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Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: Treatment, Cost and Side Effects

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Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease
Different methods to treat Disc problems Hello friends, I am Dr Gaurav Khera. I am an orthopaedic surgeon, doing joint replacements and spine surgeries at the Access healthcare. Now today I will be talking about the lumbar degenerative disc diseas...
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Muscular and Spinal Problems
Ayurvedic Treatment for Muscular and Spinal Problems
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Spinal Cord Injuries
Hello, I am Dr Gaurav. I am senior Physiotherapist and HOD in Anaath Clinic. I have worked in different multi speciality Hospitals and and clinic before. I have around 10 years of experience. I this time, I have seen many kinds of cases. Today, I ...
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Tips on Lower Back Pain
Tips on Lower Back Pain Hello, I am Dr G.P. Dureja, senior consultant and director at the Delhi pain management centre, in New Delhi. Today, I am going to discuss a very important topic, Back pain. As we all know, the prevalence of back pain in In...
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Epidemic of Vitamin D3 Deficiency
Symptoms and causes of Vitamin D3 deficiency Hi, this is Dr.Umesh Alegaonkar from Thane, Sampada hospital and I am discussing the Current epidemics of D3 deficiency in the Indian Society. Huge epidemics and a huge number of patients are currently ...
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