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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

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Good Morning All!

I am Dr. Rachna Singh, Consultant, OBS and Gynae. My specialty is OBS and Gynae. I and my hospital are directly aligned with each other for the management of females health, and all kind of treatment for all ages. I have done my education from Delhi University. Sabadarjan Hospital for my post-graduation. For all the entire north India, the Apex hospital for all emergency complications females come over there and get manages easily. I have a field of ultrasound where I work with the best institute in Singapore. For last 10 years I have been practicing in Gurgaon. It is a corporate sector that I have worked in. I can provide the treatment which is desired and required. So, for today out discussion will be on PCOS. September is the month where we celebrate the awareness of PCOS program. It is a world wide disease. Every one in 10 women in reproductive age group is suffering from PCOS. India is now on the rise. We see girls even at the age of 14, suffering from PCOS. And coming with the variety of the problems in clinic.

What exactly is PCOS? Ultrasound finding of cyst in the ovaries and lots of clinical criteria like acne, reproduction problem, or irregular mensuration. Obesity is one of the very important factors which is seen all over the PCOS condition. Why are we worried so much about it and why so much of stress is given on PCOS so that the entire month is given for the celebration to this problem. It is just to create awareness about PCOS. It affects woman right from the menses to conception to later age problem like chronic disease like hypertension, diabetes and endometrial carcinomas. That is why we are on high alert and this needs to be taken care of now. About management, it includes certain investigation wherein we can understand where we stand and what needs to be corrected. And 2nd part comes about the treatment. We start with the treatment from BMI of female where we understand how much weight is required to lose. Her BP, weight, BMI, BP needs to be tracked every time.

Other than that basic hormone like thyroid, insulin, cleaning for the male hormones, testosterone and also the lipid profile screening is very important. Test also tells us that how much woman is fertile. Coming to the management, the first line of treatment is weight loss. It is a lifestyle disease. It can not be managed without taking care of diet and exercise. Good high protein and low carb diet with good multivitamin and anti-oxidants is required. Certain duration of exercise is must. It could be 30 minutes 5 days a week out of 7 days. It should be done continuously to produce good hormones which takes care of rising testosterone around the ovaries. Other symptoms of PCOS are facial hair growth, acne. So, with diet and exercise, we control this. Then we move on to the medication part. If there is the variation in the hormones that we start with the medications. The medication includes both the to control sugar and oral contraceptive pill. It takes care of periods and make them occur in time, control the ovulation. Again September is the month of PCOS awareness. Let us support all those who all are suffering silently from the PCOS and spreading awareness that it is controllable if not curable.

Thank You.

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