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Homeopathy Treatment For PCOD

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Hello Everyone!

I am dr. Sanket Gupta.I am practicing homeopathic consultant at AKG’s OVIHAM’s centers. We have two clinics at Pitam Pura and Moti bagh and you can consult me there.

Today I would like to talk about a very common disorder seen in female these days that is called Polycystic Ovarian diseases it is characterized by presence of follicles of the weight ovaries of the female, which leads to menstrual irregularities, which lead to weight gain, unwanted hair growth which is called Hirsutism. And even difficulty in conceiving. In the last 20 25 years this PCOD has become very common and it’s not like that was not earlier but definitely the insolence and prevalence has increased over the years. The reason being the sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity and defiantly additives, addition of sugar and sugar additives. A cystic ovary also develops when there is a hormonal imbalance is a female. The hormonal imbalance again could be due to sedentary lifestyle or could be when, there are certain females in which the male hormone increases, that is called androgen and the female hormones reduce that is the estrogen so this imbalance also leads to cystic formation of follicles which prevents proper conception and proper menstrual flow, how to avoid it. The first thing that patient in females in need to do is get into physical activities to get into losing their weight, avoid chocolates and sweets and sweeteners in any form of and get their insulin also detected because there is an insulin resistance that develops in PCOD. People, females complain of start acne around the chin or hair, unwanted hair on the chin or facial hair even the chest and back so all these symptoms are, you know guiding toward PCOD. We usually diagnose it with the help of an ultrasound and complete hormonal assay where we test for the estrogen, progesterone, LH, follicle stimulating of hormone and prolactin and the testosterone. Any imbalance is there, doctors, I mean patients should consult the doctors. Homeopathy as a very good role to play in PCOD, it’s a disease again that is constitutional treatment is required. Without any side effects, homeopathy is able to cure the patient completely. Management part comes when there is, you patient, as I said earlier, secondary lifestyle and additives of, addition of sugar. You know, over the years increase the prevalence of PCOD also there are certain drugs like even, oral contraceptive pills can lead to formation for cyst even though there is they’re prescribed in modern medicine as a treatment also but when you, when you take certain pills for a longer period of time, they’re also, you know, they cause formation of these cysts, and do not help in conception. And coming to the homeopathic part, homeopathy is a science where, you know, that is individual science as a I said there are certain causes, lot of causes of PCOD and when we are certain in a female, depending from female to female, the treatment also varies. There are medicines like Pulsatilla, PCR, Neterameorh, Apis Mellifica, Thuja, all are very good medicines for PCOD and PCOD is completely curable with homeopathy. But as I said, please do not take them on their own.

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