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Multiple Sclerosis - What Should You Know?

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Multiple Sclerosis - What Should You Know?

Multiple Sclerosis is a condition of the immune system, where it attacks the central nervous system and destroys the protective sheath of nerve fibers. This is why, it is known as an autoimmune disease. It is a disabling disease for the spinal cord and the brain. If treatment is not begun in right earnest, the disease may damage the nervous system and disabled people.

However, there is no cure for Multiple Sclerosis in modern medicine. Doctors can at most reduce the pace of progression of the disease, but not halt it. Nevertheless, Ayurveda may have an answer to this dreaded disease.

Modern Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis:

Modern medicine focuses on speeding up recovery from episodes like pain in the body, electric-shock sensations during certain movements, tremors, problems with coordination, etc. Other aspects of treatment include slowing the progress of the disease and managing the symptoms of the disease. People who are afflicted with only mild symptoms usually don’t need any treatment. However, for those who have severe symptoms like jerks, slurred speech, etc., Ayurveda may be the answer.

Ayurvedic Interpretation:

In Ayurveda, the malady is interpreted as an energy disorder. Practitioners consider this problem as one arising from improper digestion. Improper digestion leads to toxin formation. If the toxins are not removed, they accumulate in various tissues of the body. According to the tenets of Ayurveda, these toxins obstruct the movement of certain energies. This precipitates neuromuscular disorders.

Ayurvedic Remedy for Multiple Sclerosis:

Ayurvedic remedies for Multiple Sclerosis involve removing the toxins and restoring digestive capacity. It uses herbal remedies for that purpose. However, the task of removing the toxins is a comprehensive one. The toxins need to be eliminated from the tissues and at the same time they need to be prevented from accumulating in the tissues. This can be done by bringing in improvement in metabolism. In fact, this is the touchstone of Ayurvedic remedies for Multiple Sclerosis. Ayurvedic practitioners use Aloe Vera gel to detoxify and improve metabolism in patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Natural minerals and vitamins of Aloe Vera also help in strengthening the immune system and putting a brake on its autoimmune activities.

Lifestyle Changes:

While various remedies help to expel toxins and prevent build-up toxins, patients need to bring in a change in their lifestyle in order to bring in long-standing improvements in digestive capacity and metabolism.

Dietary Habits:

Stuff like green tea has huge potential in prevention and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis and other neurodegenerative diseases. In fact, a certain chemical known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate has the ability to prevent the T-cells of immune system from attacking the nerve sheath.

Avoid stimulants like alcohol or coffee, fermented foods, peanuts, acidic foods, etc. One should also avoid or quit cigarettes.

Foods that are helpful are whole grains, almonds, Chlorella, Spirulina, Ghee, etc. Eating food which increases the metabolism and digestion of the body will also be helpful for this situation.


While modern medicine does not have an answer to Multiple Sclerosis, Ayurveda offers a glimmer of hope. Patients need to bring in a comprehensive change in their lifestyle that includes improving lifestyles and taking specific food and drinks that help in fighting the disease. One should always consult a doctor if the symptoms are visible.

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