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I have under gone a by pass surgery in 2002. I was I was prescribed: stir as 10 mg ,ecosprin 75 mg covance 25 mg. I have been taking these medicines since then. Now I consulted a doctor and he added two more medicines: tab kovandil 5 mg ,tab flavedon Mr. Should I take these medicines also. My bp remains 125/60 or130/70 .i am 79 years old. Thanks.

MCh (CTVS), MS - General Surgery, MBBS, MS
Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery, Noida
I have under gone a by pass surgery in 2002. I was I was prescribed: stir as 10 mg ,ecosprin 75 mg
covance 25 mg. I h...
Hello, the new medications mentioned are dilators to prevent chest pain by improving circulation in vessels of your heart. Advised is to start on these as your vital parameters are ok. You may need further test if you get any symptoms. Thanks.
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I am male of 65 years. Want to know for treatment if blockage in lad 90% and 70 % in om1 arteries can be removed by ayurvedic medicines/ treatment. Want an ayurveda doctor to answer.

Dt.Chetan Kumar 92% (763ratings)
MSCDFSM, medical toxicologist, HIV counsellor, diabetic educator, addiction and mental health counsellor , DNHE, CNCC, Sex Ed , OT TECHNOLOGY
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Patna
I am male of 65 years. Want to know for treatment if blockage in lad 90% and 70 % in om1 arteries can be removed by a...
blockage can only be clear with a low fat ,good physical activity and less stress. Kindly keep your environment according and can consult a dietician for brief.
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Know More About Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery Through Brain!

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Neuro Surgery, FESBS
Neurosurgeon, Mumbai
Know More About Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery Through Brain!

The human skull is composed of several plates and pieces of bones. The roof of the skull is the top of your head. The base of the skull is, however, a complex area. It consists of 5 bones. These bones are also linked to your eye socket, the cavity of the nose, the sinuses and the bones of the inner ear. Surgery through the skull base can be quite complicated as quite a few nerves, blood vessels and opening of the spinal cord pass through this region.

When does Endoscopic Skull Based Surgery become necessary?
An endoscopic skull based surgery is performed to remove tumours of the brain. The tumour might be benign or malignant - this procedure is effective against both. This surgery can also be performed to cure any abnormality on the underside of the brain, the upper vertebrae of the spinal cord or the base of the skull.

Other conditions that may necessitate an endoscopic skull base surgery are -
Cysts in the brain
Swelling caused by infections
• Pituitary tumours
• Chordomas
Trigeminal neuralgia
• Cerebrospinal fluid fistulas
• Cerebral aneurysm

What to expect during this Surgery?
Since the base of the skull is a complicated region, surgery requires a delicate approach. That is why endoscopy is used. It is a minimally invasive procedure.
Right before the surgery, you will be put under general anaesthesia. Your skull has two natural openings- the nose and the mouth. Usually, the surgeon inserts the minute surgical instruments through the nose or the mouth. Sometimes, a tiny hole is drilled right above the eyebrows. A tiny camera mounted on a lighted tube will be led into your brain through the cavity that will send a live feed from the inside. This will direct the surgeons who will gently remove the growth or fix the abnormalities.
A team of doctors with different specializations such as ENT, radiology, neurosurgery come together to perform this surgery.

Complementary Procedures -
Depending on the kind of tumour being removed or the stage it was detected in, you might have to undergo any of the following in addition to endoscopic surgery-
• Radiation
• Particle Therapy
• Proton Beam Therapy

Post Surgery Care -
After the surgery, you will have to stay in the clinic or hospital for a number of days where your progress will be constantly monitored. You will require therapy and undergo MRI scans.
Endoscopic skull base surgery is very effective in dealing with tumours and abnormalities of the brain or the upper spinal cord. Keep your family and friends around you during the recovery phase as their love and support will help you get back to your normal lifestyle in no time.

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My father is undergoing dialysis (thrice a week). He has heart blocks and having pain very often. His age is 66 and weighs around 108 kgs. Doctors have taken angiogram and told that the vessels were shrink and it is not a good idea to do angioplasty or bypass for him since he is also undergoing dialysis. Can you please help if we cure his blockage with ayurveda treatment?

Dr.Rakshith Das 87% (62ratings)
General Physician, Bangalore
My father is undergoing dialysis (thrice a week). He has heart blocks and having pain very often. His age is 66 and w...
1.your patient is already on dialysis, his kidneys are not functioning to take nitrogen load of ayurvedic treatment. 2. I do sympathize with your plight ,but all can be done is to put him on few blood thinners and prevent further plaque buildup. 3. Reviewing reports with a cardiologist once may help manage his pain atleast.
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I had lasik 16 days ago and now since two days i’m taking flotral and soliten, as I was experiencing some bloating in the lower abdomen and frequent urination. Will flotral affect my lasik recovery? And will I have to take flotral and soliten forever?

MBBS, DNB - Ophthalmology, FCE
Ophthalmologist, Mumbai
I had lasik 16 days ago and now since two days i’m taking flotral and soliten, as I was experiencing some bloating in...
Regarding how long you will have to take the medications- you will need to speak with the Dr. who prescribed them since he would have examined and prescribed accordingly. And just for 2 days there won't be any effects on your lasik surgery outcome do continue your lasik medications as advised. Do make sure you have informed your own lasik surgeon also about these medications.
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Hi my uncle aged 54 is suffering from heart blockage 96% blockage is there .he will be undergoing a major operation. What are the chances of recovery and survival?

Dr.Ashwini Bairagi 88% (120ratings)
MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopathy Doctor,
Hi my uncle aged 54 is suffering from heart blockage 96% blockage is there .he will be undergoing a major operation.
Hello Lybrate user, risk factors is always there as blockage96% but may vary from person to person ,dnt get panic have proper guidance of your cardiologist n follow up after operative is neccessary. As per homoepathic point of view after operation one can follow= a human should always have mental n physical wellbeing that is one has to exercise, eat healthy (less oil n ghee) think positive n shorts stressfree lifestyle should b followed. Supplimentary to this constitutional homoepathic medicine are there which can definately help u.for more guidline please consult. Thanks.
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ACL Reconstruction - Know Procedure Of It!

Dr.Sunil Kumar Dash 92% (72ratings)
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - Orthopedics, Fellowship, Depuy Joint Replacement
Orthopedic Doctor, Bhubaneswar
ACL Reconstruction - Know Procedure Of It!

The anterior cruciate ligament (acl) is a rope like connective tissue that gives support and stability to the knee, along with other related tissues. If you do not repair it, you can still perform many functions, and carry on with your life with little difficulty. However, surgery to correct the ligament tear is recommended if you do not want the injury to impede your sporting activities and want a 100% normal knee.

The acl reconstruction surgery can be performed in two ways, the arthroscopic method with incisions in the front and the new one which is more cosmetic and has lesser complications. Both of which you will find detailed below.

The latter is a wiser and more popular decision, and you will require a suitable surgeon well versed in the newer technique to perform the operation.

How is the surgery done?

Acl reconstruction surgery involves the following steps-

  1. The surgeon, after examination, makes sure whether you actually need to be operated on if you have approached in the early stages, a repair may be possible. This avoids the need for reconstructing a new ligament altogether.
  2. For an acl reconstruction the tissue, which will be inserted afresh in your body is extracted and prepared, either from your own body or from a donor’s body.
  3. A camera is affixed onto the surgical instrument, which makes your knee interiors visible to the surgeon during the operation.
  4. Anaesthesia is administered to you, and new tissue is inserted in place by passing it through a tunnel in your bone in a pioneering new technique, the tissue is derived from the back of your knee instead of the fron. This leaves minimal scars in your physical appearance on the front of your knee. This procedure is also not very invasive.

Surgeons are increasingly favouring acl reconstruction nowadays. The reasons for that are-

  • It helps patients who cannot do without their acls, like those engaged in competitive sports like football or mountain climbing.
  • It can help repair the chronic weakness of the knee and help people who have locomotive difficulties.
  • One can repair several ligaments including your acl if they are damaged at once, following an accident or fall.
  • To minimise tissue damage from surgery, the minimally invasive arthroscopic method is the way to go acl surgery including repairs are gaining in popularity, and those mentioned above are some of the reasons. The doctor will recommend this in case you have an injury like a vehicle crash, sports accident, or related trauma to the knee and surrounding regions.

Make sure you know your requirements and seek out a physician accordingly!

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Skin Graft - Know Forms Of It!

Dr.Deepak Kothari 90% (1345ratings)
M Ch. Plastic Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Durg
Skin Graft - Know Forms Of It!

Skin graft is a form of a surgical procedure, which involves removal of the skin of a particular region of the body and transplanting it to a different body portion or to a separate individual. Grafting is usually recommended by the doctor if the patient has suffered from extreme burns or the protective layering of the skin of that particular region has been damaged because of extreme illness, bed sores sustained infection on the skin or repeated injuries. Grafting is also recommended as a procedure for nose and breast reconstruction surgeries. It is usually done with the help of local anaesthesia, making the procedure a less painful one.

There are two types of skin grafting procedures:
1. Split-level thickness grafts: The grafting in this procedure deals with the elimination of the epidermis and just a part of the dermis from the site of the healthy skin. These grafts are used to cover generally a large portion of the body. This form of grafting does not develop significantly with the other portions of the skin, so doctors recommend more split-level thickness grafts as the person ages. The grafts happen to be delicate, glossy and faded in comparison to the rest of the skin.

2. Full-thickness grafts: In this procedure, the grafting involves the subsequent removal of the blood vessels and the muscles along with the two skin layers from the donor site. This form of grafting is particularly useful in reconstructing small damages on the exposed portions of the body such as the face. This type adjusts well with the other portions of the skin and subsequently tends to merge with the rest of the skin.

The procedure will begin with the implementation of intravenous therapy (IV) on your wrist or hand on the day of the surgery. This therapy helps the doctor to provide you with the necessary medicines and fluids at any point of the surgery. Just a few minutes before the operation, the doctor will inject general anaesthesia through IV. After removal of the skin, preferably from the unexposed portions of the body, such as thigh and buttocks in the case of a split-level thickness graft and the abdomen and the chest in case of a full-thickness graft, the healthy skin is transplanted at the damaged spot and is fixed by subsequent stitching and dressing. The donor site will also be covered by appropriate dressing to prevent any further infection. After the completion of the surgery, it is recommended to take a few days’ rest before getting on with your daily life routine.

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How to Tighten Sagging Skin Without Surgery?

Dr.Nitin Jain 88% (278ratings)
MBBS, Diploma in Venerology & Dermatology (DVD), DDV, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy
Dermatologist, Pune
How to Tighten Sagging Skin Without Surgery?

As we age, the fat volume on our face slowly starts decreasing. This results in the skin hanging loose and sagging down. Wrinkles also appear on the surface of the skin. This phenomenon is purely natural and happens to every human being with age. Maintaining freshness and everlasting youth is quite a tough task. Loosened skin does not look good and cuts down your appeal. However, there are some natural ways of skin tightening, which may make your skin maintain its tightness for a longer time period. Nowadays, surgeries for skin tightening are popular, but sticking to natural means is always best for your body. 

Here are some common ways of skin tightening:

Facial Masks: Facial masks are effective in removing extra oil from the skin. Accumulated dirt on your skin pores is also cleansed by using facial masks. They are pocket friendly and as an outcome, you look fresh and glowing.

Facial Massages: Good quality moisturizers and special lotions are good for skin tightening. These have to be massaged onto your face in a circular pattern. Due to rubbing of the lotion on your skin, it reaches the inside and provides nourishment. You should preferably apply these creams or moisturizers before going to bed as new skin cells replace existing ones during the night time. The skin is very delicate and proper care must be taken.

Exercise: Exercising on a regular basis is a healthy habit, and it also helps in skin tightening. Women in their pregnancy stages, experience sagging or loosening of the skin. Inversion exercises help in increasing blood flow to a great extent and are recommended for tightening of facial skin. Performing a headstand rejuvenates skin cells. This is because, while doing a headstand the blood flows in the direction of your head.

A balanced diet and plenty of water intake: If you want to maintain tight skin tissue, a proper balanced diet is quite essential. Your diet should comprise of every vital nutrient. Ensure that you are including a sufficient amount of proteins, minerals and vitamins in your diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables account for natural skin tightening. Fibers must also be consumed. Intake of plenty of water is very important for healthy skin. You should drink more than 4 liters of water a day. In case of hot and humid days, the amount should be increased even more.

If you maintain the stated points in your life, you will be able to naturally maintain your skin tightness and keep away from surgery.

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My father is 80 years old and he got heart by pass surgery 6 years back should I give him spirulina capsules .is it better for him.

Dr.Kumar Aditya 89% (38ratings)
MCh (CTVS), MS (Gen. Surgery), MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery,
My father is 80 years old and he got heart by pass surgery 6 years back should I give him spirulina capsules .is it b...
Spirulina capsule is found to be effective in reducing blood cholesterol levels. It contains various amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and small amount of carbohydrates. In usa, it’s prescribed as food supplements. I will like to know current medicines, bp, pulse rate, fasting lipid profile etc prior to advising its use as it has to be individualised. Thank you.
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