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Sperm And It's Help In Pregnancy!

Dr.Swarup Kumar Ghosh 88% (87ratings)
MF Homeo (London), DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery), Biochemistry M.D.( PG) (Kol), CMS Ed, Affilied by UGC & MCI., Electro - Homoeopathy Pledge (Certifict No.11244)., Electro Homoeopathy Certficate.
Homeopathy Doctor, Kolkata
Sperm And It's Help In Pregnancy!

Sperm can't swim, new data after 343 years - 
After 343 years of research, scientists have given exciting information about sperm. They claim that sperm cannot swim. Stay away from swimming. Sperm can't move their tails in that way.
So how does it take so long to reach the egg? that has been detailed in a research report of live-science. Com. There, anthony von leuvenhook said, sperm can swim like mature swimmers, eel fish. On march 17, 18 the scientist thought this theory was correct.

Leuvenhook invented the first microscope and then introduced microorganisms. It speaks of the microscopic blood cells, blood cells, and nerve cells of the human body. In 18, he showed under a 2-d microscope that the human body has things exactly like animals with round heads and long tails that can swim. He hinted at the mystery of creating new life. The thing with that long tail is called sperm which the scientist called ‘living animal molecule’.

What leuwenhoek saw under a 2-d microscope is still examined under a 2-d microscope, and sperm can be seen swimming. Not really. Scientists at the university of sheffield in england have examined it with a 3d microscope and found that sperm do not swim at all. Instead, they move around like sparrows. As soon as pak eats, it runs towards the ovum. Scientists at the university of national autonomous de mexico have framed the sperm in a blue-sky exploration method. This microscopy technique can take 55, 000 pictures per second. In this way, every second frame is taken to see exactly how the sperm moves.

It has been seen that the sperm eats the twisted tail. It rotates about 360 degrees. A lot like wheels. However, the rotation of the head and the rotation of the tail are somewhat different. Sperm are twisted in two different ways of rotation. Seen through a 3d microscope, it looks like they are spinning like a ball. Sperm can travel a long way at the speed that is created as a result. As it turns, the egg goes into the fluid and builds up.

Know How Unani Can Treat Sexual Debility!

Dr.Mir Baqtiyar Ali 89% (4626ratings)
Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S)
Sexologist, Hyderabad
Know How Unani Can Treat Sexual Debility!

Sexual debility is one of the most common sexual problems faced by individuals. Sexual debility refers to a situation where a person is unable to perform sexual acts properly. Though, often people consider sexual debility to be nothing but a moment's lack of sexual vitality; but in reality, it's a serious sexual issue that if left untreated can cause serious trouble in a relationship, and can lead to mental stress. However, this problem can be treated with the help of medication, with or without side effects. Unani medicines help treat sexual debility without side effects.

Why does sexual debility occur in a person?
While there is no specific reason that could be stated to cause the problem, lack of energy and malnutrition can excessively lead to the problem. Also, obesity and lack of confidence can also lead to sexual debility. Sexual debility can affect one due to injury to the genitalia, excessive indulgence in sexual activities, such as masturbation, and poor lifestyle habits, which include drinking, smoking, etc.

Possible symptoms -
Some of the most common signs of sexual debility include lack of sexual desire, fatigue, impotence, and low level of energy or vitality. Sometimes, people with sexual debility, also suffer from nocturnal emissions, palpitation, premature ejaculation, and nervousness during or before engaging in sexual activities. People with sexual debility often tend to suffer from lower back pain, frequent desire to urinate, and weak kidney functionality. Remember, sexual debility is not infertility; rather, it is a condition where erectile dysfunction leads to infertility if not treated.

How can Unani help get rid of the condition?
According to the ancient Unani discipline, the human body has been created with seven natural components that are responsible for wellbeing and maintenance of the overall health. And keeping in mind this very concept, Unani medicines focus on learning about the various states of the body and restoring them to their original selves by strengthening, so that the body learns to heal its own problems. When it comes to treating sexual debility, Unani treatment delves deeper into the cause and then offers necessary medications along with various healthy lifestyle changes, if necessary. In the majority of cases, different combinations of different Unani medicines are used to treat sexual debility effectively. Therefore, it is advised to consult an Unani medicine expert before opting for these medications.

Often considered to be synonymous with impotence, sexual debility can be a serious threat to a happy life if not treated at its early stages. Sometimes, other medications can lead to certain side effects. As the approach of Unani diagnosis and medicine prescription is different, the method of treatment guarantees no side effects and hence allows a patient to lead a healthy life after the completion of the course of the treatment.

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Sexual Problems - How To Overcome Them?

Dr.Abid Jan 88% (27ratings)
MHM, Postgraduate Diploma in Sexology, Fellowship in Sexology
Sexologist, Srinagar
Sexual Problems - How To Overcome Them?

Sexual disorders are issues or complications which hamper your sex life. This can have unintended consequences such as depression and separation. Sexual disorders may be either physical or psychological; at present, there are treatments available for most sexual disorders.

Sexual disorders interfere with certain parts or the whole of the sexual response cycle (which consists of excitement, orgasm, plateau and resolution). This means that you will not be able to achieve satisfaction and contentment by engaging in sexual activity.

The types of sexual disorders are-

  1. Disorders related to orgasm: These disorders are related to the inability to orgasm or climax.
  2. Desire disorders: Lack of desire to engage in sexual intercourse
  3. Arousal disorders: If afflicted with these disorders, you will find it very difficult to be aroused during sexual activity.
  4. Pain related issues: These are disorders in which you experience pain during sexual intercourse.

The symptoms of sexual disorders are-

  1. You may be unable to orgasm.
  2. Tight muscles in the vagina, thus hampering sex.
  3. Dry vaginal tissues in the vagina leading to pain during sex.
  4. Inability to maintain or achieve an erection.
  5. Premature ejaculation.

There are various treatments which are available to rectify sexual disorders. They are-

  1. Sex Therapy: You may consult a sex therapist who can provide counselling on the psychological aspects of sex. They can help you resolve those psychological factors which can act as a deterrent.
  2. Hormone Therapy: Women can undergo hormone therapy if the cause of sexual disorders is an imbalance in the hormones.
  3. Mechanical Devices: Various devices such as penile implants and vacuum devices can help overcome sexual disorders.
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Anxious About Your Sexual Life - Know How Anxiety Ban Create A Problem!

Dr.Anand P R 93% (959ratings)
MBBS, Institute Of Complementary Medicines, Pune, Fellowship in Sexology and Psychosexual Medicine, Grants medical College and Sir J J Hospital Mumbai
Sexologist, Bangalore
Anxious About Your Sexual Life - Know How Anxiety Ban Create A Problem!

Intercourse is meant to be a pleasurable and intimate experience. But it might become an unpleasant act if you are suffering from performance anxiety. When you are mentally occupied by questions such as "Do I look too fat?" or "Did I do that right?", sex stops being a gratifying experience.

Incessant anxiety over your ability or appearance can result in sex becoming nerve-wracking and stressful for you. It might even have you avoiding sex altogether. This psychological condition is termed as sexual performance anxiety.

Sex isn't only a physical reaction, there are emotions tied to it as well. If you are too stressed out and your mind is preoccupied, your body reflects your inner turmoil and you cannot get aroused.

Causes - 

The causes of sexual performance anxiety include: 

  1. Fear that you wouldn't be able to satisfy your partner and perform well sexually
  2. Body image issues (Such as stressing about your weight)
  3. Problems in your relationship
  4. Men worry that their penis don't 'measure' up
  5. Men might be concerned about taking too much time to orgasm, or about premature ejaculation
  6. Women worry about not enjoying the experience or being unable to have an orgasm

Symptoms - Your mental state has a deep impact on your physical state. The effect of stress hormones norepinephrine and epinephrine can hinder your sexual performance.

Symptoms of sexual performance anxiety include:

  1. In men, blood vessels constrict due to the effect of stress hormones. This leads to reduced blood flow to the penis, thus making it difficult for the man to get an erection.
  2. Often though it is less diagnosed in women, sexual performance anxiety leads to trouble in lubrication during sex. Lack of lubrication dims the desire to have sex.

Sexual performance anxiety is a vicious, inescapable cycle. Increased anxiety hampers you from having sex, making you think you won't be able to perform well, which causes even more anxiety.

Treatment - Consult a doctor you will be comfortable with discussing your problems. Sexual performance can be either treated by medication (if you have an underlying medical condition such as erectile dysfunction) or through therapy.

Talking to a therapist or counsellor about your problems can help you in several ways. You can learn to become more comfortable with yourself and your body. You can also understand your problems better, which can eliminate your anxiety.

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Know How Running Can Improve Sexual Life!

Dr.Jitender Nagpal 87% (10ratings)
MD - Psychiatry
Sexologist, Sri Ganganagar
Know How Running Can Improve Sexual Life!

There are many people who are not aware of this fact that running is one of the best exercises that can add spice to your love life. In fact, this is one of the easiest and simplest means of regaining that charm in your sex life. Bedroom potency can be guaranteed by means of continuing the running practice on a regular basis. Overall performance and sexual enjoyment can be increased to a great extent by practicing running. Nowadays, almost all health or fitness experts are recommending the concerned option as the main way-out to get rid of different kinds of sexual troubles.

How running can help to get an improved sexual life?

  1. Feel sexier: You will get the chance of developing a sexier feel by means of practicing running. Only improved health is not acquired with running, but you can also get a sexy body structure. Both health and sex appeal are required for participating in sexual performance actively. You will gain acute confidence in taking part in lovemaking with your partner without any kind of mental blockages. This practice will help you to get a golden opportunity of revealing your impressive personality in front of your partner without doing any intensive exercises.
  2. Get increased energy: If you practice running daily, then you can get back your lost energy. This energy is a high potential for continuing sexual performances in bed for long hours. You can get higher stamina and greater body strength, which are the most essential elements of improved sex life. On the other hand, you can also get higher mental strength as a result of which proper sexual arousal can be enjoyed.
  3. Reduction of erectile dysfunction: Due to running activity, blood circulation in your body is efficiently controlled as a result of which your genital organs can also get sufficient amount of fresh blood and oxygen. This is necessary for making the trouble of erectile dysfunction reduced so that you can get a proper erection. If the blood supply is perfect in your genital organs, then you will never face erection troubles at all.
  4. Reduction of weight: It has been found that those fellows who have got greater weight are not that very capable of getting satisfied sexual life. This is the reason people often intend to lose weight, and this objective can be effectively fulfilled by means of practicing running regularly without any break.
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Sexual Problems - How Can Ayurveda Combat Them?

Dr.Gaurav Arun Shelke 89% (69ratings)
Ayurvedic Doctor, Indore
Sexual Problems - How Can Ayurveda Combat Them?

A healthy intimate life is very important for a person’s physical and emotional health. Sexual issues are very common, though they are not frankly discussed, given the cultural inhibitions that we are brought up with. Both men and women have specific issues, and it is often due to a combination of physical and psychological factors.

Some of the common physical factors that affect sex include normal aging, hormonal imbalances, chronic disease conditions like diabetes and heart disease, menopause, low libido, painful sex, smoking, alcohol abuse, etc. All these affect a person’s desire for sex, ability to perform, or a combination of both.

Psychological factors that affect sexual life include performance anxiety, work-related stress, strains in the relationship, family issues, financial issues, past sexual relationships, history of abuse, etc.

Sexual issues manifest slightly differently in men and women. Reduced sexual desire, painful intercourse, lack of orgasms, and inability to be aroused are commonly seen in women. On the other hand, men suffer from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low sperm count, reduced libido, etc.

One of the first step towards resolving sexual issues is to acknowledge that there is a problem and come to terms with it. In more than 50% of the cases, coming to terms with it and having a frank conversation with the partner can help solve the issue completely. Both the partners become comfortable discussing it and make an attempt to find ways to address it. In some cases, involving a counsellor also helps.

Ayurveda believes that the following ingredients have a strong role to play in resolving sexual issues in both men and women.

  1. Shilajit: Known for its potency inducing properties, it is believed to renew vitality and increase the core energy essential for sexual power.
  2. Safed musli: It is very useful as a reproductive tonic to rejuvenate and improve impotency, premature ejaculation, and low sperm count in men. It is known to enhance libido and cure involuntary ejaculations. It can be used by mixing it with honey, sugar, ghee, and long pepper.
  3. Ashwagandha: This is another wonder medicine with multiple uses. The roots are powdered and widely used in treating female sterility. It can also be mixed in milk and used, starting from 5 to 6 nights after menstruation.
  4. Drumstick: Flowers of this plant can be boiled in milk and used as a sexual tonic in both males and females. The bark can also be powdered and used in impotency and premature ejaculation.
  5. Garlic: A remarkable home remedy, it is a proven aphrodisiac, where it restores sexual power.
  6. Ginger: Another valuable aphrodisiac, ginger juice can be mixed with honey and egg and consumed daily for a month. It helps cure impotency, premature ejaculation, and improves sperm quality.
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Early Discharge - How To Manage It?

Dr.Rishabh Kumar Rana 93% (1305ratings)
MBBS, MD - Community Medicine, CCIP
Sexologist, Dhanbad
Early Discharge - How To Manage It?

A prolonged intimate experience is always desirable, but due to varied reasons, men sometimes experience early discharge. Also known as premature ejaculation, it is the most common male sexual problem. About 30% of the male population has had this problem at some time in their lives, with the semen coming out before any of the partners experiencing an orgasm.

The ejaculation has two phases: Emission and Ejaculation. In people with early discharge, there is quick emission of the seminal fluid and the sperms are ejaculated before a thorough penetration, because of which there could be incomplete satisfaction for both the partners.

An actual definition of this problem is not possible, as different people have different expectations and experiences. However, as a general rule, ejaculation that happens within 10 seconds or 1 minute is considered premature. Some of the causes include anxiety, unhealthy lifestyle, and inappropriate dietary patterns. For men, early discharge can be very stressful as they begin to doubt their self-worth. The inability to satisfy their partner can be very troublesome.

Symptoms: There are no symptoms other than experiencing it during the actual act. There is rapid arousal with a short-lasting erection and an ejaculation that happens within minutes or sometimes even less than a minute.

Remedies: While the anxiety and the lifestyle changes need to be managed, there are other simple techniques that can help manage the issue at hand.

Dietary changes:

  1. Eggs: They provide the required protein that is essential for the production of sex hormones.
  2. Blueberries: This improves blood flow, especially to the genital area, thereby helping maintain an erection.
  3. Asparagus powder: This can be mixed in milk and boiled and consumed twice daily.
  4. Almond and gingerA mixture of crushed almonds soaked overnight with ginger powder, cardamom, and saffron in milk also gives desired results.

In addition to this, there are specific yoga postures which are believed to help in delaying the ejaculation. Meditation including bhastrika pranayama, anulom vilom, and kapal bhaati can be helpful.
There is a strong psychological component with stress and anxiety being major reasons for early discharge. Therefore, managing these underlying issues can often relieve the problem. Counseling the couple also is very helpful in managing the issue. An understanding spouse often helps solve the issue, rather than aggravate it.

Therapies like shirodhara and shiro basti can also help reduce stress and anxiety and manage premature ejaculation. Frequent sexual activity should be avoided, with masturbation not to exceed more than 2 times a week. Also, it has been observed that incidence of premature ejaculation reduces with age and most men learn to control ejaculation as they grow older. The problem is more with younger men who are more anxious and curious about their sex life.

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Impotency - How Does Homeopathy Treat It?

Dr.Sachin Padmakar Pandit 91% (609ratings)
Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery
Homeopathy Doctor, Nashik
Impotency - How Does Homeopathy Treat It?

Nowadays, many males are suffering from sexual problem, mainly impotency. Impotency is of mainly two types. The first type is psychological impotency and the second type is pathological impotency.

Psychological impotency is mainly because of stress which includes situational stress, unusual fears, phobias and sexual fatigue. Surprisingly, it has been found in patients of age group 20-40 yrs. On the other hand, pathological impotency is because of systemic illness like diabetes, leading to polyneuropathy, hormonal disturbances like decrease in male sexual hormones, testesterone, tumours, etc.

After a thorough consultation of these patients, it is observed that most of the patients suffer from psychological impotency. Homoeopathy is the only system of medicine which has the ability to act on mind. There are five questions for patients to answer after which the state of mind and a state of body of the patient is understood.

After getting answers from the patient, the symptoms are individualised and matched with certain homoeopathic remedies for impotency. In this way, the exact remedy is found through which the problem of impotency can be cured.

Homeopathic medicines do wonders only if it exactly matches. That is why, there is no specific remedies for any problem in homeopathy. Along with medicines, the homoeopathy always recommended meditation which helps the patients of impotency tremendously, especially psychological impotency. We suggest Vipassana type of meditation for the patients for 45 mins daily. In that one can start with anapana meditation by SN Goenka which can be found easily on internet.

Pathological impotency is less frequent. It is mostly because of hormonal disturbance like low testosterone level in blood and polyneuropathy. The approach in homoeopathy for pathological impotency is like any other disease. The patient only needs to answer only 5 questions which would be enough to root out any problem. Along with medicines, diet and regimen are also significant.

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Tips To Live A Healthy Relationship!

Ms.Pallavee Walia 91% (227ratings)
PGDRP Rehabilitation Psychology , M.A Clinical Psychology, Certificate in Guidance and Counselling (CGC)
Psychologist, Agra
Tips To Live A Healthy Relationship!

To have a great relationship, there needs to be a high level of respect on the part of both partners. Couples who are less intentional and accomplished in this area will find that their lack of respect holds their partnership down to a lower level of well-being. There are some simple steps one can take to stop habituated patterns that are disrespectful and replace them with more responsible ways of relating.

The following steps, although not necessarily easy, will enhance the level of respect in your relationship so that it can grow and thrive: listen attentively to your partner's needs, desires, and concerns.

  • Show that you notice your partner's needs, desires, and concerns by acting on what you discover about partner.
  • When your partner is direct with requests, respond to what he or she asks for and act on those requests in a timely fashion. Leave no room for procrastination; really show up.
  • Speak words of acknowledgment, appreciation, and gratitude not only for what your partner does, but for who your partner is.
  • When using humor to enliven the relationship, be careful to only playfully tease and not to wound with sharp barbs.
  • Only make comparisons to others for the purpose of calling attention to your partner’s strengths and talents.
  • There are intimate details that only you are privileged to know; never violate confidentiality.
  • Carefully spar with your partner to work out differences during conflict.
  • When bringing a complaint, be careful not to go over the line to criticism.
  • Replace cutting sarcasm with gentle language.
  • Speak directly to your partner rather than sharing your complaints with others.
  • Banish all forms of contempt, including rolling of the eyes.
  • Omit impatient and irritable tones from your communication.
  • When your partner makes unskillful choices, be compassionate and reassuring by saying something like, “we all make mistakes and can learn from them.”
  • Validate your significant other's offerings with encouraging words, such as, ”you’re full of good ideas.”
  • Make room for your partner's style. There are many ways to get things accomplished.
  • Assure your partner that there is room for many opinions.
  • Support your partner’s choices whenever you can.
  • Acknowledge whatever level of financial contribution your partner makes to the family expenses.
  • Acknowledge how much your partner contributes to you and your family on the non-material, emotional level.
  • When you make an unskillful choice, apologize as soon as possible.
  • Take responsibility for the ways you harm your partner. Get busy learning from your breakdowns so that you don’t continue to harm your relationship.
  • Be quick to offer forgiveness when your partner makes unskillful choices.
  • Tell your partner that you are proud of her or him.
  • Declare your respect for your partner in front of others.

What Can Trigger Erectile Dysfunction? - Ways To Treat It!

Dr.S.Sagin Raj 93% (372ratings)
MBBS, Diploma in Diabetology, CCRH (certificate in reproductive health), F.F.M(family medicine)
General Physician, Nagercoil
What Can Trigger Erectile Dysfunction? - Ways To Treat It!

There is a general misconception about impotence and erectile dysfunction being two separate conditions. In fact, impotence is just another term for erectile dysfunction. If you have a problem in achieving an erection of more than 70% of the times when you want to have sex, you are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Impotence is the same thing, but it also encompasses other concerns related to sexual health such as low libido and issues with ejaculation.

Causes of erectile dysfunction- 

  1. Disruption of blood flow in the body or disruption in hormonal secretion and nerve supply to the body

  2. Vascular and neurological causes

  3. The occurrence of a disease known as atherosclerosis, which is caused due to smoking and diabetes. In this case, the arteries in the penis get narrowed and clogged.

  4. Neuropathy, which occurs because of diabetes or diabetic neuropathy

  5. Nerve damage because of a previous surgery around the pelvis area

  6. High blood pressure or hypertension also result in damaged arteries throughout the vascular system. Blood flow gets impaired and proper erection is hampered.

  7. Physical causes such as high cholesterol and obesity, Parkinson’s disease and multiple cases of sclerosis

  8. Smoking, excessive drinking and substance abuse

  9. The reactions and side effects of certain medicines

  10. Several psychological factors such as depression, excessive stress, tension, and performance anxiety, which reduce libido

  11. Poor communication with the sexual partner

  12. Intake of several medicines such as alpha adrenergic blockers, beta blockers, chemotherapy medications and central nervous system depressants

Treatment for erectile dysfunction

Different treatments may be used to treat erectile dysfunction. These include the following:

  1. Medication: A group of drugs known as PDE-5 or phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

  2. Vacuum devices: Vacuum erection devices help in providing an erection in men. A mechanical procedure is involved where the penis is made rigid using a vacuum pump sealed around it. This device draws blood and an erection becomes possible.

  3. Surgical treatment: Penile implants can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. Mechanical implants are used, which help to keep the penis hard. Vascular surgery is another option, which incorporates the correction of blood vessels responsible for erectile dysfunction.

  4. Natural treatment: There are a number of lifestyle changes that help a man naturally treat erectile dysfunction. Regular exercising, especially weight-bearing ones, not only aids in increasing blood flow, but also improves the production of testosterone. Following a balanced diet with more intake of fruits and vegetables, limiting alcohol and avoiding smoking also generate positive results.

The term impotence and erectile dysfunction are quite related as they indicate the same conditions. However, today the term erectile dysfunction is more popular over the term impotence. In case you experience any of the symptoms of this condition, you should consult a doctor immediately.

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