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3T MRI Scan - Orbit Test

3T MRI Scan - Orbit Test

MRI or magnetic resonance imaging creates detailed images of inside parts of our body by using strong magnetic fields and radio waves. Tesla (T) is the unit of measurement used in indicating the strength of magnetic field. The 3T MRI scanner has a magnetic strength of 3 Tesla and is 10 to 15 times stronger than low field or open MRI scanners. 3T MRI scan – orbit is done to detect defects in the orbit portion of the eye. It gives a soft tissue resolution and spatial resolution of orbital masses. Orbit MRIs are used to discover tumours, infection and chronic diseases that affect the structures in and around the orbits. It is also used in detecting Grave’s disease.

  • There is no need of fasting or any special requirement for 3T MRI Orbit scan.
  • Wear cotton clothes with no embellishments, pins or hooks.
  • Do not wear jewellery or wristwatch or any pins on your hair.
  • Leave your dentures at home.
  • Do not carry your mobile phones or keys.
  • You should get rid of any transdermal pain relief patches.
  • If you are claustrophobic you might need sedation.

3T MRI Orbit scan is used to diagnose masses either within the globe or behind it, complex infections, optic neuritis or causes of vision loss, thyroid ophtalmopathy. The 3d image clearly gives the indication of any defect or disease in the eye.

The physician may give an IV for contrast administration during the procedure. The patient will be taken to the MRI, where the patient will lie up within the scanner. The technician may place special pads for positioning and comfort, which will help in getting a good image quality. The magnetic signals are focussed by keeping special coils around the head or torso. The test will take up to 30 to 45 minutes. Imaging is done focusing on the area of interest depending on the clinical indication.

Rs 2000- Rs 9000

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