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Vagina Surgery: Treatment, Cost and Side Effects

What is the Vagina Surgery? How is the Vagina Surgery treatment done? Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?) Who is not eligible for the treatment? Are there any side effects? What are the post-treatment guidelines? How long does it take to recover? What is the price of the treatment in India? Are the results of the treatment permanent? What are the alternatives to the treatment?

What is the Vagina Surgery?

Vagina surgery or technically “vaginal reconstruction surgery” are procedures aimed at improving the function of the vagina and they differ from cosmetic surgery which is mainly based on improving the aesthetics of normal anatomy of the vagina. Vaginoplasty and labiaplasty are the two different types of vaginal reconstruction surgery that helps in modifying the structure and function of the vagina that may take place in females with aging.

Slackening or loosening of vagina due to aging or vaginal childbirth is a common problem among females. Vaginoplasty is the surgical method that aims at tightening up of the loosened vaginal tissues. Researches have also claimed that this surgical method of vaginal reconstruction may even help in improving the sensitivity of vagina. Although vagina surgery is associated with the tightening up of the vaginal tissues, it cannot guarantee an increased sexual response and orgasm, since these are highly personal and emotional factors.

Labiaplasty, on the other hand, is a surgery performed in order to change the shape or size of labia minora and labia majora or to correct an asymmetry between them. This surgical procedure can be done alone or along with vaginoplasty.

Some vagina surgeries, for example, were actually meant for surgical reconstruction in order to correct birth defects such as short or malformed vagina. These surgical procedures help a female to have normal urination, intercourse and/or menstruation.

However, in present days, vagina surgery has been placed into a category of cosmetic surgery and is marketed with the name of “vaginal rejuvenation” or “designer vagina”. Gynaecologists and other Plastic Surgeons, who are performing these surgeries, claim it to improve a woman’s beauty, confidence and self-esteem. This surgical method of correction requires only about an hour for its completion and will be done under anaesthetic.

How is the Vagina Surgery treatment done?

In the question of women’s genitals, there is no perfect appearance that can be deemed as anatomically correct. Vagina and labia may be formed in various ways. Vaginal surgery may be necessary where the tightness of the vaginal tissue is lost due to a number of child births.

Recent technological advancement has replaced the use of traditional methods of surgery with new laser therapy procedures for such surgical treatment. As already mentioned, vaginal surgery is meant for both correction of any abnormality as well as for cosmetic enhancement. The various techniques of vaginal surgery include vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, revirgination, clitoral unhooding and G-spot amplification.

Vaginoplasty, principally aims at tightening the vaginal tissues that may have slackened or loosened due to repeated child births. In addition to this, birth defects such as short or malformed vagina can also be corrected by this method.

Labiaplasty, a type of surgical treatment, aims at correcting disproportionate labia majora and/or labia minora. This surgery may be done alone or with vaginoplasty.

The hymen, a thin membranous tissue at the entrance to the vagina, usually ruptures during a woman’s first intercourse. 'Revirgination' or in other words hymenoplasty, is a surgical technique that aims to mimic the original, virgin state of a woman. This is one of the most controversial cosmetic vaginal surgeries since virginity is considered as a strong religious and social issue according to many cultures.

Clitoral unhooding, a process that involves removal of the tissue that conceals the clitoris, is also marketed by the surgeons nowadays.

G-spot is a highly sensitive region present in the front wall of the vagina and is known to be a site for high arousal and orgasm. G-spot amplification is a surgical method where collagen is injected within the front wall of the vagina, in order to increase the pleasure of a woman.

Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)

Any female who is having laxity of the vagina and for whom sex is less satisfying because of loose or slackened vagina, is eligible for this treatment. This surgery can also help to correct problems of urinary incontinence. Vaginal surgery includes vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, G-spot augmentation and hymenoplasty.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

Females, who have tight, normal vagina and in proper shape and size are not eligible for this treatment.

Are there any side effects?

The risks of vaginal surgery, though rare, cannot be totally ruled out. Some of the side effects that have been reported for cases of vaginal surgery include infection, ongoing pain, bowel injury, bleeding, scarring, nerve injury, permanent changes in sensation, urine retention, rectal or bladder damage. The best advice for a woman, who is planning for such cosmetic surgeries, is to consult with her doctor regarding the positive and negative aspects of these surgical methods and opt for any non-surgical remedies, if possible. Certain exercises can also help to tone loosened and weak vaginal muscles and thereby assist in enhancing sexual arousal. Proper counselling can help in dealing with issues concerned with sexual self-esteem as well as confidence. However, vaginal surgery is not recommended as a treatment to solve female sexual dysfunction.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

After vaginal surgery, it is very important for a woman to be under proper post-operative care in order to ensure quick recovery from the treatment. The post-treatment guidelines include taking rest, applying ice packs over the operated area in order to reduce the swelling and bruising during the initial 24 to 48 hours and avoiding routine tasks or other activities that can lead to irritation at the incision sites. In addition to this, the patient is recommended to wear loosely fitting clothes and cotton underwear. After a period of 4 to 5 days, the patient can resume her daily activities with a care that the operated areas get the minimum amount of friction. Moreover, the patient should abstain from having intercourse or using tampons, for at least six weeks following this surgical treatment. Physical activities such as rigorous exercise, swimming, cycling, horseback riding, jet skis and others should be avoided during the period of recovery.

How long does it take to recover?

The treatment of vagina surgery takes only a few hours for its completion. After a stay of 24 hours at the hospital or medical centre, the patient can return back to their home. However, care should be taken to follow all the post-treatment guidelines properly, in order to ensure quick recovery. On an average, it takes about 5 to 6 weeks for a woman, who has undergone this treatment, to recover completely.

What is the price of the treatment in India?

The price of vaginal surgery varies in different parts of India. On an average the price ranges from Rs. 51,920 to Rs. 7,13,850. However, the price of treatment may also vary depending upon the combination of surgical procedures preferred or opted by the concerned female. This cosmetic treatment is available in all major cities in India.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

The results obtained by vaginal surgery are more or less permanent. However, a doctor cannot always guarantee the permanence of the results in future. There is always a minimum post-treatment loosening which is hard to avoid because of the gradual loss in elasticity of the tissues, associated with the process of aging.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

Vagina reconstruction surgery can be very expensive, painful and even risky at times. The alternatives to this treatment involve certain natural herbal treatment which can be both effective as well as free from any side effects. Kacip fatimah and Morinda citrifolia are two herbal medications that may help in tightening the vagina. While Kacip fatimah containing phytoestrogen helps in restoring the female sex organs to their youthful stage, Morinda citrifolia being an anti-oxidant flushes out the toxins from the body and helps to restore the tone and elasticity of vagina.

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