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Lipid - Associated Sialic Acid Test

Lipid - Associated Sialic Acid Test

Lipid and associated sialic acids are used to determine the presence of cancer or tumors in the body. The increased levels of the lipids in the blood are associated with breast cancer, colorectal cancer, gynecologic cancer, lung cancer, hematologic malignancies, melanoma, and benign, inflammatory and chronic diseases. Moreover, the decreased value also states that the patient is showing good response toward the treatment that is given to the disease. The test result is not the complete diagnosis of cancer or a tumor but they state the speculation, and hence the proper diagnosis must be made once the result is positive.

To know how to prepare for the test, you must consult with your doctor. Based on your medical history and the different medicines that you are taking the doctor will let you know the different things that you must and must not do before your test. All these instruction given by the doctor should be followed by the patient for the accurate result. Being a blood test, it is essential for the patient to wear the loose clothing so that it is easy for the doctor to take the sample. Foldable full sleeves, half sleeves, and sleeveless tops/shirts are prescribed during the test.

The presence of Lipid and other associated Sialic acids above the reference values states the possibility of cancer or tumor in the body. The reference value may vary from lab to lab but most of the time is taken to be 20mg/dL. The test will be negative if the lipid in the blood serum is less (<20mg/dL). The test will be positive if the lipid is higher (>20mg/dL). When the test result is positive, the doctor will look into the different conditions and start the treatment after further diagnosis.

Spectrophotometry and the colorimetric assay are the two methods that are applied to the blood serum sample to detect the amount of Lipid and other associated Sialic acids. The blood sample is collected by injected the disinfected needle in your elbow. The tube used is a plain red tube that will differentiate the serum from the blood. The collected sample is taken to the lab in the adequately sealed tube and with your name on it. In the colorimetric method, the lipid fraction is extracted from the sample using the chloroform/methanol. Phosphotungstic acid is used for the precipitation of sialic acids.

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