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Sinusitis Questions

I have sinus problem. But did not face mich problem. But from 10 to 15 days I am having cold and cough with little chest and back pain. From two to three days blood comes out in bulgum. What do ypu think from the above symptoms. Is it something serious. Please help. thank you so much.

Dr. Danish Jamal 86% (26 ratings)
MBBS, MD - Pulmonary Medicine
Pulmonologist, Faridabad
Blood in sputum is an alarm symptom and is indicative of something beyond a simple sinusitis. Please get a chest xray, sputum test and sinus xrays. And consult.
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X day report of my 7 years old son shows haziness both in maxillary and frontal sinuses .what should I do ?is it dangerous?

Dr. Anjan Jyoti Bhuyan 93% (74 ratings)
ENT Specialist, Guwahati
Its not dangerous pl treat him for sinusitis for fifteen days with antibiotics and other treatment after 3wks do one ct scan to know whether disease is cleared or not.
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I am suffering from severe sinus infection for past two days. There is blocked nose, painful cheeks and supraorbital ache is also there. What medication should I take?

Dr. Sajeev Kumar 92% (23504 ratings)
C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha
If you have very severe sinusitis you have to do a surgery called FESS and it will cure your issue.
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Hello Dr. Jo sinus me infection ho jata h.usko vjah se thode bhut sign lakve se milte h Kya please tell me.

Dr. Jatin Soni 93% (31261 ratings)
General Physician, Mumbai
Lakva and sinusitis have different symptoms. Sinusitis is associated with headache and cold and forehead tenderness. Paralysis occurs without headaches and due to stress
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Hi I have been suffering from chronic sinus problems for a long time I was given fluticone spray to help open up one side of my nose as I always breathe through one side of nose. My ent suggested surgery to open up the nostril at the end. Is there any other remedy or solution I can do I also have tinnitus for long time and stiff neck problems and do not know the cause of my tinnitus. I have had mri brain scans etc all done and blood tests am I missing something?

Dr. Jatin Soni 93% (31261 ratings)
General Physician, Mumbai
Tinnitus will remain with you lifetime and I will suggest you to buy a steam inhaler machine of crescent company and Take a flow of steam (of plain water only ) over the forehead through the inhaler and can repeat the process after eight hours as and when required
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In every summer I get bleeding from my nose. I feel that happens because of sinusitis. I want to cure permanently this problem by natural care. So please tell me the habits or diet by which I get rid of this permanently.

Dr. A.Lenin 90% (142 ratings)
ENT Specialist, Hyderabad
Dear lybrate-user If it occurs only in summer it may or may not be due to sinustis. You require a thorough check up with ENT doctor before taking any natural treatment as correct diagnosis is very important before any treatment.
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Hi Sir, Good Morning! Yesterday I consult one of the ENT Specialist, after CT Scan report he suggested for Surgery mandatory. Please check below report its mandatory for surgery or else anyway treatment is there Please suggest me. IMPRESSION: * DNS WITH SEPTAL SPUR TO RIGHT. * BILATERAL MILD INFERIOR TURBINATE HYPERTROPHY. * MILD MUCOSAL THICKENING/POLYPOSIS BILATERAL ethmoid AND MAXILLARY SINUSITIS. * BOTH OMC OBLITERATED. * PARTIAL PNEUMATIZATION RIGHT ANTERIOR CLINOID. Regards

Dr. Sarika Verma 88% (60 ratings)
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Diploma In Otorhinolaryngology (DLO), DNB - ENT, Allergy Testing
ENT Specialist, Gurgaon
According to your CT scan report you have significant disease in your nose and sinuses. If your main symptoms are nasal blockage and headache, then surgery should give you good relief and improvement. Warm regards
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Hello doctor. I have sinusitis. Today suddenly my nose has started to twitch vigorously. It is causing a lot of distraction. 2 hrs since I have been waiting for it to stop. Pls tell me a solution to this. I have my exams from tomorrow. Pls reply.

Dr. Jadavjibhai Patel 87% (331 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Surat
Turmeric Powder 1 1 1 spoon Thrice a day & Shadbindu taill (Baidyanath) 5 5 drops in Nasal Two Time.
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I have running nose, very heavy head kind of sinus infection and fullness feeling in my ears as if it's going to pop. Can not I take sensiclav 625 once in 24 hours for 5 days for this?

Dr. Pulak Mukherjee 91% (3254 ratings)
Homeopath, Hooghly
Take water vapour,,take kaalajeera with rice,,take ginger juice,,take lemon and honey in warm water,,with this u need proper homoeopathic treatment to cure ur problem
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I had bad breath since longtime. I brushed twice a day. I have sinus. What is the cause of bad breath and its prevention?

BDS, MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Advanced course in maxillofacial sugery
Dentist, Lucknow
Get scaling polishing done by a dentist than brush twice daily especially at night massage gums use betadine mouth wash drink plenty of water.
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