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Occupational Lung Disease Questions

Dr. I have A nodular lesion over back of my neck. It's really painful and headache also. What do I do?

For pain take tablet paracetamol 650 mg and if necessary after clinical examination we should plan for its excision
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I want to become a pilot but my opacity in the lung is becoming a problem! Can lunch opacities go away when the treatment is over & will there be patches visible to stop me from the course?

YOur lung opacities need to be tested and treated . It can be a infection like pneumonia and you must get rid of it
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Hi Sir, My brother is having a major chest infection according to doctors and he is deaf and dumb according to MRI and X-ray it shows that 70% chances of TB. But the TB injection test is negative. There is no mark and swelling anywhere. Still doctor has started the TB treatment just for one month trail. His urine is red in color and having itching on legs. Weight is reducing. Also having mild fever. What best we can do please suggest. Is it right to start TB treatment and how long it will take to cure the infection.

X rays show a typical appearance in TB. So doctors can diagnose fairly accurately based on it. Many times the actual TB bacillus is not found because it is very slow growing organism. Doctors are correct in starting treatment. If it is limited to chest it takes around 6 months. If bone involved then it may take 18 months.
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I have had pleural effusion some 10 months back. Around 1500 ml fluid was aspirated and I was on ATT for 8 months. I have been doing breathing exercises and yoga for the same. The pain in the left lung had decreased gradually but there are days when suddenly the pain increases. Is it ok? How much time will it take to completely heal my lungs?

It should by now get healed. The treatment consists of 6-8 months of ATT. I am sure the doctor must have tried to rule out MDRTB. Have you repeated a Xray to check whether the fluid is completely gone
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After running there is a pain in my ribs and sometimes I feel huge pain in lungs. Can you please guide me whom shall I consult?

It could purely be due to lack of stamina. Will decrease with time. For medication Consult online in private.
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What Does Pleural fluid biopsy mean? Does it take tissue for biopsy or Pleural fluid?

Pleural fluid means the abnormal fluid collection between the covering layers of lung . This fluid gets collected in many diseases like TB and many more, Biopsy is done by collecting the fluid using a needle and it helps to diagnose the disease
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