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Skin Hydration - Procedures, Side effects, Recovery time, Costs and alternatives

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2023

What is Skin Hydration ?

Though dry skin may not be risky, still it frustrates and gives an uncomfortable feeling. Skin ‎dehydration also leads to itching, flakiness, eczema, psoriasis and wrinkles. As we age, our skin loses ‎its capability of maintaining moisture naturally. Skin hydration is essential to achieve a healthy skin ‎tone and elasticity.

Normally, choosing water-based skin care products, applying moisturizer on the ‎damp skin, avoiding long, steamy shower are some of the natural ways of skin hydration. Still, you ‎suffer from dehydrated skin then there are some beneficial skin hydration treatments to keep your ‎skin always hydrated. Derma fillers, skin hydration and plumping injections, Juvederm Hydrate, Restylane Vital, and ‎Radiesse are some of the popular skin hydration treatments.‎ ‎

How is the treatment done?

Skin hydration injection: ‎ Hyaluronic acid is the key component of the skin. When our skin is exposed to the sun, free radicals, ‎pollution, the natural substance which is responsible for maintaining skin hydration starts to ‎diminish.‎

Skin hydration injections are designed to deter premature aging of the skin. It helps in boosting skin ‎radiance. This superficial injection helps to restore the natural loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid ‎which start to diminish as we age. Such injections are used to treat face, hands, neck and also reduces ‎the appearance of acne, scarring. ‎ In this procedure, topical anesthesia is applied to numb the discomfort. Then, a series of superficial ‎injections are injected with a syringe. ‎

Juvederm Hydrate:‎

Juvederm Hydrate contains hyaluronic acid and anti-oxidant, Mannitol. It is not traditional filler and ‎this treatment is used to promote the skin hydration and elasticity by replacing the lost HA through ‎aging process. Small injections are administered about 1-2 cm apart. Soon after the injection, the HA ‎gel flows smoothly and distributes evenly into the skin.‎


This is an injectable cosmetic skin treatment that stimulates natural body collagen. Radiesse is ‎intended for wrinkles and folds around the nose and mouth, and fat lost area in the face. This ‎injectable filler used to plump folded or wrinkled skin area on the face. Radiesse stimulates the ‎naturally occurring collagen beneath the skin. The injections are administered beneath the skin with a ‎tiny needle. Non-toxic, non-allergenic, ingredients are present in the product. ‎

Who is eligible for the treatment?(When is the treatment done ?)

Skin hydration injections: This treatment is suitable for all people and it is recommended to improve ‎the overall quality and degree of hydration of the skin.‎

Radiesse: Ideal candidates for this treatment are adults between 35-60 years with folds and wrinkles ‎around their mouth and nose. Candidates with plumped skin on their hands, and people who ‎experienced fat loss in their facial area due to HIV infection.‎

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

Skin hydration injection is not advisable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.‎ Juvederm Hydrate should not be used to the people who are ‎
  • With skin allergy and inflammation
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding
  • In medications such as chemotherapy and antibiotics
  • Allergic or intolerable to the reactions of hyaluronic acid or mannitol
  • Radiesse: People are who are ‎

  • Allergic to the products of Radiesse
  • Suffering from the bleeding disorder
  • With a history of herpes
  • Having an active skin infection
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    Are there any Side Effects?

    Skin hydration injections: Soon after the procedure puffiness, tenderness, swelling and bruising may ‎be expected with multiple small bumps. It usually settles quickly once the skin integrity starts to ‎improve.‎

    Juvederm Hydrate: Following the treatment, one may experience redness, bruising, slight swelling at ‎the treated area. These side effects may last only for a few days that can be concealed by makeup.‎

    Radiesse: Bruising, itching, pain, redness, loss of sensation, lumps and nodules, redness, and swelling ‎are the noted side effects.‎

    What are the post-treatment guidelines?

    Skin hydration injections: After treatment apply an ice pack. Do not rub, massage, or pick around the ‎injected site. Avoid alcohol, strenuous exercise, tanning, hot tubs or hot wax. You may use sunscreen ‎and a gentle cleanser on the area.‎

    Juvederm Hydrate: You should not do any makeup for 12 hours after the treatment and avoid sun ‎exposure, UV light, steam or sauna bath for the first two weeks following the treatment.‎

    Radiesse: Avoid strenuous exercises; avoid direct sunlight exposure for at least 24 hours after the ‎treatment.‎

    How long doesit take to recover?

    Skin hydration injections recovery will take up to 48 hours ‎

    Juvederm Hydrate recovery takes at maximum 1-2 weeks time

    Radiesse takes less than 2 weeks of recovery time after the treatment and it depends on the treated ‎area.‎

    What is the price of the treatment in India?

    Skin hydration injections: Cost of 1ml fillers ranges from 18.000/- to 27,000/-‎

    Juvederm Hydrate cost approximately starts from 25,000/-‎

    The normal cost of Radiesse treatment in India ranges from 28,414 – 1,06,553 whereas an average ‎cost of 67,484 near India and 69,260 from all locations.‎

    Are the results of the treatment permanent?

    Skin hydration injection: The top most advantage of the treatment is the results usually long lasting. ‎However, it depends on many factors like the individual’s skin type, lifestyle, and age. After the first ‎sitting, the follow-up sessions are normally recommended for every 6-12 months to retain the best ‎results.‎

    Juvederm Hydrate: The results from the treatment last for 4 to 6 months which is less when compared ‎to other injectable treatments. This is because the product is injected superficially into the skin deeper ‎than in derma fillers.‎

    Radiesse: The effect of the treatment lasts up to 12-18 months. ‎

    What are the alternatives to the treatment?

    Skin hydration injection: Most of the people are choosing topical alternatives instead of injections. ‎Some of the topical say GABA, Snap8, Syn-ake have the capability of slowing down the muscular ‎contractions after several weeks of usage.‎

    Juvederm Hydrate: Mostly natural treatments like sunscreen, drinking lots of water, avoiding age ‎accelerators, eating certain foods and fruits, Pullulan are used as alternatives to Juvederm hydrate.‎

    Radiesse: Juvederm hydrate, laser skin treatments, a chemical peel, Microdermabrasion are the most ‎common alternatives for Radiesse.‎

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