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Red Eyes: Treatment, Procedure, Cost And Side Effects

What is Red Eyes? What causes Red Eyes? What is the treatment of Red Eyes? How do you cure red eyes? Why is the corner of my eye red? How long does red eye last? What helps pink eye go away faster?

What is Red Eyes?

It is a condition in which appearance of sclera (the white portion of an eye) seems red. Amount of red lines or squiggly pink on the white portion of the eyes varies from one person to another. The condition of red eyes can appear in one eye or both eyes. It could also be associated with several symptoms include - dryness, burning, irritation, pain, blurry vision, sensitivity towards the light. Sometimes red eye is a symptom of other conditions which could range from mild to severe.

What causes Red Eyes?

Condition of red eyes is caused by dilation of tiny blood vessels located between the conjunctiva and white portion of the eye. Normally, vessels between the white portion and conjunctiva of the eye are invisible. Due to environmental changes or specific eye problems, these vessels got swollen. There are few common causes of red eyes such as eye allergies, chemical exposure, dry eyes, airborne allergens, air pollution, overexposure to sunlight, airborne fumes, dust etc. rather than that less sleep and lifestyle-related causes too are one of the important factors that cause red eyes.

What is the treatment of Red Eyes?

When redness in the eyes comes suddenly and results in blurred vision or discomfort. In such case, people with such condition needs immediate attention of the doctor. There are few conditions in which you are recommended to visit the doctor -

  1. Difficulty in seeing
  2. Acute dry and itchy eyes
  3. Seasonal allergies
  4. Blurry vision
  5. Redness
  6. Yellow or green discharge from eyes

When it comes to the treatment of particularly an illness or infection of red eyes, you can take help of following remedies which are commonly prescribed by the doctor: he/she might suggest you glaucoma drops to reduce pressure in the eyes and to treat an eye infection an antibiotic drops or ointments could be prescribed.

How do you cure red eyes?

There are many reasons for red eyes and it could be cured easily by following few home remedies such as -

People having red eyes can use over the counter products like eyewashes and eye drops.

Eyewashes contain boric acid or saline solution, which helps to cure red eyes. When it comes to eye drops it contains decongestant to constrict blood vessels which clears the redness from the white portion of the eye. Apart from that, you can also wash your face and eyelids using cold water.

Why is the corner of my eye red?

Redness in the eyes may be a cause of concern, Redness in the eyes also called bloodshot, which are the indication for many health problems such as allergies,

  1. conjunctivitis - which is also known as pink eye,
  2. hordeolum externum - which is an external eyelid stye,
  3. uveitis - which is swelling of the middle layer of the eye. It provides blood to the retina
  4. Scleritis - it is a disorder due to which eyes became inflamed and red.
  5. Corneal abrasion - it is a condition in which urgent medical care is required.
  6. Subconjunctival hemorrhage - bleeding under the conjunctiva leads to this problem.
  7. Hyphema - it is a collection of blood between iris and cornea of the eye.

These are the few conditions which may cause of red eye.

How long does red eye last?

It totally depends upon the symptoms and reasons of red eye. In case of worse symptoms of infections like conjunctivitis which gets worse in three to five days of infection. For treatment of such condition, the patient may need decongestants or any kind of antihistamines which helps to reduce inflammation and irritation of the eye. A severe condition of red eyes could last up to one to two weeks.

In case of allergic red eye, patients can take doctor advised and he/she will prescribe some eyedrops to them, which can help them to control allergies of eyes.

What helps pink eye go away faster?

There are many reasons for pink eye such as viruses, allergies, and bacteria. This kind of condition can make both or anyone eye itchy and red. In some cases, people may feel yellow or white discharge from eyes. To ease the symptoms of this condition easy steps could be followed such as -

  1. Eye drops - there are many over the counter medications for eyes are available, which can help in eyes lubrication, itching, and redness.
  2. Contact lenses a big NO - in case you are wearing contact lenses then it is a big NO until redness of the eyes gets clear.
  3. Not to touch eyes - it is a better way to prevent eyes from bacteria and any kind of infection.
  4. Be hygienic - wash your hands and try to be as much hygienic as possible.

Popular Questions & Answers

I used to get sleep late and get up early to study during my exams .my eyes was red due to lack of sleep, after my exams I started sleeping well, it's been 3 months after that my eyes is not completely white .it's still red. The redness looks like nerves inside my eyes. There are red dots in my eyes. Plzz tell me the reason and ways to reduce it.

MBBS, MS - Ophthalmology
Ophthalmologist, Ahmedabad
Hello sir. Redness due to lack of adequate sleep is completely normal. However if you still have persisting redness, then one needs to get examined thoroughly by an eye doctor. It can be allergic or inflammatory given the long history of 3 months....
1 person found this helpful

Mera 6 months ka baby h .use 5-6, din se eyes mai redness ne eye drop di h carboxymethylcellulose but koi asar nhi hai. Pls kuchh advise de kya kru.

MBBS, MS - Ophthalmology
Ophthalmologist, Ahmedabad
Hello sir. Redness in a 6 months old baby can be infective. Few more eye drops will need to be started. Kindly provide a good photograph of both eyes for online consultation by an ophthalmologist. Thank you.

Hi, my grand mother has 65 years and she has eye cataract and gone through surgery for right eye and after 5 years of surgery she went for another eye surgery and after that right eye she has problem so again she consulted doctor there they treated her laser clean now she has problem with same right eye she has burning sensation & itching& sometimes watery eye problem she is suffering please help me with this query?

MBBS, MS - Ophthalmology
Ophthalmologist, Ahmedabad
Hello madam. Post cataract surgery, there is a formation of some kind of white opacity over the lens (known as pco). It occurs in almost all the patients, despite the best surgical techniques and is treated with laser shots. She must have gained a...
1 person found this helpful

Sir i'm feeling a eye strain during study hours irrespective of wearing (-1.5)specs with blue cut lens and I also observed that sink in the eyes please help me out with the best possible outcome.

MBBS, MS - Ophthalmology
Ophthalmologist, Ahmedabad
Hello sir. Looking at your symptoms I can say that either your refraction status (eye power) must have changed a bit or if not so, you need to get checked up in a little bit more detail by an ophthalmologist to rule out any other eye condition lik...
1 person found this helpful

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