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Scars And Its Treatment With Homeopathy!

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Scars And Its Treatment With Homeopathy!

Skin Disorder - Scar And Its Homoeopathic Treatment.

Scar form in places where there is damage to skin caused by trauma such as cut, burn, or another form of wounding. Comprised of fibrous tissues.

Different type of Scars 

  • Acne Scar -shallow depressions or deep ice pick like pits that form due to loss of collagen as an aftermath of inflamed acne lesions. It can have great impact on emotional health.


  • Keloid Scars -very large, firm nodules that extend beyond the margin of the scar on the skin. Keloid occurs from skin injuries such as surgical incision, traumatic wound, vaccination sites, burns, chickenpox, acne. Keloidosis term used when multiple or repeated keloid are produced

Atrophic Scars -round, crater-like, depression often left from chickenpox or trauma to skin such as bug bites

Hypertrophic Scars -raised, firm scars that come after injury or surgery.

Stretch Marks are also formed of scarring

How to get rid of Scar? 

  1. Acne Scar- 
  • Fractional Skin Resurfacing -work to build new collagen in surface layers of the skin using microscopic laser beams.
  • Rejuvapen Micro Needling -creates invisible micro-perforations into the top layer of skin, the epidermis to turn on the skins natural repair mechanism to produce collagen and elastin to repair the area.

       2. Atrophic Scar-

  • If the scar flattens when stretched they can be treated with our dermal filler, Bellafill
  • It can also be treated with fractional Skin Resurfacing and Rejuvapen Micro Needling

      3. Hypertrophic Scar- Injection of steroids into the scar to soften fibrous tissue and flatten the scar

      4. Keloid Scar-

  • Treat with steroid injections
  • Keloid scar can require surgical removal. To prevent recurrence steroid injections are injected before, during and after surgical procedure

Homeopathic Medicine for Scars-

  1. Acidum Fluor -old scars become red around edges and itch
  2. Acidum Sulph -for removal of scars left after healing a wound
  3. Calc Fluor -use it for birthmarks, scar marks, and hard skin.
  4. Lachesis -old healed scar of wounds open again with a tendency to suppurate
  5. Graphites -formation of a smooth scar after an operation.
  6. Hypericum -Slight paralysis due to the entanglement of the nerves in the scars.
  7. Phytolacca Dec- scars left after healing of an abscess.
  8. Silicea -scars left after drying up of pimples or blotches or ulcers are removed by the use of this remedy.
  9. Variolinum and Thuja -for the removal of ugly scars left after curing of smallpox and chic.


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