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The Ayurvedic Way To Weight Loss!

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Dr. Pawan Kumar 92% (93 ratings)
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The Ayurvedic Way To Weight Loss!

Tired of jumping from one weight loss program to the other without the desired benefit? Tired of following the same old routine over and over again only to see that the weight loss has caused some side effects which the rule didn't state so? At the end tired of simply "weight loss" itself? Well, don't fret as you are not alone. Almost everyone who starts the program goes through this scenario at one point in time or the other.

So is there any effective weight loss program that is

  • Not harmful to the body
  • Without any side effects and
  • Is extremely beneficial in the long run

Well, there is an answer- Ayurveda.

This time tested ancient healing therapy has an answer to today’s entire problem. Let us take a walk to know its benefits.

The fundamentals of Ayurveda
In today's world, weight loss is not merely attributed to the excess hanging of fat in the body that changes the appearance. Sometimes they can be extremely harmful to health and most of the times they also indicate an underlying medical condition that has been ignored. These factors may include thyroid disorders, depression, metabolic disorders and genetic constitution. Modern medicine does take care of obesity, but in most cases, they do not work from the root. i.e., they do not tackle the problem that causes weight loss. They focus on getting rid of the excess fat. This is one area where Ayurveda differs vastly from its conventional counter parts. It involves three steps. First, the Ayurveda uses the vast resources of herbs for slimming. Then a carefully constructed diet plan is charted and followed. Along with this to main the weight, an exercise schedule is also detailed across as per the person's body condition.

Some of the medicines
When using Ayurveda, the whole emphasis is placed on using only natural ingredients. Some of them include Kalonji, Ginger, Guggul and Licorice. Others can include curry leaves, Natural Mint, and Aloe Vera. They are mostly available in the form of capsules, and they do not require any therapies along with it except an occasional ayurvedic massage to stimulate the blood cells.

Ayurveda is safe
Ayurveda is not simply a treatment. It is a discipline. The biggest advantage of using Ayurveda is that it is extremely safe and there are no side effects. Also one can use it irrespective of the age and gender. They also detoxify the body by getting rid of the toxins (doshas). As a result of this, a perfect harmony is got with the body. The results are also long-standing and having Ayurveda as part of the life creates a sense of well-being to the physical vigorousness of the body. So with many imbalances that have become the norm of life let us a give a chance to one of the ancient healing mechanism for weight loss- Ayurveda. It is truly worth it.

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