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8 Effective & Healthy Healing Food!

Dt. Surabhi Jain 92% (3325 ratings)
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Lucknow
8 Effective & Healthy Healing Food!

1. FIGS – A rare fruit of source of calcium, figs may help prevent the bone loss. They are very high in fiber, so that which is reduce the risk of cancers. Eat them like this: Slice fresh, unpeeled figs, and serve it with cheese or on a salad; toss dried figs into a mix of dried fruits, grains, and nuts, even chocolate. Fig’s that aren’t completely ripe can irritate the mouth, so look for soft, aromatic ones.

2. BEETS – Nutrient-packed beets may sharpen your mind. They produce nitric acid, which helps increase blood flow throughout your body – including the areas of the brain that are associated with degeneration and dementia. Eat them like this: Roast, then puree beets into a dip with curd that has been drained in a cloth or filter to remove the whey, and horseradish, or grate raw beets into a salad.

3. FRESH CRANBERRIES: Sure, cranberries are the superstar at treating urinary tract infection, but these tart little fruits may also help prevent heart disease. They are rich in anthocyanin, flavones, and proanthocyanidins, plant chemicals that keep LDL cholesterol from oxidizing and sticking to artery walls. Eat them like this: Sauté cranberries and serve with meat, or combine with banana, pineapple, and orange for a fruit salad – the sweeter fruits naturally balance out the tartness.

4. ORANGEPITH: You already know that orange is a great source of vitamin C, but eat as much as you can of the pith –the spongy white layer between the zest and the pulp that clings to a peeled orange –too. Although bitter, the pith stores a good amount of the fiber and antioxidants, (Try to choose organic oranges if you eat the pith). Eat like it this: Put whole orange slices in a smoothie; roast thin slices and serve with the whole wheat pancakes.

5. EGGS: These inexpensive protein sources crackle with health benefits: Zinc and Iron support healthy hair and strong nails, and lecithin yolks are rich in chorine, who helps repair neurological damage and move cholesterol through the bloodstream. Eat them like this: Scramble eggs with a handful of spinach, or top a bowl of vegetables and brown rice with a (lightly) fried egg, sesame seeds, and soya sauce for a Korean-inspired meal.

6. SESAME SEEDS: The seeds are also one of the richest sources of iron, and when people with high level of LDL cholesterol ate a few spoonfuls of sesame seeds a day, their LDL level dropped by almost 10 percent more than when they followed a healthy diet sans sesame seed. Eat them like this: Sprinkle toasted sesame seeds on oatmeal; top steamed vegetables with sesame seeds and sesame or olive oil; make hummus with tahini, a sesame seed butter.

7. BROCCOLI: The sulforaphane in broccoli may help your body fight off infections that inflame the lungs and arteries. Surprisingly, frozen verities may contain 35% more beta-carotene by weight than fresh broccoli. Finally, broccoli’s high level of vitamin C helps create collagen, which keeps the firm, glowing and healthy skin. Eat it like this: Toss steamed florets with tomato sauce and toasted walnuts for a side fish, or scatter atop a pizza before baking.

8. CELERY LEAVES: Celery leaves are the most nutritious part of the plant and that is containing high iron, calcium, potassium, beta-carotene, and vitamin C and also vitamin D than the stalks. Eat them like this: Use like parsley, or mix into salad.

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Dandruff - 4 Ways to Control it!

Dr. Kanu Verma 90% (334 ratings)
MBBS, MD - Dermatology
Dermatologist, Delhi
Dandruff - 4 Ways to Control it!

Who would have thought that a little dry scalp could make a multitude of people feel terrible about their lives! Dandruff is not only upsetting because of the physical constraints it brings along, but also because it is a compelling cause of mental setback. Peers and relatives judge you silently; they might choose to avoid your company. Some might even console you that you are making the issue more embarrassing. Instead of feeling depressed about flaky scalp skin that recurrently keeps worsening, one must make efforts to deal with it. A wide mass of people will suggest you with tips and ideas to tackle the situation; in most cases a majority of these tips arise from popular assumptions. The best suited option for you is to consult an expert dermatologist and to maintain the health of your hair through natural home remedies alongside.

Ways to curb dandruff:

  1. Apply a fenugreek hair pack at least once a week: Fenugreek or methi is known for its inimitable medicinal purposes. Fenugreek paste can be applied on the roots of your hair to remedy dandruff. This protein rich ingredient provides strength and nourishment to one's hair while curing flaky skin. It is also rich in amino acids. Lecithin, an emollient, can prove to be effective in strengthening the hair roots and preventing them from falling off due to dandruff and subsequent itchiness.
  2. Use egg white in combination with lemon juice: Lemon juice has a high concentration of citric acid. When used in combination with egg whites, it can treat a dry and itchy scalp. This concoction is also acclaimed for its smoothing effect on rough and brittle hair.
  3. Listerine is a multifaceted product: You knew it could only act within the realm of your mouth and you were very wrong. Listerine has more to itself than a person can think of. Listerine is meant to fight fungal and bacterial infections and it therefore, can be used on a person's scalp. One part of this liquid should be mixed with two parts of plain water and then poured into a spray bottle. This mixture should be applied on your head to make you experience the difference.
  4. Neem leaves could be your ready solution: Neem leaves are held in high regard for their antifungal properties. Apply neem paste on your scalp to get rid of dandruff. One may even boil a fistful of these leaves in water and wash his or her hair with the lukewarm liquid after a head bath.
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Whether acidity can lead to chest burn, pain etc. How to differentiate gas pain from heart problem.

Dr. Jayvirsinh Chauhan 97% (35135 ratings)
MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopathy Doctor,
Whether acidity can lead to chest burn, pain etc. How to differentiate gas pain from heart problem.
It requires proper tests like ecg and echocardiogram to know if it is cardiac or not. The symptoms alone can be misleading either way.
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Essential Amino Acids

Pediatrician, Allahabad
Essential Amino Acids

What Are Essential Amino Acids?

An essential amino acid can be best defined as an amino acid that the body cannot produce on its own, unlike nonessential amino acids. It must instead be obtained through food sources, diet, or supplementation.

Furthermore, it must be noted that out of the 20 amino acids your body needs for growth and function, as many as nine are considered essential. And as mentioned above, a human body is not capable of producing them on its own; therefore, a person must get them from the food (or supplementation) they eat.

The nine essential amino acids are:

Histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine.

Despite the fact that all 20 amino acids are beneficial to your health in some way, only nine are considered essential because they are required specifically for proper bodily function.

What Role Does Each Amino Acid Play?

There are a total of nine essential amino acids, each of which has a number of important roles in your body. Here's a quick overview of what each one does:

Phenylalanine: Your body metabolizes this amino acid into the neurotransmitters tyrosine, dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. It is crucial for the structure and function of proteins and enzymes and the synthesis of other amino acids.

Valine: It is a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) that basically helps stimulate muscle growth and regeneration. It's also involved in energy production, making it an important nutrient for athletes and bodybuilders.

Threonine: This essential amino acid is an important component of structural proteins, including collagen and elastin. These proteins play a role in the health of your connective tissues and skin. Threonine also helps with fat metabolism and immune function.

Tryptophan: This amino acid is most often associated with drowsiness and is a precursor to serotonin. It must be noted that serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate your appetite, sleep, and mood.

Methionine: This essential amino acid is known to play a pivotal role in the human body's metabolism and detoxification. Also, it is necessary for tissue growth and the absorption of zinc and selenium, minerals that are vital to your health.

Leucine: It is an essential BCAA that not only aids in protein synthesis and muscle repair, but also helps to regulate blood sugar levels, stimulate wound healing, and produce growth hormones.

Isoleucine: It is one of the three branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), and it plays an important role in muscle metabolism. It's also heavily concentrated in muscle tissue, making it important for maintaining muscle mass. Additionally, isoleucine is essential for immune function, hemoglobin production, and energy regulation.

Lysine: This essential amino acid plays major roles in protein synthesis, calcium absorption, and the production of hormones and enzymes. It is also important for energy production, immune function, and the production of collagen and elastin.

Histidine: This is an amino acid that your body uses to produce histamine, a neurotransmitter that is vital for regulating the immune response, digestion, sexual function, and sleep-wake cycles. It's also critical for maintaining the myelin sheath, a protective barrier that surrounds your nerve cells.

What Happens If You Don't Get Enough Essential Amino Acids?

Amino acids are the building blocks of many essential processes in the human body. The nine essential amino acids play vital roles in the human body, including tissue growth, energy production, immune function, and nutrient absorption. Although they are most commonly associated with muscle development and repair, they also play a vital role in many other bodily functions.

A deficiency in any of the essential amino acids can therefore have a negative impact on multiple systems throughout the body, including the nervous, reproductive, immune, and digestive systems. Fortunately, most people are able to get all the amino acids they need from their diet or different food sources.

What Can Essential Amino Acids Help With?

Essential Amino Acids and Mood

Tryptophan is an amino acid that helps the body produce serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical that works as a neurotransmitter, and it's responsible for regulating mood, sleep, and behaviors. Furthermore, low levels of serotonin can give rise to depression.

Exercise Performance and Recovery

Valine, leucine, and isoleucine are three essential branched-chain amino acids (or BCAAs). These amino acids are taken by many people with the aim of alleviating fatigue, enhancing or boosting athletic performance, or stimulating the recovery of muscles after exercise.

Surgery and Wound Healing

If you are healing from surgery, taking amino acid supplements may help. A recent study of at least 243 people with pelvis or long bone fractures found that those who took conditionally essential amino acids for a couple of weeks after surgery had lower rates of death and medical complications than those who received standard nutrition. So, if you're looking for ways to support your healing process, amino acids may be worth considering.

How Can Your Body Get Enough Essential Amino Acids?

It's important to get essential amino acids through your diet since your body cannot produce them. There are many foods that are rich in essential amino acids, making it easy to meet your daily needs.

Foods that contain all nine essential amino acids are referred to as "complete proteins." Examples of complete protein sources include:

  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Poultry
  • Eggs
  • Dairy products

Soy and pea proteins are also complete plant-based sources of protein. Other plant-based sources of protein, such as beans, nuts, and certain grains, don't contain all of the essential amino acids that our bodies need. However, you can still get all the essential amino acids from a plant-based diet by eating a variety of plant proteins every day and keeping track of them at the same time.

For instance, including beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and vegetables (among other sources) in your diet can help you get the essential amino acids your body needs, even if you are not eating any animal products.


Essential amino acids are the building blocks of protein, meaning they are necessary to build the proteins that make up your body’s cells. A lack of essential amino acids can lead to a variety of health issues, which is why it is so important to get enough essential amino acids. Furthermore, we hope that this article has provided you a good insight into the subject and that you've learned something new today!

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I am having a problem of gas in stomach and in chest. No burp comes in evening. It does on daily basis in evening. There is pain in whole chest. Pain is like needle.

Dr. Sushma Shah 96% (6670 ratings)
General Physician, Vadodara
I am having a problem of gas in stomach and in chest. No burp comes in evening. It does on daily basis in evening. Th...
Pentaprazole40 one in empty stomach for five days. Ulgel liquid 10 ml without water after breakfast lunch and dinner, nothing by mouth till 30 min. Cyclopam three times a day after food for three to five days.
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Getting bp 80/140 on non electrical machine and 95/145 on electrical machine. In winters is it normal or due to gas and acidity.

Dr. Kanika Handu 95% (94 ratings)
General Physician, Bangalore
Getting bp 80/140 on non electrical machine and 95/145 on electrical machine. In winters is it normal or due to gas a...
Normal only no need to worry. Just add some lifestyle changes now itself so that it doesn't worsen. Engage in walk and exercises. Avoid junk food, smoking and alcohol.
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Hello sir, I was facing gas problems from last 20 days. My cholesterol last week test report was 203. Doctor advice me rosustatin 20 mg daily once. But from last week I am feeling some inflammation/pain in my left rib, below heart. please suggest.

Dr. Julie Mercy J David 93% (40017 ratings)
Erasmus Mundus Master in Adapted Physical Activity, MPT, BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Chennai
Hello sir, I was facing gas problems from last 20 days. My cholesterol last week test report was 203. Doctor advice m...
It might be due to gastric trouble. Kindly do breathing exercises which might help you to get reduced with pain in the back and right shoulder. Kindly consult gastroenterologistyou can drink hot water to feel better along with regular aerobic activities and breathing exercises.
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Home Remedies for Acidity and Gas Problem

Dr. Aslam Javed 85% (172 ratings)
Ayurvedic Doctor, Delhi
Home Remedies for Acidity and Gas Problem

Can you imagine walking down your city’s busy local market and not getting tempted by the overpowering smell of species and delicious looking deep fried street food! A bite can give you ultimate satisfaction but can you stop at one? When you gorge mindlessly on food items,  you might have experienced acidity or gas problems. 

Eating your favorite food can be a guilty pleasure but how to counter its not so pleasant after effects, will be taught to you in this article. Read more to learn about some home remedies to treat your acidity and gas problem.

How Does Acidity Occur?

Acidity is a term used to describe a combination of symptoms, such as heartburn, indigestion, and inflammation, that occur when the stomach glands secrete more digestive fluid than usual, also known as gastric juice or stomach acid, to complete the digestion process. Acidity and a burning sensation are the results of this.

Hydrochloric acid (HCl), sodium chloride (NaCl), and potassium chloride (KCl) make up the majority of the gastric juice. The strongest of these acids, hydrochloric acid, is crucial in the breakdown of food molecules and also effectively eliminates pathogens that come with the food.

Main Causes of Acidity

Acidity can be caused by a variety of factors, including irregular eating patterns, bad eating habits, fad diets, stress, alcohol and tobacco use, excessive consumption of carbonated beverages, coffee, and tea, and a lack of exercise. Eating stale, greasy, or spicy food might also contribute to this. In addition to foods, medications like ibuprofen and aspirin also contribute to acidity.

Natural Home Remedies for Heartburn, Acid Reflux and Gas Problems

Here are some excellent proven ways to alleviate acidity. Have a look:

Coconut Water

Tender coconut water provides beneficial electrolytes that maintains the body's pH balance and instantly reduces acidity. Drinking a glass of coconut water not just keeps your body hydrated, but it also contributes to stomach gas and bloating.


One of the best all-natural treatments for heartburn and indigestion is amla. It is abundant in anti-inflammatory substances, which lessen stomach pain, soreness, and swelling. Amla is renowned for reducing Pitta (Heat) in our bodies and relieving burning symptoms. 

The best way to include this in your diet can be by eating delicious amla ka murabba, adding it to your vegetable juice, munching on sun-dried amla or amla candy.


Ginger is another top-notch natural treatment for acidity and gas and is widely used in every Indian household. Ginger works best to reduce any swelling hence it also decreases the chances of the stomach contents to flow back to the chest cavity. As a result, acidic juices don't enter the food pipe. 

Tulsi (Basil) 

Tulsi (basil), which is a common household item, is packed with powerful anti-gas chemicals that can instantly reduce gas. It also contains anti-ulcer characteristics that can help lessen the stomach's acidity. You can chew on its leaves or brew a cup of basil tea by boiling a few leaves in water.


Cinnamon is well known for its digestive properties. This flavorful herb not only accelerates digestive enzymes, but also facilitates a quicker breakdown of the food and soothes the problem of excessive gas. It also lowers the possibility of developing ulcers. 

You can get all its benefits by simply adding this magical bark in your diet. You can brew a cup of tea that can be spiced up with cinnamon or a hot cup of water flavored with honey and cinnamon powder.


Papaya is utilized as a natural cure to treat symptoms including gas, bloating, and constipation as well as heartburn and improve digestion. The enzymes in papaya may easily break down complex proteins. Ripe papaya can be eaten for breakfast or as a savory after-dinner treat.

Jeera water

The powerful acid-neutralizing properties of cumin seeds help digestion, and they also quickly reduce gas, belching, and burps. Sometimes, chewing on a handful of seeds can be really effective. To avoid the overpowering flavor, you might instead pour yourself a glass of jeera water.

Fennel seed

This antispasmodic herb is known to treat indigestion as well as soothe other gastrointestinal problems like bloating and flatulence.

You can chew fennel seed after every meal as a mouth freshener that will also help you with digestion and bloating or  can also make a drink by boiling  1/2 teaspoon of crushed fennel seed in water for 10 minutes. Drink fennel tea whenever you experience indigestion or gas problems.

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)

Sodium bicarbonate is often used in baking and is safe to consume. If you have indigestion, bloating, or gas, baking soda can promptly relieve the symptoms by neutralizing stomach acid. Pour 4 ounces of warm water and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda into a cup to use as a cure. You can also add some drops of lemon juice to make it more effective.


Acidity and gas can negate one’s quality of life and should be managed by avoiding refined, deep fried and spicy foods. If your problem persists for a long time you should consult a doctor as it could be a cause of an underlying illness like ulcer, or other gastrointestinal problem. 

Also, one should eat smaller, more frequent meals with proper chewing to help reduce symptoms of acidity and gas as larger meals seem to make the condition worse.  

Additionally, always be mindful while employing home remedies like eating papaya, and drinking baking soda as it may do more harm than good if taken in large quantities.  

I am 26 years old female and I am suffering from roundworm infection since 1 and half years. I have acidity issue due to worms. I have tried many medicines but didn't work. Worms reoccur. .plz suggest some good permanent treatment.

Dr. G. Rangaswamy 96% (1224 ratings)
Diploma in Anesthesia, MBBS
General Physician, Hyderabad
I am 26 years old female and I am suffering from roundworm infection since 1 and half years. I have acidity issue due...
The worm infestation is through mouth, meaning worm infestation can not be stopped as long as the food/ water you consume is not 100% clean. So before you eat anything wash your hands with soap and water every time. Drink clean water/ juices etc., when you eat outside food take it hot (garm) These are the some of the precautions to prevent worm infestation. Follow them, you will be protected to some extent.
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Top 9 Doctors for Acidity Treatment in Pune

MD - Internal Medicine, DNB- Gastroenterology
Gastroenterologist, Pune

Dr. Amit Sakaria

MBBS, MD - General Medicine

25 Years Experience · ₹ 500  - 600 at clinic

Dr. Amit Sakaria is a general physician and internal medicine expert who comes highly recommended for treating digestive issues like acidity, bloating, and heartburn. As an added bonus, he is also well-versed in cutting-edge diagnostic techniques like endoscopy and colonoscopy, which aid in his ability to pinpoint problems early. 

Dr. Sakaria is a kind professional who takes the time to hear his patients out before making treatment recommendations. He carefully explains the origins of stomach problems and the measures needed for their avoidance and treatment. His recommendations are frequently crucial in helping patients improve their symptom management or possibly find permanent relief.

Dr. Shivram Bhonagiri

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine

39 Years Experience  ·  ₹ 500 - 600 at clinic

Dr. Shivram is a general physician with extensive training in identifying and treating gastrointestinal disorders. He creates unique treatment strategies for each patient by drawing on his knowledge of homoeopathy and nutrition. These strategies are aimed at assisting patients in achieving the outcomes that are most important to them. 

As he works to provide the best treatment for each patient's needs, his compassion for his profession is evident in every interaction he has with a patient.

Dr. Tanmay Palsule

MD - Homeopathy, BHMS

15 Years Experience · ₹ 300  - 400 at clinic · ₹400  online

Tanmay Palsule, MD, is an effective practitioner of homoeopathy. Those afflicted with acidity issues are genuinely blessed by his presence. Because of his extensive knowledge in homoeopathy as well as in other areas of medicine, such as diabetology and weight management, he is in an excellent position to treat these illnesses with relative simplicity. 

When providing advice to his patients, he takes into account their total health and makes recommendations based on that. Dr. Palsule, who is kind and easy to talk to, places a high value on the wellbeing of each patient and collaborates closely with them to ensure that they receive enough medical attention.   

Dr. Sonali Khomane


12 Years Experience

She has spent her whole career as a homoeopathic doctor and nutritionist devoted to assisting patients who suffer from digestive problems. She is really enthusiastic about assisting patients in making the essential adjustments to their lifestyles that are required in order for them to achieve their health objectives over the long run. 

Her treatment places an emphasis on improving digestion by making dietary changes, taking nutritional supplements, using herbs that promote digestion, engaging in bodily cleaning treatments, and receiving emotional support. Additionally, she works with her patients to lower their levels of stress, which is known to be a factor in an increase in the severity of acid reflux symptoms. 

Dr. Rahul Sanap (Dermatologist)


12 Years Experience · ₹ 200  at clinic · ₹300  online

Dr. Rahul Sanap is a knowledgeable medical practitioner who is well-qualified to assist anyone suffering from skin, stomach, or allergy problems. He has vast expertise in treating common disorders such as diabetes and hypertension. He also specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases such as stomach ulcers, acid reflux, and gastritis. 

Dr. Sanap offers comprehensive care for his patients by combining evidence-based therapies such as food control/medication advice with lifestyle changes such as stress management strategies in order to obtain more successful results.

Dr. Namrata B


8 Years Experience · ₹ 200  at clinic · ₹50  online

General practitioner Dr. Namrata B, who earned her medical degree from Kazan State Medical University in 2014, is well-known for her love of medicine and commitment to patient care. She is dedicated to providing patients with relief by employing practises and treatments that are supported by scientific evidence. 

Dr. Namrata has been investigating typical gastrointestinal issues like belching, dry mouth, and bloating in recent years. Through her research, she has created novel techniques for identifying these problems and offering workable fixes. With her assistance, many patients have obtained the much-needed relief from their conditions with only minor side effects or treatment-related risks. 

Dr. Amar Raykantiwar

D ( Diabetology), AFIH, DNB (F.MEDICINE), MBBS

15 Years Experience · ₹ 300  at clinic · ₹300  online

Dr. Amar Raykantiwar is a highly skilled diabetologist and internal medicine specialist with 15 years of experience. Patients who have followed his treatment plans attest to his expertise and thorough understanding of the workings of the human body. 

He distinguishes himself from many other practitioners in this field by focusing on long-term solutions rather than short-term fixes. He believes that early detection is critical to managing any medical condition, so he promotes regular checkups with detailed tests and lifestyle changes that can help prevent future health problems.

Dr. Ankush Gupta

MBBS, MD, Fellowship in Diabetes, Diploma in emergency medicine

12 Years Experience · ₹ 300  at clinic · ₹400  online

Dr. Ankush Gupta is a general practitioner and diabetologist based in Delhi. His patients from across India seek his expertise and care in a variety of medical fields. He has extensive knowledge of how the human body functions and how it reacts to various medical issues due to his years of medical practise. 

Dr. Gupta is well-known for his patient-centered approach, which includes individualised treatment plans that focus on the underlying causes of symptoms as opposed to merely relieving them or managing them with medication alone. 

When treating acidity, heartburn, or abdominal pain, his comprehensive approach takes into account physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and lifestyle factors. This allows him to provide individualised treatments that reduce the inflammation associated with these conditions and improve the patients' overall quality of life.

Dr. Arunesh Dutt Upadhyay

MBBS, MD - Aerospace Medicine, Eular Certification in Rheumatology

36 Years Experience · ₹ 750  at clinic

Dr. Arunesh Dutt Upadhyay has worked as an endocrinologist and gastroenterologist for more than 35 years. He worked for many years as a Medical Officer in the Indian Air Force and had a long and successful career. Dr. Upadhyay has a lot of practice and training in the medical field. 

Dr. Upadhyay is an expert at helping people with digestive problems or gastrointestinal disorders, like acid reflux, bloating, and burping. He has a lot of experience diagnosing, preventing, and treating these kinds of health problems with a wide range of methods, such as making changes to your diet and lifestyle.

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Home Remedies To Reduce Sugar Level

Dr. Geetanjali Karad 87% (167 ratings)
Homeopathy Doctor, Pune
Home Remedies To Reduce Sugar Level

The other name of sugar level in the blood is Glycaemia. Sugar present in the blood is known as glucose. Glucose is the amount of sugar found in the blood. Sugar in the blood is the result of the amount of the food that we consume. It is the main source of energy. The blood is responsible for carrying the glucose to all the cells of the body.

If the sugar level in your blood increases, then it can lead to the disease known as diabetes. The symptoms of high levels of sugar in the blood are pain in the stomach, increased thirst, vomiting, weakness, shortness of breath, headache, nausea, blurred vision, trouble concentrating etc. The causes of high blood sugar are illness, infection, situation of stress etc. 

The remedies for reducing the sugar level are as follows:

  • Keep yourself hydrated:- The most important remedy to lower down the sugar level is to keep your body hydrated. Drink water as much as possible and rehydrate the level of sugar and the blood. This helps in maintaining the sugar level in the blood. If there is any excess sugar in the body, you can drink more and more water. Drinking more water can lead to the passing of sugar through the urine 
  • Manage the level of stress:- Stress is also considered one of the main causes of increase in the sugar level. If you're having stress, then the body releases the hormone known as cortisol and glucagon which leads to the increase in sugar level. So, in order to reduce the stress, you can do meditation, exercise etc. It helps in lowering the sugar level
  • Do exercise on a daily basis:- Doing exercise can also help in lowering the level of sugar in the body. If you do regular exercise, then a moderate weight is maintained. Some of the exercises that help in lowering the sugar level are squats, brisk walking, running, weightlifting, light walking, etc. 
  • Eat foods rich in fibre:- Eating the foods that are rich in fibre can help in lowering the level of sugar. Beans, lentils, peppers, broccoli, whole grain, flax seeds etc are some examples of fibre rich food that should be eaten when the level of sugar is high. These foods help in lowering down the level of sugar 
  • Control the level of carbohydrates:- Carbohydrates are broken down into sugars. If you eat foods that are very rich in carbohydrates, then it can lead to an increase in the level of sugar. So, try to manage the level of carbohydrates. Eating foods rich in carbohydrates can lead to an increase in the level of sugar in the blood. So, if you're having the disorder of high level of sugar in the body, then eat only those foods that are not rich in carbohydrates 
  • Eat foods that have low glycemic index:- Glycemic index helps in measuring how fastly carbohydrates are broken during the process of the digestion of the food and how fastly the body absorbs them. Eating foods that are of low glycemic index bring down the level of sugar. Some examples of the foods that are low in glycemic index are lentils, barley, beans, oats, barley etc. So, you can eat these foods in order to reduce the sugar level
  • Have enough sleep:- Sleep also plays a major role in managing the sugar level in the blood. If you take the proper amount of sleep, then the level of sugar in the blood is maintained. If you don't take the proper amount of sleep then the level of sugar in the blood rises. So, for keeping the level of sugar in a balanced situation, you must take the proper amount of sleep. 


Thank you for giving your valuable time for coming here and reading this tip. I hope you got the relevant and correct information about the tip. The other name of sugar level in the blood is Glycaemia. The disease caused by the increase in the sugar level in the blood is known as diabetes.

The symptoms of high levels of sugar in the blood are pain in the stomach, increased thirst, vomiting, weakness, shortness of breath, headache, nausea, blurred vision, trouble concentrating etc. The causes of high blood sugar are illness, infection, under stress etc. You can prevent high levels of sugar by doing exercise, eating foods that are rich in fats, eating foods such as tomatoes, beans etc.

Sir I am suffering from gas problem, jo bhi khao gas ban jaya hain or 3 bar latin jata hoon daily, or kabhi kabhi latin nahi hota hain.

Dr. Sushma Shah 96% (6670 ratings)
General Physician, Vadodara
Sir I am suffering from gas problem, jo bhi khao gas ban jaya hain or 3 bar latin jata hoon daily, or kabhi kabhi lat...
change lifestyle diet add exercise. pentaprazole40 one in empty stomach for seven days. ulgel liquid 10 ML without water after breakfast lunch and dinner. tab Oz two times a day after food for five days.
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