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Know More About Dairy Products

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BHSC. In Dietetics, Msc Dietetics & Food Service Management
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai  •  13years experience
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Hi! This is diet and nutrition educator Khusboo Sahijwani.

In this video, I am going to talk to you all about dairy. So I am going to address some common questions about dairy, you will find out if dairy is bad for you and you will also find out that dairy is good for weight loss. So lets begin. So what are dairy products. Foods produced from milk of mammals like curds cheese buttermilk paneer sour cream are the most common examples which we all know. Now I will highlight some 6 facts about dairy on your health. Firstly 65 to 75 percent of people in the world are lactose intolerant. Now being healthy is about eating the foods that your body is designed to eat. Its that simple. And dairy for you my friends is not on that menu.

Manifestations of allergy or intolerances may vary from person to person. Some people may get severe acne gas diarrhea bloating – these are signs that your body is not liking it. Then second dairy has a lot of nutrition. One cup of milk gives you 30% RDA of calcium 26% of RDA of riboflavin 24% of RDA of Vitamin D. There are plenty of Vitamin B12 Potassium Protein etc. so there is no denying to the fact that dairy has its own source of nutrients. But there are other foods which gives us nutrients or superior quality of nutrients. Then dairy causes acne. So consumption of dairy increases the production of MTORC 1 which increases the body’s CBM production and increases the size of sebaceous glands which causes acne.

And there are lot of studies which have shown that consumption of dairy is positively correlated to acne. Not all dairy products are created equally for example fermented dairy products like yoghurt have a lot of probiotic which are excellent for your gut. Also the quality of life of cows affect the quality of nutrients of the dairy products used. Pasteurization grass-fed cows have a lot more Omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated linolic acid in their products. So happier cows leading happier lives give us better products. Also we know that dairy has a lot of sugar. All the dairy products contain lactose and we all know that lactose and sugar and what havoc they cause in our body and why we should be avoiding it.

Also, last but not the least dairy raises IGF 1 that is insulin-like growth factor 1. Now this hormone my friend needs your attention because IGF 1 increases with the consumption of dairy products and this hormone is related to causing acne diabetes and even cancer. But not all IGF 1 is bad. Its role is very simple. If you are looking at weightlifting building that muscle – so bodybuilders are one who needs these hormones. But regularly people do not need it. So coming to the conclusion dairy has a lot of positives & negatives. Coming to clearing certain myths revolving around it. So do you really need dairy? Absolutely not why? Because the nutrients what you get from dairy like calcium vitamins proteins you can equally get those from other foods like green leafy vegetables lean meats nuts and whole foods. And without having all those side effects the hormones or the sugars.

Also if you like dairy then its ok to consume. If you think your body is utilizing it without its digesting it without any side effects its ok to consume. But if you are seeing any side effects you can absolutely avoid it. Last but not the least does it help you in weight loss? No so weight loss is about 2 things working together. Consuming the right amount of calories and a set of perfectly working hormones. In fact if you have intolerance it can impede your weight loss. So bottom line if you want to stick to dairy you can have low-fat organic way or low-fat greek yogurt and lactose-free milk. So if you are sticking to these products it's fine but anything produced from inorganic and chemically injected cows and their products please do avoid it. So if you find this information useful and if you wish to connect tome please log on to Thank you.

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