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Optimal Health - 10 Things You Should Eat Daily!

Optimal Health - 10 Things You Should Eat Daily!

Being at the peak of optimal health should be the goal of every individual. As the saying goes, 'Health is Wealth'. Certain food items will help you to reach the peak of health if they are consumed regularly. These food items will not only keep you healthy and fit but will also help the body to function properly with the nutrients it receives from them. 

Given below is a list of food items that you should be eating for optimal health: 

  1. Garlic - Garlic contains a compound called "allicillin", which is the major component to make it a healthy food item. Garlic is very effective to cure common colds and flu. Garlic also helps reduce high blood pressure. It reduces bad cholesterol and improves good cholesterol levels in the blood. Garlic also helps to detoxify your body. Treating osteoarthritis is another great benefit of eating garlic.
  2. Yogurt - Yogurt contains probiotics, which control bacterial growth which is harmful to your body. It also provides your body with calcium.
  3. Broccoli - Broccoli contains sulphur, which makes this green vegetable a cancer fighter. It contains sulforaphane which gives it this property.
  4. Oats - Oats help to control blood pressure and cholesterol level in the blood. They are also a great source of fibre for the body. Oats help keep your heart healthy.
  5. Beets - Beets are a rich source of multivitamins. They help to lower blood pressure and also lower the risk of any cardiovascular disease. Beets also help detoxify the body.
  6. Cabbage - Cabbage helps reduce the risk of having cancer. It also prevents heart diseases, gastrointestinal problems and Alzheimer's disease. Cabbage is loaded with vitamin Avitamin C and vitamin K, which help it prevent osteoarthritis. 
  7. Fish - Fish helps to control blood pressure. Fish oil can help slow down mental ageing. The Omega-3 fatty acid present in fish is very important sources of protein.
  8. Eggs - Eggs are rich sources of proteins. They aid in the bodybuilding process, and also in the repair and maintenance of the body.
  9. Spinach - Spinach is a rich source of antioxidants, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin K and Omega-3 fatty acid. It helps fight cancer, and also detoxifies the body.
  10. Tomatoes - The vitamins and phytonutrients in tomatoes make them such a healthy food option which keeps cancer and heart diseases at bay.
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Constipation - Know Best Juices For It!

Constipation - Know Best Juices For It!

Constipation is an uncomfortable problem which causes bloating and build of gas. The problem can be painful if the gas is building up for more than 3 days. The only way to reduce constipation is to make changes in the diet and including leafy vegetables and fluid in daily diet. Fruits and vegetables are the best way to relieve from constipation. The fibre content in fruits and vegetables help in timely stools and hence, reduce constipation.

What Drinks are Good to Relieve Constipation?

Here are some of the drinks that one can try:

  1. Apple Juice -
    An apple has the highest fibre contents. You can make fresh apple juice in the home by cutting apples into small pieces and grinding them into a paste. Pass the content in the sieve and extract juice from it. The apple is a good source of pectin, which is soluble fibre and helps in relieving from constipation. Make this drink in the morning and drink it while it is still fresh.
  2. Prune Juice -
    Prunes (also known as dried plums) have mild laxative effects. Dried plums are very rich in dietary fibres, and are very healthy for bowel movements. With the laxative properties, they are best suited to people who are unable to go for regular stools. Take some prunes and soak them in water for overnight. In the morning, when they are soft and mushy, grind them into a fine paste. Extract the juice and drink immediately.
  3. Salty Lemon Water -
    The easiest drink to calm constipation is the Lemon water with salt. Lemons are a very good source of Vitamin C and fibres which regulate the bowel system. Salt is good for a bowel movement and healthy for maintaining PH balance. You can add lemon juice in a glass of water with two pinches of table salt. You can also add black salt or pink Himalayan salt for energy.

What is a Safe Laxative to Use Daily?

Over the counter, laxatives are not recommended for a long time. There are some natural laxatives available for daily consumption like prunes and pomegranate. Apart from fruits, you can also take fibre supplements which provide essential fibres to the body and help you calm constipation.

How Much Prune Juice Should I Drink to Poop?

Prune juice is not advisable if you are facing dysentery. However, prune juice is recommended by the doctors to treat constipation in adults as well as children. Prune has laxative effects in the body. Hence, its consumption should be limited according to the needs of the patient.

Do Prunes Make You Poop Right Away?

There is no evidence that prunes induce poops right after drinking. They help to add bulk to the food in the digestive system, which allows you to digest food quickly. It contains soluble fibre, which is helpful as a mild laxative.


There are many fruit juices which help in treating and reducing the problem of constipation. However, it is advisable to consult a Gastrologist before making a change in the diet.

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Fat & Health - Can It Be Real?

Fat & Health - Can It Be Real?

If you are into healthy eating, but like a dose of fat in your diet, we have a surprise for you. Not all fats are unhealthy. Saturated fats should be taken as a part of your diet while trans-fat should be banished. There are a lot of fats that are healthy and can actually help in promoting good health. So read on to know how to eat lots of fat and still be healthy!

1. Avocados: Avocados contain a monosaturated fat that goes by the name of Oleic Acid. This also has numerous health benefits and is known as a superfood that gives us omega three fatty acids. It even contains plenty of potassium.

2. Cheese: Remember to have a slice of cheese the next time you find yourself avoiding that mandatory glass of milk. Cheese is known as a great source of protein, calcium and Vitamin B 12 as well as phosphorous. It also contains fatty acids that can even reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

3. Dark Chocolate: A small dose of dark chocolate a day can actually keep skin damage and cardiac disease at bay. That's the result of medical studies. This superfood can also encourage better brain function thanks to the fact that it is rich in iron, magnesium, copper and other nutrients as well as essential fats.

4. Eggs: The fats found in eggs do not affect the cholesterol levels in the blood, which makes it the ideal source of essential and healthy fats as well as protein and calcium. Eggs can protect the eyes form wear and tear thanks to the heavy element of choline. Plus, it is also known as a weight loss friendly food.

5. Fish: Fish and other seafood have proven health benefits thanks to the omega three fatty acids which can actually aid you in your weight loss journey and keep your heart healthy. This lean protein also helps in giving you essential nutrition when ingested on a regular basis.

6. Seed Oil: Sunflower, olive oil and flaxseed oil have healthy fats with proven health benefits for everyone. The fats present in this kind of oil are very healthy and can actually help in retaining the good health of bones.

7. Nuts: Dry fruit, almonds, figs, pistachios and raisins help in giving you your daily dose of natural fats that are healthy. You can munch on these for essential vitamins and minerals along with the fat content.

Improve your overall health as well as the quality of your hair and skin with these essential and healthy fats!

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What Should You Do To Control Your Diabetes?

What Should You Do To Control Your Diabetes?
For diabetic patients, missing out on prescribed medicines is at times beneficial. True or False. Take this quiz to know now
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Hi, am suffering with cysts in ovaries. Cysts in right ovary is 5 cm which is large from past 6 months am used metformin tablets now doctor gave hormone-f tablets taking this tablets can reduce my cyst size or not?

Hi, am suffering with cysts in ovaries. Cysts in right ovary is 5 cm which is large from past 6 months am used metfor...
If it is a simple cyst then 3-4 cycles of hormonal pills can reduce the size. But since the size is big go for certain blood test to rule out that the cyst is not cancerous.
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My sis is having 2 years boy and is breastfeeding, can she use terbinafine cream for jock itch? She is suffering since 1 year. She is on itraconazole 100 mg twice a day and let b lotion.

My sis is having 2 years boy and is breastfeeding, can she use terbinafine cream for jock itch? She is suffering sinc...
no.. Treatment depends on the severity...Fungal infection or Ring worm.. when occurs in groin, called as jock itch.. Usually fungal infection is common in moist areas of body like skin folds..It's mostly circular or round in appearance.. May be red or black in colour.. Treatment depending on the type and severity.. Avoid sharing clothes, towels and soap; sweating also increases it..As it has to be differentiated from eczema and infection, its a must to see and confirm the diagnosis for proper treatment..So, please send photos of the affected area by direct online consultation for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
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My daughter is one year old and she is suffer from fever and doing green colour potty. Day before yesterday she pooped 3 times green and one time normal potty and yesterday only one time but colour is green and lots of mucus.

My daughter is one year old and she is suffer from fever and doing green colour potty. Day before yesterday she poope...
Reduce green vegetable if givibg herr. Give ors no fried food medicine can not be advised for open question for medicine write on private consultation. Good luck.
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Sudden Cardiac Arrest - How To Counter It?

Sudden Cardiac Arrest - How To Counter It?

Cardiac arrest is reported to be the number one cause of sudden death for people over the age of 40. As it strikes fast and without prior warning, it usually leaves no time for getting help to the patient. Many lives can be saved if the necessary first aid is given immediately by people who know what to do in case of a cardiac arrest.

So first let us know about the signs of a cardiac arrest:

  1. Loss of consciousness: A person may feel dizzy, sweat, faint or collapse suddenly. You can tell if someone has just fainted and not had a cardiac arrest if they are still breathing or have a pulse.
  2. No breathing
  3. No pulse
  4. Muscle twitching.

Now that you have recognized the signs; here is what you can do:

  1. Call the ambulance and try getting an emergency medical professional to attend to the person.
  2. If professional help isn't available, emergency resuscitation measures must begin. An automated external defibrillator (AED) can rapidly determine whether the person has an abnormal heart rhythm that can be treated by an electric shock (called defibrillation). AEDs are available in many public gathering places, such as stadiums and concert halls. An AED is used before calling for help and before attempting cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) because an AED is more likely to save lives. If the AED detects ventricular fibrillation, it provides an electrical shock (defibrillation) that can restore normal heart rhythm and start the heart beating again. Emergency medical care should be obtained even if the heart has started beating again. If a person remains in cardiac arrest after an AED is used, CPR should be done.
  3. If a person remains in cardiac arrest after an AED is used, other measures are begun, such as opening the airway and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
  4. CPR combines artificial respiration (mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, or rescue breathing) to supply oxygen to the lungs with chest compressions, which circulate oxygen to the brain and other vital organs by forcing blood out of the heart.

To do CPR (artificial respiration), the rescuer's mouth covers the person's mouth and then rescuer slowly exhales air into the person's lungs (rescue breaths). The person's airway must remain opened during artificial respiration. To prevent air from escaping from the person's nose, the person's nose can be pinched shut as the rescuer exhales into the mouth.

Talk to your doctor to find out if you are at risk of a cardiac arrest.

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Hi, I want to use a derma roller at home to help my hair to regrow after half of it fell off. I'm 16. What do I put on my scalp before or after? How to stay safe from infection. Is there any side effects to using derma roller?

Hi, I want to use a derma roller at home to help my hair to regrow after half of it fell off. I'm 16. What do I put o...
Everyday we lose so many hairs, and these are replaced by new one. However, when the hair fall become sever, there is a risk of baldness. It is advisable to find the root cause and get it treated at earliest. The cause for hair fall can range from minor dietary issues to bigger problems like low thyroid function, cysts in the ovary, low haemoglobin etc. We need to have a detailed discussion to find out the actual reason of your hair problem and it’s severity and then appropriate and effective treatment can be applied.
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I am 25 years female. After childbirth burty in january 2019, my face has become dull and dark with spots and acne blemishes .i bought melaglow cream and kojivit gel. But I don't know how to use it. Can I use both the creams alternate days or same day like day and night respectively. Please suggest me.

I am 25 years female. After childbirth burty in january 2019, my face has become dull and dark with spots and acne bl...
Dear Lybrate user, melaglow cream is prescribed for patients suffering from hyperpigmentation. This drug helps in lightening dark spots and overall brightening of the skin. It also makes the skin more firm by aiding the regeneration of skin cells for reduction of patches. Kojivit gel works by treating or preventing melasma; controlling melanogenesis; reducing the appearance of dark spots; protecting skin from ultraviolet a and b radiations; preventing the oxidative stress; enhancing the skin deposition of hydrophilic skin-whitening agents; inhibiting the dopa oxidase activity of tyrosinase and superoxide scavenging activities. Our doctors usually deal with this kind of issue by administering laser treatment. Whether it is unwanted signs of aging or unwanted hair, laser treatment can answer to those people seeking permanent solutions to these problems. This type of treatment involves tuning the light effectively, using specific wavelengths for emission to create controlling beams. Compared to the traditional approach, laser treatments results in faster recovery and less pain. We are inviting you to avail our video consultation service. This shall enable you to discuss this kind of issue with one of our senior doctors pretty conveniently.
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My 91 year old mother went into a rest home in january. She was upset re the move from her home. The rest home put her on 1/4 of 30 mil mirtazapine. The family noticed she was excessively tired and even lower mood. We asked if it was the medication we were told no and mum was increased to 1/2 a 30 mil tablet. She became worse and more tired and depressed and mood swings. We asked for the medication to be reviewed and we were told its not the medication and they increased it to 3/4 tablet. Now mum is crying for no reason and totally wiped out. What do you think and what can we do please?

My 91 year old mother went into a rest home in january. She was upset re the move from her home. The rest home put he...
Depression at this late years of life, is more common. Moreover, the change of environment and new faces around challenges her. What are her medical conditions? How long was she counselled to go to a rest home. Depression at this age can be treated with mirtazapine, if there are no contraindications. The dose of mirtazapine need to be increased depending on her drowsiness and other side effects, may be upto 90 mg/day. Like all antidepressants, mirtazapine also takes 2-3 weeks to start its antidepressant action. All the symptoms you have described are due to her depression and new unknown environment. Can you shift her back to her familiar home with family around - probably with a hired caretaker?
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I need protein powder for body building without side effect witch powder is best please tell me.

I need protein powder for body building without side effect witch powder is best please tell me.
Protein powder is usually used for body building to overcome the additional need for proteins. As proteins are the building blocks of your body, you sure need more of them when you have been exercising and working out to get fit. You can also opt for protein rich diets including paneer and tofu made products or can use Dr. Vaidya's herbobuild for an additional supplement for your body building. It is more than neceessary that you go an ayurvedic way for your body to have long term health benefits.
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Lifestyle Changes To Maintain Healthy Skin!

Lifestyle Changes To Maintain Healthy Skin!

While taking care of skin externally is definitely a good idea, maintaining healthy skin from the inside is important as well. These don't happen overnight or don't work with external beauty products but only happen when lifestyle changes are put into place. Let's take a look at some of the well known lifestyle changes or habits that can help you get healthier skin.

1. Stop smoking:Apart from contributing to cancer and being nicknamed death sticks, smoking also causes a person's skin to look older. This is due to the fact that it constricts blood vessels within the body and thus causes wrinkles on the skin by disrupting the normal blood flow. It is thus advisable to give up smoking if you want to have healthier skin.

2. Eat more of dark leafy green vegetables:For skin to be healthy; your body also needs to be healthy internally. The best way to do that is to exercise and eat right. Eating right is an even more important and it is important to remember to include dark leafy vegetable which are packed with nutrients required by the body. Some examples of these foods are:

a. Spinach
b. Broccoli
c. Brussels sprouts
d. Kale
e. Romaine lettuce, etc.

3. Exercising or incorporating at least some forms of movement:It is important to get into some regimen of exercising or working out, be it yoga, running whichever may be light, but makes you move during the day. This is very important as movement and exercise helps the lymphatic system within the body to make the immune system stronger. This will not only boost immunity, but will also help detoxify the body and hence help the skin become healthier.

4. Carry out detoxification diets and procedures at regular intervals: Detoxifying is not just about having a clean diet, but also about detoxifying the skin from the outside. While you can go for a green or fruits only diet or smoothies and cut out many food groups for a few days to detoxify, it is also important to detoxify the skin as well with body wraps, clay treatments, sugar scrubs, salt treatments etc.

5. Manage stress:This is a silent killer in many aspects as stress leads to hypertension and many other ailments. With regards to skin, stress releases cortisol, which over activates the blood vessels and causes it to make the skin over sensitive. This will result in visible redness, blushing and may even cause acne. Get into and start practicing stress management routines to minimize stress that will not only help you have healthy skin but good health in general.


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