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Last Updated: Mar 04, 2020

Surgery For Kidneys - Know The Benefits!

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Dr. Binod SamalGeneral Surgeon • 36 Years Exp.MBBS, MS - General Surgery, Laparoscopic, Burns & Plastic
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Surgery is basically the most important treatment for majority of kidney cancer and without undergoing surgery, the chances of survival for the patient are very small. Surgery for kidney tumor is also beneficial for the people who has cancer in different other organs of the body. People also live longer with the help of the removal of the kidney which contains cancer thus even if cancer has spread beyond just the Kidneys, the doctor might suggest kidney surgery.

The removal of kidney tumor can also be used to prevent or reduce symptoms like abnormal bleeding or pain. Some of the tissues surrounding the kidney or the entire kidney might be removed depending on the location or other factors involving the tumor for cancer.

Risks or Side-effects of the Surgery
Surgery of any type might have some risks which can be short term like abnormal bleeding, blood clots which will eventually lead to infection. Majority of people does tend to have pain after undergoing the operation which usually could be benefited with the help of pain medicines. Some other possible risks are:

  1. Some internal organs such as spleen, pancreas, large or small bowel or some blood vessels might be damaged after undergoing the operation.
  2. Internal organs might observe some bulging near the area of surgery because of the issues with the healing of the wound which is known as incisional hernia
  3. If the remaining kidney is unable to operate then there might be the risk of Kidney failure.
  4. Is the chest cavity lets in unwanted air then there is a risk of Pneumothorax.
  5. There is always a risk of urine leaking into the abdomen.

Advantages of Kidney Surgery
Transplantation surgery tends to have some benefits. Which minimises the need for dialysis and helps the patients enjoy life at its best which more freedom productivity and energy. Although majority of the patients before being first evaluated for surgery are on dialysis. But the patients who are undergoing end stage renal disease might be referred for surgery even ahead of dialysis.

A successful kidney surgery can provide you with more than just your health back. It can also provide you with an even better quality of life. There are several cases where the majority of patients return home and also good work and still lead a quality life after the transplantation therefore this treatment is preferable for several patients.



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