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Recurrent Cold & Cough In Children - Immunity Medication Of Homeopathy!

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Recurrent Cold & Cough In Children - Immunity Medication Of Homeopathy!

Children who suffer from recurring cold and cough usually develop other respiratory infections that can result in fever, dry cough and a difficulty in breathing.

With more than over 200 different viruses which can cause cold in children, it can be a difficult condition to treat and prevent from recurring. As the immune system in children is comparatively weaker or underdeveloped, changes in weather can make them susceptible to cold and cough.

A cold usually begins with a sore throat followed by a runny nose and cough. The sore throat is a result of built-up mucus which will then run down to the throat from the nose. As the cold gets worse, the child will start feeling tired, start coughing and experiencing soreness in his throat and muscle pain. It might also cause severe vomiting and diarrhoea.

The repeated recurrence of cold and cough makes many children dependent on prescription medications, which is detrimental to their health in the long run. Homeopathy is a much more natural alternative that remedies the infections causing the cold and cough and prevents them from recurring.

Boost Immunity With Medication Of Homeopathy!

Homeopathic Treatments-

  1. Homeopathy uses different herbaceous plant extracts to cure colds and coughs that a child might develop after being exposed to cold weather. If the cold causes dryness of mouth and hoarseness, then these extracts will help remedy that.
  2. The essential oils derived from certain root vegetables help remedy nasal discharge and violent sneezing. This also helps relieve congestive headaches that occur in the frontal area of the head due to a cold.
  3. Certain chemicals are used in diluted concentrations to treat the redness and puffiness of eyes and the frequent sneezing caused by cold. It also helps relieve any fatigue and muscle pain that might be caused by a cold.
  4. Plant extracts are also used to treat heavy and constricted breathing that might be caused by a cold.

Benefits of Homeopathy-

Small dosages-
Medicines in homeopathy are prepared from substances derived from minerals and plants and administered in low doses. This makes it much safer for consumption by children compared to other forms of medicine. It also ensures that there are no adverse allergic reactions.

Builds Immunity-
Since homeopathic medicines are sourced from natural ingredients, they counteract any illness at its root level. This helps enhance the body’s resistance and immunity against the disease.

Lifelong viability-
Homeopathy does not carry any risk of side-effects or toxicity, thereby making it suitable for people across all age groups. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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