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Alzheimer's Disease - What Triggers It?

Alzheimer's Disease - What Triggers It?

Alzheimer's Disease is a neurological problem that is characterised by a cognitive decline and memory loss. It is a type of neurodegenerative dementia. The symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease include not being able to absorb and retain new information, lack of reasoning and judging, not being able to take on complex tasks, impaired visuospatial abilities, problems in reading, writing and speech, among many others. If a person has at least two of these symptoms in a debilitating manner, then the diagnosis can be made in favour of Alzheimer's Disease. The main causes of Alzheimer's are shrinkage of the brain size and death of the brain cells. The immune system is also said to trigger this neurodegenerative disease. Let us find out what medical science has found so far.

1. Connections: Many a times, in Alzheimer's disease, the memory and behaviour of the person changes because the brain is unable to make proper neural connections which can lead to memory loss of how a person behaved and the elements that formed the basis of the patient's cognition. Apparently, the immune system behaves in the same way within the brain and blocks the connection. This happens because there is constant communication between the brain and immune system along neurological lines, which is where the disease first emanates.

2. Inflammation: The brain is prone to inflammation or swelling that is not the normal kind. This inflammation happens as a result of the activation of the infection fighting neurotransmitters and the chemical changes that happen in the brain when an infection strikes. The inflammation usually happens in the plaques or clumps which the brain tries to protect. These clumps are made up of a protein called Amyloid. The immune system is responsible for creating this inflammation in the brain of the patient.

3. Pattern Recognition Receptors: Many of these receptors work in different manners and cooperate with each other to create a response in the brain. These PRRs can be found in the brain plaques, and they develop the signs of danger which further fuels the inflammation in the brain as a matter of protection.

4. Activation of Cells Linked with the Immune System: When the PRRs begin to respond, it basically activates the immune system and the cells of the same. This is the basic reaction that causes the changes in brain which then leads to the attachment of the protein to the tissue that is diseased, in which case Alzheimer's Disease starts. The inflammation that we had spoken about earlier basically happens in the nervous tissue.

It is important to recognise and act on the initial signs of Alzheimer's Disease before it progresses beyond one's control.

My brain mri report concludes that few tiny non-specific discrete2/flair hyperintensities in bilateral frontal-parietal deep white matter, centre semiovaleand right half of pons, likely chronic small vessel ischemic changes please tell me what is my disease in simple words and haw serious it is.

It means there obstruction in the blood supply of the brain and it is causing damage. Take proper homoeopathic treatment with your regular treatment. You can consult me at Lybrate for homoeopathic treatment.
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Nervous Problem - How Can Ayurveda Resolve It?

Nervous Problem - How Can Ayurveda Resolve It?

If you are suffering from nervous diseases, you can choose the Dashamoola Ksheera Dhara therapy as an ideal treatment method. Ksheera Dhara treatment involves the flow of herbal milk in place of oil over your head and body. It is similar to Shirodhara in some ways but is different as Ksheera Dhara has cooling effects on the body. This therapy is most suitable to be undertaken during the summer and when the weather conditions demand a cooling, relaxing effect on the body. This therapy is indicated when you are suffering from health conditions such as intense stress, and hair and skin problems.

In this process, milk is poured continuously on the forehead and on the body, which cools down the entire system from inside. Ksheera Dhara treatment is very effective in the treatment of headaches, mental irritability and insomnia. The pouring of medicated milk on your body leads to the stimulation of the hypothalamus. It also gets soothed and hence, the functions of the pituitary gland are regulated along with induced sleep. The milk is made to flow at a slow rate over the forehead for a certain duration, especially over the glabellar region along with a mild, stimulating massage. A small cloth is usually tied around your head, above the eyebrows. For the Ksheera Dhara treatment, a traditional bronze vessel known as the “kindi” is used. As the treatment is based on milk, it is referred to as milk treatment.

The Ksheera Dhara therapy relaxes the entire nervous system. This leads to mental calmness and reduction of stress to a great extent. The milk acts as a moisturizing agent and makes your skin healthy and glowing. It is also beneficial for eliminating fatigue, restoring vitality, improving your memory and for establishing dosha equilibrium.

In addition to all these, this therapy also helps in lubrication of the joints, relieving pain, stiffness of muscles and joints, and easing of spasms. It is proven to have benefits in the treatment of several cases of arthritis. Ksheera Dhara is also beneficial in several neurological conditions, in which a burning sensation and numbness are experienced. The entire body gets nourished and rejuvenated as a result of this Ayurvedic therapy.

If you are a healthy person, you can still undertake Ksheera Dhara therapy. Usually, the treatment takes about 30 to 45 minutes per session. It is carried out in a course such as 7 days, 14 days or according to the instructions of your Ayurvedic physician

My mother has stones 2 mm now taking knoll tablets. She is feeling pain in brain and feeling weakness. What is the problem?

Knoll is a pharmaceuticals company not a medicine name. Do this 1. Take adequate night sleep 2. Eat at regular intervals. As starvation/gas can trigger headache 3. Avoid things that can trigger headache. Common triggers include alcohol, caffeine or poor sleep. Inculcate good sleep practices like having a regular bedtime schedule and avoiding naps, caffeine and tv before bedtime. 4. Don't take stress- pursue an enjoyable activity or verbalising frustration to reduce stress and improve mental health. 5. Avoid foods that you know triggers your headache. 6. Hot packs and heating pads can relax tense muscles. Warm showers or baths may have a similar effect 7. Drink water. “dehydration can be a big cause of headaches,” for this homeopathic treatment is very effective for more details you can consult me.
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Asking just for knowledge which part of frontal lobe controls thinking, without which our thinking would not stop.

The frontal lobes are involved in motor function, problem solving, spontaneity, memory, language, initiation, judgement, impulse control, and social and sexual behavior. It is difficult to pin point the exact location.
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Sir recently I had a mri scan for head all is well at the end of report the conclusion says small calcification in the left globus pallidus what does it mean is it serious how to treat it.

recently I had a mri scan for head all is well
at the end of report the conclusion says
small calcification in th...
It means there is some scarring of the tissues of brain. Without proper details we cannot know exact results.
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Why there burning sensation in feet specially at sole. Please tell me how to cure this problem asap.

Hello, There are numerous reasons for burning sensation in soles. It might be due to neuropathy, diabetes mellitus or varicose veins. You need to be treated accordingly to cure it permanently. Homeopathy medicine can help you with that. To know more & for any other concern you can call or reach us online.
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Video Games - Are They Bad For Your Mental Health?

Video Games - Are They Bad For Your Mental Health?

Your mother must have screamed at you for playing video games for long hours but obviously, you haven’t paid attention to it. Such is the obsession with video games that they don’t let you rest, unless you have championed all the levels in the virtual world. Studies have revealed that video games have a direct relation to neurological disorders. As a result, many health experts across the world consider video game as a kind of health abuse.

People who play action-oriented video games are at higher risks to attain these problems. The more you get involved in these games, the more they are going to affect your brain. It affects your nervous system, memory, and emotion. This has a detrimental effect on your overall brain health.

Let us see some of the signs which may indicate the onset of certain complications arising from overindulgence in these games:

  1. You spend hours on the computer or related gaming devices and devote lesser hours for your family and friends.
  2. You get irritated when someone stops you midway through the game
  3. You become socially inaccessible and show signs of occasional mood swings
  4. You are unable to keep a track of time once you start playing
  5. You repeatedly neglect your studies, resulting in a dip in performance at school

Why does this happen?

All of the above signs indicate that sooner or later you might develop neurological problems. When you spend a lot of hours playing and navigating through the games, it can result in nerve-related disorders such as schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, depression and overall general stress.

One of the biggest reasons behind this is the lack of self-control. Most of the video games will encourage you to steal cars, run away after a theft and kill your enemies. Moreover, if you succeed, you are rewarded. This naturally unleashes an evident urge for the accomplishment for all these awkward desires in your real life too. Hence, once you are encountered with reality, you tend to show violent behaviour.

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My age 32 gender male, I have electric shock feel in my both feet when I stand up from the sofa or chair regularly from last one month. Some times in my hands also. Please clear it's any major problem? And which doctor I want to see or what test o want to take?

Hello User, It is mostly because of vertebral column problems. Causing compression. It can be cured by homoeopathic treatment. You can consult me at Lybrate. Allopathic medicine does not have any solution.
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