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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

You shouldn't ignore these 9 alarming causes of nose bleed!

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Dr. Bulbul GuptaENT Specialist • 24 Years Exp.MBBS, DNB (ENT), DLO - Rhino-Laryngology
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Though nosebleeds are usually not a cause for serious concern, it can sometimes be a scary experience and cause a lot of anxiety. The nose is home to a lot of blood vessels and being fragile they bleed easily. Nosebleeds, however, can be a cause of concern if they happen regularly. While a few factors can be taken care of easily, there are a few rare cases that are actually alarming.

  1. Injury or blow to the nose: Any injury or sudden blow may cause the nose to bleed. The severity of bleeding depends on the intensity and nature of blow/ injury.
  2. SinusitisBleeding is seen in a moderate number of cases of sinusitis. Not every person with sinusitis experiences nose bleeds though.
  3. Hypertension/ high blood pressure: People, who have high blood pressure and one or more of other predisposing factors, might experience nosebleed in some cases. High blood pressure basically increases your chances of experiencing nosebleed.
  4. Liver infection: This condition can be one of the rare causes of nosebleed.
  5. Conditions hampering blood clot formation: There are certain medical conditions in which the blood clot formation does not take place effectively and thus the bleeding incidents can happen with minor causes as well.
  6. Blood thinning medication: People having blood thinning medicines are more prone to experiencing an episode of nose bleed for obvious reasons.
  7. Excessive scratching or sneezing: This might cause the nasal wall to rupture, causing minor bleeding.
  8. Excessive alcohol consumption: In people who consume alcohol in an excessive amount, nose bleeding might occur as an after effect.
  9. Blood cancer/ leukemia: In some cases of leukemia, the patient might experience nosebleed along with other complications.

While some causes can be self-cured at home, a few others need proper treatment from a medical practitioner.

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