more very important point: most women do not orgasm through penis-in-vagina intercourse. Some do (approximately 25%,). The remaining 75% need a man to focus on stimulating her clitoris and/or other parts of her vulva, and/or her g-spot. This can be done with the penis, but in that case the size of your penis really doesn’t matter one bit. And a majority of women seem to prefer oral sex (cunnilingus). No penis needed at all.
  • For women, achieving orgasm isn’t a simple in-and-out procedure the way it is for men. You’re going to have to start all over again with every single woman you have sex with, learning what works for her. So you may be figuring out by now, verbal communication is key.

Tingling in body, back pain and faint like feeling for 2 days after sex. What should i do?

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Jaipur
Tingling in body, back pain and faint like feeling for 2 days after sex. What should i do?
Yes dear use ghee garliac and milk cap ashvagandha satvari 1-1 after food with milk and musli pak 1 tea spoon with milk at night for One month.
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Sir/madam muzay sex stamina bahut kam hai, meyra virya 15 ya 16 second mey nikal aata hai pl help.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Jaipur
Sir/madam muzay sex stamina bahut kam hai, meyra virya 15 ya 16 second mey nikal aata hai pl help.
Avoid spicy food tab. Virvya stamban vati 2-2- with water cap shilajeet cap ashvagandha cap satavari 1-1 bd after food with milk.
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Home Remedy For Heart Attack

BSc - Food & Applied Nutrition, MSc - Food & Applied Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Faridabad
Home Remedy For Heart Attack

Today we have come up with the Home Remedy to treat Heart Attack.

Terminalia Arjuna ia a herb which is antioxidant, reduces cholestrol and reduces BP and useful in diabetes all at the same time.


  • Arjuna herb works as a heart tonic that helps maintain heart health.
  • Arjuna helps to maintain normal blood pressure.
  • Arjuna promotes proper blood flow and normal homocysteine levels.
  • Heart muscles are strengthened by arjuna.
  • Arjuna supports the blood's absorption of lipids indicating it has cholesterol-regulating properties.
  • Arjuna herb helps to reduces the effects of stress and nervousness on the heart.
  • Arjuna supports the heart's energy output, and enhances overall energy levels, stamina, immunity, and cellular health.
  • Arjuna Powder reduces hypertension and bad cholesterol (LDL). It is rich in magnesium, zinc, calcium, copper and improves the function of the heart.

How to Use Arjuna:

1.A tablespoon of bark powder is added to 2 cups of water, boiled and reduced to half a cup, fltered and consumed when hot.

2. It can be consumed in the form of milk remedy: It's bark powder made into water decoction and consumed ina dose of 50 ml once or twice a day before food.


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Masturbating Too Much: Is It Even Possible?

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Masturbating Too Much: Is It Even Possible?

Men really love to enjoy their equipment, and for most that means masturbating on a regular basis, even if they are in a sexual relationship with a partner. After all, regular masturbation is an important part of good penis care. And besides that, it feels delightful!

But there are quite a few websites out there that suggest masturbation might actually be harmful, especially if a man does it too often. Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Let's explore what it means to have a healthy masturbating schedule versus masturbating way too much.

What indicates too much masturbating?

There is really no ideal number for the times a man should masturbate in a day or in a week. However, there are some signs that indicate a guy is enjoying the pleasure a little too much. These usually happen when there are adverse consequences to what he's doing.

1) Penis injuries. A man who masturbates too much can actually wind up damaging his penis. This is especially true when a man ignores lube and uses the 'death grip' to pleasure himself. A guy can wind up with a sore penis, redness or other irritations that make it uncomfortable to touch his equipment. He might also eventually wind up with a severe curvature of the penis from a buildup of scar tissue; this can happen when a man persists in obsessive masturbation for a long period of time.

2) Problems in relationships. If a man finds himself at the receiving end of an emotional tirade from a partner who feels neglected in bed, pay attention - this could be a sign that taking matters into his own hands has become a problem. While masturbation even in the midst of a good sexual relationship is perfectly normal and healthy, if a man is masturbating so often that he doesn't want to have sex with his partner, that's a huge red flag that things have gone too far.

3) Constant distraction. A man who is constantly thinking about the next time he will masturbate, to the point of neglecting his responsibilities or daydreaming about how he will do it next, can mean there's an issue that needs to be addressed. Though this kind of attitude can be normal when a man is first exploring his body and learning about it, anyone who has been sexually active for a few years should be able to keep thoughts about masturbation on a more appropriate level.

4) Problems in other areas of life. A guy who misses work to masturbate, avoids going out with friends or chooses to opt out of sexual encounters in order to enjoy his own hand might be facing serious problems. When masturbating begins to adversely affect a man's social and work life, it's time to get professional help.

5) No more ejaculation. A guy who masturbates too much can tap the bottom of the well, so to speak - leaving him with nothing more to give. A guy who constantly has 'dry' releases and worries because he can't produce any ejaculate is someone who might be masturbating too much.

If a guy is worried about masturbating too much, it's important that he tries to gradually cut back. If he finds that he can't do this on his own, professional help is available. In the meantime, he can help eliminate some of the soreness and pain from overhandling with the use of a specially formulated penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Look for a crème with Shea butter and vitamin E to soothe the skin, as well as L-carnitine to help protect the peripheral nerves that might suffer from excessive masturbation.

Strange Penis Problems: Accidental Ejaculation

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Strange Penis Problems: Accidental Ejaculation

When it comes to a man's penis, he loves to be in control of it. He wants to make sure it gets the pleasure and care it needs, and in order to do that, he takes steps to create good penis care regimen. He might also take the appropriate steps to help him last longer in the bedroom, so he has good control over when he achieves release. But when it comes to accidental ejaculation, a guy might not have much control at all.

As penis problems go, accidental ejaculation might seem like something that happens only when a man is in bed with a partner and is overcome by the thrill of pleasure. But strangely enough, accidental ejaculation can happen at the most inopportune moments, including when a man is getting his workout on at the gym.

What is accidental ejaculation?

It's just what it sounds like - ejaculation that happens entirely by accident. It might be understandable when it happens in the bedroom, but in the gym it is likely to get a man a few really weird looks - at least. Accidental ejaculation is almost always associated with intense exercises, such as weight lifting or sit ups. Anything that affects the core of the body can lead to erections and yes, accidental ejaculation.

But isn't there any warning?

Interestingly enough, there might not be. Remember that intense exercise means working the core, which requires a lot of crunching, scrunching, bending and otherwise moving in all sorts of directions. This can easily stimulate the prostate. Though there might be an erection that warns a man that things are happening down there, many men report that they aren't hard at all when they experience an accidental release. There might also be much less ejaculate released during the incident, as it is coming from pressure on the prostate, not from any sort of act that might "build up" the volume.

On the other hand, some men eventually learn what it feels like right before it happens. It feels different than an orgasm, but often is just as intense. When a man feels that, he knows that he has the tools to control the penis problems that relate to the issue.

What can a man do about it?

Fortunately, there are a few things he can try. A guy can masturbate before the gym, thus ensuring that there is less of a problem if he does release a bit of ejaculate. A guy can also take the time to pinpoint which exercises he was doing when the accidental ejaculation occurred, and either modify those exercises or abandon them altogether when in a gym setting.

Finally, a guy can wear underwear that will absorb the semen, so that he doesn't have to worry about a wet spot on his clothes, nor does he have to worry about leaving anything behind on machines.

Here's the good news

The best news about accidental ejaculation is that as penis problems go, this one does not indicate a deeper health issue. It is also easy to solve, so a guy can rest assured that once he hits on the triggers that cause the release, he will be able to continue with other exercises without consequence. And of course, masturbation before he hits the gym can "clear the pipes," so to speak, allowing him to exercise without worry.

In the meantime, a guy should always take care to use a powerful penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). A man who is working out often can expect to sweat, which will then deplete the body of moisture and leave it too dry. Shea butter and vitamin E can help alleviate that problem with a powerful one-two punch of hydration.

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