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Myxoid Liposarcoma Questions

Can atypical lipoma well differentiated liposarcoma spread to lungs/ If it’s in stage 4 with round cells.

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A lipoma is a benign tumor made of fat tissue. They are generally soft to the touch, movable, and painless. They usually occur just under the skin, but occasionally may be deeper. Most are less than 5 cm in size. Common locations include upper back, shoulders, and abdomen. A few people have a number of lipomas. Exact cause for Lipoma is not known so far that's why you should be more careful while using any medication. The most common way to treat a lipoma is to remove it through surgery. This is especially helpful if you have a large skin tumor that’s still growing. Lipomas can sometimes grow back even after they’re surgically removed. This procedure is typically done under local anesthesia through a procedure known as an excision.
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