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Overweight - How To Manage It By Ayurveda?

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Overweight - How To Manage It By Ayurveda?

For most people, putting on weight is easy, but losing excess weight can be quite a struggle. Obesity is one of the most common lifestyle ailments today and can trigger a number of health problems, including diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It also affects your emotional health and self confidence.

Patience and perseverance are crucial when it comes to weight loss. Ayurveda can be very helpful in losing and regulating weight. Ayurveda is not only an alternative to harmful medicines, but also a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise. Here are a few ayurvedic herbs and preparations that can help you achieve a healthy body weight.

  1. GingerGinger is rich in chemicals that control the oxidation of fatty acids and regulates cholesterol metabolism. Thus, it suppresses fat accumulation and regulates cholesterol levels in the body. It also helps cleanse the colon thus, aiding in the digestion process. Ginger also increases the body heat and blood flow that helps the body burn fat faster.
  2. Lemon infused water: Water infused with lemon juice and a spoon of honey on an empty stomach can help detox the body and boost metabolism. The lemon acid slows down the digestion process and help the body absorb nutrients that regulate blood sugar levels and keep you satiated for longer after a meal. In addition to this, lemon water also helps stimulate liver functioning and aids in the removal of waste from the body.
  3. Guggul: Guggul is a resin extract that is also known as the ‘fat killer’. It has lipid lowering properties that help lower cholesterol levels by speeding up the degradation of cholesterol and reducing the production of cholesterol in the liver. It also increases the amount of thyroid hormones produced that boost metabolism and help burn fat.
  4. Vrikshamla: Vrikshamla is rich in hydroxy citricacis that helps inhibit the accumulation of fat in the body. It also helps modulate the activities of genes that effect fat synthesis and can prevent the development of visceral fat tissues. Vrikshamla is also rich in serotonin that reduces the tendency to overeat by keeping a person feeling satiated for longer.
  5. Nigella sativa: This is better known as black cumin, onion seeds or kalonji. These tiny black seeds help lower blood sugar levels that can control your appetite and reduce carbohydrate cravings. It also stimulates the burning of fat and increases metabolism. By enhancing the functioning of the liver, it also helps the body get rid of waste and toxins. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!
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