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Dr. S. V. Krishna Sharath


Dentist, Visakhapatnam

5 Years Experience  ·  100 at clinic
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Dr. S. V. Krishna Sharath BDS Dentist, Visakhapatnam
5 Years Experience  ·  100 at clinic
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Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; a......more
Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile! I want to let you know that here at my office my staff and I will do our best to make you comfortable. I strongly believe in ethics; as a health provider being ethical is not just a remembered value, but a strongly observed one.
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Dr. S. V. Krishna Sharath is a trusted Dentist in Venkoji Palam, Visakhapatnam. He has been a successful Dentist for the last 5 years. He has done BDS . You can consult Dr. S. V. Krishna Sharath at sri vijaya sai multispeciality dental clinic in Venkoji Palam, Visakhapatnam. Don’t wait in a queue, book an instant appointment online with Dr. S. V. Krishna Sharath on has a number of highly qualified Dentists in India. You will find Dentists with more than 26 years of experience on You can find Dentists online in Visakhapatnam and from across India. View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision.


BDS - sri sai dental college and Research Institute - 2013
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Hi, I have mouth ulcer since past two months. I mean a blister over my right side of tongue. Please suggest me some sort of medication.

MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dentist, Chennai
If the mouth ulcer is causing a lot of pain, gently rub a small ice cube over the spot or rinse your mouth with ice-cold water. You could also chew on a clove bud (lavang) and direct the juice generated to the area where the ulcer is located. Clove buds are a great ingredient to cure sore throat too. To prevent the ulcerated area from getting infected, make it a point to rinse your mouth with a little salt water. Remember, this won’t make the ulcer disappear, but it can help reduce the pain. Honey is a natural humectant. It helps reduce scarring and hastens the process of new tissue growth. This, along with its anti-microbial effect ensures faster healing of the mouth ulcer. Chew a few leaves of tulsi along with some water about three to four times every day. This will help in getting rid of ulcers faster and also have a preventive action against their recurrence. Applying a little coconut oil directly onto the mouth ulcer or chewing some coconut (fresh or dry) helps reduce pain and inflammation and hence, ulcers heal faster. Mix some sugar to crushed khus-khus seeds and consume this mixture for instant relief from ulcers. You could apply a little ghee directly to the ulcerated area, or drink a glass of buttermilk two or three times every day. Mouth ulcers left untreated generally go away in a week or so; with these home remedies, you can expect faster relief. However, if you notice an ulcer in the mouth that is persistently present although it does not cause you any pain, do not neglect it or try to treat it with home remedies beyond a few days. Make it a point to see a doctor soon because often, a painless mouth ulcer is one of the earliest signs of oral cancer.
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Dentist, Gurgaon
There are many reasons your gums could bleed.

In some cases, bleeding gums can be a sign of gingivitis, the early stage of periodontal disease. If your gums bleed easily or bleed when you brush, talk to your dentist about your oral health. Gingivitis is reversible and preventable.

Some pregnant women develop a condition known as “pregnancy gingivitis,” an inflammation of the gums that can cause swelling and tenderness. Gums also may bleed a little when brushing or flossing.
If you take blood thinners, these medications may cause your gums to bleed. Contact your physician if the bleeding does not stop quickly. Your gums could also be bleeding if you brush too hard. Use an extra-soft or soft-bristled toothbrush when brushing your teeth.

If your gums bleed regularly or enough to worry you, make an appointment with your dentist. It could be a sign that something else is wrong.

Always remember to brush your teeth twice a day, floss once a day and schedule regular dental visits.
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Hi doctor, I am having a black mark under my teeth I don't have any habit of using tobacco or any other. But still there is a black or brown stains in my teeth. I tried changing the brush and tooth paste but nothing worked out so please help me to rectify this problem. Thank you!

BDS, PG diploma In Smile Designing and Esthectics
Dentist, Thane
The black marks may b due two reasons largely. Either due to prolonged use of chlorhexidine mouthwashes or bacterial stains which is due to inherent colour of residual bacteria in ur mouth. Stop mouthwash if u r using ny or get scaling and polishing done to get rid of the stains
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Dentist, Nagpur
Rinse your mouth with an alchohol-free mouth wash after every meal to avoid the formation of bacteria.

What are the foods a person should eat if he/she is suffering from duodenal ulcers?

Dentist, Saharanpur
What are the foods a person should eat if he/she is suffering from duodenal ulcers?
Avoid hot n spices food n reduce d intake of tea n coffee n drink lots of water n eat fruits n curd m coconut water.
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MDS - Orthodontics
Dentist, Surat
Visit an Orthodontist if your child has habits like thumb sucking, lip biting, tongue thrusting, mouth breathing. These habits may cause irregularity in teeth and jaws and should be prevented at an early stage.

Doctor i have a small outgrowth on my ventral side of the tongue for the past 1.5 years its not growing or there is no any change dm, color or effect. Its look same as it was further. Suggest me

MDS - Oral Medicine and Radiology
Dentist, Nagpur
Any maas or the growth on tongue should be checked as early as possible. Kindly consult oral physician. It may not b a growth or it just a normal anatomy. So kindly consult. Regards
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Causes Behind Tooth Pain!

MD - Bio-Chemistry, MBBS
General Physician, Ahmedabad
Causes Behind Tooth Pain!

Mild to severe tooth pain can turn out to be debilitating and damaging condition if it is persistent. Also, the pain can spread to the rest of the head and give you an uncomfortable ache and tingling sensation all day long. So what are the causes behind tooth pain? Here's our list!

  1. Tooth Decay: The presence of food debris that has not been cleaned out can stay on and cause cavities and persistent tooth pain. This condition can also make the teeth extra sensitive and pain then emanates as a natural response to signify that all is not well in the area. This can also lead to sharp pain when bite an apple or munch on nuts. One must see a dentist for this kind of pain so that scaling and plaque removal can take place. 
  2. Injury: If there is persistent, throbbing pain after eating something that is too hot or too cold, then it might be more than mere tooth sensitivity. This condition could also point at chipped, broken or cracked teeth due to excessive teeth grinding or a fall or accident. It could also be caused due to sports injury. The dentist will usually take a dental X ray to find the cause of the pain and to unravel the extent of the damage as well.
  3. Inflammation: Constant pain may also point at inflammation of the pulp. This may be caused due to damaged roots. If this kind of inflammation comes with bleeding and fever, then you must see a dentist immediately. It can also mean that the pulp or root of the tooth is dying, in which case a root canal may be required. 
  4. Sinus: A dull ache in the sinus area of the upper teeth usually point at sinusitis, which is a condition that emanates due to pain in the nerves of that area. This pain can also happen due to cold and cough as well as an allergic attack that affect the facial muscles due to excessive sneezing and watering of the eyes. Also, a flu and fever can lead to this kind of pain. 
  5. Infection: Inflammation along with fever and bleeding can also point at infection. This can render the complete pulp tissue damaged. Also, the growth of abscess in such cases can cause acute tooth pain. The dentist will usually diagnose the issue with a tooth X ray before prescribing antibiotics and carrying out a root canal for severe cases. 

Persistent toothache with other symptoms should always be checked by a dentist so as to rule out long term damage that can result in tooth loss. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a general physician.

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My teeth are feeling sensitive what I do for make it strong and extra white please help me I am tired with this problem.

Post Graduate Diploma In Hospital Administration (PGDHA), BDS
Dentist, Hyderabad
My teeth are feeling sensitive what I do for make it strong and extra white please help me I am tired with this problem.
For sensitive teeth you can use sensodyne repair & protect tooth paste, for extra whitening you have to go to dentist for bleaching procedure specially done at clinic.
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