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Does nasoclear nasal wash good to use? Does it pain while using first time. When I used it for first time, when that solution passed through nose I observed little pain in nose. Is it ok?

Does nasoclear nasal wash good to use? Does it pain while using first time. When I used it for first time, when that ...
Nasoclear nasal wash is pretty useful for nasal congestion. It's also helps in washing out nasal discharge. It's may feel painful if you hit on the septum that divides your nose into 2, Or if you forcefully spray on to the roof of nose. These kinds of nasal sprays are to be sprayed perpendicular to the nose by keeping the nosil inside the nose.
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Nasal polyps - Know More About It!

Nasal polyps - Know More About It!

Nasal polyps-
Nasal polyps are soft, painless, noncancerous growths on the lining of your nasal passages or sinuses. They hang down like teardrops or grapes. They result from chronic inflammation due to asthma, recurring infection, allergies, drug sensitivity or certain immune disorders.

Small nasal polyps may not cause symptoms. Larger growths or groups of nasal polyps can block your nasal passages or lead to breathing problems, a lost sense of smell and frequent infections. Nasal polyps can affect anyone, but they're more common in adults. Medications can often shrink or eliminate nasal polyps, but surgery is sometimes needed to remove them. Even after successful treatment, nasal polyps often return.

Nasal polyps are associated with inflammation of the lining of your nasal passages and sinuses that lasts more than 12 weeks

1. A runny nose
2. Persistent stuffiness
3. Postnasal drip
4. Decreased or absent sense of smell
5. Loss of sense of taste
6. Facial pain or headache
7. Pain in your upper teeth
8. A sense of pressure over your forehead and face
9. Snoring

Seek immediate medical help when-

1. Serious trouble breathing
2. Sudden worsening of your symptoms
3. Double vision, reduced vision or limited ability to move your eyes
4. Severe swelling around your eyes
5. Increasingly severe headache accompanied by high fever or inability to tip your head forward

Scientists don't yet fully understand what causes nasal polyps. It's not clear why some people develop chronic inflammation or why ongoing inflammation triggers polyp formation in some people and not in others. The inflammation occurs in the fluid-producing lining (mucous membrane) of your nose and sinuses. 

Risk factors-

1. Asthma
2. Aspirin sensitivity
3. Allergic fungal sinusitis
4. Cystic fibrosis


1. Obstructive sleep apnea.
2. Asthma flare-ups
3. Sinus infections


1. Manage allergies and asthma.
2. Avoid nasal irritants.
3. Practice good hygiene.
4. Humidify your home.
5. Use a nasal rinse or nasal lavage.

Homeopathic remedies for nasal polyps-

  • Lemna minor
  • Arsenicum album
  • Sambucus nigra
  • Sanguinaria
  • Nux vomica
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A Guide To Beating Nasal Allergies!

A Guide To Beating Nasal Allergies!

Nasal allergy is something that needs proper care and treatment to opt. Nasal allergy is the home to serious health issues, so it is prominent to know the reason behind it. Sometimes people get allergic to dust, tree pollen, some flowers, animal dander or it might be something else which is causing irritation in the nose. Treat your allergies on the priority basis because it is not something which can be ignored. Give a look at the below-mentioned symptoms and know the precautions that can find a way to get you out of this.

  1. Nose running: The congestion in your nose can be one of the most common symptoms of nasal allergies. Maintain a distance from the substances which cause irritation in your nose. For instance, if you have nasal allergy from dogs or cats, then washing your hands properly and changing clothes after playing with them can get you rid of a sniffle.
  2. Sneezing: The use of antihistamines is very much helpful to get rid of the periodical sneezing, but the follow the instructions provided on the label of the medicine. Over-the-counter pills are really beneficial. Otherwise, keep the miles’ distance from the species and things which cause sneezing. Know the reason behind the sneezing as soon as possible before it takes a serious turn.
  3. Eyes’ Itching: If you are annoyed from the watering and itching of eyes, then do not ignore the symptom. Try using a cloth washed with cold water to place on the eyes. Contact lenses should not be adopted. Keep yourself away from the allergy trigger substances. The wearing of sunglasses can also be beneficial so adopt these ways to get the soothing eyes.
  4. Postnasal drip: There is a production of mucus in the lining of your nose whenever you are suffering from cold or any other allergic conditions. The thickening of the mucus is the only cause of the post nasal drip. So, opt the saline nasal spray or go for the drinking fluids. To get rid of the lump in the throat and get the pain-free nose without any type of irritation.
  5. Sinus pressure: If you are feeling any type of pressure behind your forehead, eyes, and cheeks, then be sure that this is the sinus pressure. Application of a warm and wet cloth to your face can be a very good catch. Try using the saline nasal spray or go for the steam inhalation. But, the long time period of the sinus pressure needs the proper care of the doctor so beware of that.

Do not ignore the symptoms mentioned above because a small mistake can cause the serious problems. The aforementioned points are also beneficial, but the reference of a doctor can provide the best ways possible. Proper care is necessary to be taken if you want to keep your nose working smoothly. Get the best advice and choose soothing breath for you.

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Nasal Problems!

Nasal Problems!

Nasal Problems!

Best ENT Specialist in Delhi

Best ENT Specialist in Delhi

Hearing problems or ear infections or suffering from sinusitis, allergies, nasal blockage. Don’t know what to do? You need an ENT specialist. But who is the best ENT specialist in Delhi? An ENT specialist is also called otolaryngologist, who deals with speech disorders, ear problems or nasal problems and deformities. Here are few of the best ENT specialist in Delhi:

1. Dr. Shalabh Sharma

MBBS, MS - Otorhinolaryngology, DNB - Otorhinolaryngology, DLORCS, FRCS - Otolaryngology

Dr. Sharma is a well renowned and senior Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist. He has 27 years of experience and holds a Limca Book of Records for pioneering endoscopic sinus surgery for a complicated tumor. He has done several fellowships internationally and areas of special interest to him are Pediatric Otolaryngology, & Neurotology. He is a member of several reputed institutes and associations. H is associated with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and ENT & Dental Centre

Consultation fees: ₹1500 - 1800 

2. Dr. Anurag Tandon

MS - ENT, Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (DLO), MBBS

Dr. Anurag Tandon is one of the very senior doctors who has 34 years of experience. He currently practices at Park View ENT Clinic in Mayur Vihar Ph-II, Delhi and Max Multispeciality Hospital. His areas of specialization are eardrum rupture treatment, head and neck cancers, phono surgery, tonsillectomy. He is a lifetime member of the Academy of Oral Implantology (AOI), Indian Medical Association (IMA) and Association of Otolaryngologists of India (AOI).

Consultation fees: ₹1000 - 1400 

3. Dr. Dhirendra Singh Kushwah


Dr. Dhirendra Singh Kushwah has more than 16 years of experience as ENT Surgeon. He is associated with Rockland hospital & ORL clinic, as well as runs his own clinic-  Gynae & ENT Clinic at Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi. His clinic is well equipped to treat various conditions like nasal disorders like blockage, nose bleeding, rhinoplasty,  tonsillitis and sinus.

Consultation fees: ₹500-1000

4. Dr. Sumit Mrig


Dr. Mrig with 16 years of experience is a well known name in his feretinity. He is recipient of many awards and has presented India internationally through his seminars, research and academic papers. He is associated with Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital and Sankalp ENT & Cochlear Implant Centre. He has many professional memberships like Cochlear Implant Group of India, ISCON, National Academy of Medical Sciences etc. He treats foreign body removal, tonsillitis, hearing and speech impairment.

Consultation fees: ₹700-1200

5. Dr. Manni Hingorani


Dr. Manni Hingorani, is a reputed Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) specialist in South Delhi with 14 years of experience. She is associated with best hospitals as a visiting consultant at Max healthcare Saket City Hospital, St. Stephen’s Hospital, Gurgaon and Max Medcentre, Panchsheel. She also has her own private practice called Three Senses in Neeti Bagh. She is a recipient of  golden medal award for best research paper at the North West AOI Conference, held at Rohtak in 2008.

Consultation fees: ₹800

6. Dr. K.K Handa


Dr. K.K Handa has more than 30 years of experience as Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist. He runs his private practice at ENT Clinic & Matritva Maternity. He is an active member of Indian Medical Association (IMA). He is known for his treatment and services like- Laryngostroboscopy, Laser Surgery, Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery - FESS using XOMED & Smith Nephew Microdebrider.

Consultation fees: ₹500

7. Dr. Madhulika Sharma


Dr. Madhulika Sharma has 9 years of experience as ENT Specialist in New Delhi. She specialises in  treatment of cold cough, throat ache, sinusitis, sneezing, allergic rhinitis, ear pain and hearing loss. She runs her private practice at Sharma ENT clinic, Delhi.

Consultation fees: ₹300

8. Dr. Geeta Kathuria

M.B.B.S, MS ENT, MRCSEd ENT, Fellowship Golf, IFHNOS Head & Neck Surgery and Oncology U.S.A

Dr. Geeta Kathuria is a well known name as ENT specialist or Otorhinolaryngologist in Delhi. She has an experience of 15 years and is working with Fortis Hospital, Okhla. She is known for her treatment for tonsillectomy and nasal endoscopy. Besides this she also has special interest in paediatric ENT as well as head and neck surgeries related to onco, or thyroid and salivary gland. She is a life member of  AOI, Delhi & FHNO

Consultation fees: ₹500- 1000

9. Dr. B. B. Khatri


Dr. Khatri with 34 years of experience is a prominent name among ENT surgeons. During his tenure he has performed micro-laryngeal surgery, cosmetic nose surgery and endoscopic sinus surgery. He is also known for his perfection when it comes to micro-ear surgical procedures. Not only he is member of some esteemed associations, but has also holds some reputed positions in them.  He has written and published more than 8 papers in various reputed national and international medical journal. His special area of interest are snoring & sleep disorders, hearing problems, surgery for deviated nasal septum.

Consultation fees: ₹800

10. Dr. Rajeev Nangia


Dr. Rajeev Nangia a renowned Ear-Nose-throat (ENT) Specialist  with 3 decades of experience, he is currently practicing in Karol Bagh, Delhi. He is associated with Apollo Spectra Clinic in Karol Bagh, Delhi and also practices at Ratan ENT Clinic, Delhi. He is known for his comprehensive approach and warmth. He is an alumni of Rohtak Medical college, and a lifetime member of AIRS, AOI, IMA and ISO. Dr. Nangia specializes in treating cochlear implant, hearing and speech impairments, epistaxis (nosebleed) treatment, throat and voice problems, tonsillitis and nasal disorders.

Consultation fees: ₹650- 800

Also, check Manipal Hospital Dwarka - Best Hospital in Delhi. Book Appointment, View Doctor List, Contact no, Address, Visiting Hours, Health Checkup Reviews, Lab Report Online.

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I am male and 34 years old. I'm suffering from loss of smell and taste for 4 years due to nasal allergy. By using dexamethasone it was ok. But it came again. I want its permanent treatment.

I am male and 34 years old. I'm suffering from loss of smell and taste for 4 years due to nasal allergy. By using dex...
Sorry to say permanent treatment may not be possible as long time allergy damages the olfactory nerve. The nerve of smell.
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Nasal Reconstruction Surgery - Know Its Indicators!

Nasal Reconstruction Surgery - Know Its Indicators!

A nasal reconstruction surgery is required to correct deformities in the nasal area formed as a result of birth defects, injuries, trauma etc. It is also used to correct missing parts of the nasal anatomy if required. Recent developments in techniques such as microsurgery, expansion of the tissue and so on, have helped surgeons improve the methods of nasal reconstruction surgery to a great extent. At this point, a patient has a great number of reconstruction methods to choose from, depending on his/her particular case. 

Types of Nasal Reconstruction Surgery: 

  1. Local flaps 
  2. Regional flaps 
  3. Secondary Intention Healing 
  4. Simple Suture closure 
  5. Skin grafts 
  6. One stage nasolabial flap 
  7. Two stage nasolabial flap 
  8. Forehead flap Bone and Cartilage frame work reconstruction 

Indicators of the need for Nasal Reconstruction surgery 

  1. One indicator of the need for this type of surgery is fractures in the nose that have changed the shape of the organ. Patients opt for this kind of surgery in order to improve their overall appearance. 
  2. Another indicator is fractures or other deformities that lead to breathing problems. Living with such problems is difficult; hence it is important to get nasal reconstruction surgery. 
  3. The presence of the Deviated Nasal Septum prevents proper breathing and increases vulnerability to ENT infections. Nasal reconstruction surgery can be used to fix this problem. 
  4. Deformities formed as a result of treatment of skin cancer can be fixed with the help of nasal reconstruction surgery. 

Things to know about recovering from Nasal Reconstruction Surgery 

  1. Medication taken orally can help to counter the discomfort experienced right after a nasal reconstruction surgery. 
  2. Usually, splints are used inside the nose during the surgery. 
  3. These are generally removed within a week. Patients are able to get up and walk about within a few days. Normal daily activities may be resumed upon the doctor's instructions. 
  4. At times, a swelling may be observed in the nasal area, but this goes away within a few weeks.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Dear doctor, My 7-year-old niece has been recommended an adenoidectomy. I would like to know the cost for the surgery. Also would like to know if there are any long term after effects of the same.

Hi go ahead with surgery there are no long term complications of the surgery but yes delaying the surgery can invite trouble for you.
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My 14 years old son had problem in breathing. He was diagnosed with increased adenoid tissues behind the nostrils and was operated for the same two years ago. Now he is again feeling the difficulty in breathing. Can you please suggest the possible permanent solution to this.

Get his vital parameters of the body checked from a nearby doctor and follow up with findings and get him examined by a ENT doctor and follow up with reports.
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I am 42 year old male for last 3-4 months feeling nasal area becoming dry and blocked due to drying of nasal discharge causing discomfort. At times when I clear this deposit either dry or loosen with water find some solidified blood also in removed waste.

I am 42 year old male for last 3-4 months feeling nasal area becoming dry and blocked due to drying of nasal discharg...
Whenever there is mucous discharge from the nostrils I will suggest you to take one tablet of cetrizine at night and Take Cp. Amoxicillin 500mg twelve hourly for five days
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