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Know More About Kidney Stones

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Dr. Anil Agarwal 90% (167 ratings)
MBBS, MS - Urology, DNB
Urologist, Guwahati  •  24 years experience
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Hello, I am Dr Anil Agarwal I am a practising neurologist from last 15 years and I specialise in minimally invasive treatment for kidney stones. Kidney stones may cause pain, blood in the urine, infection, obstruction and damage to the kidney. These stones may be located either in the Kidneys along with the line of the ureter in the urine bladder or sometimes it will be stuck in the urethra. Then when there is a patient of urinary stones we investigate either by ultrasound, X-Rays, CT-Scans, kidney function test and urine examination. For very small stones in the Kidneys or in the ureter medications maybe try and they are sometimes very helpful in removing the stones, especially patients who have uric acid stones may be treated with medication. Surgery for kidney and urinary stones has now become very simple it has evolved a lot over the years and now minimally invasive treatment is available which is very safe. For Stones in the urethra and urinary bladder endoscopic surgery is done surgery where there no cuts and stitches patient can go home on the same day and he is back to work on the next day, it is so easy and simple. For Stones in the lower ureter patients undergoes the ureterorenoscopy surgery discharge next day, back to work in two days and treatment is very easy there are no cuts and stitches it is very simple for stones in the upper ureter and kidneys. There are three forms of treatment that we do, one is the ureterorenoscopy surgery second is retrograde internal surgery or RIRS or third is PCNL, now we have come down to mini PCNL, in which there is endoscope that is passed through the urethra into the ureter the stones are broken and remove. In PCNL and it was a small puncture in the kidney in mini PCNL we break the stones and take them out, a patient needs maximum hospitalization of one or two days and then back to work very early. Earlier they used to be open surgery that was the only form of treatment, now open surgery is only reserved for patients very few patients, it may be around 1 in 1000 only. There is one more treatment that is available for kidney and ureteral stones, that is Lithotripsy or ESWL in with shock waves are passed to the stone, the stone is broken by the machine and patient passes small fragment in urine. Now I must also tell that this treatment the success rate is up to 90% in very few selected store. Now in a nutshell what I have told you that don't be afraid of kidney stone, the treatment is very simple you just need to consult an experienced urologist who may help you with treatment options that are available and remove your stones. Now what happens, if you ignore this problem the stones and what happens next? The problems that may arise are repeated infections, now if the stone is obstructing then it may damage the kidney I have seen patients who have damaged their kidneys to extend that they are on dialysis and this is only because they have not followed the proper medication and advice by Neurologist. So I urge you all to consult a Urologist and take a proper remedial step so that your stones are removed and your kidneys are saved. Thank you all for your patience and wish you all a very happy and healthy life and wish to make every person stone free thank you.

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