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Left lung shows volume loss and cystic bronchiectasis changes. There is shifting to mediastinum and trachea towards left side. This is one x-ray report. What it means and is there any danger of the patient?

Left lung shows volume loss and cystic bronchiectasis changes. There is shifting to mediastinum and trachea towards l...
The report shows the displacement of the lungs due to some growth or fluid collection inside the chest cavity. He needs a checkup for the cause of shifting of chest contents and is treatable in most of the cases.
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I am 38 years old. In 2017, I am suffering from lungs abscess on the left lower lobe and necrotizing pneumonia. I also history of Asthma. Now A Days only asthma persist. During cough lately feeling pain on left lower otherwise ok. And I continuously take montelukast lcd tablets daily one. Is it ok to take mlc tablet.

See, if you have asthma, I can say that you are in the right way to continue medication. But I would like to continue low dose steroid inhaler rather than montelukast or levocetrizine. If I can get your pft report and clinical examination finding of your chest, it would be better prescription. Chest physician can give you the better way for disease control! still I wish all the best! bhalo thakben!
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If any patient is oxygen therapy in 15 days suffering from ild (Interstitial lung disease ) disease can be cure.

It can stopped. And improved by homoeopathic treatment. There s no effective treatment in allopathy. You can consult me at lybrate.
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Hi Sir, My chest x-ray mentions "blunting of both ostophrenic angles is seen? Pleural thickening" I had pleural effusions when I was on dialysis for 1.5 years. Now I had done kidney transplant last month. But my x-ray reads as above.

Hi Sir, My chest x-ray mentions
"blunting of both ostophrenic angles is seen? Pleural thickening"
I had pleural effus...
Early complications include risk of abscesses within the abdominal walls. This is more likely in old, obese and diabetic patients. Bleeding is another common complication immediately after surgery. Bleeding in uerine or hematuria may also be seen in some patients. Late complications include narrowing of the ureters and obstruction to flow of urine from kidney into the bladder. This is called ureteric stenosis. Pyelonephrritis or infection of the kidneys after surgery is another complication to be watching out for. There is a risk of post-operative formation of blood clots or arterial thrombosis. These may get dislodged from the operative site and travel up to the lungs or brain leading to life threatening complications. You should discuss it in detail to get right consultation.
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My mother is struggling with the respiratory problem due to water affected in lungs and she's also having diabetes. She can not able to sleep and feeling pain near the lungs. Please help immediately. Cold also there.

Take rest , antibiotic drink plenty of fluids, oxygen therapy ,oral redhydration therapy ,I v fluid , fever reducer and pain reliever
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Hi Sir, My friend's report suggests old fibrotic changes of koch's, in right apical and upper zones. And prominent vascular markings within both basal zones and para hilar region. Please explain the reports. She's really worried. Please respond as soon as possible.

Bronchovascular markings are caused by lung vessels, mainly veins. Respiratory passages are not visible as these contain air. Prominent means generally infection in respiratory passages or fluid in the lungs. Infection may be acute or chronic. If radiologist reports increased bronchovascular markings but clinical situation is not supporting any thing it can be ignored and film should be taken as normal.
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Deriphyllin retard 300 and unicontin e 400 mg. Please tell me which one is better for ild patient?

Do pulmonary function test! or review with pulmonologist to see the clinical signs of obstruction! if present, both medicine will help.
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Increasing Pollution - How Can Homeopathy Reduce Its Impact?

Increasing Pollution  - How Can Homeopathy Reduce Its Impact?

Rising levels of air pollution are always in the news and it is a legitimate cause of concern. It has a severe toxic effect on us, and our environment. Factories are popping up in greater frequency than ever before, trees are being cut down to make room for ever-expanding cities and with every family owning cars, pollution is becoming a crisis that is hard to contend with. According to the World Health Organisation, the chief pollutants are carbon monoxide, sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides and lead, which are all emitted from factories and car through their exhausts.

What is the impact of air pollution on the human body?

• Eye irritation
• Cardiovascular diseases
• Skin diseases
• Neuropsychiatric disorders

The organ that is most affected by air pollution is the lungs. With pollution on the rise, more and more people are complaining of respiratory ailments. WHO has already proved that air pollutants are actually a carcinogen.

What are the symptoms of respiratory ailments?

The most common symptoms are-

• Irritated airway
• Dyspnoea or shortness of breath
• Aggravation of asthma or bronchitis
• In extreme cases, cancer of the lungs

Homoeopathy for the treatment of lung diseases-

Homoeopathy is a boon to the field of medicine and has been in practice for several decades now. Homoeopathy believes that lung diseases are a manifestation of an innate problem and if the problem is detected and eradicated, the symptoms will dissipate as well. Homoeopathy cures lung diseases by-

• Preventing further damage to the lungs
• Preventing side-effects from harming the body by adopting a natural and holistic approach
• Reducing reliance on steroids and bronchodilators

There are different types of chronic lung ailments and homoeopathy uses 25 compounds in different combinations to treat each of them. The best part about Homeopathy treatment is that it leaves no adverse effect on your body, unlike conventional methods of treatment.

Surveys reveal that three fourth of India’s population is affected by air pollution. If you feel that you might have contracted a respiratory ailment, consider consulting a homoeopathy doctor.

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