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Types Of Psychotherapy!

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Types Of Psychotherapy!
  • Behavior therapy- child behavior and emotional problems and others childhood and teenage problems.
  • Cognitive behavior therapy- unwanted thoughts and behavior (ocd), depression, anxiety, stress, low self steam.
  • Systematic desensitization therapy- fear, phobias, unwanted thoughts and behavior (ocd), examination phobia,
  • Psychoanalysis- emotional and psychological problems.
  • Family therapy- stress and conflict with family members, communication gap.
  • Group therapy- crises intervention, family intervention, stress/anger management, motivational, drug addiction, yoga/meditation.
  • Relaxation therapy- anxiety, fear, depression, stress, anger, insomnia.
  • Hypnotherapy- child behavior and emotional problems, anxiety, fear/phobias, exam phobia, depression, stress, anger, stop addiction, lack of confidence, sleep disorders (insomnia), hypno-anaesthesia, memory and concentration, bereavement, past life regression.
  • Catharsis technique- anxiety, fear, depression, stress, anger, insomnia.
  • Bio-feed back- anxiety, fear, depression, stress, anger, insomnia.
  • Aversion therapy- drug addiction, homosexual ideas/behavior, excessive sexual thoughts
  • Brain polarizer- anxiety, fear, depression, stress, anger, insomnia.
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