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Hi Friends!

My name is Dr. Himanshu Gupta. I am an orthopedic spine specialist. And today I will be talking about spine elements and different type of spine conditions that we see in OPD. Most of the patients suffer from this because of the long sitting on the computer. They suffer from neck pain, back pain, postural pain, mid back pain or long-term standing, sitting while at work in an awkward posture. So the myth is that all is not only related to disc pain.

2nd all these pain can be corrected with a few activities, exercises and posture modifications. Another myth is if you have slip disc, you can never be treated for life. But this is not true. There are multiple treatments available. In most cases, the patient gets better with medicines, exercise, physiotherapy. Very rare cases when there is instability or some neurological weakness, we go for surgical correction. But there is a condition which is called interventional pain. There is the scope of minor interventions for correcting these spinal elements with simple procedures like pulse radio frequency, an endoscopic discectomy. They all are day care procedures. The patient can be discharged the same day. The results for all of these are very good.

If you are looking for any of these treatments for the neck, back, shoulder, sciatica, arm pain or slip disc, you can contact me or reach us at Nivaran Pain Relief Centre. We are available in Gurgaon. We also have other branches outside of Delhi. But there we are available once in a month.

Thank You.

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