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I have vitiligo from last 4 years I have white patches on face, lips and starting year of vitiligo I take medications like tacrolimus, vitibex gel and ciclosporin. But from last three years I am not on any medication or treatment please suggest some medicine or treatment.

Dr.Madhavi Pudi 91% (138ratings)
DNB (Dermatology), MBBS, Diploma in Trichology - Cosmetology
Dermatologist, Hyderabad
Hi! vitiligo is an auto immune disease which has relapses and remissions. Being auto immune ,it can be associated with other auto immune diseases like thyroid ,diabetis, asthma etc. You have to check those once in 3 to 6 months for vitiligo to be under control. Moreover, you need immunosuppresants like cyclosporine or azathioprine to control the spread of the disease. Regular check ups like complete blood picture ,lft etc needed to monitor if you were on immunosuppresants. Please do consult in person to a dermatologist as you need to get checked clearly the number of patches etc. As of now ,you can use tacrolimus and vitibex gel .keep good immunity by eating healthy fruits and vegetables and doing yoga and meditation which can keep vitiligo under control.
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I am sanjay biswas. I am 48 years old and I have vitiligo. I was using nuzarine and diprovate lotion but it is not cured.

Dr.Sonal Jain 89% (66ratings)
Dermatologist, Jaipur
Need to run few investigations and add oral medication for better treatment. please send in a personal query. Hope that helps.
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Hi Dr. please help me out my daughter has a white spot on her hip nd small minute size spots on her arm am worried that it might be vitiligo.

Dr.Pulak Mukherjee 91% (9871ratings)
Homeopathy Doctor, Hooghly
Well this may be vitiligo or may be fungal infection also, you should visit a skin specialist after this situation is over.
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I am taking levamisole 150 mg tab twice in a week to controlling vitiligo. Doctor told I have to take it 6_8 months .i want to know seder effects of this tablet.

Dr.Manan Mehta 90% (81ratings)
MBBS, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy
Dermatologist, Gurgaon
Levamisole is used for its immunomodulatory effect in vitiligo. But it alone is not very effective. It was used as an antihelmenthic drug initially. It is safe.
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Vitiligo - Can Homeopathy Avert It?

Dr.Anirudh Singh 90% (265ratings)
Homeopathy Doctor, Haridwar
Vitiligo - Can Homeopathy Avert It?

People suffering from Vitiligo have patches of discolored skin on face, limbs, and body. Though the condition is neither life-threatening nor contagious, the unsightly patches may beget emotional stress. 

Vitiligo may also affect hair, inside of mouth and eyes. It may turn a portion of hair white, discolor a part of the mouth and change the natural colour of eyes. 

There is traditional treatment for this disease, but the outcome is often unpredictable. Such treatment may also cause serious side effects. Homeopathy may treat this condition successfully. In fact, a study has shown that homeopathy may be quite effective in the early stages of Vitiligo. 


Vitiligo is an autoimmune condition characterized by destruction of epidermal melanin cells, leading to loss of skin pigment. It affects about 2% of the population. Both men and women are likely to suffer from this condition. It mostly develops between the ages of 10 and 30. However, in some people, it may also show up around the age of 40.


The apparent reason for the disease is the destruction of melanocytes; cells that impart colour to the skin. An autoimmune condition is considered to be responsible for this. An overactive immune system may turn upon the melanocytes and destroy them.  


Sporadic loss of skin color throughout the body including hair and eyes. 
One may start losing skin colour quickly in several areas of the body simultaneously. 
Places like armpits and areas that were previously injured are commonly affected by discolouration.  

Doctors resort to re-pigmenting by UV light, skin lightening, and even skin graft. Even if such treatment is successful, there is no guarantee that the patches will not return. Such treatment often entails the risk of side effects.
Homeopathic treatment rarely has any side effect. More and more people are turning to homeopathy for the treatment of Vitiligo. 

Homeopathic Treatment of Vitiligo

For people suffering from Vitiligo, it is a war on two fronts, and homeopathy has the distinction of fighting such wars. 
Since Vitiligo is most probably an autoimmune condition, patients need a constitutional remedy to prevent the immune system from attacking skin cells. 
They also need to fight the skin discoloration so that the skin can get back some of its lost colour.  
A study conducted on 14 patients to assess the effect of homeopathy on Vitiligo has yielded very positive results. In this study, patients were subjected to customized homeopathic treatment. Patients in the early stages of Vitiligo were found to respond positively to homeopathic treatment. 

Traditional treatment for Vitiligo is time-consuming, expensive and entails side effects. Moreover, the condition may relapse after a complete or partial cure. Homeopathy may offer complete or partial relief permanently since it offers both constitutional and symptomatic remedy. 

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I have retina tear in both eys which was laser. But now doctor find white spot in my retina but after she find nothing. What could b the white spot?

Dr.Sajeev Kumar 91% (39210ratings)
C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha
I have retina tear in both eys which was laser. But now doctor find white spot in my retina but after she find nothin...
The white spots (called “drusen”) are deposits of metabolism of the retinal cells. The metabolism weakens as a process of ageing and macular cells become damaged. The macula is the part of the retina that is responsible for central fine vision. The retina is the part of the back of the eye that one sees with.
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Vitiligo And Leucoderma - How Can Homeopathy Tackle It?

Dr.G.R. Agrawal 96% (28361ratings)
DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopathy Doctor, Patna
Vitiligo And Leucoderma - How Can Homeopathy Tackle It?

The main pigment responsible for the hair and skin color is melanin. Melanocytes are the cells involved in the formation of melanin. Vitiligo is a dermatological condition (depigmentation) characterized by white spots or patches that appear in the body. Lack or absence of melanin is often responsible for the appearance of the white patches. Improper functioning or destruction of the melanocytes may interfere with the cell's ability to produce melanin. The condition can also affect your hair, scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes, resulting in their premature greying or whitening.

Vitiligo can be localized (only one or very few body parts are affected), generalized (affecting many body parts) or segmented (the condition affects only one side of the body). An autoimmune condition such as Diabetes (Type-1) or Hashimoto's thyroiditis may trigger the destruction of the melanocytes. Vitiligo may also be a hereditary condition. In some cases, stress or exposure to harmful chemicals may be responsible for the destruction of the melanocytes.

While many people confuse vitiligo with leucoderma, there is a small difference between the two. Like vitiligo, the white patches in leucoderma appear due to the destruction of the melanocytes. However, the destruction of the melanocytes in the case of leucoderma may result from an accident, a cut, burn or tear.

When it comes to treatment, many people prefer homeopathy over conventional treatments and medications. Being natural with negligible or no side effects are the main USP of homeopathic treatment. People with vitiligo and leucoderma have benefitted immensely from the treatment. The treatment may not provide you with immediate results, but it is worth your time and patience. Most of the homeopathic medicines activate the melanocytes. This activation triggers the formation of the melanin, thereby resulting in re-pigmentation.

The following homeopathic medicines are very effective against vitiligo and leucoderma.

  1. Silicea 30: Silicea 30 is helpful for people with a sensitive skin that appears waxy and pale. In such patients, the patches or spots are not typically white but slightly rose-colored. There is extensive sweating of the hands and feet. The fingertips also appear cracked with brittle nails.
  2. Arsenic Album: In some patients with vitiligo or leucoderma, the skin may appear dry and rough. In addition to the white patches, a person may complain of exhaustion and asthma (not in all patients). The person may show signs of extreme restlessness and anxiety. They freak out over cleanliness and neatness. Such patients benefit immensely from Arsenic Album.
  3. Calcarea Carb is used to treat vitiligo where the patches appear milky white in color. There may be a weakness in the bones as well.
  4. Sepia: Sepia is used when people with vitiligo distant themselves from their families and loved ones.
  5. Nitric Acid 30 is used in the case of the white spots appearing at the mouth, nipples, nose, eyes, penis, vulva (mucous junctions).

Also, Sulfur, Psoralea Coryl 3X, Staphysagria, Borax, are equally helpful in treating vitiligo and leucoderma. To play it safe, use the medicines only after consulting a specialist. Self-medication may not be a wise idea.

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I have some white head rash or spot on my scrotum and i'm wondering what it might be because I have never had sex before that.

Dr.Prakhar Singh 97% (4577ratings)
MBBS, Basic Life Support (B.L.S), Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Fellow of Academy of General Education (FAGE)
General Physician, Delhi
Fordyce spots happen when sebaceous glands, which moisturize your skin and are usually covered by your outer layer of skin, become enlarged and appear as tiny white spots. These spots are harmless. They can appear almost anywhere on your body, including your scrotum and penis. Let's have a detailed discussion to ensure proper treatment.
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My baby had white patches on her face I am very worried she is only 3 month girl.

Dr.Jayvirsinh Chauhan 97% (31823ratings)
MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopathy Doctor, Vadodara
My baby had white patches on her face I am very worried she is only 3 month girl.
Hello lybrate-user. White patches can be leucoderma or it can be pytiriasis. Need to examine them. You can consult me at Lybrate for homoeopathic treatment with photos of the patches.
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