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Dark Circles And Its Homoeopathic Cure!

Dr. Himani Negi 94% (20655 ratings)
Homeopath, Chennai
Dark Circles And Its Homoeopathic Cure!

Dark circles appear when the skin under the eyes becomes discoloured or dark. They are mainly caused due to aging, inadequate sleep, heredity, or even stress.
Sometimes, darkening below the eyes can be due to extreme emotional fatigue or depleted adrenals, due to stress or medication.
Homeopathic constitutional treatment will give you a permanent cure naturally.

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Break-Up - Understanding The Mind Body Connection!

Dr. Richa Khetawat 91% (21 ratings)
Masters In Clinical Psychology, Certification in Clinical Psychology
Psychologist, Hyderabad
Break-Up - Understanding The Mind Body Connection!

Human relationships are fragile in nature. It takes lesser time to break a relationship than to make one. Irrespective of its tenure, the end of a lovely relationship can leave you heartbroken and hamper your entire life. It not just affects your emotional well-being, but has the possibility to hamper your overall physical health. You must remember that there is no magic formula to help you cope up with the pain of losing. But, you will have to be determined to help yourself in this difficult time.

Most of us are forced to start our personal life from ground zero or the scratch, soon after we are left to struggle alone following our break-ups. You must have heard it from most of the people surrounding you that time heals all. But, it is your effort along with the time that will help you come out of the depressive phase.

Here are certain tips to help you to come out of the depressive phase after a break up:

  1. Talk or write: Any emotional problem grows bigger as you try to hide it from others or yourself. You should not bury the emotions within you and treat them as dead secrets. You will have to talk it out with friends and closed ones. If that is what you don’t want to do absolutely, you must at least try and relieve yourself of the burden by writing about it in private. Try and get rid of the tendency to suppress the unpleasant feelings. After pouring out all the feelings on paper, destroy the paper into shreds and throw it out of the house. While destroying the paper affirm " with this I destroy and uncreate the energy I invested in this relationship.
  2. Do take care of your body: The first thing that we tend to forget at the time of break up is our physical health and to maintain personal hygiene. Most of us skip our meals, don’t take showers and lead a secluded life. This should be avoided as your health comes first. You will have to take proper meals and maintain personal hygiene so that you don’t put your health at risk.
  3. Go and exercise: You can pump out your endorphins through cardio exercises. This helps a lot. This will also lower the stress levels and improve your cognitive functioning.
  4. Remember the great things in life: It is the time when you must look back and remember all the great moments of your life. You must not feel low and lose your self-confidence. Rather, you must feel confident by remembering the golden moments. Remind yourself of all your greater goals in life and treat this break up as a petty issue.
  5. Meditation: Meditation helps them focus their life on track.
    • Track your life - Create a journal where you want to go. Create several pointers in symbolic form in a journal or in drawing form. Give a date and time to each pointer. Create steps how will you reach the next pointer. And thus creating the track of your life. 
    • Declutter - by removing the things which were given by the person.
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Care Givers - The Support System One Needs!

Dr. Rakhi Anand 93% (349 ratings)
PhD - Clinical Psychology, Diploma in Clinical and Community Psychology, MA - Clinical Psychology, BA - Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi
Care Givers - The Support System One Needs!

Family members are the primary caregivers of persons with mental illnesses. The family caregiver plays multiple roles in the care of persons with mental illness, including taking day-to-day care, supervising medications, taking the patient to the hospital and looking after the financial needs. 

The family caregiver also has to bear with the behavioral disturbances in the patient. Thus, the family caregiver experiences considerable stress and burden and needs help in coping with it. The caregivers develop different kinds of coping strategies to deal with the burden.

 An unhealthy coping style is likely to adversely affect the care giving function. Hence, it is important to take care of the needs of family caregivers. The caregivers caring for their patient with mental illness feel stressed, anxious and low since the illness tends to be chronic and demanding. In the long run, there may occur burnout and emotional exhaustion. The caregivers feel isolated from the society, both due to the restriction of their social and leisure activities, as well as the social discrimination and stigma attached to the mental illnesses. 

Most caregivers take up the caring role in the absence of any significant knowledge about the illness. The role and demands are incorporated within the regular family responsibilities. The caregivers develop different kinds of coping strategies to deal with the burden of caregiving. A lot of trial and error may be involved in coping. 

Coping mechanisms of the caregiver: It is important to understand caregivers’ coping mechanisms for tackling burden because it affects caregivers’ day-to-day functioning. The burden is a constant source of stress, and how the caregivers cope with it, affects the course of illness. The burden and the coping methods also influence the physical and mental health of the caregiver and hence their further efficacy as a caregiver.

The coping strategies can be broadly grouped into two groups: Emotion-focused and problem focused. ·    

 1. The emotion-focused strategies aim to diminish the negative emotional impact of the stressor, and include avoidance, denial, fatalism, or looking to religion. The emotion-focused coping has been reported to be associated with the perception of a higher burden 

2. The problem focused coping refers to direct actions, which individual undertakes to change the situation. These include problem-solving or seeking social support to resolve the stress of care giving. Problem-focused and fewer emotion-focused coping strategies lead to reduced perception of burden. Problem-solving coping has been reported to be associated with better functioning

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What Is Addison's Disease?

Dr. Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay 85% (20 ratings)
FRCP (Edinburg), DM - Endocrinology, CCT (Endocrinology), MRCP - Diabetes & Endocrinology, MRCP (UK), MD & DNB - General Medicine, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Endocrinologist, Kolkata
What Is Addison's Disease?

While cold and cough are common, diseases like Addison’s disease are rare. It is also known as chronic adrenal insufficiency or hypocortisolism as it is a result of insufficient production of hormones like cortisol and aldosterone by the adrenal glands. This disease can affect men and women of any age.

There are two types of Addison’s disease. These are:

  1. Primary adrenal insufficiency: In this case, the adrenal glands themselves have a problem.
  2. Secondary adrenal insufficiency: If the hormone production in the adrenal glands is restricted by a problem that has started somewhere else like the pituitary gland, for example, it is known as secondary adrenal insufficiency.

Primary adrenal insufficiency is more common of the two. This could be triggered as a result of autoimmune diseases or a long lasting infection such as HIV, tuberculosis and some fungal infections. Cancer can also cause this type of Addison’s disease.

Secondary adrenal insufficiency is usually caused by a problem with the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus as they are responsible for the production of hormones that stimulate the adrenal glands. Damage caused to the pituitary gland by tumors or radiation and surgery can also interfere with hormone production. Prolonged and improper use of steroid hormones can also trigger this condition.

Addison’s disease has a very slow progression and its symptoms develop gradually over time. Some of these symptoms are:

  1. Weight loss and loss of appetite
  2. Extreme fatigue
  3. Hyperpigmentation
  4. Low blood pressure
  5. Craving for salt
  6. Nausea and diarrhea
  7. Pain in the abdomen and joint pains
  8. Irritability
  9. Depression
  10. Loss of body hair and sexual dysfunction in women

Treatment for Addison’s disease involves hormone replacement therapy. This aims at correcting the hormone levels in the body. Hormone replacement therapy includes oral corticosteroids and corticosteroid injections. The dosage of these steroids could vary depending on the situation. For example, the doctor may suggest a temporary high dosage when the patient is in a stressful condition. Along with this, sodium is also recommended especially during the summer months and while exercising. This medication must be taken regularly as skipping a single dose can be dangerous.

In some cases this condition can become life threatening. An addisonian crisis causes a drop in blood pressure, sugar and a spike in potassium levels in the body. This requires immediate medical attention and can be treated with intravenous injections of hydrocortisone, saline solution and sugar.

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S For Stress!

Dt. Arnab Sarkhel 90% (96 ratings)
M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition, Post Graduate Diploma In Hospital Administration (PGDHA), Certified Diabetes Educator
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Kolkata
S For Stress!

Stress is defined as an organism's total response to environmental demands or pressures. Morerecently, however, the word stressor has been used for the stimulus that provokes a stress response. When stress was first studied in 1950s, the term was used to denote both the causes and the experienced effects of these pressures. Stress in humans results from interactions between persons and their environment that are perceived as straining or exceeding their adaptive capacities and threatening their well being. The element of perception indicates that human stress responses reflect differences in personality, as well as differences in physical strength or general health.


Libido - Can Homeopathy Help You Increase It?

Dr. Jagdish Gupta 89% (205 ratings)
Homeopath, Delhi
Libido - Can Homeopathy Help You Increase It?

Libido, also known as the drive for intimate activities, is a person’s general sexual drive or yearning for sexual desire. A person’s drive in this area depends upon biological, psychological as well as social factors. Sometimes both physical and mental factors may cause this problem.

Physical issues that can bring about low drive include low testosterone, professionally prescribed meds, too little or a lot of work out and excessive liquor or drug use. Mental issues can include depressionstress and issues in your relationship.

Homeopathy treatment has some capable and fruitful solutions to increase the libido or drive without any symptoms or side effects. Homeopathic cures are prescribed based upon the symptoms instead of the conditions, as the symptoms of a specific disease can differ in different individuals. All these medicines must be prescribed only by a trained homeopath or doctor. Here are a few homeopathic cures for low libido issues:

Agnus castus: It is used for the following symptoms faced by patients with low libido:
• Sexual despair
• Anxious depression and mental premonitions
• Yellow discharge from the urethra and low or no sexual desire
• No erections
• Scanty periods in women

Lycopodium: It is used for the following symptoms faced by patients with low libido:
• Losing libido after some time that is, steady loss of sexual craving
• Despair, the need to be distant from everyone else, feeble memory, decreasing brain power
• Poor processing, dyspepsia, waking up during the evening feeling hungry, experiencing hepatic illness
• Delayed menstruation in women
• No erection, fatigue and feeling feeble, untimely discharge

• Vaginal drying
• Skin breakouts

• Delayed inadequate periods, obstruction, spinal pain
• Too soon or no ejaculation in men, aversion to sex, herpetic ejections
• Uncertain, anxious feeling
• Headache in the mornings on waking up
• Individuals who are susceptible to to skin infections

Phosphoricum acidum
This homeopathic medicine is used in the following cases:
• Low sexual desire in men, delicate and swollen genitals, skin inflammation of scrotum
• Early and heavy flow periods
• Pain in liver for women
• Pimples, skin inflammation, hair fall
• Spasms in the upper arms and wrists, tearing pain in joints

• Ladies who were strong and tough, but have ended up irritable, depressive and not interested in friends and family
• Loss of sexual desire after pregnancy, labour, or unnatural birth cycle
• Loss of sexual craving during menopausal stage

• Psychical impotence in men, loss of sexual desire, insufficient erections
• Sexual craving totally crushed in ladies, extreme uterine pain, periods too soon and excessively drawn out
• Drained and numb feeling in the legs

Since low libido is a fundamentally important issue, it should be dealt with proper consultation and treatment to wipe out the chances of recurrence or side-effects.

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Preventive Health Care - How Important Is It?

Dr. Meghanath Yenni 93% (150 ratings)
DNB (General Medicine)
General Physician, Visakhapatnam
Preventive Health Care - How Important Is It?

Most of us today live a hectic life, be it pressing deadlines or tiring social engagements, but in all this hustle and bustle, we often tend to neglect our health. Do you know that today, for all of us, there is a great need of preventive care, especially when the health threats have magnified?

This also includes being able to get proper guidance to lead a healthier lifestyle with regular tests and health checkups that will help us in knowing our present state of health and identifying risks and threats well in advance.

Did you know that almost seven out of ten deaths are caused due to chronic diseases and that half of these cases are not diagnosed on time? Do you understand that recognising the early symptoms and risks with proper screening and regular check-ups can reduce the number of deaths significantly? Sounds familiar, are you also one of those who has never cared for preventive healthcare checkups?

These preventive health checkups are actually life-saving, as they update you on how fit and healthy you are. Preventive health care basically deals with the prevention of diseases and conditions that may be caused due to environmental factors, genetic predisposition of the patient, lifestyle choices as well as disease agents. In this field, constant check-ups and preventive action equip people to deal with and ward off these causes so as to prevent the onset of a number of diseases and ailments.

You can easily trace and prevent major lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cancer, vitamin deficiency, toxins in the body and what not. You just have to be regular with your full body checkups to ensure a healthy and hearty life.

Here is everything you need to know about preventive healthcare:

In today's time, it is very simple to get a preventive health check-up done. All it takes is a simple blood and urine test at a lab and you will be able to know all you need to know about your health. Further, if there has been an outbreak of an epidemic where you live, then preventive health care will help in getting the right tests done at the right time so as to ensure that you get the proper vaccinations. With preventive healthcare, you can also get genetic testing done on a regular basis so as to learn more about preventing diseases like asthma, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and many others that one might inherit genetically.

It is time that we take care of ourselves by booking a full body check up today and live a healthy and stress-free life.

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Why Couples Lose Spark In Relationships / Marriages?

Dr. Nisha Khanna 88% (51 ratings)
Ph. D - Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi
Why Couples Lose Spark In Relationships / Marriages?

Losing spark is a constant complaint from couples who have been together for a long time. Many couples feel that the enthusiasm with which they started their relationship soon tends to fade away. It is generally believed that the honeymoon phase tends to lose its charm and the spark that once used to brighten the relationship seems to be missing. One of the reasons why this occurs is mainly due to the fact how they have to come back to normal life. Other reason could be the level of motivation, as the couple spends more time together; the effort that they invested earlier also reduces significantly. It is seen that during the first 6 months of the relationship, the partner tends to be at their best behaviour.

1. Trust

Honestly, with time the faith in the relationship goes for a toss, the trust level depreciates and people start to take each other for granted. They stop sharing about their daily routine and with time the connection that brings them closer get weaker. It is essential that you share every important detail with each other. Ensure that your partner still continues to be your go-to person.

2. Space

Being a couple doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own space and can’t do things on your own. Space can actually add the spark and brighten your relationship for the best. When a partner takes his time to do things ranging from watching television alone or going for a trip with friends, it rejuvenates the person as a whole. Healthy separateness and healthy closeness can surely make your relationship stronger and add value.

3. Going for Downhill

As the years pass by the couple feels that they have lost interest and feels that the relationship is actually going downhill. The disagreement and fights are also on the increasing end. It is essential on the part of the couple to maintain that passion and intensity. This problem basically occurs because in the starting we put our new relationship at the top of our priority and with time it becomes part of our life. We nurture it. We make time and efforts for the same but with time we start to take each other for granted.

4. Loss of Physical Attraction

In the starting of the relationship we view our partners as independent and attractive individuals they are, we can keep a fresh level of excitement and affection for them. But with time the person, loses interest in taking care of their looks and start to overlook their goals that once were a priority.

Many times when we form a bond together we tend to see the other person as an extension of ourselves and we lose the chemistry tied the couple to another. When we view our partners as the independent and smart individuals they are, we can keep a fresh level of excitement and affection for them.

5. Quality Time

Every relationship requires the couple to spend time together. The amount of time, spent together tends to reduce as the relationship gets old. 2-hour late night talk gets reduced to an hour then 30 minutes. Partners make various excuses about their time and prefer to spend alone as compared to doing things together. Finding ways to spend time together such as going for dinner or movie together can surely add to the relationship.

6. Lack of Sexual Intimacy

Due to a hectic work schedule or the lifestyle, the individual feels exhausted by the end of the day. Especially, in metro cities travelling takes a long time so people feel a lack of energy or feel drained and tend to avoid such intimate interactions. Thus, this factor can surely let your relationship lose its charm. It becomes important to find ways to rekindle the lost spark.

7. Communication

Losing spark tends to occur when the communication goes for a toss. This could be either due to lifestyle or stress. Few of the basic reasons is that some people do not have the habit of sharing and some people don’t listen and while some tend to assume things. In many relationships partners, many times find it difficult to express themselves whiles some are overly assertive. It is essential to listen to each other thoughts and feelings. People these days tend to listen in order to provide an answer rather than to understand. Being empathic can surely, add some spark to marriage.

8. Monotonous Routine

couple, we tend to know each other’s schedule at the tip of our hands. Having surprise elements can surely help your relationship to get stronger. Even the most basic things such as getting a flower or watching each other’s favourite movie can bring the couple closer. Many times the couple also tends to have merged identity as a result the excitement level reduces. Ensuring individual attributes can surely be helpful.

It is essential to ensure that the spark doesn’t fade away from your relationship. It is usually advisable to seek help from a professional marriage counsellor or relationship expert as and when the problem arises rather than sweeping the problems under the carpet.

5 Bad Things Stress Does To Your Love Life!

Mrs. Hiral Khimani 89% (267 ratings)
Counselling Psychologist
Psychologist, Thane
5 Bad Things Stress Does To Your Love Life!

Stress affects every part of your life including your love life. If you’re feeling too overwhelmed and tense, chances are that you’re libido and appearance will suffer. Studies have shown that being stressed increases the production of cortisol in the body, which makes you less appealing to members of the other sex.

Take a look at five ways stress can affect your love life.

  1. It changes your perception of the relationship: Being under pressure makes you irritable and snappy. Relationships exposed to high levels of stress most often turn negative with time. This is because stress alters our perception of reality and understanding of people. When you’re stressed, you tend to focus more on what’s wrong with the relationship than what’s right. This can lead to an increase in conflicts between partners.
  2. It lowers your confidence: For any relationship to work, you must first love yourself. Stress causes self doubt and lowers your self confidence. If you’re looking to start a relationship, this can increase your inhibitions in talking to new people or going on a date. If you’re already in a relationship, this lowered self confidence can lead to problems in bed.
  3. It affects your appearance: Stress affects not only your emotional and mental frame of mind but your physical state as well. Being under pressure to perform can result in binge eating and make you put on weight. Stress itself increases the production of cortisol in the body which in turn makes the skin secrete more oil. Stress can also cause brittle nails and hair loss. Stress also lowers your energy levels and makes you withdraw from social life.
  4. It lowers your sex drive: Stress makes it difficult to focus on anything other than whatever is troubling you. It has a direct connection to your libido; the higher the stress, the lower your libido. For men this can lead to erectile dysfunctioning while for women it can reduce the amount of natural lubrication produced and make sex uncomfortable.
  5. It can suppress fertility: Cortisol can also prevent women from ovulating. This can lower your chances of conceiving a child. this is noticed especially in cases of sudden spikes in stress levels and varies from woman to woman. It can also cause fertility problems in men.

The good news is that stress can easily be managed to improve your love life. Meditating and exercising are two effective stress busters that can enhance your love life. Doing this along with your partner not only helps reduce stress but can also bring you closer.

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Benefits Of Yoga Over Gyming!

Dr. Ranjana Arora 91% (217 ratings)
B.P.T, M.P.T(ORTHO), Certification In Gym Instructor & Prenatal & Post Natal
Physiotherapist, Gurgaon
Benefits Of Yoga Over Gyming!

Any form of regular exercise is a must for a healthy lifestyle. While some people prefer to work out in a gym, others like the calmness of their own house where they can practice yoga or a walk in the park. Each style of exercise has its own pros and cons.

Let's take a look at working out in the gym vs yoga and regular walks:

  • It exercises the mind and body: Yoga is a lifestyle and not merely an exercise routine. Thus, it not only builds and tones muscles but also strengthens your lung capacity, digestive system, etc. It is also said to increase the ability of the mind to focus and attentiveness. You could walk on a treadmill in the gym but taking a walk outdoors does more than only exercising your body. Taking a walk in nature is known to be an effective stress buster and helps you calm your senses. Walking can also help improve your moods and is a form of treatment for depression as well.
  • It does not need any special equipment: With yoga, there is no need for weights or special shoes. All you need is a flat, firm surface which could be the carpet in your bedroom or your lawn outdoors. The only equipment you need for a walk is a pair of sturdy, comfortaagain is an exercise that allows you to work at your own pace and does not make you compete with others. As long as you see where you are going and avoible walking shoes. This makes yoga and walking budget friendly as well when compared to gym membership costs.
  • It can be done anywhere: Since yoga does not need any special equipment, it can be practised anywhere and at any time. Taking a break from sitting at your desk - try a little pranayam. Keep a pair of walking shoes handy and at lunch break, take a quick walk around the block - there's nothing to stop you.
  • There are less chances of injuring yourself: Once again, since yoga does not need specialized weights or equipment, there are less chances of injuring yourself. Yoga also does not focus on speed allowing you to move comfortably in a way that your body always feels good. Walking also is an exercise that allows you to work at your own pace and does not make you compete with others. As long as you see where you are going and avoid walking on tarred surfaces, the chances of injuring yourself while walking are very low.
  • Weight loss is more likely to stay off: A reason most gym enthusiasts prefer a strenuous workout to yoga and walking is faster weight loss. These techniques do help lose weight but the process is slow. However, since this weight has been lost gradually, it is more likely to stay off.
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