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Weight Loss Program - 7 Healthy Snacking Options To Help You Out!

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Weight Loss Program - 7 Healthy Snacking Options To Help You Out!

Losing weight is easier said than done. When the munchies hit, most of us give up and go grab that bag of processed, trans-fat laden food. And then the guilt that you feel is terrible. So, to counter sudden pangs of hunger, and stay healthy (and guilt-free), here are some healthy snack foods you can chew on:

  1. Nuts: Tastier version to appetite subduing snacks! This is the best snack you can carry when you are going on a long journey. Toss some almonds or bhuna channa or figs, walnuts and pistachios, and fill a container that you can easily carry in your bag. So, if you’re on an airplane, instead of buying those salty snacks, munch on your customised one.
  2. Oatmeal: It is somewhere after midnight, and you are wide awake because your tummy wants a midnight snack. Oatmeal is a safe choice for a midnight snack. It even increases ‘tryptophan’ (a kind of amino acid) levels in your brain, which makes you sleep soundly. Eat it with some low-fat yoghurt and fruit of your choice. Avoid eating yoghurt at night, as it benefits best in the day time.
  3. Yoghurt: The gap between lunch and dinner is quite extensive, and if you feel hungry, it’s nothing surprising. The trick is to eat something that is nutritional and filling. Yoghurt is one such perfect snack. Eat it as it is, or mix in some cereals or fruits.
  4. Popcorn: This fun snack has high fibre content. It is also low in fat and packs some protein, thus make it filling and healthy.
  5. Chocolate: Sounds surprising, but chocolate is a treat you can include in your weight loss plan! Dark chocolate is actually good in small amounts. And giving in to your cravings every now and then won’t hurt. Restricting yourself can actually make you give up your plan.
  6. Fresh Seasonal Fruits: If you feel like something sweet, fruits are the best option. You would feel satisfied minus the guilt! Including seasonal fruits like melons, pineapples peaches and even mangoes occasionally can help filling stomach. As a fun option, you can freeze the grapes before eating them.
  7. Almonds: Not only are they delicious, they also pack a lot of nutrients. Grab a handful whenever the munchies strike!

Other Tips:

  1. A teaspoon of soaked chia seeds or grounded flaxseeds or pumpkin and sunflower seeds can make the oatmeal scrumptious and healthier.
  2. Adding About a tsp of cold-pressed olive oil to the hummus dip can make it healthier and it can be enjoyed with vegetable sticks.
  3. Plain yogurts can be added to nuts, fruit cuts or simply made as exotic raitas to facilitate satiety.
  4. Drinking Chaach (buttermilk) during the daytime, or lemonade can also help in keeping self hydrated.
  5. Looks for breakfast cereals which are sodium and sugar-free by reading nutritional labels.
  6. Pick for roasted, salt-free almonds to make it more healthy. Include figs, walnuts and pistachios in daily munching to fill up the stomach with nutrition. 
  7. Green tea bags are easy to carry and can be taken at regular intervals.
  8. No diet farsan, zero cholesterol or other bakery products please, they don't exist. Eat from the earth rather rely on the boxes.
  9. Don't consume things which are artificially too chilled, let them come at room temperature first and then have them, as that creates an imbalance in our body.
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