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How Stress Causes Premature Ejaculation?

Dr. Rakesh Agarwal 94% (23 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery (B.A.M.S)
Sexologist, Sonipat
How Stress Causes Premature Ejaculation?

Ejaculation can be considered premature if it happens within 1 minute of penetration or if you are unable to control your ejaculation. There are several reasons that can contribute to premature ejaculation like performance anxiety, excessive excitement, relationship issues and hypersensitivity of the skin. To treat premature ejaculation, it is important to determine the cause and stress that can be a potent reason that is preventing you from 'lasting' long. Premature ejaculation can be life long or acquired.

The effects of stress on the mind

Stress can create havoc in your life and it is closely related to sexual dysfunctions. It is caused not only by rigorous emotional turmoil, daily factors like work or school can also lead to continuous stress, which may pile up to have a profound effect on your mind and body. Stress tends to alter the brain chemistry by triggering hormones like Cortisol, Norepinephrine, Serotonin and many others that signal the nervous system and endocrine to put the body in a state of anxiety which leads to weakening of the ejaculation reflex arc.

The effects of stress on the body

Increased level of stress causes the heart rate to drop and the body is stimulated to produce excess blood sugar, adrenalin and chemicals. If your stress is caused due to work, your body will respond to it by diverting blood towards the important organs like hands and legs and your concentration might also improve under stress. However, stress can diminish your ability to enjoy sex, heighten your sensitivity to stimulation and pain and increase impotence.

How stress causes premature ejaculation

Stimulation of the sympathetic nerves and hormonal imbalance caused by stress create an urge to ejaculate. Generally, this urge is enhanced by mental and sensory stimulation till orgasm is reached. One is likely to engage in sex with an amplified urge to ejaculate because the nerves have already been exhausted which leads to an early climax. Men with premature ejaculation has shown significant impact on self esteem and self confidence and many people confirm high levels of anxiety connected to sexual or intimate situations with a partner.

In a recent-published survey investigating the female partner's perception of premature ejaculation and impact on relationship break ups, relationship quality and sexual satisfaction among females, many of them confirmed that premature ejaculation was the main reason for break ups.

Hormonal disturbances in Thyroid, Prolactine, Erectile dysfunction, Penile anomalies, Prostate disease, Lower urinary tract infection can also cause premature ejaculation.
Reducing stress is an important step to cure premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation can be treated with medications, counseling, diet and exercises.

Why Men Experience Low Sexual Desire And What To Do About It?

Sexual Health Clinic
Sexologist, Delhi
Why Men Experience Low Sexual Desire And What To Do About It?

Getting intimate with your partner is an interest which is also known as libido. Its loss can affect both men and women to lose interest in sex. There are many causes for this including stress, chronic ailments, decline in the frequency of sexual activity, and even relationship problems. Let us look at ways in which one can deal with the loss of sexual interest in men.

Symptoms: To begin with, let us understand the tell-tale signs that point to the loss of sexual interest in men. Usually, this condition is characterised by the lack of connection or emotion with the sexual partner or the act, not being able to look forward to enjoying a session with your loved one, having sex only once or twice in a month, not being an initiator any longer, and almost never having fantasies or sexual thoughts.

Causes: There are many causes behind this condition ranging from erectile dysfunction to performance anxiety, to stress and medical conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases that can lead to a decline of sexual interest in men. Depression is also one of the causes.

Medical Intervention: To begin with, the very first thing that one must do if the lack of sexual interest persists is to visit a doctor so as to have the problem checked thoroughly. Also, one can visit a psychiatrist or a sexologist in order to address any stress related reasons for the lack of interest. Couples counselling and sex therapy can help in understanding the root cause and realigning the brain with the help of discussions and various exercises that can heal and activate. Also, medication for the condition may be prescribed in case the underlying cause has to do with a medical ailment like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

Imagination: One of the greatest tools that can help in activating sexual interest is imagination. When you imagine you and your partner entwined in various sexual scenarios, you may be more open to the idea of trying those scenes out.

Focus on the Body: Any good sex therapist will tell you that focussing on the whole body rather than the intimate body parts will help in a slow yet steady build-up of stimulation that can culminate into a satisfactory intercourse and orgasm, thereafter.

Planning: Building anticipation is the key to bringing back some excitement in an area that you had considered dormant, with certain shared experiences and activities so that it can graduate to attraction, excitement and then sexual peak.
The use of various toys, medicines like anti-depressants and therapy can go a long way in bringing back your lost libido.

Sitting All Day - Know How You Can Save Your Back!

Dr. Kapilchand Narra 91% (21 ratings)
B.P.T, M.P.T
Physiotherapist, Hyderabad
Sitting All Day - Know How You Can Save Your Back!

Today ‘working’ usually implies sitting at a desk from morning to evening. While this may seem more comfortable than working in the fields, sitting at a desk can trigger a host of back problems. This is because sitting in the same position all day makes the spine bend forward and lowers the efficiency of the back muscles. Working at a desk not only strains your back, but also restricts your movements to typing on a keyboard and moving a mouse.

Once a back problem begins, it usually lasts a lifetime hence; here are a few tips to save your back.

  1. Get yourself a good chair: Your chair is crucial to your back’s health. Avoid the hard backed plastic chairs and pick a more flexible mesh backed office chair if you sit at the table for a long span of time. Ergonomic chairs may seem expensive, but are worth the expense in the long run.
  2. Stretch your muscles: Sitting in the same position all day, puts the muscles under stress and with time can constrict the muscles. Make it appoint to stand up every 30 minutes and stretch your back and sides. Also try rotating your hips and shoulders form time to time.
  3. Take a break: No matter how much work you have in front of you, take a break at the end of each hour. Taking even 2 minutes off out of 60 every hour can have a huge impact on your health. If you still feel guilty skip using the phone to connect with your colleague and walk over to their desks instead.
  4. Get a pedometer: Keeping a pedometer will help you track the number of steps taken in a day. Ideally, a person should take 10,000 steps a day to stay healthy. If you sit at a desk for majority of the day, take every opportunity you can to up the count on your pedometer. Go for a walk around your office after lunch or park your car a little way off from the office to create opportunities to walk.
  5. Take the stairs: As far as possible avoid escalators and elevators. Instead climb stairs for a quick workout. If your office is on the 20th floor, walking up may not be feasible, but you could get off the elevator on the 18th floor and walk up the remaining two floors.
  6. Eat healthy: Lastly, pay attention to what you eat. Avoid eating at the office canteen or picking up a bite at the coffee shop and carry lunch from home. This ensures that you eat a balanced meal.

How Moringa Seeds Enhance Sexual Performance For Men?

Dr. Suresh Raj C 92% (13 ratings)
B.Sc.D.S.M.S., M.D.,(Acu) D.T.M., D.Varma,C.H.M.,, CHM, M.D., (Acu)
Alternative Medicine Specialist, Madurai
How Moringa Seeds Enhance Sexual Performance  For Men?

We’ve seen the scientific facts and statistics, but how does using Moringa benefit men emotionally and physically?

Most people would agree that sex is an important factor in maintaining a healthy relationship.  What is great is that there are many health and emotional benefits for both men and women that can be attributed to having regular sex.

Dr. Lisa cites a Duke University study that showed that having sex 200 times or more per year could increase your lifespan by six years. By engaging in intercourse more often, there is also a natural boost in self-esteem and self-confidence.

Here are just a few examples of the benefits of sex in a relationship or marriage:

** Sex is good for your heart.  Regular sex can ward off heart attacks
** Having regular sex can boost your fertility
** Enjoying a regular sex life can lower risk of developing prostate 
    cancer for men in their 50s
** Having regular sex can help relieve stress
** A healthy sex life helps control weight by burning calories
** It reduces blood pressure
** moringa seeds enhance sexual performance in men

So now you know the importance of a healthy sex life; why not try and see just how Moringa can enhance sexual performance for men.


There are many ways to take Moringa in it’s natural form.  You can drink Moringa tea. Moringa leaves can be eaten fresh, cooked or dried.   Moringa leaf powder can be incorporated into your diet regime by adding Moringa into your recipes.  You can also take Moringa seeds to enhance your sexual performance
Moringa supplements are a great way to regulate your intake safely.  For example using moringa capsules will give you a longer, stronger erection and is said to promote growth in penis size.

Finally remember to get medical advice to ensure you take Moringa safely.

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#MeToo - How Does Sexual Harassment In Companies Affect Mental Health?

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
General Physician, Faridabad
#MeToo - How Does Sexual Harassment In Companies Affect Mental Health?

#MeToo movement has caught most of the attention because of Bollywood celebrities who have spoken about the sexual harassment they have faced in the past. However, the #MeToo movement has made a big impact on corporate culture as well. People are coming out and sharing stories about how they have faced or witnessed sexual harassment at the workplace, mostly at the hands of their bosses.

Most of them chose to keep quiet at that time, due to the usual fear of society and the risk of losing their job. But this movement has given courage to them, and now more and more people are coming out and sharing their own #MeToo stories.

Impact of #MeToo on Corporate

As a result, corporates are rushing to rein in the situation. They are working on first of all sensitizing the employees about what Sexual Harassment is, and what it isn’t. Also, they are trying to set up proper mechanisms in their organizations to deal with this. Even though there is a law around it, Prevention of Sexual Harassment in workplaces (POSH); most of the times it is poorly implemented. Anticipating more scrutiny from authorities around this, and also to boost employees' confidence, finally, companies are working overtime to address this issue.

Impact of #MeToo on Mental Health of Employees

A dark side of #MeToo is the impact that it has on the mental health of employees who have to face this. If they choose to stay quiet and don’t report it to anyone, then this leaves a permanent fear in their mind. Instead of reporting, they try to avoid the perpetrator of sexual assault. Sometimes it also leads to low self-confidence, as the victim might tend to think that they are responsible for what is happening to them. In some severe cases, sexual harassment at the workplace has led to employees suffering from mental disorders like depression, anxiety, stress, bipolar disorder, etc. Some of them have even gone to the extent of harming themselves or even committing suicide.

So, corporates are working overtime to specifically address the following:

  • Educating employees that what constitutes workplace harassment. For example, a boss might make a lewd comment on the dress of an employee, without realizing if it is right or wrong. So, training employees are the first step towards it.

  • Secondly, they are trying to set up cells within the organization, which are sufficiently empowered to deal with these issues. Such cells also give confidence to employees to open up if they face sexual assault.

  • Finally, instead of trying to hide such incidents, corporates are now proactively taking action against the perpetrators. In some cases, this has even led to the firing of CEOs.

#MeToo has spread a lot of sad stories around. However, there is a positive side to it, at least in workplaces. Corporates are now becoming more vigilant about workplace sexual harassment, and this should hopefully lead to much lesser such incidents in the future.

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How to Deal with Erectile Dysfunction in a Relationship?

Gautam Clinic Pvt Ltd 92% (7718 ratings)
Sexologist Clinic
Sexologist, Faridabad
How to Deal with Erectile Dysfunction in a Relationship?

Empathize with each other. Erectile dysfunction can affect each partner. If you’re the partner with ED, recognize that changes to sex might be alarming or different for your partner. If you’re the partner to someone with ED, recognize how they might feel about their dysfunction and how that might affect their self-esteem or desire to engage in sex. Be loving and empathetic to one another and recognize each other’s struggles.

  • While this experience may be hard on you, it’s likely hard on your partner as well. Show them that you understand (or want to understand) and support them.

Avoid blaming yourself or your partner. Blame is not something that will help you or your partner feel better or perform better. Avoid blaming yourself or wondering if your partner isn’t attracted to you, is cheating, or you’re not pleasing them. Often, dysfunction is linked with external factors such as medication or health influences, age, and stress.

  • If your partner suffers from ED, remember that the sexual dysfunction is likely not related to you. Don’t put undue pressure on yourself to improve your performance.

Take the pressure off performance. Putting sexual pressure on yourself or your partner to perform is rarely an effective method. Focus on other parts of your partner’s body and your own body. Do other intimate activities together that do not involve the genitals.

  • For example, agree to get naked together and pleasure one another, but not have sex or involve the penis. Take turns blindfolded and explore each other’s bodies through different senses and touch.
  • You could also give each other full-body massages with massage oil. Avoid concentrating on the genitals, and instead just circle around the area.


Increase physical intimacy in other ways. Physical intimacy isn’t just sex and doesn’t only involve the genitals. Hold each other and cuddle regularly as a way to physically connect, with or without clothes on.

 Deeply hug each other, hold hands, and kiss passionately! Take the pressure off sex and purely enjoy physical touch and connection.

  • Focus on giving pleasure to one another without having to use the genitals. For example, kiss your partner’s body, caress them gently, and make the activity only about intimate touching without the expectation of sex.

Be supportive in treatment. If your partner is interested and willing to treat their ED, be supportive in them seeking treatment. This might mean encouraging them to make a medical appointment or consider changing or adding medications. If your partner is already seeking treatment, show your support for them without putting them down or making fun of them. Ask them what support they want or need.

  • Whatever steps your partner is doing (or thinking of doing), show your support.
  • For example, attend medical appointments with your partner as support if they want you to or ask you to.


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For Sound Sleep Have Cup Of Milk Before Off To Bed!

Dr. Ms. Ranjit Kaur 90% (31 ratings)
Post Graduation Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition, Fellowship In Obesity Management
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Amritsar

For sound sleep have cup of milk before off to bed.

As we all know, milk is a complete food & it is very important food for our health. Drink a cup of warm milk before going to bed for good sleep.

Calcium and vitamin d which are found in milk helps to build strong, healthy bones and teeth, and the potassium allows maintenance of healthy blood pressure. The immediate benefit of warm milk before bed that it allows you to sleep like a baby by keeping your body relaxed and calm.

Simply take your favourite mug, fill with hot milk and add your own blend of natural sweetener, your choice of condiments like elachi, kesar, almond etc which helps in smooth sleep.

Moon milk help in easing stress and strengthening your immune system.

Milk itself contains tryptophan and melatonin, which are natural substances that are known for inducing sleep.

Reasons For Early Divorces!

Dr. Vinesh Chandramaniya 92% (94 ratings)
MD - Psychiatry, Diploma in Psychological Medicine-DPM, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Post Graduate Diploma in Sexology, Certificate Course in Sex Therapy and Counselling
Psychiatrist, Mumbai

6 reasons why indian couples are divorcing earlier and earlier! 

1. Failed sex

Recently there was news of a couple deciding to go for a separation immediately after their honeymoon in thailand. The reason, no sex,when queried further it was found that the lady had fear of sex, which had never been addressed. 

2. The robot phenomenon 

The new age city couples thrive on experiences. They want to have new experiences and adventures.This doesn't leave scope of robotic lifestyles. Lifestyles where everything from your work schedule, to your eating pattern and even sex-style are predefined. More and more partners are revolting to the same. Many ladies no longer want to be" home-makers. Many revolt against being sex objects. 

3. Shock of" staying under the same roof"

While dating or during the so-called courtship period, couples meet at a place. Spend sometime together and then go back home. This lets them preserve their individuality. This individuality and the nuances involved are shielded from the partner till marriage. Staying under the same roof, means adjusting to each others nuances and accepting each others individuality. This is very difficult for many. Recently a tv channel showed the case of a guy, who decided to divorce his wife within 6 months of marriage, ironically they had been dating for 3 years. On being asked what went wrong, he said" while we were dating she would listen to all I said, so I presumed she would be the perfect wife and perfect daughter-in-law. But after marriage she had a set of rules for me and my mother. This wasn't something I could accept"

4. Cellphone - the third person

Cellphones have become major intruders in marriage. The occasional whatsapp/call from friends and family is acceptable. But what if your partner is all day long talking to a specific friend, sibling or parent - there is no privacy! Intruding 3rd persons are now an invisible enemy that takes tougher to fight.Recently a local newspaper reported that one of the major reasons for divorce was excessive talking and sharing of personal life with mother. Now this could be happening from the husbands or wife's side. 

5. High stress, zero tolerance

Most people don't even know that they are suffering from high levels of stress. They never take corrective measures to battle the stress. They just live with it.Work schedule, travelling, office politics, home politics, economic difficulties, lack of space to stay, lack of privacy, facebook, whatsapp, media, soap operas, all these add excessive stress onto the mind. The stress increases overthinking which eventually decreases tolerance levels. 

6. Time to grow

Even if you dated for 10 years before marriage, you will take the same time to grow as a couple as those who had an arranged marriage. Couples grow together. It takes 4-5years of marriage before their bonding strengthens to one life long. Marriage is a work in progress, and both need to work for the same. 


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Impotence And Erectile Dysfunction!

S.K.D. 88% (16 ratings)
DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Bahadurgarh
Impotence And Erectile Dysfunction!

Here are symptoms, cause and treatments of erectile dysfunction

In todays time, most of the young and middle-aged males are either unable to have erection or are able to have it but cannot maintain the same for long as required to have the sexual intercourse. Scientific research says that the cause for this may be lack of proper blood supply in your sexual organ, the penis, due to some relevant causes.

Among the causes of this dysfunction as seen in our clinical practice include the side effects of certain medicines prescribed for high blood pressure, blood sugar, diabetes, epilepsy. Sometimes, it may happen due to certain psychological problems as well like high levels of depression, anxiety, stress. It may also occur due to poor interpersonal relationship when the male is either unable to communicate properly with his partner or for some other reasons in the background which disturb the relationship. Along with this, spinal or head injuries and hormonal imbalances in the body may also cause the dysfunction.

A qualified sexologist tries to catch the particular cause of erectile dysfunction for the patient and keeping the same in mind he targets the cause and rectifies it with medicine. The general management for erectile dysfunction includes psychotherapy, medicines, some devices which can be used for penis particularly and some exercises which can cure the dysfunction soon.

A general misconception among the people is that erectile dysfunction is a normal phenomenon among the people who are 35 or 40 years old or more but this is not true. In the end, I would also like to tell you that lybrate is such a platform who reaches qualified and authentic doctors to the patient. 

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Promoting Running - Start From Physician Herself!

Dr. Surbhi Kapoor 89% (37 ratings)
BHMS, MD, mukta Foundation
Homeopath, Navi Mumbai
Promoting Running - Start From Physician Herself!

Running is the best exercise not only to reduce weight but to reduce depression. I am running everyday 10kms, have a very basic indian diet including rice and then to my weight is controlled and I m energetic. 

I advice all physician to start running so your patients also. 

Running releases endophins which are best stress releaser. 

Running makes your muscle mass. 

Run for marathons. Run to get your choldhood back. 

Even women can run during periods

Running should be proper and speed should be comfortable tp your body.

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