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Osteoporosis - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

Whta is Osteopororsis?

Osteopororsis is a medical condition which makes the bones brittle and weak. The bone gets so brittle that even a mild stress like falling, coughing and bending can cause a severe fracture. The fractures caused by Osteopororsis usually occur on the spine, wrist and hip.The bones in our body is constantly broken and replaced, during Osteopororsis, the bone fails to get replaced after breaking down. Osteopororsis affects both women and men, but Asian and white women, especially those who have passed their menopause are at a higher risk. Weight- bearing exercises, healthy diet and medications can strengthen weak bones and avoid bone loss.

Risk factors of Osteopororsis:

Unchangeable risks:

  • Age- According to studies, the older you are, the more prone you become in developing Osteopororsis.
  • Race- Being of Asian or white ancestry can put you at a greater risk of developing Osteopororsis.
  • Family history- Having a sibling or a parent with Osteopororsis can make you more susceptible in developing it.
  • Body frame- Women and men who have small body frames usually tend to develop Osteopororsis at a young age because their bone mass is very less as compared to people with a big body frame.

Hormone levels:

  • Sex hormones- Low sex hormones weaken the bones. Also less estrogen levels in women during menopause is the most common risk factor for developing Osteopororsis. The treatments used for prostate cancer can reduce estrogen and testosterone levels in men which can lead to bone loss density.
  • Thyroid problems- A lot of thyroid hormone can lead to bone loss. If you have an overactive thyroid, taking thyroid hormone medications to treat the thyroid can develop Osteopororsis.
  • Other glands- Osteoporosis can also be caused due to adrenal glands or an overactive parathyroid.

Dietary factors:

  • Low calcium intake- Lack of calcium plays a major role in Osteopororsis. Low calcium consumption contributes to increased risk of fractures, early loss of bones and low bone density.
  • Eating disorders- Restricting the consumption of food can severely weaken the bones in both women and men. People who have anorexia are more prone in developing Osteopororsis.
  • Gastrointestinal surgery- Surgery which reduces the size of your stomach or surgery to remove parts of the intestine can limit the level of area available to absorb nutrients like calcium.


  • Sometimes certain medications and steroids used to treat seizures, gastric reflux, cancer and transplant rejection can also contribute in developing Osteopororsis.
Treatable by medical professional Require medical diagnosis Lab test not required Chronic: can last for years or be lifelong
Pain on the back bones Pain on the lower back Pain on the bones of the affected area Loss of height Bone fracture

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Popular Questions & Answers

I have osteoporosis and break my bones easily with a fall. I'm on parathyroid injections to make my bones stronger. Please advise. I have ankylosing spondylitis as well. Please advise.

You have to complete course of parathyroid injections. For Ankylosing spondylitis ,are you on any disease modifying medicines You can include regular monitored exercise program also which will reduce your pain.

Sir I am suffering with sciatica pain since 4 years of my right leg. But recently the doctor told that I am also suffering with osteoporosis and as such required BMD test. I have taken calcium test and the same is normal. Please suggest me. Recently my right leg fingers are also very weakness and as such I am unable to walk perfectly.

Dear lybrate-user It's 4 years now and as per your saying you had stated developing finger weakness too! It's better to evaluate you spine with MRI 1st to rule out any compression over nerves! Definitely a detailed evaluation is required! If you w...
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I am 68, having problems in knee after diagnosed of Osteoporosis. I take Calcium, Vit D as prescribed. I do not take any painkillers, as it can have prob with kidney. suggest some home remedies/topical treatment to manage this pain. Thanks.

Perform quadriceps exercises. Apply ice packs locally. Medications like Cartigen dn and enzomac will help. Do not take pain killers. You can try interarticular knee injections.

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Whta is Osteopororsis?

Risk factors of Osteopororsis:

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How To Prevent Osteoporosis?
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