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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

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Dr. Mukesh SinghHomeopathy Doctor • 23 Years Exp.B.H.M.S., Senior Homeopath Consultant

Main Dr Mukesh Singh, CEO and Founder of Mission Chronic Cure from Delhi. Main aapko cancer treatment in homepathy ke baare mein kuch health tips dena chahta hoon, generally kya hota hai ki cancer ke jo symptoms hote hain woh mouth ulcer hota hai, aapka weakness hoti hai, aur dryness hota hai, hair loss hota hai, diarrhoea hota hai, aur difficulty swallowing matlab aap ka satakne mein dikkat aati hai. Yeh sare jo hain wo ek primary symptoms hai cancer ke, agar hota hai toh. Iss cheez mein homepathy ka treatment hum generally constitution, miasmatic treatment or general analyse karke jo treatment diya jata hai, that is the constitutional medicines, constitution therapy homepathy mein uska sabse bada roll hai. Generally kya hota hai ki cancers mein jo allopathic ka treatment diya jata hai chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy aur inn sabse unko side effects bhi hai aur agar homepathy treatment hum allopathic treatment ke sath de to bahut accha result milta hai. Homepathy mein cancers ka cureable jo ratio hai wo bahut achha hai agar hum usko ek thik dhang se analyse karke agar hum de toh bahut accha result hai. Homepathy me sabse badi cheez yeh hai ki side effect nahi hai aur bahut easy approachable hai jo ki ek qualified homepathy physician patient ko poora system ke sath mai agar de, toh bahut accha result milta hai homepathy mein cancers ke liye. Chahe wo 1st stage se leke a ya 4th stage tak ho, uska bahut matlab positive result milta hai, even patient ka chahe woh kaise bhi treatment unka liya ho chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy yeh sab cheezo se jo side effects hote hain, even mental level uska itna jyada depressed hota hai yah itna jyada disturb hota hai woh homepathy mein wo achha treatment diya jata hai uss cheez ke liye bhi. Main aap se yahi ek request karunga ki aapko agar treatment lena hai, toh through Lybrate aap treatment le sakte hain.



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